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Top 7 Best Racing Games of 2017-2018

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Text Comments (152)
Marcin Rogowski (5 days ago)
NFS PAYBACK?You Are Stupid!
Carl Mueller (1 month ago)
nfs payback = burnout paradise. smh
I would been passed these cars.
yoao vargas (1 month ago)
yoao nose porque mas loco
robert Andrew (1 month ago)
The crew is the best one on this list I have it one of the best arcade racers I played other then midnight club la
technical gamerx yash (2 months ago)
I like last game thanks
Aiden Macleod (2 months ago)
Project Cars 2 Why are the seats filled with mannequins?
Aiden Macleod (2 months ago)
Gravel stole the racetrack from Gran Turismo.
IT'S ATHARVA (2 months ago)
Nice video thanks for the information
Samet Bulduk (2 months ago)
The crew 2 is the best
themookshit (2 months ago)
how are these games still sounding so shit haha
Kalpesh Patel (2 months ago)
I can't believe, not a single one of these have good damage models.. except may be a little in NFS... but not to the main cars.
caleb greenwood (3 months ago)
What about split second
Feral (3 months ago)
Wow NFS Payback ripped off Burnout's takedown system.
F1 2017 was canada i think
Schorpio (3 months ago)
Mustafa Sirac AKBAK (3 months ago)
Sobers G (3 months ago)
looks like real race
game by dixit (3 months ago)
Games games games
C Nallathambi (3 months ago)
goat farm in tamil
Igor Z (4 months ago)
delete nfs please from this
Amar Ranna gor (4 months ago)
Gerson Perez (4 months ago)
Like if u think that midnight club 3 dub edition is a lot better than all these games
Marcos M (4 months ago)
if payback is the best, i will not play race games any time soon
El Astronaute (4 months ago)
I hate racing games where the cars just bounce off each other like bumper cars and have little damage other than scratches. It's so unrealistic, it has that arcadey feel but for realism it's just ridiculous. Car's should heavily crumple and they should pay more attention to damage mechanics that would make it feel really plausible.
Rawaf Al-Rawaf (4 months ago)
NFS Payback = Garbage
Kennetha Cummings (5 months ago)
The thumbnail looks like Csr Racing in the future.
Burak (5 months ago)
so basicly nfs and crew 2 are the only good racing games that comes out in this season..Yes i excluded those retarded racing sims, as i can hardly call those games when they leave so little freedom , no i dont want to play the same stage 40 laps for at least 40 mins.
Burak (4 months ago)
then thats even sadder , bcuz not everyone enjoys playing racing SIMS
The Freeman Initiative (4 months ago)
lol both NFS and The Crew are crap... gaming these days in general has gone down hill... especially for racing games :(
Sourabh Nigave (5 months ago)
8.38 name
Modi 9104812540 (5 months ago)
Modi 9104812540 (5 months ago)
Krzysztof Wróblewski (5 months ago)
The Best game of 2017-2018 is DIRT 4. 7. Gravel 6. Need For Speed Payback 5. The Crew 2 3. Forza Motorsport 7 3. Gran Turismo Sport 2. F1 2017 1. Project Cars 2
venture7o7 (2 months ago)
How about assetto corsa?
And dominating the A.I. and the overtakes are so much more fun because they are hard and slow
Tbh i have played it alot recently but i think its because of the pits, tire compounds, fuel mixes aka "party mode", career mode and new tracks to forza
Krzysztof Wróblewski (3 months ago)
Adam Sullivan i know that, but i only prefer Project Cars 2. I don't think F1 2017 is a bad game
Krzysztof Wróblewski f1 2017 is good of the tracks but ither then that...
pakawat Patsakum (6 months ago)
Wath game?
Crazy Driver Network (6 months ago)
Very Interesting! #CrazyDriverNetwork
Crazy Driver Playlist (6 months ago)
Very Interesting! #CrazyDriverNetwork
SparklingTuna1 (6 months ago)
NFS payback... 18 wheeler with trailer drifting at 80 mph, touches challenger with GT (challenger goes flying), 18 wheeler brakes harder than F1 race car and GT collides at 100 mph with not even a scratch to the paint... 👌perfectly realistic
Kalo64 (6 months ago)
Project Cars2 is the best racing simulation you'll get + very good vr support
ross lloyd (7 months ago)
Gran turismo sport pisses on all of em
Andy Martin (4 months ago)
ross lloyd that is very true tho. All around best graphics gameplay and realism/physics
Carlos Sorto (7 months ago)
The crew 2 is better
mlgtvxd1133 hhr (7 months ago)
Pay back
Jelani Le'Bourne (7 months ago)
the crew 2 and nfs payback and NOT racing simulators, stop dissing the games because of your misunderstanding.
babyfacefister (7 months ago)
No Dirt 4?
TheScopeo (7 months ago)
The crew 2 will be the best its gonna have every single racing genre in one like how do u compete with that
joey tivianne (7 months ago)
Not every single it's not realistic yeah fun but not realistic
Frank gaming (7 months ago)
I like the graphics, but I don't like the way you swap vechicles... you just teleport in a plane / boat, kinda stupid...
gio gio (7 months ago)
who was from2018?
top 10 jeux https://youtu.be/HQAJarcdRJw
iSheen16 (7 months ago)
Driveclub was launched 3 years ago and looks better than The Crew 2
David Alexandru (7 months ago)
tuu da
_BigNig_ _ (7 months ago)
Cars in any forza game sound so fake
PTEREODACTOPUS (7 months ago)
nfs payback looks like nfs rivals
Hamid Noor (7 months ago)
Gamers Tech (7 months ago)
https://youtu.be/v6Ehe_Mt9CM Watch this
Vlasta Pavlík (7 months ago)
bfs payback ahahahahahahahhah :D whos that retard who do this video my god ?
Débora Martins (8 months ago)
Project cars 2 is so fucking complicated. I can't just start the game and play, I have to go through all the controller settings, game settings, car tuning etc, and i still can't get around it. I feel frustrated ._.
SheepFromDaHell (4 months ago)
im totally new to PC2 and rly got no probs... get in with standarts and drive without big problems
xJhoanEizex (5 months ago)
Yeah, I understand you, I feel frustrated too :c
DOGSKILLPEOPLES (6 months ago)
For those who do not know how you
Débora Martins (7 months ago)
Oh really? then explain how
Teadrinkinjedi (7 months ago)
Débora Martins no you don’t
TheYeezy750Pizza (8 months ago)
Payback got 5.9/10 on ign
Yadir Madrid (7 months ago)
NikGiannis (8 months ago)
nfs payback is the best of all
will mathake (8 months ago)
First all  the graphics suck secondly u forgot....
Colin Ellis (8 months ago)
Gravel looks Baja HD. Anyone played either?
Stefan Alin Ionut (9 months ago)
forza horizon 3?? ..is the first/./ he forgot....pfff
Fanatic YouTube (9 months ago)
Very good game 😎
ASH TaG (9 months ago)
forza motorsport 7 in not even close to realistic, it don't even has steering wheel :P
Forzas range of cars is good though
Niko Gottschalk (3 months ago)
or pitstops.
Andy Martin (4 months ago)
ASH TaG most of these are even less realistic. Gt is the most realistic here
PTEREODACTOPUS (7 months ago)
Kamali Bonnett (9 months ago)
Axelin (9 months ago)
Who is came here to watch the new need for speed payback?
redheadedrockstar 928 (9 months ago)
But we alredy have mortorsport its not 2018
Dazzling Flare (9 months ago)
Guys I am going to buy a roam/racing game.which game can I buy guys?????
hariharen sundaram (3 months ago)
#Dazzling Flare NFS PAYBACK
An Ordinary Man (9 months ago)
Project cars 2
supreet biswas (9 months ago)
YOUTIN— MOBILE AND PS4 GAMING Get NFS Payback. You wouldn't regret it mate. :) Cheers. 🥂
Teerayoot Bootwong (9 months ago)
oh god the engine sound of forza 7 is really suck
Neo Matrix (5 months ago)
Well thats how real cars sound
bublik11 (10 months ago)
7:33 terrible gas work
Corpse Eater (4 months ago)
Damn, that was disgusting to watch and hear :(
Branz wintz (7 months ago)
Milky No Way (9 months ago)
Ears bleeding
Pimphand Gamester (10 months ago)
Crew 2 has shitty graphics
avi nisanov (9 months ago)
you have shitty eyes
MABL GAMING (10 months ago)
Subscribe with me in my chêne and thank Abonnés vous avec moi et merci
Sajinath Ggah (10 months ago)
Does the crew 2 run on 60fps? Looks like its running on 30 fps on the vid.
Doggy ! (11 months ago)
best game l love
nicyk (1 year ago)
no nfs?
nicyk 8:35
Bar Goldstein (1 year ago)
GT still sucks
georgie perez (1 year ago)
7:46 WTF happen to Forza. It sounds like shit and in the first person view I even prefer the Interior's of GTA 😂
Scott Oswinkle (7 months ago)
Lol you tried.
Hendrik Hochheiser (8 months ago)
georgie perez du hast keine ahnung. forza nach 1 minute video zu beurteilen ist dumm!
Stanfella (9 months ago)
They're really not. 1. That's the beta of the game, hence the video being published on July 2nd. 2nd of all you clearly haven't heard gt2 & gt3 cars irl
Qasim Saber (10 months ago)
georgie perez they're using rally cars on tarmac
GanksThor (1 year ago)
crap compared to Forze Horizon 3
Aryan Rajput (1 year ago)
Does these game are for android os?
U Cevese (1 year ago)
Aryan Rajput only windows phones
Brian (1 year ago)
6:05 R.I.P.
Axelin (9 months ago)
Brian yeah R.I.P that guy
Max Games (1 year ago)
R.I.P guy at 5:50
Can you Send Me link Of (GT Sport) game
Nice video
Rich DerpZ (1 year ago)
how WSC is 1 its just dirt and only few cars then nfs is absolute shit because wreckages are unreal
Rich DerpZ (1 year ago)
Project cars should be 1 because physics and sounds are amazing and finaly a game with no tuning because example Toyota supra cant have 700hp it would fall a part
X8ATT0SA1X23X (5 months ago)
You don't know much about cars do you? Like tuning is half the fun of cars in general. Like you are only whining about it is because its something you don't understand and therefore it threatens you.
Cue Zephyr (6 months ago)
I didn't play the 2nd one but I absolutely loved the 1st one. :)
Ariyan Samad (6 months ago)
Cue Zephyr I remember juiced, played both 1st and 2nd one
Cue Zephyr (6 months ago)
If I'm gonna get a Supra in a game, I'd want it to be stock unless it's a Need For Speed game. Or Juiced, if anybody remembers that.
Stefan Alin Ionut (9 months ago)
toyota supra ?? can.t have 700??? man that is the legend of asia..you stupid...she can have 2000 hp.. kidoo..she has the most brutal sound
Mach-77 (1 year ago)
the crew 2 and nfs paybac realistic? maybe in graphics and slightly sounds, but that's all lol
bowlchamps37 (3 months ago)
Hardly any racing game is realistic. Once you drove a real race car, you will notice.
_Pescadorin _ (7 months ago)
yes the crew 2 and nfs paybac are realistic
Plistex (7 months ago)
I have nfs it is the best open world racing game out there better than forza horizon 3 I have played it and it does not compare to nfs
Frank Crisostomo (8 months ago)
Mach-77 I really like everything about NFS payback but imo I really don't like the slow motion because its annoying.
Biofree movies (9 months ago)
yeah they are realistic in graphics and sounds but its game i cant be all real n real life one accident might kill you there is no restart button its amazing to see stupid comments like yours
Erick Palomino (1 year ago)
Ahora si te mamaste jaja realisitc games & u put the crew 2 jajaja oc
Andy Martin (4 months ago)
This Is Lauda donde dice realistic?
Sener S (1 year ago)
Games must be released in Summer. That's the best time to play video games. There is no school, university etc. Still can't understand why games are released in Autumn.
PTEREODACTOPUS (7 months ago)
PTEREODACTOPUS (7 months ago)
Yeah true, not everyone has school or uni like us...some people have time to play games for example I was at a Gaming Network a couple of weeks ago, and i saw a bunch of people playing OW for almost 12hrs straight ]didnt watch them all the time but like every couple of hrs i would go]
Detham (7 months ago)
also not everyone gets the summers off as in anyone who is not still school age does not get summers off unless they work in education
PTEREODACTOPUS (7 months ago)
for three reasons 1st- Christmas Gifts 2nd-Winter and bad weather you will stay home most of the time unlike summer so there will be a high demand for video games(especially on Christmas) 3rd-So that in summer prices will go down and since there is a lower demand, with lower prices more people will buy you are welcome
JamFilledJarz (1 year ago)
So that you're mind is focused on the game and not the stresses of life
Mesterdgsgfdfg (1 year ago)
أعجبني هذا الفديو شكرنا😃
Ricardo Recinos (1 year ago)

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