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I Should Have told ya'll sooner.. WE'RE HAVING A BABY

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Text Comments (4099)
Its Ricco tho (11 days ago)
I should have told y’all sooner..
Alanna Herrera (15 hours ago)
Its Ricco tho hmmsh
Melvin Aldridge (2 days ago)
Its Ricco tho lies
Emily Bree (2 days ago)
I knew it Adym😂
Kadecia Washington (5 days ago)
Its Ricco tho are u fr
Queen Macy (5 days ago)
Wow congrats *petty clap* You lied
Noemi Zavala (13 hours ago)
Y'all should date
Taijai Owens (15 hours ago)
it's a prank period period point and blank
Ashley Dias (15 hours ago)
I knew damn well the baby part was super fake but the sex part 🤔🤔🤔
Liz Logue (17 hours ago)
ricco I'm sorry baby but you suck at lying 😂 we knew it was fake bebes
Sammidotcom Love (18 hours ago)
lol i knew that you were lying !!!😂
LyXDiaForTniTeGaMer (20 hours ago)
This freakin prank I know I
Nicki 🤫👅 (20 hours ago)
As soon as the video started, something felt off. I knew it was a prank. It was so suspicious 😂
c torres (20 hours ago)
I went to the comments before watching the vid!
lauren hazell x (20 hours ago)
it was obvious bc in the thumbnail the pregnancy test had one line 😴
jasmin Hansen (21 hours ago)
Des is af prank
Savannah Morse (23 hours ago)
I knew it 😂😂😂
Autumn Beasley (1 day ago)
Oml I don't like u right now😤
Charli Bockelman (1 day ago)
No hatee but like she ain't even cute
Gracie Brancheck (1 day ago)
Holy shit I never thought you guys were together but holy shit I thought she was having a child. I almost cried that would have been the most cutest baby ever though ❤️
Diva Bailey (1 day ago)
When u click on the video knowing it's click bate and u are still annoyed that its click bate😂
Gabbi Mcdermott (1 day ago)
I almost believed it
Mahek Nagassar (1 day ago)
ughhhh adammm😭😭😭
Zoey Avila (1 day ago)
Just subscribed 😍😍btw your so cute
Karla Magallon (1 day ago)
Guys we all new this is fake
Sarong Duong (1 day ago)
She drew 2 lines on the test with the marker lol🤣🤣🤣🤣
Who else just came to the comments right when the vid started?😂
diamondnavylover (1 day ago)
diamondnavylover (1 day ago)
I wish there was a baby Rico
Vanity Logan (2 days ago)
Y’all had sex but ok that she would either be on birth control or u HAD TO HAVE WORN A CONDOM WE AINT STUPID
young niya (2 days ago)
Somebody always clickbaiting like got me bent but still love u 💖💖💖
HeyItsAxsha ox (2 days ago)
That scared the SHITTTT outta meee😭❤️x
Yadira Alfaro (2 days ago)
Before I watch it ik this is a prank cause Andy looks weird
Sunshine Garcia (2 days ago)
He literally wanted to laugh the whole time 💀
Kailly Woolley (2 days ago)
I'm actually a fan of him but I think it's kinda fucked up to make such a joke out of things when some people are struggling to get pregnant or get babies and some unplanned pregnancies are very serious and I don't think that this video was appropriate hate on me if you want but he should have though it through and considered other people's circumstances.
Laine Phillips (2 days ago)
Y’all would be a cute couple 😍😍
Alissa Earle (2 days ago)
I already knew it was fake but love the videeooo
GRACYE RICKMAN (2 days ago)
You guys should make a video of the first time y’all hooked up
chantel contreras (2 days ago)
“I didn’t pull out in time” 😭😭💀
chantel contreras (2 days ago)
Whatever happened with you & sawyer ? Where has he been ? 😭
chantel contreras (2 days ago)
We knew it was faakeee 😂😭
Jbrenk2 Lol (2 days ago)
Ik it’s fake🤣🤣 but y’all probably smashed 🤣🤣🤣
Tita Villarreal (2 days ago)
Slime Testing (2 days ago)
OMG I thought it was real cuz the look on his face first I was like "this is fake" "it's not even April fools day" lol
Emilee Reikowsky (2 days ago)
I actually thought she was pregnant wow
Liz Culp (2 days ago)
lmao 😂
Roxanne Herrera (2 days ago)
Awww man but yall are so cute toget her and yalls baby would be so cute
Eduardo camarena (2 days ago)
This is a prank. I know because of your voice
Kaylia Blake (2 days ago)
Love you too good video
Kaylia Blake (2 days ago)
I new it was fake from the begining. But good idea tho
Jacqueline Russell (2 days ago)
Ugh I want u guys to Date
Macy Morrison (2 days ago)
This rly wasn’t believable 💀
JustSoniaBieberx (2 days ago)
We didn’t believe this since the beginning
Natalia Sanchez (2 days ago)
I thought it was real but you were smiling so yeah
Lillie Allen (2 days ago)
i was like naaaaaaaahhhh but i still watched it
LenziPlayz (2 days ago)
Roses are Red violets are Blue , you fell for the clickbait, but I did too
LenziPlayz (2 days ago)
Roses are Red violets are Blue , you fell for the clickbait, but I did too
___sinazzz___ (3 days ago)
u scared me
aarelyn eustaquio (3 days ago)
Click bait!!
Jayda Holland-Nielsen (3 days ago)
Zeynep Yuksel (3 days ago)
Like this if you’re a PRETTYMUCH fan
Nilaja Lee (3 days ago)
Hey ItsAshley (3 days ago)
Come on😂 we're not *stupid*
Halle Jozephs (3 days ago)
I knew it, cause i am watching so much Youtubers pranking the viewers 😁 Sooooo......yeah
Milk (3 days ago)
I think if it was real, you're reaction would have been totally different?
Lol I oreads knew it was fake lmao
Mandy Fitch (3 days ago)
I knew it was going to be a prank
Kadia Kouyate (3 days ago)
Don’t do that shiiiii😂😂
Leera103 (3 days ago)
Do the viagra on langieeee pleaseee
maya garcia (3 days ago)
I know this is a prank because his pull out game is too strong
McKenna Long (3 days ago)
You already knew it
Mysterious Mystery (3 days ago)
Come on, guys... please respect that they're just really good and close friends and that sooner or later things will get out of hand and one day they might not feel comfortable with each other anymore because of y'all's accusations. They're human beings and hey, maybe even if they are secretly a thing then they'll tell us eventually but now in reality please don't take this joke too far
The Singer (3 days ago)
King and queen of click bate but y'all have fucked you just know to wrap it
Tawny Myers (3 days ago)
Ur right Nyomi Nious
C'est Kim !!! (3 days ago)
You have the same intro as Jake Paul!!!!!
Leah Mcdaniel (3 days ago)
When they pull pranks 24/7 cmon we knowww it’s about ya be a joke
Alyson Rey (3 days ago)
It's FAKE!!!!!!!!! I knew it
Kelisha (3 days ago)
lol their trying not to smile
Kelisha (3 days ago)
lol I didn't even have to click on the video to already know its a prank its pretty obvious lmao
Brittany Aguilar (3 days ago)
You guys ain’t cute together
Sherlyn Domingo (3 days ago)
Who else went down into the comments to see if this was fake or not 😂😂😂
Mia Thomas (3 days ago)
Wtf I actually thought this was true 🤣
ThatsYaBecca Xo (4 days ago)
Bet they do fuck 🤔
Anabelle Barajas (4 days ago)
Anabelle Barajas (4 days ago)
Bro it’s fake because when a girl get pregnant for the 1st time there’s 2 lines and 1 in very light and 1 is very dark so if ur ever gonna do something like this just giving h a heads up
the asian girl (4 days ago)
I knew it was fake already
Alexis Sapp (4 days ago)
Dang.....i was excited for itsriccotho family edition😩😩
Jaeda DeLong (4 days ago)
I KNEW IT WAS A PRANK! likeeee??
Emma Stephenson (4 days ago)
haha you could obviously tell it was a prank, especially if you've seen Ricco try and prank anyone else he gets in that "phase" even he says he gets awkward.
Sophia Orabutt (4 days ago)
I knew it so but at the same time I was like omg
Krissi W (4 days ago)
Your pineapple tat is dumb af HAH
queen elizabeth (4 days ago)
Thats not something to prank about a new life
Hailey Kuehne (4 days ago)
Pretty sure we all knew 😂
Halimah Adams (4 days ago)
I knew it was a prank they aren't even dating
Asiah Jones (4 days ago)
I know it was a prank because they probably would me crying 😭
Savannah Garrison (4 days ago)
Yall would be a cute couple though
bs b (4 days ago)
thank god I was right about it being a prank my friend was thinking about sending baby clothes until she heard it was a prank
Kaitlyn Higgins (4 days ago)
this is such a prank😂😂😂
Nassa Sirleaf (4 days ago)
Wow I was not expecting that wow
jacquline contreras (4 days ago)
It’s a prank... I know it is..... Update: I was right ....OF COURSE
Destiny lewis (4 days ago)
Already know.its a pranks
claire_ bearz slime (4 days ago)
I know its fake before I even clicked because while but WERE HAVING A BABY (the surprise) in the title
Nicky Sainz (4 days ago)
Is it just me or did half of us went down through the comments before watching the vid😭
Delia Tanase (4 days ago)
Ha ha funny ...😑

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