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Whistle for the Choir ( Written by the Fratellis )

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This was recorded at a festival gig i did this weekend in Gt Bardwell in Suffolk. I was fairly happy with the recording so thought id post it on my You tube channel. Always loved this track fun to play hope you like.
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Julia Kowalska (5 years ago)
Wonderful music-good vocal*****thanks:)Greetings:)))
Bettina Monterose (6 years ago)
Ali Brustofski (6 years ago)
James, I love this! Never heard the song, but what a great performance of it! Ali:)
FLAVIOFLASH (6 years ago)
Brianna Barnhart (6 years ago)
Thanks for forwarding this my way. Lovely performance. Happy to support you wit a thumbs up and sub from your new Texas buddy. Please stop by my way for a listen. I would love to earn your support back. Blessings :)
Kim Aileen (6 years ago)
awesome performance again my friend, excellent video, thumb high up, hugs Kim Aileen
Stephani Caceres-Rojas (6 years ago)
great job, its catchy
Amber Music (6 years ago)
cooooooooooooooooooooooool video and music- thanks from germany
marijan394 (6 years ago)
thumbs up mate!!!
bluesharp59 (6 years ago)
Nice job !
marlan3rd (6 years ago)
Nice perfomance. Great vocals and guitar sound.

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