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Operation VIDEO for Hemorrhoids -Fengh Medical

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Operation VIDEO for PPH Fengh Medical European Area sales Manager Sandro Qi, sandro.qi@fenghmedical.com skype: sandroqi87
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a. banks. (2 days ago)
Glad I never suffered from that, and as for the procedure, I pray that I never have to do, or go through that.... Thank you God!
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Franki Gutierrez (6 days ago)
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J. K. G. (6 days ago)
After this is done to ANYONE! They will NEVER Sit down again! NM Them NOT Being able to sit down for a month! No Thanks. I will keep mine. lol
Vanderlei Strapassao (7 days ago)
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Alma Stevenson (7 days ago)
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DLC ENERGY (12 days ago)
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Geetha Chinnu (18 days ago)
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Sohrat Lal Gupta (2 days ago)
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Nawab Kalhoro (18 days ago)
Jason Hull (18 days ago)
How the hell did I come across this video? Why did I watch it? Make sure you eat lots of creamed corn the night before this surgery.
Rezky FirmansyahKky (20 days ago)
I'am not understand
jaisnoor mehra (21 days ago)
Ezaarkash (22 days ago)
This video could have been sooooo much more informative - but it should be called a FAIL !
Dr. cheshta gautam (1 month ago)
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Mono Ghosh (2 months ago)
Hwat is this, fuck man.
Aaa Ttt (2 months ago)
Rahul Malawat (2 months ago)
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Bud Daniels (3 months ago)
Are the butthole recovery expenses already paid for
M K (3 months ago)
I’m going to launch my new channel sometimes this year
Umukher Ayman (3 months ago)
M K good luck
Yo Mama (3 months ago)
Why is it shaped like a dick
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Ccvv Uujj (8 days ago)
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kent bitanghol (9 months ago)
wow so master to operation ?????????
randhir kumar (9 months ago)
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Asiya khatun (10 months ago)
Please give me the doctor contact and others details
Samsungblue Mobile (6 days ago)
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saeed khan (7 days ago)
Asiya khatun Kiya krna Hai doctor ka contact no. SE mujhe batao mai hon na yar
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vagabond (20 days ago)
Is that work?
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devongillis123456789 (11 months ago)
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Doctors Hub (1 year ago)
Good animation on advanced hemorrhoidectomy procedure.
R. Ive (1 year ago)
I think it needs to buy me dinner before it can go in there.
Jefferson Lopez (9 days ago)
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michael sullivan (13 days ago)
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coldlook (1 year ago)
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Super Annie Oakley (1 year ago)
How long and painful is recovery? Thank you
Arshad Arshsd (6 months ago)
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Diseases & its Pathology (11 months ago)
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Raymond Turner (11 months ago)
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Sagar Biswas (10 months ago)
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Afreen Jahan (10 months ago)
what the cost??
Ravindra Raajput (10 months ago)
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