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WEBINAR: Developing the WIOA Unified State Plan - The Power of Collaboration

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***The LEAD Center, funded by the US Department of Labor’s Office on Disability Policy, is hosting a four-part webinar series titled "WIOA From a Disability Perspective."*** WIOA and the Unified Strategic Planning Process - Part 2 of 4 Section 102 of WIOA requires states to submit a Unified State Plan that, at a minimum, includes the following core programs administered by the Department of Labor (DOL) and the Department of Education (ED): Adult, Dislocated Worker and Youth Formula Programs (DOL) Wagner-Peyser Act Employment Services (DOL) Adult Education and Literacy Programs (ED) Vocational Rehabilitation (ED) All states will need to re-evaluate and redesign the alignment of workforce investment, education, economic development, vocational rehabilitation, Medicaid, and other human and social service delivery systems in support of a comprehensive, accessible and high-quality workforce development system that is inclusive of youth and adult job seekers with disabilities. Join the LEAD Center, the Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration, and other subject matter experts to identify key components of a Plan, and explore a collaborative approach to developing the Unified State Plan to include stakeholders in the disability community.
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Nargis Jahan (1 year ago)
Its a new concept for me. I understand that what and how it is formulated

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