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Roblox Emotional Video Erik.cassel Death

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SAD SO Sad heres Erik.cassel's User http://www.roblox.com/users/16/profile Everyone Plz Say In the comments R.IP Erik cassel A GREAT MAN
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Text Comments (325)
Jim pickens is god (1 year ago)
UnrulySnow (2 months ago)
i see on gogle yes he is not ded
Sarah Widodo :D (2 months ago)
AcerBgGamingTV No he’s not he’s alive
dErP sHyA (3 months ago)
what about john
UnrulySnow (4 months ago)
Is david baszucki dead?
Flazx (4 months ago)
-Dank Memes- you might wanna change the 2017 to 2018
I wish Erik still alive to keep making Roblox better and better
Roblox gaming & more (6 days ago)
1967-2013. Rest in peace Erik Cassel.
Bashir Ahmad (11 days ago)
Erik Cassel is in my heart forever
Bashir Ahmad (11 days ago)
That's sad, without Erik Cassel the whole game is gonna get worst
Pea Pearl (12 days ago)
We all will miss Erik Cassel.. 🤧😔
alexandros kef (12 days ago)
Oh wait in catalaog if you go to t-shirts free there is a t-shirt that says Erik is our hero...
Trap Nation (12 days ago)
Roblox even made a t shirt for erik which has "Erik is my hero" on it
Trap Nation (12 days ago)
I use Audio Spectrum
Flazx (12 days ago)
Trap Nation How do you make trap remixes
Crazy Sonic (13 days ago)
5 years ago....
YaiYT (13 days ago)
denis macascocol (14 days ago)
i wish erik would..be here im gonna cry *crys*
PEREZ TOONZ (21 days ago)
Thank you erick cassel you make a memorable game thanks for everything PD:DIE PASUZKI
Jet Turtle (30 days ago)
wetnoose (1 month ago)
Well idk who is he tho cuz I don't know him
Jose Camacho (1 month ago)
R.I.P Erik Cassel A GREAT MAN
Remasterings (1 month ago)
If Erik Cassel Was Not Died Those Things Would Be Happend... 1 - No Anthro! 2 - Maybe No R15! 3 - Maybe No More ODERS! 4 - MAYBE NO MORE EXPLOITS! 5 - BUT PROBALLY NO SCAMMERS! THOSE THINGS REALLY HAPPENED....
StinkyDoggy 123 (1 month ago)
I'm hating The haters
Trinical (1 month ago)
I wish i visited his funeral. Im almost about to cry. I barely say this for stuff that what I say "explode the comments with "so emotional"" and infact hate it but a roblox video is making me feel emotional. RIP Erik Cassel. 1967-2013
XxpandaxX (1 month ago)
masdel 90 (2 months ago)
I did not make a new acc until 2017
masdel 90 (2 months ago)
A roblox admin banned me on the day he died for exploiting
Dqbetts05 gaming (2 months ago)
Sarah Widodo :D (2 months ago)
Ariyan pLaYz (2 months ago)
We all die in the end ;( all online daters are been worse rip erik
ngun ceu mang (2 months ago)
We always rember you Erick 😥😥:)💔💔💔😇 rest and peace :’)
ngun ceu mang (2 months ago)
😭 👕 👖 👟 👟
ngun ceu mang (2 months ago)
TITAS SHOW (2 months ago)
u copied this
ItzJustCream (2 months ago)
R.i.p Erik ;(
Sarah Fikre (2 months ago)
Who else was looking through the comments before the video has began. #AlmostEveryoneDoesThat (or is it just me) ;(
Zach Pippy (2 months ago)
Erik is actually born in 1997...
Laxeet (2 months ago)
you copied Redruns video or he copied your video
Mr warhead juice (3 months ago)
SuperLuigi 87 (3 months ago)
Roblox is getting worse without Erik Cassel inappropriate things happen without him it's gonna happen :(
Microsoft Windows Vista (3 months ago)
rip Eric castle 1967-2013
Jhon Paul (3 months ago)
I didn’t say lie to he died I said lie bc someone saying he didn’t died so I said lie
Jhon Paul (3 months ago)
Casey yo (3 months ago)
Maybe from heaven he still working on roblox
fortnite gamer333 (3 months ago)
I wish ur alive Erik u could make roblox a better place and ban oders and bring the tix back 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
RosiiRed Flames (3 months ago)
I miss Erik :(
Mandahuyan Miraludy (3 months ago)
what he die
Rip xxxtentacion and Erik cassel
imjust13 XD (3 months ago)
first michael than avicii NOW THIS? :*(
Sienna MacyP (4 months ago)
Roblox Toy*
Sienna MacyP (4 months ago)
I Have The Toy Of Eric Cassel
BENDY7160 BENDY7160 (4 months ago)
Cancer sucks why would you kill this Man that people loved?! #CancerShouldNeverExist
Cancer Sucks
Flazx (4 months ago)
Erik The Reviewer /Rants And More! New YouTube channel with more subs I'll send you the link and you can subscribe
Kermit (4 months ago)
If david died instead of eric, roblox would of been a really amazing game.
vv cat (4 months ago)
he was a good guy 😭
cebrity wise (4 months ago)
Did Roblox die the owner
Mohamed Nabil's Hardware (4 months ago)
Roblox made a T-Shirt of him its called Erik is my hero and I was wearing this t shirt since I was a roblox noob and also his friend Dave another founder of roblox missed him alot
Rollie Z (4 months ago)
If Erik cassel was alive: Tix added back Great moderator Removed all the oder games including meepcity And most of all....
Girly Gaming (4 months ago)
Oh i wish he is in the heaven right now and he did a great work for us to be in roblox
Diego Yoem (4 months ago)
This is what Erik wanted?! A Roblox full of oders?!, where they ban you by nothing!? Erik doesn’t wanted this... Rest In Peace.
Joan Gamer (4 months ago)
Rablopx - Roblox & More! (4 months ago)
Ever since erik cassel died. Roblox went downhill.
Khoshie Hum (4 months ago)
Autistic game
Flazx (4 months ago)
Khoshie Hum I don't play it anymore and plus I've got a new channel and this one is dead btw
Taylorswift FOREVER (4 months ago)
Well since his death roblox has become toxic 😭😭😭❤️❤️💕💕💕
Chaos started at roblox after erik died Man i miss him too much
HonorGold (4 months ago)
If erik cassel still alive, there will no oders i guess
Paxychi's Channel (4 months ago)
Roblox could've been a better place with Erik.Cassel still alive.
Jacqueline Rivera (4 months ago)
He was such a nice guy....
Red Reaper (4 months ago)
roblox roblox (5 months ago)
caseel have long cancer
Leah Garces (5 months ago)
No Erik = roblox community getting worse:( ...
Lasseboss (5 months ago)
Erik Cassel was a great man. I think if he still was alive. Tix would also have been. David is taking over ROBLOX seriously... Not hating on David, but i think Erik Cassel was a really great man.
Ruby Kitty (5 months ago)
I cried
•Clentra Gacha• (5 months ago)
Erik.. Your a legend
L a n g o (5 months ago)
im sad ;(
Lucius Nye (5 months ago)
RyanairFuckhead (6 months ago)
The revenend w awdry then george carlin then now this guy
Karavi (6 months ago)
TheOnlyMegaMind Roblox (6 months ago)
Without him to hold roblox together who will???
Peter gabrel (6 months ago)
without him roblox is geting worse
Å sherif (6 months ago)
who is erik?
JColin YT (6 months ago)
Roblox became worser and worser when Erik died,i missed those old days :'[
1 m (7 months ago)
Good bye too Erik Cassey I'm so sad for her she are the creator of roblox but I'm so sad 😢
Why why she died
Rip Erik 1967-2013 you will be loved from the roblox Community Rest In Peace roblox’s admin
Deivids Ficajs (7 months ago)
May he rest in peace.
Reloading Noobs (7 months ago)
*Erik is my hero...*
TheDarckPG57 (7 months ago)
thanks you did a wonderful game that should not matter for sure it was a good person: ")
TheDarckPG57 (7 months ago)
Flazx yes :")
Flazx (7 months ago)
Erik will always be in our hearts
Wonder Gaming (7 months ago)
R.I.P Erik a great man.
George Howard (7 months ago)
R.IP Erik cassel A GREAT MAN
maria clara (7 months ago)
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bye :(
weirdoandrew (7 months ago)
After Erik's death, all David Baszucki can do was ruin the ROBLOX community. Removing TIX, removing Guests. Those two things were invented by Erik.
Moises Carela (7 months ago)
I feel bad
Fortnite Hunter (7 months ago)
R.I.P Erik cassel we are missed you
Justin Games (8 months ago)
How can Julis cole be happy bout this...
Maddie Star (8 months ago)
Rip we will miss you
Martin Bird (8 months ago)
Bubble Noob Hero (8 months ago)
Gamer Apollo (8 months ago)
I wish no one can die in earth
Kaitlyn winslet (8 months ago)
I just wanna say that roblox is one of my most most favorite game I appreciate I have many best friends in roblox
Owais Wasseem (8 months ago)
I love people who fight cancer, the are humble and determined to live a good life, But a lot of people in the comments section are complaining about the roblox we have today. Now he is not the only one that can make roblox great, yes the owner it's self needs to do it's own job and stick together like Erik did.It's not that hard to ban oders, bullies and scammers, all you need to do is download auto clicker, press start on the yes button, which will ban them and press f6 for long. Then add Tix back, and your community/game will be the greatest sandbox game on the play store or app store OR on Xbox ORRR.... on pc.
Pancak o (8 months ago)
His life was better with out him.. :c
Defentio (8 months ago)
Erick is the best he was my favourite and the nicest one no :(
Defentio (8 months ago)
No :(

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