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What is Excitotoxicity?

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THE DUDE (1 day ago)
How can i heal this damages?
Camjohn Gaming (6 months ago)
Are you the guy who plays the professors assistant in the movie road trip? You look and sound like him.
andrew Lopez (7 months ago)
What is your qualifications if you don’t mind me asking ?
Salah Maker (7 months ago)
Interesting analogy!
Winchestah (8 months ago)
Can it be healed
Matthew Johnson (7 months ago)
Generally, excitotoxicity is not reversible​ and results in permanent cell death.
Harry Pan (1 year ago)
How to test yourself if you have excitotoxicity and how to treat it?
James Connolly (1 year ago)
Any chance to hear your thoughts on Phenibut and can it lead to excitotoxicty in low and infrequent doseages. Appreciate the video, clear and consise.
Gal Ganor (2 years ago)
This is really good , thanks.
Grant Huling (2 years ago)
Do you agree with claims that Aspartame has serious excitotoxic effects?
petr223453 (2 years ago)
great video man! does this happen when someone takes SSRI?
mznxbcv12345 (2 years ago)
can you get Excitotoxicity from modafinil? and what about DMT, ayahuasca. I once accidentally mixed ayahuasca, dmt and it was not nice.
Ruben Eihwaz (4 months ago)
Ayahuasca and dmt are the same thing. That's like mixing beer with whiskey.
James Brophy (2 years ago)
You are an excellent presesenter with articulate speech and fine capacity to convey complex concepts. However we may be missing out on an opportunity here to produce some of the highest quality material Youtube has ever seen on this topic. For example, you are pointing out excitotoxicity being a negative concequence of drug usage. It is important to note that anti-smoking campaigns are most successful when they focus on the benefits the smoker obtains as a result of quitting smoking, such as money or various ways of becoming more sexually attractive. It is important then to not minimize the capacity of the brain to repair itself. This is exactly what you want to be emphasizing. It is better to frame the various stimulants as obstacles in the way to obtaining the highest possible cognitive function. This is easy to do in fact you've already done it: how the number of dopamine transporters increases over time with methylphenidate therefore over time they are not getting any benefit. It is best to not prove permanent damage, rather nullify the periceved benefit of the stimulant, show how it is an obstacle to the highest possible cognitive function, and then start explaining how to obtain this higher function and demonstrate all the science behind it. Here's the kick: these things have epigenetic mechanisms which halt long term changed in the brain that lead to addiction. This will be proven here and now. Let's talk about benefits you can cover and why stimulants prevent a person from obtaining them. With as little as 30 minutes aerobic exercise, the first two see the greatest improvements in gray matter volume and others moderate: prefrontal cortex, hippocampus, anterior cingulate cortex, parietal cortex, cerebellum, caudate nucleus, and nucleus accumbens. These structures actually show a physical increase in size. If a person is using stimulants, it is going to be dangerous for them to perform aerobic exercise due to the increased heart rate. Engaging in moderate-high intensity aerobic exercise such as running, swimming, and cycling increases BDNF biosynthesis through myokine signaling, resulting in up to a threefold increase in blood plasma and brain BDNF levels; exercise intensity is positively correlated with the magnitude of increased BDNF biosynthesis and expression. They can also be taught tips and tricks that they will only likely find at your channel, such as the fact that niacin appears to upregulate BDNF and tropomyosin receptor kinase B (TrkB) expression as well. Then you can discuss why running outside is better due to the benefits of environment enrichment. Here's the rub: there are spices and fibers and diets that induce epigenetic changes that both prevent c-Fos (epigenetic long term changes in DNA related with addiction) and also are shown to rapidly induce massive increases of cancer. These are incredibly safe, actually their abscence is very unsafe categorically as far as cancer, inflammation, autoimmunity, diabetes, obesity, long term mental health into old age, anxiety and depression just being a few examples. Go to Wikipedia: Behavioral_epigenetics#Learning_and_memory. Studies in rodents have found that the environment exerts an influence on epigenetic changes related to cognition, in terms of learning and memory; environmental enrichment correlated with increased histone acetylation, and verification by administering histone deacetylase inhibitors induced sprouting of dendrites, an increased number of synapses, and reinstated learning behaviour and access to long-term memories. Research has also linked learning and long-term memory formation to reversible epigenetic changes in the hippocampus and cortex in animals with normal-functioning, non-damaged brains. In human studies, post-mortem brains from Alzheimer's patients show increased histone de-acetylase levels. The implications of this are huge! These aren't just words, you can make people interested in learning again and make them able to remember what they do learn. You can recommend Longvida Curcumin which is a incredibly safe form of curcumin from tumeric with double blind clinical trials indicating cognitive enhancing properties, enormous stress reduction, dramatic increases in anti-oxidant activity such at catalase, as well as lowering of triglycerides and other activity. Keep in mind, that is still halting and reversing addiction on an epigenetic level! Then you have other HDAC inhibitors such as butyric acid which come in prebiotic soluble dietary fibers. You have beta-Hydroxybutyric acid which is also have been shown in rodents to increase the survivability of neurons in the substantia nigra as a fuel utilized by the mitochondria against the neurotoxin MPTP, compared to glucose alone. Sulforaphane in broccoli is another one with studies indicating human breast cancer inhibition. There are very few other ones that can be listed unfortunately. These things I all take advantage of and my intelligence is skyrocketing, I have since halted almost all forms of English input aside from scientific studies and programming, and already know Classical Latin, which I read, while learning Hebrew. My brain is demanding to be pushed. Read over wiki/User:Seppi333 's user page at Wikipedia. Engage in dialog with me here or over at /r/Prebiotics on reddit, I'm the creator 0_- We need someone to be the face and voice for this on Youtube, one of Apollo's chosen who can rip out the black heart of ignorance itself and hurl it into the deep black abyss of Tartarus. You have more professional experience and capability as a presenter on these topics. You are the guy. There is no other. If you don't do it, who knows how long it will be until it gets done here on Youtube.
James Brophy (2 years ago)
+James Brophy I should say that class I HDAC inhibitors are central to all of this, as they inhibit c-Fos from forming long term changes in the brain related with all forms of addiction: sex addiction, opiates, stimulants, etc. Also allows learning behavior and long term memory to be reinstated. Archimedes said "give me a lever and fulcrum and I will move the universe".
wow thank you so much , listen to Steve Cronin and I was like " why I not take Modafinil sooner , I need to order it right now ,everyone use it , magical pill" but then I see u it was like " hold on , stop , are you dumb , anything go again natural will not get anything good" your video make me understand more what really happen , and Steve Cronin make me feel like " the government only care about money and stop you from become smarter for no reason " Modafinil need prescription in my country and no way you can get it legally without prescription ,luckily I watched your video or else I must talking some " Modafinil" from some stupid oversea manufacturer even my dad was a physician , he told me to never become a self-doctor(even him have to go to the hospital ) and he would kill me if he find out I am above to do this, omg I am so dumb , thank you so much , Steve Cronin is definitely toxic , dont stop , you may save some life for doing this ( me properly already in that)
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
+Molly Hohenzollern Stewart Je vous en prie. Merci, that means a lot. If there is anything else I might be able to help you with let me know.
Prometheus720 (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video! You have some very helpful analogies.
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
+Prometheus720 No problem! Glad you enjoyed it.

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