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Real Doctor Reacts to SCRUBS | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

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This is the one you've all been asking for. Scrubs. Ever since I started my medical training in 2007 all of my friends have been telling me that I MUST watch the TV show Scrubs but for some reason, I was always a little hesitant to start it. Maybe because I looked at medicine as a serious field, it didn't make sense to watch a comedy about it. Well, now I am taking your advice and watching the first episode ever of the medical drama. Although I think this show is less of a medical drama is more of a medical comedy or satire. I can see why many medical professionals enjoy this show because working many hours in the hospital system can leave you feeling frustrated at times, Now, as far as my opinion goes I have to be honest. This show is not as appealing to me as it is for most of my friends. I feel like they take easy shots at medicine and exaggerate a lot for the sake of humor (especially Zach Braff ) Not sure why, but the humor didn't land for me that often. I also think I would probably need to watch a few more episodes as the pilot is rarely the best one. Also, Zach Braff irritates me just a little a bit in his acting. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches Scrubs / Real Doctor Reacts to Scrubs. If you want me to continue making this medical drama review series please like the video and leave me a comment on which tv drama show or episode you'd like for me to review next. Love you all! SUBSCRIBE for new videos every Sunday ▶ https://goo.gl/87kYq6 Let’s connect: IG https://goo.gl/41ZS7w - Doctor Mike Twitter https://goo.gl/kzmGs5 - Real Doctor Mike Facebook https://goo.gl/QH4nJS - Real Doctor Mike Contact Email: DoctorMikeMedia@Gmail.com' P.O. Box: 340 W 42nd St # 2695 NY, NY 10108 Music by: QJ Quads https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads Floppy Circus https://soundcloud.com/floppycircus https://www.facebook.com/FloppyCircus/ Joakim Karud https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud
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Text Comments (13640)
Doctor is the last thing I want to be, I cannot bear the thought of shouldering such a heavy responsibility Much respect for all of the doctors out there! 👍
The last thing I wanna be is dead...
Filip Gasic (11 days ago)
+CrazyFish You are fucking braindead retarded
Evi1M4chine (15 days ago)
That’s why psychopaths like being doctors so much. They have so such thing as empathy or qualms. Dying humans are the same to them, as bottles of beer.
Supercvu (17 days ago)
+CrazyFish "doing my own research* A.K.A using Google
F Haugen (21 days ago)
+CrazyFish The fck are you talking about, I ended up in the hospital after a horrible bike crash, was pronounced dead, it ended up much better and after three weeks in a coma I ended up being better, now three years later all I still have left is epilepsy but compared to what it could have been I couldn't be more grateful for all the amazing doctors, nurses and general health care system. Yea some people with minor injuries or bad health need a change in lifestyle like vegetables and more natural food (less fat) and stuff like that but real injuries can't be treated by nuts what the f... are you talking about??
Matt (37 minutes ago)
Aaaand it's time to binge scrubs again
adarov (2 hours ago)
how many girls this guy bang in a month
#TheManNamedDan (6 hours ago)
You look a lot like the doctor from Royal Pains. (A medical show about Concierge medicine)
ryan t (8 hours ago)
Hey guys its me xi jingping *Starts grunting loudly and shitting on the floor*
zhaleh nejadi (12 hours ago)
plz watch more episodes of house md :)
Janaki Patel (13 hours ago)
A lot of the negative aspects are addressed later ie the lying to pts to avoid lawsuits part. It was a show that was started when the medical practice mindset was in the midst of change so it seems a lot of episodes spend time doing commentary on the various types of people in the hospital. The show does overall place an emphasis that its not always doom and gloom, most physicians truly do care about their patients though we show it in different ways, and that docs are human and we have emotion, reactions, and we do err. Each time I watch, I learn and reflect on something new about my own experiences.
SqueezeMeLittle (19 hours ago)
Christian Jeffress (1 day ago)
This guy is awesome :)
E Lee (1 day ago)
You need to watch the episode 'My Lunch' season 5 ep 20.
Dr. Mike, what’s the difference between a code blue and a rapid response ?
Daniel Colon Laboy (1 day ago)
Doctor Mike I am about to start going to college of four years of biology then to med school. I served 8 years in the Military and was diagnosed with PTSD so I am a bit scared but I want to prove myself that I can do it and to others that don't think I am smart enough or will give up. I just need advice and what I should do to become successful. Thank you so much. Very Respectfully a fan.
E gush (1 day ago)
TimmyKtheDJ (2 days ago)
Hey doctor Mike I'm a 27 year old heart patient I have seen my share of iv teams nurses residents and students I have been basically a study prop for a bunch of medical students and I don't mind I've had 15 open closed heart surgeries 3 pacemakers and numerous heart caths I've had over a hundred surgeries my medical diagnosis is transpostion of the main artery's I have my own team of cardiologists at Duke hospital I have two cardiologists at mission I live in North Carolina
Allison Barker (2 days ago)
You have to watch the show in its entirety...you will eventually get the inside jokes.
YiBei Cheng (2 days ago)
wait my dad gets up at 7 (psychiatrist)
xue 717 (2 days ago)
More scrubs, more scrubs. Definitely more scrubs. My favorite show and you were so funny. LOL
mobilikarve (2 days ago)
Well scrubs are actually quite accurate, but not about medical things.. About being the intern or resident. And the scenario was made from one doctor's life actually. And yes there are steriotypes, but not everywhere those are gone. I'm a senior resident from Lithuania and I could relate to a lot of that, the angry nurses, the sarcastic and bit...chy attendings.. But everyday you become more and more and more part of the team. So I can relate and laugh from that. But this show has some interesting characters, for axample the janitor.... he is mental.. :D
BTW Dr. Mike, THANK YOU for doing this AND choosing to be a doctor!
jerry maurer (2 days ago)
The story arc with dr cox's brother, brendon fraiser is amazing funny and touching, must take a look
kruz malam (3 days ago)
New Amsterdam, great show very technically sound, and out of the box!
Diana Woods (3 days ago)
Also, being a doctor outside America really slows down the rate of being sued.
Kevin Le (3 days ago)
30 seconds in: “I don’t know who this guy is but 6am is late” *crossing doctor off the list*
Me G (3 days ago)
Love watching your videos when I have time on a weekend.
Doctor Mike, Scrubs is one of the best shows a human being could watch. The reason why is because it has life lessons that remind us to be better human beings in subtle ways that maybe we forget as we all get older. Season 1 wasn't as good as following seasons for many reasons. But Dr. Cox "wrong" response in season 1 in the tune of Big Ben chiming, is one of the best jokes I've ever seen and heard. It seems simple but is actually a multi-layered joke. The implication was that not only was J.D. wrong, he was wrong in a epically, most spiritually way. Following seasons, the show got much better. When it first came on, I WASN'T into it. But about season 5, I realized how great it was. Season 1 was the year 2000. So, somethings may have been different from when you did your interning (2017?). It IS a comedy so you do need to give more leeway. Scrubs is loosely based on real doctors John Dorian and Dr. Molly Clock, if I remember correctly. And I think both were consultants for the show I think.
Cristle Johnson (4 days ago)
"Emergency" is supposedly the most accurate medical show. Check that out.
Chris Taylor (4 days ago)
Probably the WORST episode to evaluate of this series. I've watched Scrubs in completion so many times and this one has to be the LEAST medically involved episode of this show.
Conner Welch (4 days ago)
As nurses on my unit, we also still use pagers. Typical night for me (yay night shift) includes 6 patients per nurse. Our floor holds 24 patients, so that comes to 4 nurses, 1 (sometimes 2) PCAs, and a clerk. We need those pagers, or we’d never survive.
Elias Ancer (4 days ago)
Can you please do a doctor reacts to video of Scrubs season 8 episode 3. That episode deals with the concept of death for doctors and I'm really interested in knowing what a real professional who has to go through this, feels when it happens.
SpacemanDoug (4 days ago)
Lol, Colonel Doctor
Graemecrakerz (5 days ago)
I could watch you review every episode. Much love for scrubs and much love for your professional insights.
Claris Marcellin (5 days ago)
1:26 - 1:34 Your smile is so beautiful like paradise💗
Flaffy Cheez (5 days ago)
Dude i dont know who told you that you resemble mcdreamy, this is my 4th time watching one of your videos and the way you talk reminds me of Hank from Royal Pains played by Mark Feuerstein. You should react to royal pains, the personal doctor for the Hamptons.
minxbethx (5 days ago)
Hey! I have today discovered your videos, im not a doctor, but i do find things like this so interesting! Thank you for doing the video!
Megan Hodgin (5 days ago)
Will you please watch more Scrubs and review again? Also, “If the doctors cute, screw the fruit” If you know, you know
751macman (5 days ago)
Please continue with the scrub episodes
Derek Night (6 days ago)
Hi I’m just here to see a legit Doctor’s reaction to Dr. Cox. Don’t mind me.
Anna Bishop (6 days ago)
I used to love scrubs, bought the box pack of season 1-7 years ago. Enjoyed it for a year or 2 till I found my 1-year-old with all the disks out, scratching them on the tilled floor.... devoed 💔
KookNation (6 days ago)
This is one of my all time fav shows!! It’s hilarious!
Mina Sofie Lund (6 days ago)
More scrubs!!
MaxOverdrive (7 days ago)
Yo when are they gonna make another season where Mike is J.D.'s older brother visiting? This man is a spitting image.
Heather Robson-Jones (7 days ago)
I'm a little concerned that you addressed the Tylenol question from the perspective of lack of confidence rather than mentioning that acetaminophen is one of the most common overdoses in medical settings. Double checking a patient's Tylenol dose could save a life!
1993 2018 (7 days ago)
Definitely do New Amsterdam!
Natalie Nelson (7 days ago)
The love you give nurses. 🙌
Nick Yeomans (7 days ago)
New Amsterdam is meant to be based on real life, what do you think?
Angry Joker (8 days ago)
yea when i was in for one of my surgerys to get a tumor removed he said the same thing.
Andy GmF (8 days ago)
Oh man. I remember this show. It was so funny, I never saw it as a "doctors" comedy. Only a comedy, that could be replaced with any other profession. Then I became a doctor. And today I watched your video. I watched JD scared and anxious and I appreciate the show in such a different light. I was so confused and scared as JD in my first day. I dont like this show anymore.
Ailu Leiva (8 days ago)
How do you make time to whatch them all and be a doctor?????????? 😂
random ytacc (8 days ago)
I really want to be a surgeon, I’m not sure what I want to specialize in but it’s just so amazing. One thing that really makes me doubt I have a chance is that I’m not very smart, or at least I think so. My friends always tell me that I wouldn’t be able to handle all the work to become a surgeon and that I’m dumb. Also, I don’t really have any surgeons or doctors in my family, just a couple nurses and they don’t really live near me, I’m definitely not rich either, I’m almost poor.
sky (8 days ago)
That was my favorite show....why did it have to end?🤔
Erick Charles Molina (8 days ago)
I LOVE YOU DR. MIKE from Philippines here
Last Rival (9 days ago)
For your kind information doctor Mike it's brachial artery not radial artery which we use for a ABG
ashes channel (9 days ago)
Is everything rated the most medical accurate
sara Idriss (9 days ago)
I love you
Albaraa ghbeis (9 days ago)
What's Up DOCTOR MIKE I have a question what type of doctor r u plz let us know in ur videos
EM P (10 days ago)
I'm not saying that all doctors are psychopaths, but psychopathy would be an extremely good trait for doctors. You get to be a hero and satisfy your sense of self importance, but at the same time, you won't have to deal with a whole lot of guilt over making the wrong decisions (but you'd have an incentive not to make mistakes because of the image you'd have to uphold for yourself.)
white salt (10 days ago)
Watch untold stories of the er
MonaiOnDeck (10 days ago)
Does he not practice medicine anymore?
Annette Jackman (10 days ago)
Omg the episode my lunch has me crying!!! You know when how to save a life plays, your in for a bad time 😭😭
GZcoo (10 days ago)
i would like to see more reacts to scrubs :O
Elizabeth Adams (10 days ago)
You should definitely do an episode from one of the later seasons, it’s more comedic later on but also can get pretty heavy at times. Honestly scrubs is one of my late night go to shows when I’m doing homework and want something on in the background, it’s played on multiple channels so it’s usually on at least one channel at night😅
Алексей (10 days ago)
Why would you work for 24h, doesn’t make sense to me. Better have a schedule and get rested
Disgruntled Turian (11 days ago)
'and it allows me to continue making this content' I really don't think youtube or non-subscribers are stopping you from making more content. They might encourage you to make more but I doubt anyone will physically stop you from doing so otherwise.
jennifer sanderson (11 days ago)
Just out of curiosity, in your opinion, which show (out of all the Doctor or medical shows even Mash) do you think is the most accurate and the most inaccurate? With so many new shows out there I just wonder what you think??
Fran Savaris (11 days ago)
Portuguese subtitle pleeeeaseee. I want to watch all your videos. 😢😢😢😢
Miller B.W. (11 days ago)
As with most pilots, it get MUCH better! Keep watching, stays good all the way till the 7th season.
Alie Grace (11 days ago)
Man boobs. Less tight shirts.
Amanda Johnson (12 days ago)
Pleaseeeee do more scrubs reacts
Luna Bakes (12 days ago)
When he said he has done stuff like that at 5:22 I thought he meant he's thrown pills at a patients mouth and whatever stuck was the dosage he gave them ! 😂😂
Darko Luketic (13 days ago)
Scrubs is a TV series that is best watched when you're ill. It's magic. It makes you laugh and see that there are people much worse off than you are. Also the humor is spot on.
Madge F (13 days ago)
I like Scrubs and now I like Doctor Mike. Good recommendation, YouTube.
塞尔吉奥 (14 days ago)
There has to be a rule that whatever doctor wants to be a doctor has to be as handsome as doctor mike
CrystalRose Martinez (14 days ago)
Check out Cells at Work!!!!
Benjamin Dunne (14 days ago)
In the UK, everyone who makes mistakes that cause harm or could've caused harm is basically obliged to tell patients about their mistakes. You'll be struck off the register for lying about it. Also, I don't think our doctors get sued as often - which helps tremendously when admitting mistakes
Gabrielle Forest (15 days ago)
Jessa Martin (15 days ago)
Please react to a Casualty episode!!!
Ian Moone (15 days ago)
Please continue watching this. It’s such a great show.
savannamcbeatles20 (15 days ago)
react to m.a.s.h. its about war doctors
rb26dettskylinegtrr34 (15 days ago)
M*A*S*H Race Against The Clock
Maasa Ali (15 days ago)
You are so boring
HOORYA ASKAR (15 days ago)
hey doc mike can i ask you something .why are foreigner doctors not allowed to take part in surgery?
Reign Arambulo Garcia (15 days ago)
Please watch "My Lunch" !! I would love to see your take on it.
GachaPotato KPLANat (16 days ago)
One of these characters are FURIOUS at Fornite, because Fortnite apparently copied a dance in this show (the Default Dance) and Epic Games never paid them. I kinda blame Epic Games. What do you think?
Scrubs is an all time favorite of mine. Check out the arc with Michael J Fox. The Brendan Fraser arc. There's so much gold in this series that i recommend watching all eight (not 9, 8) seasons.
ConfusedGamer (16 days ago)
Does anybody else think that the main character looks like a younger version of Doctor Mike? Just a thought.
Sharon Bradshaw (16 days ago)
My spouse was an emt. Their opinion on the show was that it was very realistic. Watch the second episode. My spouse favored dr. Cox.
Amir Shah (16 days ago)
watch the next episode of scrubs
lilli Red (16 days ago)
you must watch them allll..ok maybe not the last series, though it was ok as a spin off
gia is bored (16 days ago)
I've always wanted to be an anesthesiologist and study at Stony Brook University (I live in Woodbury, near Syosset; Stony Brook is about 45 mins-1 hr away) ~ Do you have any experience with anesthesiologists, and how are their feelings (normally) towards their jobs?? (I LOVE watching your videos, they're so funny yet so educational) ~~ #ASKDOCTORMIKE
Kamarca (16 days ago)
Have you ever experienced rounds as a patient? I understand how important they are, but as someone who practically grew up in the hospital, I hated them. I have a rare congential disorder, and was the first patient who ever presented with it at Toronto's SCH. As a child it was very intimidating, then as a teenager it just felt invasive and humiliating. Different doctors, different hospitals, but it was always a negative experience for me. From the moment I'd hear them outside my door I'd be a wreck. Then they would stand there and talk about me, for quite a while. Then as I lay there in my bed, trying to make myself disappear, a bunch of strangers, usually men, would shuffle in and surround my bed. And talk about me some more. Sometimes there would be an exam, which felt like a performance, with all eyes on me. And after they would leave, I would complain to my mother, who would dismiss my concerns and make me feel guilty because 'how else were they going to learn?' Luckily I haven't been hospitalized in ages, so I'm wondering if things have changed?
gman064 (16 days ago)
Very funny Dr. Mike. My favorite question was “what would the attending do”? During my first year of residency.
Emily Sanchez (17 days ago)
I would just die to have you as a doctor! I’d get so nervous you’re so stunning and professional 😩
emanon ydobon (17 days ago)
two watches? whats the black one about?
Elizabeth Green (17 days ago)
Loving your videos. I'm a nurse, and worked the night shift for years. I've had a few patients who died (all were expected). I never saw a resident come up to do an exam. As the nurse, I would conduct the exam, listen for breathing and heartbeat, call the family, and fill out the death certificate for the doctor to sign later. Is that not the norm? But YES! The first time I had to call the family to notify them of the death was very difficult.
Nicole Smith (17 days ago)
To be fair Scrubs is a pretty old show, it was going strong in the early 2000s.
Nicole Smith (17 days ago)
You are the real Doctor mcdreamy 😘
TheArmada (17 days ago)
*D e f a u l t d a n c e s*
lee sean john (17 days ago)
Do a review on anime Doctor Black Jack...
Charlotte Shanagher (17 days ago)
RNs call now
Charlotte Shanagher (17 days ago)
Thank you for acknowledging RNs. We do so much. ABG..no problem. Carla was a noss.

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