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Game Theory: Will PUBG SHUT DOWN Fortnite? (Fortnite PUBG Lawsuit)

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Subscribe to never miss a theory! ► http://bit.ly/1qV8fd6 Feeling ALONE? How Fortnite can HELP! ► https://bit.ly/2vLhd9z Is Your Fan Game A CRIME? ► https://bit.ly/2HTvTUW I've talked A LOT about Fortnite on this channel, but today we are delving into something new - the PUBG vs Fortnite lawsuit! PUBG is claiming Fortnite infringed on its copyright with the "battle royale" style gameplay. So for you, Loyal Theorists, I made myself a quick guide to Korean copyright law to tell YOU whether or not PUBG can LEGALLY shut down Fortnite! SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! ► ► http://bit.ly/1qV8fd6 Hang out with us on GTLive! ► http://bit.ly/1LkSBnz More THEORIES: Does Fortnite Make You VIOLENT? ► https://bit.ly/2LVsZ4x Did I Find Fortnite's SECRET Lore?) ► https://bit.ly/2Gmuu9v Will the Fortnite Meteor Destroy EVERYTHING? ► https://bit.ly/2vrN4fd WARNING! Pokemon May Cause DEATH! ► http://bit.ly/2FnHjRl FNAF The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING! ► https://bit.ly/2la5f0W How RICH is a Pokemon Master? ► https://bit.ly/2s6J53B Check out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory ►► http://bit.ly/1zz3t7E Culture Shock ►► http://bit.ly/1sw7aZ8 The SCIENCE! ►► https://goo.gl/GFK9EV
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Text Comments (81360)
Gummy Bear Girl (14 hours ago)
I don’t really like either, but if I had to save one it would be Fortnite …
Ian Cho (1 day ago)
Im korean but i dont know who cunfozian is.
*Everyday, we stray further from god.*
theman 500 (1 day ago)
GO FORTNITE!! fortnite is the best
King of Consequences (2 days ago)
PUBG Win!!!!
Funny Stuff (2 days ago)
Water Is medicine (2 days ago)
Why does he yell when he says fortnite
uber hacker (3 days ago)
PUBG IS too easy to play
per son (3 days ago)
I used to be a fan.... Now I'm an air conditioner.
Traci Cullember (3 days ago)
Some people are fortnite addicts and the say fortnite like this fOrTnItE
Kyle Klemm (3 days ago)
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that's why I get stoked if you steal my ideas. You know after I get pissed.
NightWingPlays :P (4 days ago)
...But PUBG was made by Unreal Engine... ...Epic made Unreal Engine...
Marino Alex (5 days ago)
A fortnite ad came up before this
Sasade World (5 days ago)
Rubius xd
Mrs Mikaelson (6 days ago)
Love it Plus I love the part about Nirvana I love the visuals
Inigo Guevara (6 days ago)
Pubg is cringe sorry people that likes pubg but it’s true
Dinko Georgiev (7 days ago)
Shadow Crow (7 days ago)
You Think Fortnite Is Just For Kids You Maybe Right Its For Kids But We Have Many Years To Live Not Like Teenagers Only have Short Life to live For Addiction And Violence Fortnite is Friendly When You Shoot a Player It Shows Hit Points Unlike To Pubg Shows Blood And 50% Of Them Are Adults 50% Of Them Are Kids Fortnite 50% kids 25% Teenagers 25% Adults
Shadow Crow (7 days ago)
Netease is 100% RipOff Developers Netease Even Copy Fortnite Dances And They Even Adding More Of It Netease Copied Pubg First Now Fortnite WTF!!!! In Other Words Fortnite+Pubg=Ros
Vincenzo Pizzo (7 days ago)
Battle Royale sucks Splatoon 2 master race
People here in the Philippines love playing ROS and PUBG. Fortnite is rarely played by Filipinos.
Tahir Iqbal (8 days ago)
I hope ping succeeds
SaminRiasath (8 days ago)
fortnite vbucks should be able to buy pubg
Brittany ensinger (8 days ago)
Fortnite loses to a game
GLOWY THINGY (8 days ago)
Why can't they sue creative destruction
Doge Masta 65 (8 days ago)
Fortnight is the one case where I don't like the American product, as an American who supports American products that's saying something, because it sucks, and is a copy
Lewis Probert (8 days ago)
What is minecraft???????? Thanos???
PUBG Sucks Fortnite battle royale & Splatoon 2 master Race!
fireantgamer ! (8 days ago)
And how bout free fire
Matěj Řehoř (9 days ago)
epic games could shut down PUBG becaouse PUBG runs on unreal engine epic games owns unreal engine
Sonar Vlogs (10 days ago)
Am I the only one that loves fortnite
Gamerkid 9000 (10 days ago)
But fortnite is still on my motorela razor...lies!
Dawid Malinowski (11 days ago)
If pubg deletes fortnite I will delete pubg
Mr Boss (11 days ago)
Honestly if PUBG won that case, they would’ve seen a high amount of backlash especially from Korean Fortnite players, American Fortnite players, EU Fortnite players, and most of meme culture, which would not be good for them considering meme culture has already taken shots at PUBG already due to this case
Austin Vlogs (11 days ago)
Ur channel sucks
Yes yes please god please it happen I don’t care if kids cry cause it’s gone prayers will be answered
LobsterRoast (11 days ago)
We can hope my friends.
Emmanuel Amel (12 days ago)
Fortnite sucks y'all bitch.#fortnitecopyingoverwatch
PinkSplat (12 days ago)
sorry but i feel like epic games could pay themselves out of this i mean look how many players play and but vbucks!
Cato Marcelius (13 days ago)
Time to get Left 4 Dead 2 to sue all frying pans i guess
Ray Good (13 days ago)
What's that opening song?
Chiefaj 47 (13 days ago)
Idk fam if I’m not mistaken fortnite came out in the 90’s if anything this law suit is 💩
melissa kantola (14 days ago)
Fortnight is roping off of bubg
melissa kantola (14 days ago)
Jake The man (14 days ago)
Battle Royale Sucks Splatoon 2 Master Race
John29XD Dav (14 days ago)
The thumbnail looks retarded
H M (14 days ago)
Pubg should remove fortnite
Anna B (15 days ago)
I like H1Z1 and fortnight because their both good and similar but also different Damh all those compare and contrast essays I've been writing this quarter are affecting me✍️
Shadow 95 (15 days ago)
If fortnite shuts down little kids that rages will cryyyyyyyy and will want to shut down pubg
The Jump Channel (16 days ago)
I find that pubg is better than fortnite but nothing can beat the fallout series
Waseem Sadat (16 days ago)
*Fortnite is a rip off pubg!!! because pubg was made before fortnite
Outlet (17 days ago)
Death to Fortnite. There can only be one!
Panda Bear AK47 (17 days ago)
Uhhh..Isn't Tencent Games the company behind PUBG?
Payson Kent (18 days ago)
I realize after watching many of these videos, I am gaining smarts. Amazing...
0h_gods ROBLOX (18 days ago)
I just came to see if Fornite is going to get shutdown because I don't like fornite I only like ROBLOX friend and follow me : 0h_gods
Enchanted Diamond (18 days ago)
At least they're not going to shut down Fortnite Save the World
Lalala (18 days ago)
the fluttershy show (19 days ago)
Mr. FREELOADER (20 days ago)
Halo Ark pubg and Galaga (if you don't know Galaga search it it's a great vintage game) and battle field series
Amigo (20 days ago)
fortnite wasn't copying... it was inspired
Magnus Alt (20 days ago)
If they shut down PUBG I am not happy
Hood SmarT (20 days ago)
they both copy MINECRAFT
Avery Wilson (21 days ago)
Hehehe what’s funny is call of duty also has all the features of pupg like the calapsing circle and the battle royal
The Raven (21 days ago)
Dragonmaster76 (23 days ago)
Yay go Minecraft Minecraft is the best
Iron wolf Cat (23 days ago)
Sickle (23 days ago)
You know it's funny. People all around the internet ate trying to feel different for hating Fortnite, when all I see is Fortnite hate. And honestly, if you harass and bully someone for liking Fortnite, then you're the childish one.
Chiwawa Playz (23 days ago)
If it does I'm going to be very happy I'm going to do the L dance
pro gaming/vlogs (23 days ago)
U forgot that NO ONE CARE ABOUT PUBG "MatPat" IF that even is your real name. suspicious face.
RayRexDex (25 days ago)
when you born was the first battle royale you win out of a lot of your fathers sperm xD
ClaudiuH2005 Handrea (25 days ago)
Hong Kim Neo (26 days ago)
I got 2 solo win in rule of survive
SC' VARTLEX (26 days ago)
intro nıce
Darkstealthgamer (26 days ago)
am I the only one who laughed at those Confucius jokes
Gorilla girl 2019 (26 days ago)
I hope not...
If it happens thank god my prayers have been answered
emeraldwolf1 YT (27 days ago)
We all know that fortnite is more popular so RIP PubG
Wichu (27 days ago)
Bro I love you but those jokes were cringy as hell or as they call it in my homeland: pena ajena.
Unreal Phoenix (27 days ago)
4:43 this is going to be awsome!!!
Rolls Royce (28 days ago)
I’m already cross eyed 🤪
kayden gamer (28 days ago)
Benjamin Yetter (29 days ago)
Battle royale sucks Splatoon 2 best game ever
Alex Does Things (29 days ago)
Frying pan as a melee weapon, and PUBG is the first one to use it as such? *TF2 would like to have a word with you*
Manmohan Sidhu (29 days ago)
5 months later Fortnite is the #1 battle royale game
ali amir (1 month ago)
"Winner winner chicken dinner"
Slayer Dope (1 month ago)
No way. Hope Net Ease win
Slayer Dope (1 month ago)
Rules of Survival???
Ian Nicol (1 month ago)
This is just another case of big companies getting so blinded by money they forget where they're coming from - Like Universal Studio's trying to sue Nintendo for Donkey Kong only to have the case dismissed when it was revealed Universal stole King Kong years earlier in the first place by arguing it had become public domain. The truth is, while you can copyright a version or presentation of a genre you can't copyright a Genre itself and Battle Royal is a Genre. Going even further PUBG is a MOD of H1Z1 which is a MOD of a MOD of a MOD of a MOD of Counter Strike which is in itself a MOD of Half Life. So even without the Genre, EVERYTHING in their game aside from the very very few new innovations such as the butt guarding frying pan are off the table as things they can claim ownership of. And EVEN WITH the frying pan they cannot copy right the concept or image of a person wearing a frying pan and that frying pan stopping bullets - the only way to have any claim would be if the new game references PUBG itself while implementing the mechanic. You can't own: *Battle Royal as it's a genre. *Shooting games. *Finding randomized loot. *Toxic gas closing in. *Frying pans and any applications of them So take that off the table what does PUBG have? But if either one does win I would love to see the creators of Half Life sue 75% of the current gaming community & game developers for making their games with their antiquated technology.
sonny dickens (1 month ago)
Pubg not pug
sonny dickens (1 month ago)
And mine craft sucks so what do you mean
sonny dickens (1 month ago)
Pug coped fortnite
10:40 Hey, it’s ratpat!
Saudi Terrorist (1 month ago)
ethan DuBose (1 month ago)
pubg was better anyways, it isn't infected with edgy 12 year olds
ZIZ ZLE (1 month ago)
Uhh,I dont think PUBG should do that,they would get taken down from 9-13 year-olds XD
Abby O'Meme (1 month ago)
I love how he uses Ace Attorney sprites in the law episodes
Mike Pena (1 month ago)
Still not down
THE SIKE TUTTLE (1 month ago)
gaming mite start world war3 :O koreya has the NUKES

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