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Empty Your Bowels In Just 2 Minutes! Clean Your Colon! Improve Your Digestion!

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Empty Your Bowels In Just 2 Minutes! Clean Your Colon! Improve Your Digestion!. The digestive tract and the process of digestion is a complex mechanism.
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buster C (1 day ago)
I drink green tea and 2 tablespoons of honey and a little cinnamon
Walking or doing household chores helps better than this.
Sajid Raza (3 days ago)
fake info
Leila Reddy (6 days ago)
Tell your moffie friends wen they meet my family in the street rhey must speak the truth not lie about their jew god who cares about your cursed child
Aimee Maurer (7 days ago)
Hospitals currently use Enemas for patients (now called consumers)
Marcia Tulloch (10 days ago)
Lol that's funny
if you only consume one spoonful, why you have to make so much
ron hanish (16 days ago)
fasting and raw salads, some fruit bleuberries.
Vijay Shinde (24 days ago)
Indian medicine best. 3 table spoon of castor oil in hot water enough.
stink ass (25 days ago)
if your a constipated math teacher......you should work it out with a pencil..
Vitiligo Treatment (27 days ago)
amazing video
MegaMaxlite (28 days ago)
Twice a year try Epson salt as a laxative, read the directions on the package. It will draw water into the small and large intestines and clear the colon. Get up early in the morning on a day that you have no plans and by mid morning the laxative should have taken effect. I do this twice a year...On a side note it has a bitter taste, I usually pop a mint to combat the bitter taste.
Tony Roldan (1 month ago)
That was “plum” good advice!
MolitBo (1 month ago)
nice one
Marcel Thomas (1 month ago)
Matt Miller N8QZH (1 month ago)
Grow up people ! Sounds like kindergarten here..
can i call you any phone no.. ????
mr peanut (1 month ago)
ill give her a hot enema
Jeff Spehar (1 month ago)
I got dysentery in the Philippines and emptied my bowls and stomach abou 28 times a day.
Karen Richards (1 month ago)
this just crap
Joe Bartholomew (1 month ago)
do this and you will be sharting all day
R L (1 month ago)
Or just take 2 tablespoons of xylitol and wait a few minutes, you will be on the toilet until you are empty. Xylitol not only cleans out your colon, it also cleams out bad bacteria in your stomach, and intestines. After you get done take some Probiotics to replace the good bacteria in your gut before eating.
LadyDulcevida (1 month ago)
Naughty Hotdog (1 month ago)
Here’s what you do: go get a bag of prunes and eat them. Don’t fart because it means you have to have a bowel movement.
RockHead (1 month ago)
Excrement Occurs…
Richard Buse (1 month ago)
Go sky diving that should do the trick
Salman Khan (1 month ago)
4 teaspoon olive oil extra virgin in morning on empty stomach, wait for 10 minutes and then drink 2 to 3 glass warm water.
Jonathan schadenfreude (1 month ago)
Colonize my colon with cannabis oil
Dewayne Cauble (2 months ago)
MrFlimFlamSquad Vlogs (2 months ago)
I just got done pooping my turd was super big compared to my butthole. _. I'm only a 6th grader xd
Theodore Young (2 months ago)
Can someone please put a real voice on for a change
G J (2 months ago)
One time I had diarrhea, I thought that prune juice was supposed to be an anti-diarrhea. Boy was I wrong. That was a bad day. I was talking to dear mom on the phone, asking for advice. She erupted into laughter and hung up on me. 10 minutes later I got a broken text message (still laughing I assume) that said prune juice is to make you go, not stop.
Rick G. (2 months ago)
In Rochester NY all you need is a garbage plate & a couple cream ales.
Blue Eyes (2 months ago)
Don lemon will clean your colon out in 2 seconds! Now beat that!
Martin Devlin (2 months ago)
Cocaine a good laxitve
Saint Peterson (2 months ago)
I don't have plumes or dates in my country😥[2018]
British Bob (2 months ago)
If you are what you eat, where do you get all your arseholes from!
Freeborn John (2 months ago)
I find as a resident of UK, just thinking about the consequences of Brexit is enough to empty my bowels.
The Jazz King (2 months ago)
Taco Bell will empty your insides out.
Thomas R (2 months ago)
Taco Bell does the exact same thing...the surefire cure for constipation...
G Desborough (2 months ago)
Pictures do not match the instructions, therefore not to be trusted
mel grant (2 months ago)
Have an Indian takeaway.
Naim B (2 months ago)
Drink some whole milk
Harbhajan Singh Mehta (2 months ago)
Thanks for the information
Trilok Bhalla (2 months ago)
Instead of coming to the point these so far called experts waste too much time in gibberish talk. all these things can be said in the, just avoid these foods to happen again.
emond67 (2 months ago)
just buy some dried fruit
junith 369 (2 months ago)
Prunes do the trick aswell!
Jus- Sayin (2 months ago)
All I have to do is drink red dry wine. And I'm empty
enlightened (2 months ago)
PunTerrr Lee (2 months ago)
Where can i find plum juice??
joe jackson (2 months ago)
Eat at Arby's, roast beef sandwich, clean you out before you leave the store!!!!
Michael (2 months ago)
I would of thought Arby's would be a little better than McD's.
David Christensen (2 months ago)
Did you know of any animal in nature that has to shove any up their ass to empty out? Not a single one on the planet except humans? Your nuts
Bob G. (2 months ago)
well said Dave !
SweetCookie SlimeDrawer (2 months ago)
I pooped dioreaha in my diaper after this
G G Prabhu (3 months ago)
The two fruits mentioned.should they be FRESH or dried ???
Karan Agarwal (3 months ago)
Eat raw garlic cloves at night and completely empty your bowels in the morning. warning - garlic will make your shit smell like the stinkiest shit you've shited in the morning.
Vaibhav Nagarkar (3 months ago)
fake computer voice and fake remedy
Stan Mack (3 months ago)
Anybody ever heard of Taco Bell?
Claire Chapin (3 months ago)
Title says 2 minutes. Then boil for 15minutes. Really? Just eating prunes every morning. That's 2 minutes.
bill605able (3 months ago)
I wonder if that's why bottle brushes were invented?
Roger Rabbit (3 months ago)
What happens if i insert the hose pipe up my butt hole? Would that help?
Moxie St.P (3 months ago)
This is a very very gassy way to give yourself extreme cramps while you go through a horendisely scary and painful experience to quickly empty yourself. If your not used to these foods, they can attack your insides like an alien trying to find a way out,only to totally liquify in the end, leaving you sweating, exhausted and ..well..ever seen dumb and dumber where the one guy puts laxative in the tea of the other guy....ya...have some prunes n dates fresh and hot...there ya go...noooo thank youuu..ha
John m (3 months ago)
I hate all the useless bs info that everyone knows just get on with it
Jack Ripper (3 months ago)
Wear a nappy just in case it kicks in early, and most importantly: NEVER TRUST A FART!
Ndimbumi Msongole (7 days ago)
I almost died laughing! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
New Again Vintage (3 months ago)
I soiled my pants from just watching this video..Thanks guys!!
Ed (3 months ago)
recipe calls for plums and dates....the picture has strawberries in it...smh
Michel Nadon (3 months ago)
ebay sells shower enema kit . rince your colon in second . check for parasites , get rid of persistent gastro fast
Khorzho (3 months ago)
All you have to do is get some hot wings from Hooters. I've been cleaning out my bowels for a week now after eating some.
grannyzeebee (3 months ago)
Oh my dear, what a lot of shitty comments!
vince Rain (3 months ago)
A bottle of magnesium citrate laxative only cost a dollar at walmart and it will replenish the magnesium lacking in your diet, that's being taking away by the coffee and breads.
Martha Meighoo (3 months ago)
I get constipated. I tried this for a week and it didn't work.
Martha Meighoo (3 months ago)
Because I take so many medications I do get
steve Russo (3 months ago)
If this doesn't work then try eating two Exlax bars chased down with a bottle of Super Colon blast.
Joe Miller (4 months ago)
All you need is a glass of orange juice and two wedding cookies
Alan (4 months ago)
Prune Juice lol thats it.
David Murch (4 months ago)
two quart hot soapsud enema is much more fun
MrMarquis10009 (4 months ago)
Let’s get to the point 1:25
Life Inspired By Ben (4 months ago)
So, while I have never tried this remedy, I find it odd that the picture you show has strawberries and blueberries in it, not dates and plums. While I completely agree that most of what we call food these days is toxic and the colon needs cleansed, I don't know that this is the recipe for it. Personally, I use daily lemon water and once or twice a year, I do a cleansing diet where I eat nothing but detoxifying foods for about a week or 10 days. I also eat detoxifying foods in my daily diet to keep my body clean. I may give this recipe a try just to see how it works.
toecutter (4 months ago)
A good ass banging should do the trick
Harry Osborn (4 months ago)
Fake voice = fake news
zilch zap (4 months ago)
And.......remember this above all else!!!! A CLEAN colon is a........HAPPY colon!!!!!
Ram Kumar (4 months ago)
Looks very good, the rest on trying.
rajni ramgoolam (4 months ago)
R Potter (4 months ago)
Try drinking a partialy frozen bottle of beer and tell me that didn't clean you out. You probably won't do it again for a while.
Saggu Krishna (4 months ago)
Clean your bowels by 2-3 litres of warm salt water once in 15 days..drink 2 litres of lukewarm water daily when u get up from bed..eat salads regularly..i do these regularly...this is the best solution with least cost....
The Road King (4 months ago)
Quit eating
Aracely Artigas (4 months ago)
First of all! STOP USING ROBOVOICES FOR CRYING OUTLOUD! Second, stop the long intros!
frank Bensley (4 months ago)
basically fast one day a week ,have a day off ,give your body a rest ,clean out by having nowt ,who the fuk needs Dates n Plumbs .. empty yourself by putting fuk all in ,simple
juICe419 (4 months ago)
Epsom salt works best.
Dean Miah (4 months ago)
Senna tea
1B views (4 months ago)
Get pure liquid diarrhea
Moaning Minnie (4 months ago)
Try that
John Tremblay (4 months ago)
Are they fresh or dried dates?
GardenGeek (4 months ago)
MISLEADING TITLE: Boring and long-winded.
Kevin Kane (4 months ago)
I keep a picture of Hillary Clinton on the back of my bathroom door. Cures constipation instantly.
F-150 (4 months ago)
Magnesium powder works good. On Amazon.
Vikram Kapadia (4 months ago)
Five glasses of warm water wth one small spoon rock salt n one lime to be taken on empty stomach.. In half hour feel the result.. You will be king for the day..
Andy Dressler (4 months ago)
I tried this and then spray painted my bathroom walls brown! It was great!
Keith (4 months ago)
Simply eat prunes and it will move your digestive tract..
Beatriz Mendoza (4 months ago)
Thanks for the recipe; worth a try! 😊

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