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online medicine booking procedure ref- sastasundar app

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Hi friends this we made this vedio to help you to buy medicine online you can click below the link to shop from website. https://www.sastasundar.com My suggested vedio 1)Electric Bill All Charge Details ref wbsedcl https://youtu.be/dK8RNfjYcfY 2) Get GST Number Online from website reg.gst.gov.in step by step process https://youtu.be/8PvhBF9THFY 3)How to use State bank anywhere app procedure https://youtu.be/K9GsBpEWh6g Like my Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/TRICKBUDDYLIVE Follow my channel in twitter https://twitter.com/trick_buddy
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Parcel Ravvi (1 month ago)
chloroform CAI n
Santanu Das (1 month ago)
Sir sastasundar k tara dusri koi madicins company hai, jo durshi area may madicins delevary k leya branch shop data hai
Trick Buddy (1 month ago)
hain hain netmeds
omsi india (4 months ago)
Book Online Medicine and Get More discount - https://www.omsi.in/
xz Pakistan001 (5 months ago)
Salam sir I'm Abdul majeed from Afghanistan
Trick Buddy (3 months ago)
thanks keep watching on my channel
VISHAL RAUTH. (6 months ago)
MAGAR Dada aami franchise ki Kore Nita pare
Trick Buddy (6 months ago)
order corporate office e contact koro.and notification bereachilo tokhan apply korle hoto
Chandan Kumar (7 months ago)
chloroform 9576217590
Trick Buddy (3 months ago)
thanks keep watching on my channel
Queen Digital (8 months ago)
try this website legal and fat shipping https://www.ivfprescriptions.com/tips-not-buying-fertility-medications-online/
Trick Buddy (3 months ago)
thanks keep watching on my channel
ray optics (10 months ago)
is this service is applicable for Karnataka
Trick Buddy (9 months ago)
you can search delivery location in sastasundar app
ray optics (10 months ago)
after how many days we can get home delivery after ordering in this app
ray optics (10 months ago)
+Trick Buddy #Bengali# Tnq
Trick Buddy (10 months ago)
ray optics maximum 3 days
Trick Buddy (10 months ago)
ray optics maximum 3 days...
kim joice (1 year ago)
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