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Burnout Paradise Remastered - Gameplay Trailer [4k 60FPS HD]

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MXVideos (9 months ago)
Give this video a *THUMBS UP* if you haven't already! Also turn on *CHANNEL NOTIFICATIONS* next to the *SUBSCRIBE* button 😎
Makucha 1206 (9 months ago)
MXEVIDEOS By the way,looks like the creators of this were obssesed with "Ready Player One" Trailer,because "Hyper Jumps"?,"Ghostbusters" Car? (it looks a bit like Ghostbusters car,i know is not),a Delorian?....... No words,i want to play this Game.
Jaylen Thomas (9 months ago)
take my money i loved this game
eliack95 (9 months ago)
If this is more than $25 it's trash
Alex Renteria (9 months ago)
CrAsHeD bAtOn (9 months ago)
Well there is a burnout 3. Just saying...
Joshua Isaacs (9 months ago)
Beautiful man ;-;
FlashSonic (9 months ago)
Still putting out remasters I see EA😐
Chef Joey (9 months ago)

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