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Revenge on a IRS Phone Scamming Company - Call Flooder

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Under the advisement of so many here, I created a Patreon. If you would like to help me and my development, and costs please check it out! https://www.patreon.com/ProjectMayhem ============================================ Bitcoin Address: 1PC6xhTw5hwnsvqBC6WeE2Xe75jPNjDoVy ============================================ Ever get a call from these annoying pricks? This should feed your appetite for revenge! We flood the scammers lines to prevent them from being able to scam any other people, AND we recorded it for your listening pleasure! Music: Komiku - "Ancient Heavy Tech Donjon" http://freemusicarchive.org
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Text Comments (10188)
TRIPPLEYT (9 hours ago)
god dammit i love these videos lol. im always getting the Viagra and cealis call. wish i new how to do this shit.
BrooklynRider (13 hours ago)
You are awesome - and I love your sense of humor. Thanks for being a hero!
Laurence Angchangco (13 hours ago)
If Indian Accent calls you. Its a SCAAMM!
Laurence Angchangco (13 hours ago)
I hate fvcking Indians. They're pronounciation and English grammar is not so Good.
Josh ATX (14 hours ago)
Raija (17 hours ago)
I'd like to see this scam being used for those assholes doing the computer block scamming
lance norman (17 hours ago)
great job next time you should put some sears at the end lol and see how mad they get lol
Roussell St. Laurent (17 hours ago)
You are the hero the U.S. government needs. God Bless You Sir
Meme Boi (18 hours ago)
you earned a new subscriber
Robin Hoodlum (21 hours ago)
This is fucking GOD status!
Kurt M (1 day ago)
I would love to see the code and instruction on how to do this. At 70 years old and retired I have plenty of time to get back at them. :)
Dan Brown (1 day ago)
Fucking Brilliant, Your local calls are obviously free or you have won the Lotto that would cost a fortune in some countries. I like getting their Fax number and sending the same thing by Fax but in 500 Size font and do it during the night so their Fax is out of paper and toner by the morning.
The Admiral (1 day ago)
"Stop offending my wife"
primož markovič (1 day ago)
briliant idea hahahah
Riveravi (1 day ago)
The guy is like "this recording is calling from many different phone numbers. Those are the only numbers on our waiting list." Lol these people are so frustrated.
Tommy (1 day ago)
That's was awesome
Sassy Kat (1 day ago)
theRealAV8r (1 day ago)
Can't stop smh though - they do this because so many are so stupid ignorant they fall for this stuff. And one scammer said the victims aren't even like old people not all there upstairs. THAT amazes me.
Angel Daigle (1 day ago)
Bravo 👍❤👏
Some people say that mother chode is still getting flooded to this day......
Darcy Schofill (1 day ago)
So awesome!!!!
drewjacobsracing (1 day ago)
Practicedummy (1 day ago)
Awesome! I hope we build an army of scammer flooders like you. :D
Michael Davis (1 day ago)
The fact that India does absolutely nothing to stop this is proof that the vast majority of Indians are worthless pieces of shit.
The Beast (2 days ago)
Wish you’d do this in the U.K.
Catalin Popescu (2 days ago)
Once long time ago I had the same problem. I got st angry and created a profile on a escort site with their contact info. After a few hours the phine ware disconected.
Spencer Chapman (2 days ago)
I bet there’s A LOT of Jason Browns that work for this company
Larsen Villaranda (2 days ago)
sir you are ze best! keep it up.
Scooby Raw (2 days ago)
The best hacker video i have ever seen in life! The level of detail in this video is far beyond the regular youtuber! You my friend earned a follower
Gaspard González (2 days ago)
They want to scam American people? Let's show them who we are.
gio (2 days ago)
legend has it that they're still being call flooded till this day.
Dan Crosby (2 days ago)
Brilliant! Short of these cretins being publicly pilloried, flogged and branded, this is about the best revenge we can get- hitting them where it hurts and preventing them from making money. Great job!
Cesar Martinez (3 days ago)
Hey should i send you the num same type of crap
Greg Peterson (3 days ago)
Kara Woods struggling to speak proper English :D :D
Geefis •• (3 days ago)
Do 5 irs scammer companies at the same time
seagal sk (3 days ago)
Reese Matoya (3 days ago)
This is what trump should be focused on Nuke that Shit hole country back into the stone age
Smita Bernadet (3 days ago)
That's an awesome way to block the scammers.. Thanks for saving millions. Please keep doing this 24×7 everyday. These people are Indians and I'm so ashamed of them. Such a disgrace for our country. The Hindi language that they are speaking is such a cheap one. Yucks! Such dirty words. They don't use this method on Indians because we don't have dollars, sadly they target the dollar countries. But please don't stop. Destroy these scammers from the universe 😝
woogie88888 (3 days ago)
My hero!!!
Cory M. (3 days ago)
I can give you the microsoft technical support scam number I'm being left with in voice mails lol
sutil Al (3 days ago)
it should have said "hellow it has been detetcted that you are Hindu scammer, shirltless on the top of telephone pool , and covered with thousands of wires and eating curry and playing with macac monkey, if you dont stop the caste systems we will call you for ever, and dlont like saying you are pakistani or bangali or filipino, you are indian scammer who worship monkey and elephent and bring shame to your country and the nicer people there try to imporve your thick accent" believe me they will listen longer to see what you say. Lol I know not all people are bad there but all scammer are from there. get over it.
Scuba Princess (3 days ago)
Good job!! Keep up the great work you do. So proud of you
brad douglas (3 days ago)
This is so beautiful!
Levi's Mommy (3 days ago)
Why are all scammers filthy Indian trash?
Mark & Dianne G (3 days ago)
You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jimbo Telegraphis (3 days ago)
THANK YOU!!! F scammers.....
Taylor Mitchell (3 days ago)
David Trizna (3 days ago)
Bro you a god amongst men, you have given me the greatest gift. Thank you. Please keep up the good work.
JudexDirus (3 days ago)
Love this !!!
justmichelle71 (3 days ago)
My elderly mother just got the call last week and fortunately called me 1st. I told her not to call them back and if they call again to quickly hang up and tell them nothing. If I knew how to do this I would flood their lines daily. Back in my day the thing to do was a black fax campaign. Times have changed. You are a hero.
Carlo Bassetti (4 days ago)
My name is Kara Woods, i'm from IRS, i'm totally NOT INDIAN. Why scammers are always from India?
John Pick (4 days ago)
gregvette0404 (4 days ago)
The best one that I did after they gave me the same spiel (owing taxes after audit from 2011-2016, etc., etc.), they told me there were errors on my tax filing in those years. I said that wasn't possible, they had the wrong person. They said no, I was the right person and I have an arrest warrant for defrauding the government. I said there was no mistakes on my tax filings between 2011-2016. They insisted there was. I said there couldn't be. They asked why not. I said because I retired in 2007 and haven't filed taxes since then. They asked what I did for money. I said when I retired I had millions of dollars in muni-bonds (tax-exempt) and that I am living off the interest. He asked what are moony bonds. I said muni-bonds, you don't know what muni-bonds are, is this your first day on the job? He contacted his higher authority, came back and said there was a bank loan on my name and I didn't pay the taxes on the loan. I told him first, I didn't take out any loan, and second that you don't pay taxes on a loan. He said yes you do. I said no you don't and once again asked him if this was his first day on the job. I asked him what this had to do with error in tax filings between 2011-2016. He said that was a mistake, that I owed taxes on the loan. Once again, I said you don't pay taxes on loans and that I don't obtain any loans. After bickering back and forth another 10 minutes , he finally said the police would be at my doorstep in 45 minutes. I said fine, I will watch out for them. I am still waiting for them to show up...
Anwar Sadat (4 days ago)
Fantastic. Well done. That these MF scammers are from my country of birth is a matter of great shame to me personally.
Chad Geib (4 days ago)
Thank you.
Chad Geib (4 days ago)
I get calls from these people from time to time and usually just fuck with them myself, I wish I could do this to them.
Sanjib M (4 days ago)
These are bunch of idiots . I am ashamed .. by the language it seems they are from Gujarat.
ZeroCool (4 days ago)
You are an awesome Human!!
Dreimar (4 days ago)
Brilliant. I can watch this for hours! Good Job ^.-
Jay D (4 days ago)
Nicely done. Thank you.
Tim (4 days ago)
This is easily the *BEST* revenge I've seen... Why couldn't he block the number?
Zeppy (4 days ago)
u have sub
Matthew Shaw (4 days ago)
Got one for you 8446848315 Threatening to show up with the police and arrest someone (seriously that's what they said) on our property, (they said the property so it was even more laughable). Feel free to hammer these pricks.
Stephen Ricci (4 days ago)
You are awesome. Can you please call these 2 numbers for me...? Virginia (757) 842 9158 New York (516) 348 6405 For some reason the IRS has blocked my number. But I owe them so much, maybe you could get through
Sasha Drews (4 days ago)
Stephen Ricci : Does he take requests ? I'm in NJ and have numbers for the douche canoes , who have been calling my 83 year old , mother. Her phone rings non-stop ; since , she took those fun , "quiz's " on Facebook. Facebook , phucking selling, our information to anyone. I told her , "Facebook isn't free" . SMH
Dan butcher (4 days ago)
you are a god
william731 (4 days ago)
IRS scammer: ‭(321) 291-2950‬ have fun... 😈😈😈
Theresa Kipper (4 days ago)
Great job. How can I do this?
Vibreen (4 days ago)
Thank you!
This made my day... You my friend are a modern-day HERO!!!!
Anthony Jay (4 days ago)
Top guys
Schmafy.com (4 days ago)
Sridhar Raman (5 days ago)
This is the best scammer gets scammed video... Hats off dude. U shd play the music from mars attack in the background next time
Shallibodhran (5 days ago)
Lots of Indians werkin' at the IRS these days.
kotzpenner (5 days ago)
Moonman to the rescue!
fanofXuWei (5 days ago)
IRS = Indian retarded scumbags.
Quitsdrop (5 days ago)
3:52 you can faintly hear a “Teri maki choot” in the background
kickass gaming (5 days ago)
They got destroyed
Guy Clark (5 days ago)
they all like to sing after that little baa baa booey make a complete idiot of os
Rakesh Muhammed (5 days ago)
Fuck yes
Slayer Runefrost (5 days ago)
You Madame (or sir) are awesome. This alone should lock you a place in heaven. I would like to thank you for restoring a little bit of my faith in humanity that muthaphuckers like these scammers have all but drained. <3
Annette GP (5 days ago)
Keep it up! Love it!!! I bet it’s sooo frustrating to them 😆
Richard Booth (5 days ago)
all that fucking everyone - they must be worn out!
Robert Tomko (5 days ago)
Scammer D.O.S. for the win!
Manuel Skollër (5 days ago)
I spent 1h to search scammers scammed, best found so far. Well done, this served the honest citizens!
cwmiller2006 (5 days ago)
Good job man !!!!
This is GENIUS. Why can't more scammers be blocked using this method?
Abraham Ayala (5 days ago)
Ur my hero!!
Not all hero's wear capes. God bless these hackers.
Shawn McDermott (5 days ago)
They tried to get me too. Number is 941-241-2018. Please, please do the same to this guy. He is an amateur couldnt even remember the scam he was pulling. Answered the phone like normal. I called him out and he hung up saying he was going to take action against me but could m.j t even give me my name. I called back and he remembered to answer as the us treasury dept. This time. These foreigners need to be taught a lesson!
Tee Rex (5 days ago)
How common is this IRS scam thing? I'm in my mid-twenties and have never had a scammer try to call me lol
Thomas Andersen (6 days ago)
Just like Dr. Strange...lol
Keshav (6 days ago)
I am an India and I like this video. You should have wiped out their entire data .
Joel Austin (6 days ago)
what does it cost to run this program perpetually?
Joel Austin (6 days ago)
Are you continuing to run this program? Can we give you other numbers we find to scale this and eliminate scamming completely??
S Manly (6 days ago)
I can't believe that you were able to do this! This is funny as hell and awesome as hell!
No Quarter (6 days ago)
This is too good, you should get a medal.
Sonia Gonzalez (6 days ago)
One of the persons is saying that they are getting calls from 10-15 numbers, he is also talking about people with tattoos from here
Sonia Gonzalez (6 days ago)
omg i just called so many times too. I am from India in the US, and I am really ashamed these scammers are from India
King Khan da man (6 days ago)
8:30 he said. You are calling from 10-15 phone numbers
King Khan da man (6 days ago)
This is jason brown from the irs how can i scam you 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 im from india guy trust me all Indian are not scammer. I hate these scammers. They scammed me too. So please dont say bad about India
nattivGaming (6 days ago)
What's the code? and what language?

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