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My Medication Update - Valium, Zopiclone, Oxycodone, Pregabalin Lyrica, Quetiapine, Amisulpride

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My medication update - Valium (Diazepam) Oxycodone, Zopiclone, Pregabalin (Lyrica, Bisoprolol (Congescor) Quetiapine, Amisulpride for Schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, migraines and insomnia. On 60mg Oxycodone right now for rib cage pain and it dopes me up a bit.
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Brandy Brutt (8 days ago)
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arron frederick (17 days ago)
i have schizophrenia mate its horrible to deal with hope everything is ok
SEARCHIN 4 PEACE (1 month ago)
Damn seems like but are prepping for when the lights cut out...that's a whole lot drugs to be taking with me I'm only on hydrocodone 7.5mg for chronic pain n gabapentin 300mg for nerve pain n the newest thang Dr prescribed me is Diazepam aka vallium.... it works good for me when I was going through major pain had hit the emergency room n that's when they gave me a shot of it n I felt like a million bucks but yea I can't judge you on how much meds u take cuz u are probably going through it juss like me others around the world but hope u doing good out there haven't seen any update videos well stay up bro!
Brandy Brutt (1 month ago)
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Robert Ward (1 month ago)
Welcome to England if you like drugs come here, you get them FREE.
Robert Ward (1 month ago)
Ben is that all you take 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Karl Peter Eriksson (2 months ago)
Hello Ben! Peter from Norway here. I just want wish you everything god and that you can find THE best medication, for you! I have vert complext pain situation and now THE most of your medication, to well.....i can say you that combination you are on, no Doctor ever will put you on IN Norway.One thing a like to write is, whatch up for Lyrica (excuse my language) that is THE Worst f***-g pill i ever ever taked IN my 50 year long life. I was working perfekt for 4 years , 600 MG (200mg *3 times daily). Tjen one day i Get IN troubble and they needed to CUT them out IN one day(saved my life) but too CT on 600 MG Lyrica is more tjen living hell. I is today 90 dans ago and still today after 90 days my life is living hell, THE withdrawls are........can find Word.excuse my bad speiling IN english!
Francis Ajax (3 months ago)
Ridiculus! Why cant you just stay and control yourself to just 1 downer? No wonder you talk like as if you are still lying flat on your pillow!
Callum Highfield (3 months ago)
You have a yummy meds draw
Nigel Byrne (4 months ago)
Ben, Teva will go out of business if you quit your meds lol. Seriously mate, you are on far too many drugs. Your doctor(s) should be held to account for prescribing this massive cocktail of medications. In terms of side effects and adverse reactions, you never know what is causing what when you're dealing with polypharmacy on this scale.
scott MJB (3 months ago)
Nigel Byrne I have been on oxycodone tramadol qutiapine mitazapine for 7 years. I had a massive panic attack doctor would not pescribe dizepam . So he upped my mitazapine to 45mg. Ever since every time I take oxycodone and tramadol I would get severe virtigo and dizziness. Seritone.syndrome is what I think it is. Doctor wont send me for tests. Your right about bed reactions to medication. Even after years of being on the same medication. This guy seems to get what he wants.
Nyny Hv (4 months ago)
Youre not supposed to take 5 promethezine tablets are u stupid or something.
Nyny Hv (4 months ago)
Tired of seeing these boring baseless videos on junkies that probably get high off their mediaction. Theres always something dreary and non genuine about these videos. Youre basically showcasing your various addiction and intolerance to widley abused medications. If youre that bored, get a job. Stop wasting time boasting about the various medication youre on like the world needs to know. People that are on it don't have to make a video about it you just make people with mental health problems look bad
daryl mooney (5 months ago)
Any body selling any of there med pergabas zoplcon valium oxytocin plz let us know
Ben Harsh (5 months ago)
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Tim mcCaffrey (5 months ago)
Paul Rigg (5 months ago)
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Victor Mcvic (7 months ago)
That's ridiculous, Valium, Oxies,zopiclone and pregabbalin piled with various antipsychotics? seriously? the doc that's gave him all this need to be fired.
Jammy joe (7 months ago)
loose weight.
Ben Rogers (1 month ago)
I have lost 5 stone in a year and a half if that helps. Was 17st.
diaze jack (7 months ago)
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AdRO 2.0 (7 months ago)
Yo, who prescribes you this and what country do you live. I need to move to where you are. I live in the US and it's damn hard to get my meds and all I need is 30-60 2mg Xanax for break through anxiety, 60-90 Klonopin for Anxiety, 60 Soma's(cardispodrol) for lower back pain as I have scoliosis, and Adderall or Vyvanse for my ADHD. I already get Xanax, Remeron, and Prozac prescribed which works great but wish the doctors in the US were not so stingy. When I used to live in Spain and then Mexico City I would easily be prescribed the 30 Adderall Xr for AdHd once in the morning, 90 Rivotril(clonanzepam) taken 3 times daily for anxiety attacks and social anxiety, 60 2mg Tafil(Alprazolam) taken for break through anxiety attacks, Soma taken for back pain, 10mg Ambien taken together with 15mg Remeron to cancel out the Adderall and put me to sleep every thing was wonderful. But once I got here to the US the damn fucking doctors refused to put me on all of them. I don't use insurance so I might go and get the Xanax, Remeron and Prozac from one doctor and then go to another and also pay cash and get them to prescribe the Soma, Klonopin, and Ambien
gucci man (7 months ago)
Nawaf Aldweesh (8 months ago)
Bro become a pharmacist all u need is lil degree out there
Liz Camsters (8 months ago)
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Robert French (9 months ago)
Ben Rogers where are u from? I would like to buy the zopiclone from you, leave a message if u can?
Robert Ward (1 month ago)
He is from England
Nyny Hv (4 months ago)
U think this shit is a joke? u dont fucking need zopiclone.
la dolce vita (9 months ago)
How the fuck is he prescribed oxycodone diazepam and pregablin and zopiclone I dont know about the psych meds but I can't believe he's on those meds poor guys hope he gets well doctor would not give all that if he wasn't well. Get well soon
la dolce vita (9 months ago)
How the fuck is he prescribed oxycodone diazepam and pregablin and zopiclone I dont know about the psych meds but I can't believe he's on those meds poor guys hope he gets well doctor would not give all that if he wasn't well. Get well soon
12T90 LSD25 (10 months ago)
You wont get off valium as long as your able to get them mate ive been on xanax 2mg 3 times a day for over 25 years your in for hell infact if you have been on benzodiazepines for 10+years the likelihood of actually getting off and feeling normal takes some ppl up to 5 to ive even heard 7 years i would guess the quality of life without them would be worse of the quality of life with imo the damage has been done not say are bodies arent able to fix itself are bodies are amazing in that aspect, but benzos are the hardest drug on this planet to withdrawal from even though we or i can no longer feel any of the affects of the Xanax anymore it does make think im normal if i were to go maybe 2 or 3 days without i might feel something probably not necessarily a high but a huge feeling of relief of feeling so anxious wich might be the only feeling i get nowadays i was so in love with the first 5 years of my benzo taking it felt so damn erphoric for me especially the Rohypnol we used to buy in Mexico those were the best and strongest benzo ive ever had would eat 5 of those rohypnol at once and stay up all night running around chasing pussy everywhere was the place to be drink maybe 2 or 3 beers man that was the best hight for me i think its because i was kinda shy and those pills let the out going part of myself out could do anything my friends would all pass out i did get awsome sleep when i finally went to sleep but they pumped me up idk why im now on methadone and xanax 46 and wish i new 25 years ago what i no now i would have done a few things differently not saying id never had messed with them just in a different way
gucci man (7 months ago)
12T90 LSD25 u will never get off diazpam if ubhave been on them more then 20 years trust me..iv been true the mill ...mad things happen ya when u are going cold Turkey u think people are looking following u all the time..sweating night and day h aveing the most weardist dreams u will ever have ..look trust me stay on them just cut down on what u would normally would take in a day!! And they wreak your liver people .there the devil😈 but when u don't have them your the devil so u can win...and the I hate them cunts upswing the dark web thats for sexy and child offenders...
janet balsavage (8 months ago)
Syanna Lee (11 months ago)
were can i buy zopiclone on line in australia??????????????????? can any one help me ?
Fariha Parham (11 months ago)
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ObessedwithMakeup5 (11 months ago)
Hey can you give me your email?
Robert Ward (1 month ago)
ObessedwithMakeup5 why do you like his asshole 😂😂😂😂
Rick James (1 year ago)
Hot Rockin' (1 year ago)
100 zopiclone 7.5mg for sale🐶prescribed meds but i dont need them☺
Colin Kelly (1 month ago)
I'll buy them lad. can give u anti depressants and antipsychotics I'm prescribed but don't take
antony lea (3 months ago)
I’ll buy them
Sophie Doggett (1 year ago)
every night i take 1 30mg mirtazipine 2 30/500 cocodomal 1 500mg naproxen
Young Titan (1 year ago)
O.k. for one OxyNorm is not a real provider for Oxycodone. 2. Oxycodone never comes in capsules nor small boxes. Oxycodone comes in bottles and is a round powdered coated pill shaped.
Riordan Parata (3 months ago)
If you live in North America they banned capsules because all Americans would do is snort the shit
Riordan Parata (3 months ago)
Young Titan lol what the fuck are you on about? I live in New Zealand and I’m prescribed Oxynorm capsules. We also have OxyContin which is the controlled release version. Please do a little bit of research :)
Zopiclpne is a benzo... ohhhk heres mine, I'll swap you: Folic acid 5mg generic multivites Quetiapine (up to 300mg nocte) Zopiclone 14mg Nocte Morphine (fast acting) 10mg daily Nortyptiline: 10mg nocte (building up slowly) VENLAFLAXINE 225mg in morning Lamotrogine 50mg nocte (also increasing, just went on it so kinda explains why im so pissed right now) Diazepam 15mg daily Naproxen (forgot dose, as required) paracetamol up to 1000mg 2x a day (yeah dangerous) Metformin (is prescribed for pcos but i dont take it) I'm so sick of taking this much, are you? I want to burn it. diagnosis: Bi Polar, scitzo affective, depression, anxiety, currently undiagnosed constant headache which may be the result of a concussion.
Hot Rockin' (1 year ago)
zopiclone for sale, doctor prescribed, 7.5mg, got around 60. want rid as i dont like the metallic taste😂, manchester area☺
Colin Kelly (1 month ago)
I'll but
antony lea (3 months ago)
I’ll take them
RossVlogs (1 year ago)
Can i ask mate, what are you on the oxynorm for? I thought they only prescribed that for end of life treatment?
Ben Rogers (1 year ago)
I got prescribed OxyNorm years ago for migraines and rib cage pain, 5mg 4 times daily. I developed a large OxyContin habit shortly after a nd have got off it now us ing Suboxone but I feel crap most of the time. Life just isn't the same anymore.
craig vlogs ! (1 year ago)
look at all the junkies on here lol done a heroin rattle ( horrible ) done a methadone rattle ( almost died ) and a benzo rattle ( 11 weeks and still fucked up ) so I got me a lightweight pregabalin habit of 300mg twice a day just so I don't top myself cos the benzo withdrawal is just too fucking brutal to do raw.….so I've stockpiled a ton of gabapentin to taper the lyrics withdrawal, as you do... its a never ending cycle but hey time to pay the piper right ? I've been high since bonfire night 1984 ..who gives a fuck , maybe my dealer ? lolz
Bill The Bull Gates (1 year ago)
My doctor won't prescribe me Valium or any benzodiazepine for my anxiety and insomnia i have been prescribed Seroquel though which just makes me feel like shit until i fall asleep. So i am self medicating using research chemicals such as Etizolam and Clonazolam those work wonders.
mayo naise (5 months ago)
Bill The Bull Gates hi, where i can order in china,Cold you give my a Connection?
Bill The Bull Gates (1 year ago)
+Ben Rogers That sounds bad.. But glad you are still here to fight another day dood. I am from Denmark but i buy mostly from China and Sweden. I have had a hard time finding more of those exact two benzos :( But reddit RCSources could be of some help i believe :)
Ben Rogers (1 year ago)
Unlucky mate. I took 2800mg Quetiapine to try and kill myself but I am still here lol.....where are you from? I am tempted to try those research chemicals
michael swords (1 year ago)
I thought i took alot i'm on valium, zopiclone, methadone, and amitriptyline. I was on clopromazine but that was horrible, made me shake, i shouldn't of been on in the first place i haven't got schizophrenia, they say i have manic depression. I wen't to my doc for a smack problem, i'v not had smack for 2 years but i'm on more drug's now then i was before. One good thing depression helped me write some great song's, which i get paid for, download sale's man, which is great when your lazy and just want to play music.
Gaggy Mott (1 year ago)
Hahaha.....I love it when a-holes try to pronounce drug names ...... WRONGLY! :-)
hunter gold (1 year ago)
never buy anything from this guy here.. names..... jeffrey bobium boana city..... cameroon country..... cameroon tel.... +237673521652
Robert Ward (1 month ago)
hunter gold I would never buy nothing from people in Cameroon
paul jones (1 year ago)
thank you Ben, my email address is dragonbass456@aol.com
paul jones (1 year ago)
Hi Ben, I am interested in the person you mentioned to get the Valium if you can give me his email is would appreciate it...he is ligit?
hsam 0 (1 year ago)
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Trump Vs Hillary (1 year ago)
This is just too much to take. You gotta be very careful how you take them. Maybe you should read a few articles online, and some comments here for advice
Anka Zamszowa (1 year ago)
lyrica is a gaba killer dude....
justin lion (1 year ago)
wow surprised your still alive thats a lot of meds,, how the fuck you manged get script of all that?
12T90 LSD25 (8 months ago)
justin lion hey can you recommend a good place thats got a good reputation ive been on xanax 2mg for 20-plus years and recently my doc has lowered my dose only because the opiate crisis he hasn't lowered my methadone dose anyway sure would like to find a good online hook up
justin lion (1 year ago)
leave me your e-mail address
paul jones (1 year ago)
justin lion I am interested Ben..
justin lion (1 year ago)
ive stopped buying online because was getting ripped off many times, i no have a script but on for yellow ones as they dont prescribe blues 10mg any more.. I do know one person that sells these small msjs vallium 10mg supposed to be and price is £40 for 100 tabs dats including next day signed for delivery. Let me know if interested and i will give you this guys e-mail address,, he does genuinely send them no trouble with him..Anyone else id stay well clear of, anyone can get pics of valium form google and claim they sell them gotta be very carefull!!!
David Bates (1 year ago)
ma22be61 (1 year ago)
David Bates Zoplicone is addictive.
aaron noyes (1 year ago)
Merc Pharmaceuticals (1 year ago)
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Alex V-i-P (1 year ago)
I need valium nut Dr won't prescribe me it's killing me!
Robert Ward (1 month ago)
Alex V-i-P come and see Bens doctor in England
Donald Winter (2 years ago)
I need a tub of msj today got transport so no worries will come to u
Donald Winter (2 years ago)
I'm looking to meet a reliable vendor today I need thousand Valium
gucci man (7 months ago)
Mark Bright howya Mark there's a lot of PEOPLE saying your a scammer!! A Kenny Williams his name is u need to get onto him!! Hes giveing you a bad name and a fella called Jay is picking for u broo..fuck that English scum Kenny the flabby abbs on him lol. he's a scumbag anyways want to get on to him! or know one will BUY of ya...just giveing ya a bit off advice! Mind yourself broo
kye hawkins (2 years ago)
Wow.. That's a downer draw. I'm on diazepam down to 6mg a day from 60mg. Iv been trying all different types of med for anxiety.... Nothing works apart from the benzos
Paul Hennessy (2 years ago)
+kye hawkins Have you tried Lyrica for the anxiety?? It helps me loads and isnt as addictive as the benzos
Harry Karlson (2 years ago)
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n2ecosystems (2 years ago)
Jesus Christ man, you are destroying your liver, no wonder you cant sleep, on that cocktail of drugs you might not wake up one morning. Look at Heath Ledger..
Sam Hezza (2 years ago)
jesus i thought i were overmedicated i like your videos ben im currently coming of weed i find it helps depression but like all drugs only when your on it, ive had one gram in the last 8 days and i was smoking over an eighth a day as i won a few grand but blew half of it on weed luckily i managed to stop so now ive got savings anyway im on diazepam 20-25mg a day oxycodone 40mg a day for fibromyalgia pregablin 300mg a day i cut this down from 600mg due to high creatinine levels , lamotrogine 100mg a day and quetiapine 150-200mg at night. mornings are worse for me , after quitting the weed ive been feeling weak somedays and more paranoid then i was on the weed but i guess its my brain adjusting to not being stoned out all day. all of us with mental health problems are over medicated imo as nothing really fixes it just masks it but then you need a tablet to help side effects of another tablet n so on, i was hypomanic for last 2 months and did alot of stupid stuff now im in deep depression and regretting it all and scared to go out as i dont feel i can stand up for myself whilst in this state. your videos help man hope ur feeling good im only 21 and had these symptoms since late teenage years
paul dempsey (2 years ago)
If I had that drawer it be empty in a week or less
Joe Pepsi (4 months ago)
Pill head's
Daniela Sprella (2 years ago)
Same here! 😤
zang chu Park (2 years ago)
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emma simpson (2 years ago)
you should not be selling any of this you will ruin people lives.....stupid!
Joseph Cully (2 years ago)
Ben Rogers (1 month ago)
I smoke weed and I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and I find it calms the voices down if anything and also chills me out too.
+emma simpson My brothers a nut ball,and the weed he smokes chills him the fuck out! I am my brother typing here weed chills out the skitzos like me once it's an indica strain. ...
emma simpson (2 years ago)
you don't give weed to a paranoid schizopherenic you ahole
emma simpson (2 years ago)
not for a paranoid schizopherenic you dick head
Ben Rogers (2 years ago)
+thaisi76 it can help some people. CBD high strains of it have been proven to help Schizophrenia.
wendy_pop (2 years ago)
Im on the same meds as u
JoeyMac (2 years ago)
My docs won't give it to me because I used to be a opiate addict
JoeyMac (2 years ago)
Where can I order?
zang chu Park (2 years ago)
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Ben Rogers (2 years ago)
+Aobcd8663 Go to your Doctor like normal people if you really want to be on this addictive medication.
JoeyMac (2 years ago)
Where can I order?
Harry Karlson (2 years ago)
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nigelmelton1971 (3 years ago)
I used to be dependent on zopiclone withdrawing from stuff is a living hell weeks of not sleeping and feeling like shit and depressed big time. The stuff screws you up big time so try and avoid the stuff if you can. If you have to take it do not take more than your meant to or you will be sorry when you come down and the longer you are up the worse the comedown. CRASH AND BURN OUT
nigelmelton1971 (2 years ago)
just go cold turkey
Ben Rogers (2 years ago)
+nigelmelton1971 yeah, was aware of it :)
Ben Rogers (2 years ago)
+nigelmelton1971 hi Nigel. I think I did have Zopiclone withdrawal. I have had to up it back to 7.5mg, one pill a day. I feel like crap when I take loads of Zopiclone and stop.
nigelmelton1971 (2 years ago)
I used to take 5 every night to play music and do art stuff of 2 weeks but when I ran out I was a mess for 2 weeks or more.
nigelmelton1971 (2 years ago)
best way dude...did you know that stevie nicks had a massive problem with the stuff in the mid 80s....oh lead lady of fleetmac
Tyler Cruz (3 years ago)
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Tim Jay (3 years ago)
The Illusionist (3 years ago)
Jesus fuck that's a whole lot of medications. Whoever prescribes them to you at once should be taken his  permit to practice.
Jamie Cooper (11 months ago)
Lucia V (1 year ago)
Ben Rogers What mg oxy do you take at a time ? And are they extended release ?
DP&LM (1 year ago)
Alrite fella, only just read your post? Thanks for the number, will give you a shout tomorrow if that's 😎 cool?
Ben Rogers (1 year ago)
Thanks mate. If you or anyone else wants to contact me my mobile is 07906 791 106. Ring at anytime providing it isn't the middle of the n ight! Thank you.
ontariobuds (3 years ago)
Why does your doctor give you 20mg of valium for sleep and ALSO zopiclone?  It seems to make zero sense.
Ben Rogers (3 years ago)
No and some guy on Facebook whos name I cant remember now, was ages ago.
Ben Rogers (3 years ago)
30mg now mate. It is for anxiety where as the Z is for sleep.
Ben Rogers (3 years ago)
300mg but it does make me pretty doped up when I wake up even now, 2 weeks after having it upped from 150mg. I used to be on, 600mg of it!!! that was crazy, I was a Zombie clown back then haha. I have not tried Trazodone but a mate has and he took it after getting off Zopicone and may still be on it, lost contact a while back.. I take Oxycontin at 60mg a day at the moment due to rib cage pain and migraines. It might drop to 40mg though as it got worse and now it is getting better :)
ontariobuds (3 years ago)
+Ben Rogers What is your seroquel dose?  If you don't mind me being intrusive?  I once took 200mg for sleep and it was WAAAAYYY too strong.  I also take 10-15mg of Oxycodone/daily for a shoulder injury.  What do you think of trazodone?  Any experiences?  I have a bottle and it is alright.
ontariobuds (3 years ago)
+Ben Rogers thanks for not being an asshole and being rude.  I take 1mg of Ativan a day for anxiety which leads to insomnia.  Sometimes I will get my doc to write up a script for zopiclone but that is because I am addicted to it.  It doesn't make me drowsy in the least but I like the taste it gives you when you first take it.  I hate the metallic taste the next day though, now.... what do you mean you take 10mg of diaz with no diaz?
Smurfy702 (4 years ago)
Hey Ben. Have you ever substituted Zopiclone for Zolpidem? Personally I think Zopiclone is far more effective in keeping you asleep; which Zolpidem if terrible in accomplishing. It would be great to know your opinion. :)
Ben Rogers (4 years ago)
No, actually Zolpidem is one of the few pharms I haven't tried. I find Zopiclone fine for keeping me asleep and I get to sleep quite quick too a I combine it with most of my Diazepam - 20mg.
MrTheHarderTheyCome (4 years ago)
That is a LOT of downers to be taking together at one time... diazepam, oxycodone, quetiapine, etc.  You must have very high tolerance to them or else you would never wake up in the morning. 
Matt Curtis (1 year ago)
Ben Rogers do you have gmail address or messager even whats app would love to talk mate 👍
Ben Rogers (4 years ago)
I think I have quite a high tolerance. I can take 140mg Diazepam without acting out of normality - I can still walk and talk as usual  not slured at all. I am so used to downers, been on them since I was 18 and now I am nearly 30 (in May). I am now on 40 - 60mg Zomorph (Morphine) a day and I make it into instant release by getting powder out of capsules and crushing it with a spoon then eating the powder.
Carrot Top (4 years ago)
Hey Ben I thought you stopped the Pregabalin coz of side effects??
Ben Rogers (4 years ago)
I did but now at a higher dose (150 twice a day (BD) it helps more and I am getting it upped to 300mg twice a day (BD)
Lee Morgan (4 years ago)
I Ben I got you're problem but I'am on 100Mg of Amsulpride with a SRI Citalopram 60Mg do you also see things that aren't there sometimes ?

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