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Total Life Changes | Business Presentation | Stormy Wellington | Iaso Tea

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Watch this LIVE webinar about Total Life Changes and their Business Presentation with Stormy Wellingon Jones. Learn how our flagship product, the Iaso Tea, is generating a lot of money for households today. If you wanna know more: Cell: (724) 912-5520 Email: CandaceByrdDavis@gmail.com Facebook Personal: http://www.facebook.com/thelegacyempire.cdavis Facebook FanPage: http://www.Facebook.com/CandaceByrdDavis More Presentation Info http://www.CandaceByrdDavis.com/MyAmazingBiz Stormy Wellington, Stormy Wellington Iaso Tea, Stormy Wellington Total Life Changes, Iaso Tea, Detox Tea, Total Life Changes, TLC, Total Life Changes Compensation Plan, TLC Comp Plan, TLC Compensation plan, Total Life Changes Comp Plan, TLC Business, Work From Home, Legit Work From Home Business, Lose 5 pounds in 5 days, Lose 5 in 5, Lose 5lbs in 5 Days, Total Life Changes Business, Total Life Changes Compensation Plan, Total Life Changes Product Review, TLC Business, TLC Comp Plan, TLC Compensation plan, TLC Product Review, Work from home moms, work from home, online jobs, home based business, home based businesses, TLC MLM, Total Life Changes MLM, Make Money ONline, Online jobs for College Students, iaso tea side effects, iaso tea reviews, iaso tea espanol, iaso tea price, iaso tea diet, iaso hcg, total life changes, hcg diet, iaso tea diet reviews, iaso tea diet plan, iaso tea side effects, iaso tea espanol, iaso tea ingredients, iaso tea testimonials, so tea side effects, iaso tea price, iaso tea safe, iaso tea products, iaso tea reviews, iaso tea side effects, total life changes iaso tea, iaso tea how to use, is iaso tea safe, how to use iaso tea, how to make iaso tea, total life changes, tlc iaso tea, tlc iaso tea review, dr miller iaso tea, tea diet to lose weight, tea weight loss, tea diet dr oz, tea diet plan, herbal tea diet, tea diet detox, TLC Training, Total Life Changes Training, Total Life Changes Marketing, TLC Training, TLC Webinar, Total Life Changes Webinar, -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Make Money Online | Copy Paste Paid | Total Life Changes | Candace Byrd Davis" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfCr8BfKNeE -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (47)
Отзыв клиентов. Результаты по сахарному диабету после употребления Iaso tea. У меня сахарный диабет 2типа. Когда обнаружили, было 23,9. Потом я долго лечилась, но ниже 17,2 не опускался. Пью чай почти полгода, иногда случаются перерывы. В понедельник сдала анализы - 7,1 Я считаю, для меня большой успех. Пейте чай доктора Миллера Iaso tea и будьте здоровы. Казахстан 87012481444
Alfred Gardner (1 year ago)
Ellen Garvie (1 year ago)
Why would I do a personal site where I have to stock/ship etc when I can have corp site?
Candace Byrd Davis (1 year ago)
Ellen Garvie corporate site doesn't allow the sale of individual packs of tea or coffee...
Heather Walker (2 years ago)
I'm thinking to come on broad I'm a singer looking to lose 35lbs
Candace Byrd Davis (2 years ago)
Heather... I would love to help you on your journey... Please text me at 724-912-5520 so we can connect
jenni Lim (2 years ago)
James Shelby (2 years ago)
I joined last month and even though I started with very few customers, I was glad to bless them and see the products work for them.
James Shelby (2 years ago)
Thank you love the company.
Candace Byrd Davis (2 years ago)
Awesome James! Welcome!
Candace Byrd Davis (2 years ago)
Awesome James! Welcome!
Tonya Binns (2 years ago)
Is it too late to get in on this business? I see it's been out for a while has the market been saturated and are you still growing? I wanted to try the tea but I'm also interested in the business as well
Tonya Binns (2 years ago)
Ok thanks Candace I will definitely text you
Candace Byrd Davis (2 years ago)
Absolutely not! We just got named as the #1 growth based company in the world with the number one compensation plan in the world as on 3/31/16... Text me let's set up a time to talk (724)912-5520
Oussama Larhlimi (2 years ago)
Holla! Have you heard the talk about - Zammu Amazing Cash Crop (search on google)? Ive heard some unbelivable things about it and my cooworker got cool money with it.
Francis Wilson (2 years ago)
Queens/Brooklyn area. Thx.
Francis Wilson (2 years ago)
Are Bonuses still available? I would love to try a Sample Tea. Looking for someone in New York to get a Sample today!
Francis Wilson (2 years ago)
Please have contact call 718-913-5955 Thx
Candace Byrd Davis (2 years ago)
+Francis Wilson I ship two day priority. I have a large team in New York. I can connect you with someone. What area?
Rod. J. White (2 years ago)
Thank you guys for the video.
Rod. J. White (2 years ago)
great video it is inspiring me.
rose cheska (2 years ago)
hi my name is rose from Philippines, i am a young single mother, i love selling and i have financial problem , i love Total life changes, very interesting , Maybe you can help me , i can sell laso tea here in Philippines ,i have a lots of friends wanted to loss weight, maybe you can use me by selling your products here..i am looking forward on it. i hope u can read my mssge. i have skype this is my skype I.D rosesampayan
rose cheska (2 years ago)
+Candace Byrd Davis hi here's my email address . rosesampayan15@gmail.com AND my Skype I.D is rosesampayan thank you for your respond . Take care and Godbless you
Candace Byrd Davis (2 years ago)
Rose what is your email address... I will message u there and we can set up a time to Skype
Beryl Providence (2 years ago)
I have joined the business but have not received the three free training. Please let me know how I can have it. I wish to tell my downline how to get it. I really want to grow my business. My ibo is #6848631
IJE EMEZI (2 years ago)
Wow this is amazing... Please will love to register.... But please I have a question to ask. If I should make an order, do I also get a compensation? Or I will only get a compensation if someone should make an order through my website?... Thanks please I need an answer...
Candace Byrd Davis (2 years ago)
You as well
IJE EMEZI (2 years ago)
+Candace Byrd Davis ok thanks alot...stay blessed
Candace Byrd Davis (2 years ago)
+IJE EMEZI Once you join, email me so that we can get your plan together to start building the sweden area.  We can Skype if that is more convenient
Candace Byrd Davis (2 years ago)
+IJE EMEZI www.JoinCandaceByrdDavis.com or www.TotalLifeChanges.com/3113091
IJE EMEZI (2 years ago)
+Candace Byrd Davis Ok good... That is amazing. Is true I live in Sweden, it is very challenging doing such business here, but I will give it a try and work 100% on this business.... I saw this product through Instargram, I had to google is just to be such and know exactly what it is all about. And it took me down here on YouTube.... Please can I have a link to register? Thanks, you are so amazing..
Naz Tes (2 years ago)
How do I join?
Candace Byrd Davis (2 years ago)
Naz.... You can join by going to JoinCandaceByrdDavis.com
Thriving Foody Girl (2 years ago)
Great presentation
Candace Byrd Davis (2 years ago)
+Thriving Foody Girl .. Thank you. I appreciate the compliment. I am looking forward to speaking with you very soon. My husband speaks so highly of you. Let's talk very soon. Hope you received your samples we sent you <3
Kenyatta Sims (3 years ago)
Love this video! I'm so excited that I joined. Thanks to my upline Angela Simmons 😃
noonahbug5 (2 years ago)
are you referring to Rev. Run's daughter? if so , this is huge
Bienvenido Breton (3 years ago)
Waaooooo, goob proyect
Sharyn Allen (3 years ago)
Love Mrs. "STORMY" she is amazingly awesome!!! Stu large lol keep it sexy! Move at your pace.
moti singh (3 years ago)
My Skype in avi06111986 india
Trina Harper (3 years ago)
DeeJRichmindset (3 years ago)
Great hangout...amazing testimonies & stories!
Kizzudoramu (3 years ago)
Yeah, Tea. There's an unsaturated market. Eat a bag of glass, conman.
Pamela Walker (3 years ago)
How do you take your credit card off file if you placing a order under your downline.
Melinda English (3 years ago)
I joined on Feb 26,2015!! I'm so excited about TLC. Stormy, I'm on your team!!!  Super excited to build a legacy for my family.
Moe & Taí (3 years ago)
wow Candace what an amazing webinar!! Powerful!

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