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Important HK Border Update

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Something big has changed when crossing the border between Hong Kong and the Mainland, something good!
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Patrick (2 years ago)
That's interesting how China permits HK to have some degree of autonomy. It proves the Chinese can keep their word, even when they're holding all the cards. They could completely incorporate HK into China and no one could stop them. I guess them knowing HK is theirs, they can afford to let HK sorta do it's own thing. Maybe they're doing this to show Taiwan that they would allow them autonomy if they rejoin the mainland?
Oingo Boingo (2 years ago)
just saw on another vid' that you already know Michael' i should have figured that..relating to my previous message below..
joy12division (3 years ago)
You need to do an explanation video about why hong kong is like it's own country even though it is part of china.
o0julek0o (4 years ago)
So does that mean that HK is like a separate country within a country? :P
José Leitão (5 years ago)
they could just hand the slip to you rather than staple it into our passports
Miky Liang (5 years ago)
the bad point is the hole it made by stapled it.... and when i forget to take out the slip, the border wont stamp anything behind the slip so it ended up wasting the space if you dont take out the slip every single time.
wafflesinacan (5 years ago)
You're 16 years late...
AltairKamahl (5 years ago)
not any more buddy. the 100 year contract has ended and i hear by 2020 chinese gov will see if HK's and Macau's special status is still worth it.
God (5 years ago)
Hong Kong is still rightful English land, the hong kong born people prefer being part of the commonwealth
Djreflektion (5 years ago)
apparently you get 3 days visa free entry to china now (since the start of this year).
daophos (5 years ago)
When I read "Important HK Border update," I thought they had changed the visa laws (AGAIN). While this is welcome news, it's hardly an 'important HK border update'!
杨准 (5 years ago)
hehe one country two system
jayjay1638 (5 years ago)
China to HK or vice versa the border crossing is a nightmare, you often have to sprint to the immigration desks unless you want wait for hours depending on the time and date. My last experience was when I cross from HK to China the coach driver said you got 15 minutes to cross the immigration control if you are not over the other side by then you be left behind. These people are ruthless I ran off the coach like a mad man.
feifeizhe (5 years ago)
So, obviously HK is not a part of China. It is more like a isolated state. Shame on PROC government.
Of course you can enter hong kong as many times as you want as a british passport holder.you get a maximum 6 months each visit as i have have lived there 3 years without even being hong kong resident, HK border officers don't blink a eye when they see my uk passport and the length i have stayed :) over the years.But you will have to get a multiple entry china visa which are expensive as you will want to travel back into china as you say.
TheTrooper424 (5 years ago)
Glad to see some place in the world is making progress in society!
Yukihime (5 years ago)
and here I thought there was something that'd prevent all those mainlanders to cross. damn.
Xinyuan12345 (5 years ago)
Dude what is your problem? Chill.
Bournetolive (5 years ago)
If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it. He made an honest mistake, so what?
clearasvodka (5 years ago)
It's about time. It didn't occur to anyone that 6 stamps each visit is asinine?
Winter Bear (5 years ago)
shut up you stupid fuck. British citizens can travel to HK without a visa for up to a few months. Your Chinese passport can't get you in HK without a special permit you loser, hahahaha. chinese citizenship sucks!
syu001 (5 years ago)
Hi syncmaster, I just checked the HK government site, it says: "No visa or entry permit is required for any purpose if you hold any of the following travel documents..." then it lists "British National (Overseas) Passport" as one of those documents
The Artificer (5 years ago)
Not even the ones in Egypt were ever tooms they are places of initiation, anyway..there are some really great pyramids in china, could be called the Pyramids of the sun err something, anyway, my other interest there is the anchient metalurgy..still my only contact really is that sharp-dressed fello serpentza..china is a neat place, i dont care much for all the modern parts of china, i have interest in the ole-days..:) thanx again all...:)
jghothot (5 years ago)
got my "papers" in my passport last week!
Roy Marshall (5 years ago)
Its so stupid that this whole passport system exists in the first place
syncmaster915n (5 years ago)
Pyramids? I think they are just tombs (much like the ones in Egypt) for past kings and princes who are lost in history. Nothing special really, although the largest funerary structure in the world is said to belong to one of the Tang Dynasty emperors - a 3000 ft high man-made mountain.
cc10121492 (5 years ago)
Probably because that website's developer shows it's lack of patriotism by not using a .CN extension and because it's a favorite blogging website for anti-establishment troublemakers. If Winston because a Youtube partner, he would earn much more than he would at that piece of crap site.
康治中 (5 years ago)
This is English video and not much Chinese people like to watch how it is in China
Scott Heng (5 years ago)
Looks like a departure card the US gives to foreigners.
hallavast (5 years ago)
I haven't been this excited since I switched to direct deposit! This is such a big important news story about the HK/Mainland border! This changes everything! :P
JimexJimex (5 years ago)
It's peak of the peak of the labor day holiday season there at the border, a choking point... so not everyday is like that
TheSwoleBroscientist (5 years ago)
I couldn't live in a society with that much people. Fucking insane !
Chair Mao (5 years ago)
I thought you were going to say that HK now uses a full page stamp to try and limit the locust swarm as they call it (having to keep replacing passports) Will you create a video as to why you are always in a suit. I get the idea it is to stand out, but surly a case of too much of a good thing?
singrider (5 years ago)
First thing, you cannot work in China without a work permit, which is very difficult to obtain.
syu001 (5 years ago)
Serpentza I have a question, do you have a South African or a British passport? I thought that as a British national you could just walk into HK with no visa and no troubles? I'm British and wondering if I was working in China like you are, would I be able to just go in and out of HK and return to China as I please?
roy C (5 years ago)
Hi, Winston, why don't you post all your video in Chinese local SNS website? for example, sina weibo? In youtube you have 10K+ subscribers, but in weibo I think your video will easily get 100K+ followers.....
andrewmediauk (5 years ago)
Just did my first visa run and got that paper - didn't know about the multiple stamps from before! Also looking swish dude - just attend an assembly or something?
dannyslifeandtravel (5 years ago)
ill start the process in 6 months wish me luck
dannyslifeandtravel (5 years ago)
Thanks I was looking at china Visas yesterday and because I want 2 visas ........1 for me and one for a person in the phillippine island the documentation we need to provide is completely different and what further complicates the situation is im paying for everything so im not sure if I can use my financial information to help the person in phillipines.......and we will be going threw all this crap just to meet Winston and see shenzen............all this could drive a man to drink........
Volebien (5 years ago)
thanks for this info
Enter275 (5 years ago)
wow! is this just a one off thing because they did not have enough stamps or ink? or is this actuall new standard procedure?
The Artificer (5 years ago)
If you like all those people, and that sort of thing; I guess thats a good thing yea. I imagine it is hard to simply get another passbook, or maby just time consuming. I enjoy your vids. I hope one day they will let people film the pyramids there in China, some of the largest in the world. I am here in Mexico. I am an Anthropologist..take care..and more beer-girls please..:D. Thanx again for the vids..Pax et Lux..Ack
iambehindthemirror (5 years ago)
Serpentza reminds me of a snake (serpent).
grgdrggr wertrt (5 years ago)
less stress less mess
FatalAnimal (5 years ago)
That is much better.
CrunchingShark (5 years ago)
Heh, it's quite handy. But do they still stamp if you ask? (I love to get passport stamps, but I also don't cross borders regularly)
Baleur (5 years ago)
Serpentza have you ever been to Tokyo? You get an awesome sticker in your passport (sticks quite well) with all the entry & duration & depart information, it even has a QR code on it!
Tommi Järvenpää (5 years ago)
Good to know, but I'm going to cross that border for the first in a about a month.
cundallthepieman (5 years ago)
you only went to Thailand for 5 days?
DonDuracell (5 years ago)
Reminds me of the piece of paper I get when I'm visiting friends / family in the U.S.

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