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How To Detect Dog Skin Cancer

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Text Comments (26)
Renee Peralta (1 day ago)
Soooooo this video told me nothing.....
Debra Arizona (2 months ago)
A picture or two is worth a thousand words...
Mel B (3 months ago)
There’s no pictures it didn’t help.
Yeshuamysavior1 (3 months ago)
Need some pictures not just talking
Piyush Bieber (3 months ago)
My yellow labra tummy color is black and' bad odor' and she's lazy and all day sleeping??????? Help
GRAND NAGUS ZEK (1 year ago)
Freudian slip @ 2:42
Gary McMichael (2 years ago)
You lost me at ".....even with global warming." Good grief. Haven't you received the instruction, it's called "climate change" now. You've lost all credibility. I recommend people get their info elsewhere. Stop driving SUVs everyone - you're killing our puppies!!!!
m vickers (2 months ago)
Congratulations. You've won the MOST IDIOTIC COMMENT OF THE DAY AWARD. When you become a licensed veterinarian let us know. Until then, your best bet would be to keep your ignorant comments to yourself.
oshawaxpress (3 months ago)
Gary McMichael - Anally retentive much? Either term is used, everybody knows that it's the same thing. You might consider getting the bee in your bonnet surgically removed. It would be a good precursor to the course of chill pills you apparently need. And don't forget to take them. Wouldn't want you to raise your blood pressure unnecessarily.
Sandy Anderson (4 months ago)
Gary McMichael haven't you received instruction yet yourself? Climate change is a fraud. Please read "anatomy of a con job."
Gary McMichael (2 years ago)
Rebecca Gavin - oooh, I'm "petty" for daring to point out stupidity in the video. Nice try but there is no "scientific consensus" whatever the hell you think that means. The "scientific" community pushing Global Warm...I mean Climate Change smothers any scientific publications showing how the "science" is doctored like fudging temp numbers, shutting down all but the hottest reporting stations, putting new stations into heat islands (surrounded by concrete), and adjust all number upward after 1940. Read the real science, don't take my word for it minion.
Rebecca Gavin (2 years ago)
How petty does a person have to be to throw a fit about an off handed reference to global warming (for which, BTW, there is a scientific consensus) in a video about canine skin cancer? Do you honestly think it makes the tiniest difference to this veterinarian whether you watch his videos or not?
aye yo yo (2 years ago)
My dog died 4 days ago and my mom told me he had skin cancer, My dog was ripping his fur off. Is ripping fur off not apart of dog skin cancer?I wasn't there and my mom won't tell me what vet she went to. This makes it suspicious considering my mom didn't really like my dog. Also my sister got texts that they took him to chicago to see a vet but when my sister got back home 10 minutes later they were there. My siblings are starting to think that my dad might have killed him or they sold him off ;-;.
Nefelibata (1 month ago)
they keep licking their wounds
Mizz Lisa Marie (8 months ago)
My shitzhu of three my baby my little love got hit by a car and killed two weeks ago so I am hurting bad right now,,and the guy who hit him left never stopped at all
Mizz Lisa Marie (8 months ago)
Sounds like something else happened maybe they had to get rid of him and felt only way u would leave it alone somewhere is if you thought he was dead that’s horrible how old r u? If your young I would assume they made that up but that’s worse then Giving him away and honestly if the dog was itching his skin off that is a itch problem u don’t die from it u get treatment ..and even if he did have cancer he could of lived it out for a year or few more even or maybe even treated it completely if u saw the dog the night before and he was not half dead and showing obvious signs of death then there full of shit that’s very odd something ain’t right maybe they ran him over by accident and they had to make up a diff story but that’s wrong they owe it to u to have known the truth and at least say goodbye that’s so wrong wow I would be crushed I come home and my dog is just gone and they say he died and never even let me say bye or made me aware of it before that moment sorry for your loss
Anime is gay (8 months ago)
aye yo yo did you ever find out what happened?
brittany self (4 years ago)
my dog had a little spot on his nose and it changes color like pink to red to tan to brown should i take him to the vet <=(  
Hevin Amber (4 years ago)
I wish there were pictures or samples of dog skin cancer
Mireille Brosset (2 years ago)
+Hevin Amber  Me too.
Al Ozreufer (6 years ago)
TheLeadStriker (6 years ago)
how do you apologize to a dog?
Anime is gay (8 months ago)
TheLeadStriker pet it and give it treats.
zhuang2go (6 years ago)
just find lumps rofl
PoXPuLar (6 years ago)
So how do you detect dog skin cancer?
95tornadoes (6 years ago)

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