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Dirty hotel rooms: Hidden camera shows what really gets cleaned (CBC Marketplace)

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Originally broadcast October 18, 2013 Marketplace is checking back in to six of Canada’s largest hotel chains, testing to see if they have cleaned up their act after we revealed The Dirt on Hotels last year. Are the stains on the sheets and walls gone? Are the bathrooms and ice machines free of bacteria? Despite promises to address the shocking conditions, bedroom surprises still lurk in some of Canada’s most popular hotels. More from CBC Marketplace, Canada's top consumer affairs show: Watch episodes online at http://cbc.ca/marketplace Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/cbcmarketplace Talk to us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/cbcmarketplace Follow our hosts @cbctom and @cbcerica
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Don Larsen Jr (1 hour ago)
you find a stain on the wall and you jump right to urine! How about coffee or orange juice or soda or ice cream or............. WTF!
Extreme Gaming Vlogs (9 hours ago)
nuttyprofessor (12 hours ago)
Motel 6 is the worst chain I've ever stayed at. Embassy Suites is the same. The latter, especially when filled to capacity with unsupervised kids.
Kendalle Dunkle (14 hours ago)
I so appreciate this video! I'm half a germaphobe so when i travel i have a pack of Clorox wipes i use to clean the most touched items but how gross, and just plain lazy is this! When i spend good money to stay somewhere i expect it to be clean and not have staphylococcus and other threatening germs that can harm me and my family. Great job to all you and keep videos like this coming so we can be informed of things like this.
Silver Stone (22 hours ago)
If they didn't pay the cleaning people less than minimum wage this might not be a problem. Used to work for a hotel and they paid the cleaners $7 per room. Each room to be fully cleaned should have taken way more than an hour, but everyone rushed just to get any money at all. I'm not surprised at these filthy rooms at all
Henry Games (1 day ago)
2018 July?
Open Eye (1 day ago)
That's odd I've stayed at many hotels and I haven't died yet. Ohhhh you're just being over dramatic. Gotcha.
Monica bohorquez (1 day ago)
3:37 different eye color
SilverPandaWoman (1 day ago)
This is why I'd sleep in my car
Riley Smith (1 day ago)
Looks like I need to bring a bucket to use the bathroom in and dump it out in the toilet.
kiwi eating kiwi (2 days ago)
It's not the hotel it's the DUMB HOUSEKEEPING DO UR JOB
kiwi eating kiwi (2 days ago)
What about best western don't tell me....
YouPube (2 days ago)
Too bad I was expecting sperm on bed or anywhere, and that urine on the wall, probably golden shower.
Changuila Rodriguez (2 days ago)
Heh, lucky for me, the hotels over here are the cleanest bois.
Changuila Rodriguez (2 days ago)
I am... disgusted...
Trevor Cartmill-Endow (2 days ago)
I don’t know why I never bothered to bring my black light to a hotel but I think I’ll start doing that :-) could be important.
JJ M (2 days ago)
Ok, for people who face these germs every day, hotel cleaners are super human. On the other hand, how can those on the video not use the toilet brush just for toilets! I'm packing latex gloves with my baggies, wipes, and personal cup. Now gotta see what Amazon has for black lights and germ meters! We are dirty creatures.
light knight51 (2 days ago)
Um cameras in washrooms? Isn’t that illegal
Maureen Brewster (3 days ago)
#check if hotel rooms are clean
adnan iftiaz (3 days ago)
adnan iftiaz (3 days ago)
Playmobil City (3 days ago)
I always sanitize everything from desk chairs to hard surfaces. I even put towels on cloth chairs...
Tony Cobain (3 days ago)
It’s illegal to have a camera setup in a bathroom but you know what idc
Reggie Jones (3 days ago)
The Primrose Hotel no longer exists, it was converted to a college dorm for Ryerson University, I wanna say . . . 2-3 years ago.
Bread (3 days ago)
This makes me paranoid now of everything.
Content Deleted (3 days ago)
Seriously tho who cleans the walls?
11:48 why is there somebody in the shower/bathroom??
Squishy Lover (3 days ago)
Kinsey Koehler (3 days ago)
I stayed at a holiday inn for my sister softball tournament last weekend and some of her team mates had bedbugs in the room they stayed in.
Lmao I remember watching a video on Gordan Ramsey where he did a clean up test on a hotel. Anything above 30 would prove to be unsanatary, below is ok. The hotel number for how unclean it was, was _over_ *_5000_*
Annabella Primrose (3 days ago)
11:48 man in bathroom
Revolver (4 days ago)
I’ve seen that number on Hotel Hell usually hard to reach places with mold produce that number at 13:18
Zachery Cunningham (4 days ago)
This really didn't need to be as long as it was
Kyle Agnew (4 days ago)
Annie Shepherd (4 days ago)
Think it's funny when the adverts are advertising hotels to stay in lol
Scare Legion (5 days ago)
I thought anything between 0-30 was a safe zone and anything 31-100 was "okay" and anything 101-9999 was either dangerous or deadly.. hmmmmmm
Corginator 7 (5 days ago)
How exactly do remotes get dirty?
UnicornFuzzyDud (5 days ago)
i cant trust hotels anymore
UnicornFuzzyDud (5 days ago)
ewwwwwwwww i checked into one of those
Marion Brooks (5 days ago)
these hotels only give housekeepers 15 minutes to clean a room and hotels do not change and wash blankets after every guest. And if you don't clean the rooms in 15 minutes you get in trouble. And you have to finish a certain amount of rooms a day or you get in trouble as well. I bet the CEOs won't stay in their hotels knowing how dirty they are
Omega V (5 days ago)
Is capsule hotel would be the solution?
ChociJL (5 days ago)
One time in my hotel, I saw a handprint in the wall. It wasn’t extremely visible, but it was there when you looked at it from an angle. Like grease. It was absolutely disgusting. Oh yeah, that was in the Best Western. Hhhh.
Mushrøøm the Wolf (5 days ago)
Only hotel I've been is super 8
Aunty Keli (5 days ago)
O,o . . . *I'm staying home!*
Dr. Paul McNeil (6 days ago)
seriously gross
joe Ran (7 days ago)
Wow it so sad that we humans or what-ever we are; continue to be so messy and fouled up. Makes one wonder why, why is it so! How did we get this way and who or what is responsible for such dysfunction. We blame each other but the truth is we just don't know why or do we. Who-ever or what-ever created this mess must have been dysfunctional in it's own right. I have yet to see any of the so called races better than the other. I think it is more or less about us functioning and being responsible as individual beings not in the collective. Nasty is as nasty does. Lets face it we folks we are our own worst enemy as individuals. All the spying and ease dropping will never ever solve a thing. It is you the individual who must do that which is right for self and for others. To thine own self be true and do the right thing. Peace Out!!!
Summer Knights (7 days ago)
It's not urine. Body fluids but not pee.
Elvin Knight (7 days ago)
They should do a series on the Shopping moll. Buying food  especially the amount of hands that touch food items.
Kate Mallory (7 days ago)
Why not talk about how dirty the guests are?
Tiaré World (7 days ago)
boring report. really bad realisation
Sara Lopez (8 days ago)
That urine is unbelievable especially when you told them before! Its still there!
Miah Leissa (8 days ago)
Yes. Thank you for this information. I am planning a two-week stay in a hotel soon, and I was feeling a bit nervous about this problem. Good advice. I am going to plan to take along sanitation wipes, also, and I think I will add a can of Lysol spray, and some aniti-biotic soap, also. It will not take long at all to clean the room and bathroom enough to feel reasonably safe. It is especially important to me because I will be staying in the hotel both prior and following a surgical procedure. Oh, gosh. I hope I don't run into MRSA. sighs.............. Well, thank you. You have been very helpful posting this video.
Kitty Awesome (8 days ago)
Inside edition did this
kurleyfries (8 days ago)
Well if you need a black light to see it how do you expect the maids to see it to clean it?
Abibat Iriafen (8 days ago)
Not only is the hotel's not being clean nasty but what kind of nasty people are staying in these hotels that there is urine on the walls and nail clippings on beds?😷😷
sup sup (9 days ago)
never step foot in a hotel again
Ana Taylor (9 days ago)
I reclean my entire room with bleach and Mr. Clean.
Amie Lynn (9 days ago)
This happens because the housekeepers are jammed full of rooms with not enough of time to complete their work. Management's the cause. Cheap people not wanting to pay more people to lighten the job. Plus some are lazy I suppose.
polly jetix (9 days ago)
One maid can disobey all the rules, and ruin a hotel's reputation.
Paola C (9 days ago)
coming from a housekeeper ...this is gross but idk... its sometimes hard to get every single little thing when most of the time we get 25 rooms a day and only a curtain amount of time to get them done. maybe giving us more time? less rooms?....
Go to okc ok
Andrea Am (9 days ago)
Ifound a thong in my hotel room once ewwww
Andrea Am (9 days ago)
Sen Channel (10 days ago)
Things you cannot see with your eyes, you expect a cleaner to see.... Silly at best
Patricia Morouney (10 days ago)
Do you want a clean room when you show up or do you want it quick ??? Ive cleaned hotel rooms and management wants them done quick!!! Try doing that when someone destroys the room!!
Gacha Girl (10 days ago)
Can you guys try Big Splash indoor Water Park/hotel in French lick please? I love that place and I want to know if they are clean so it is safe to stay there.
Christian Bozwell (10 days ago)
That's why I stay at Trump Towers only
Devon A (10 days ago)
Hotels are all gross.
xAyyeeBella x (10 days ago)
Uhhh.. Can I leave now I am in a hotel and I feel like calling these guys before is I touch anything 🤮🤢
Chuck-U Farly (11 days ago)
CBC News You should checkout the trump hotels. I bet they would shock you.
Chuck-U Farly (11 days ago)
I know someone that stayed a the Trump Hotel in Miami which claimed to be a 5 star hotel Said walls were paper thin, Service poor, cleaning not good. When he went on the hotel's website to give a view it wouldn't let him submit the review. SCAM!!! He travels a lot and stays at some of the bet hotels around the world. He said the Trump Hotel wasn't even a 2 star hotel in a 3rd world country. I will add that trump's country clubs in FL & NJ have bee sited with health code violations. Like improper storage of food.
Anonymous5253 (11 days ago)
Lol even if the rooms are slightly filthy, it's better than sleeping in a dirt pile.
Ethan Wang (11 days ago)
Aliya Saleem (11 days ago)
So this is a rip off of inside edition
bettinaivory28 (11 days ago)
Yet she wears no gloves......
Diana Hernandez (11 days ago)
Pam Ellis (11 days ago)
Thanks for that wonderful report.. But whenever I go stay in a hotel the 1st thing I do is go an clean the bathroom with my own supplies and I bring my own Lysol spray and spray the telephone and remote and usually there are glasses that are wrapped in individual wrappers.. I even spray Lysol on the beds... But I thought to start cleaning the bathroom at the hotels I stay in after I saw a lady cleaning a toilet at her job on some program that I was watching once and she took that brush and clean outside of the toilet, the seat and everywhere with that same filthy brush I COULDN'T BELIEVE MY EYES!!
Hamilton Lover (12 days ago)
I found a yellow stain on a hotel bed before
kassiee (12 days ago)
this is why i stay at my cousins house
Nusayba Ismail (12 days ago)
OMG this was in 2014. 2018 anyone
Lizzie Player (12 days ago)
Gross I’m nine and I don’t know why i’m watching this but this is super gross
abc (12 days ago)
I like how the microbiologist sort of shuts down her over the top claims like he mentions how the superbug isn't as deadly as she made it out to be.
abc (12 days ago)
Don't get me wrong, this is extremely disgusting, I just like how he shuts down some of the click-baity claims of the news
Mima Mima (12 days ago)
I feel sick 🤢🤢
Chloe Chartier (12 days ago)
Check eureka its so nasty in The rooms
Alexia C (12 days ago)
Ew gross 🤬😡😠🤭🤮🤢🤧😷🤒👎🏻👅
Jada Watkins (12 days ago)
What’s wrong with washing glasses in the sink
ElipsG (13 days ago)
Comtameation level over 9 000
Saltwaterebel (13 days ago)
so carol ann is a dude.
JuJu Sparkles (13 days ago)
They blur out wet wipes 😂
Mike Wilkinson (13 days ago)
bed bugs....pubic lice or as I call em..crabs.....oh my.........you think that illegal alien paid under the table overworked by the hotel/ motel management who only cares about your money not your health.....think about what's been going on in that bed whose sheets haven't been changed in a week......Dead tour veteran....been there done that.......
Baldi (13 days ago)
Home 2 good and baymont hotel good
Claudia Wright (13 days ago)
It’s sooo true I went to a hotel and there was vomitin In the sofa 🛋 ITS WAS GROSS🤭🤮🤢😷
sgabraki23 (13 days ago)
JW Sister (14 days ago)
Perhaps things would appear cleaner if Keith first cleaned his glasses. See 3:36 The dirtiest place I've stayed at is Travel Lodge. Hair and dirt on towels and sheets.
ThomasCrown2 (14 days ago)
Let's be candid; Unless management oversees every action of the cleaning staff, they can't be certain that a correct cleaning job has been done. It really comes down to those who do the actual cleaning and frankly, many will cut corners or worse. It's unfortunate that many don't even care about cleanliness, but rather the appearance of cleanliness. There is even evidence that some staff INTENTIONALLY despoil parts of the rooms. WHY else would one use the same brush which just cleaned a toilet bowel to clean a SINK ? While management is the recipient of complaints, the cleaning staff is where the blame usually lies. Terminate those who are repeat offenders or those who are intentionally negligent in unsanitary ways.
NLT4Ever #1 (14 days ago)
i clean my own room lml
Deanna Skeens (15 days ago)
My room at the hotel is. Soooo clean
jumping seals (15 days ago)
they should check if they have bed bugs too
Layla Sharer (15 days ago)
No Fun (15 days ago)
They are just a bunch of overthinker germphobia. Dont worry, you won't get sick or infected by staying at hotel.

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