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10 Worst PAY-TO-WIN Games Ever Made | Chaos

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Text Comments (2509)
Carel8ess Troller (4 days ago)
Don’t forget transformers pay to continue and it’s a kid game
Gamer Wolf (11 days ago)
EA. *challenge everything* Anyone remember when EA was good? Go play the Harry Potter games for Xbox and Ps2.
TheLittleHedgehog 01 (12 days ago)
Where was wizard 101
Stormtrooper1845 (17 days ago)
You forgot GTA Online
Nate Master (21 days ago)
Were plants vs zombies 2 EA at ?
Thats why u go to school kids.
xed alpha (23 days ago)
Clash of Clans, Game of Thrones Conquest, Game of Sultans...oh wait, those are all the same game.
Chicki Micki Licki (25 days ago)
Supercell and EA.
AwesomeBlossomTrips (26 days ago)
EA is evil Godbless
Just Begin (1 month ago)
War robots and art of war 3
That Asian guy (1 month ago)
game man (1 month ago)
What about war dragons hmm
Rio 1339 (1 month ago)
Wargaming ...
Jack is not in the box (1 month ago)
battlefield heroes was such a hacker-fest
punk octopus (1 month ago)
Call of duty?
AM_Ultimate (1 month ago)
Clash of clans u can be the best but it will take years but if u pay u can do it in less than an hour
Andrew Jimenez (1 month ago)
Pixel gun 3d...
Sixth Hokage (2 months ago)
Why did you include mobile games?
sharpleming 465 carlzon (2 months ago)
EA is Good
Marion Mills (2 months ago)
How is star trek online not on your list???
Project Purity (2 months ago)
Castle Clash *coughs* *coughs*
olney28 (2 months ago)
Where's NBA 2k!?!
MrDefend0r (3 months ago)
How was EA's Fifa series not on this list?
Biggest Star Wars Fan (3 months ago)
Battlefront 2 is amazing I spend a little to much time on that game
just BLOXY (2 months ago)
This video was 10 Months before your comment And EA Made it way better
EdwinET973 mixed (3 months ago)
Summoning wars
nativewarrior 786 (3 months ago)
Warface is awesome man I want some of that ish you smoking
Caiden Wichert (3 months ago)
If you make another list, world of tanks.
That Skeletor dude (3 months ago)
Shouts on the distance WAR ROBOTS
Ryan Donegan (3 months ago)
call of duty enough said
Bloomer Flowers (3 months ago)
For me all the mobile games are P2W
Counterfeit Skills (3 months ago)
wut about club penguin island
jsanch2011 (3 months ago)
You forgot Marvel contest of champions for mobile... that company is so greedy...
Jefferton Ahyeeoobee (3 months ago)
If fortnite isn’t on this list I will honestly be surprised
tad gibson (3 months ago)
Racing Rivals needs to be added.
Devionne Montreuil (3 months ago)
Don't forget you get called a Tim or no skin if you don't have skins for Fortnite
Louman 75 (4 months ago)
Lex The Hand Of Justice (4 months ago)
Warface is not ptw
Dhiraj Chavare (4 months ago)
Plz add final fantasy brave exvius in next list
Sam McElroy (4 months ago)
You forgot Graal Online Era
Moth (4 months ago)
I would disagree with Warface. A bit of it is pay-to-win, but in my opinion it is the best co-op game ever.
Piko (4 months ago)
Hogwarts Mis(t)ery..
Piko (4 months ago)
Idle heroes
DIPTANGSHU MISHRA (4 months ago)
Spider-man (4 months ago)
i used to love bfh
JcPlayz 591 (4 months ago)
Name at least 1 EA game that isnt pay to win. Go ahead, Ill wait.
Kutomi1 (4 months ago)
Also Tanki online. ._. I miss that game. It's 100% pay to win now. :'(
Marc Quirijnen (4 months ago)
i can share with my brother
fireender 123 (4 months ago)
Redo it and put bo3 on there bs xmc the marcel 16 and more bull I mean the 3 weapons that is not bull are the olimpia the ppsh and the l4 sidge ( don’t judge me for saying the l4 sidge it takes skill to use properly)
INZIQUE (4 months ago)
games should be earn to win , not pay to win.... think about it..its deep
jawskill305 (4 months ago)
you buy star wars battlefront deluxe edition and then they make ultimate edition
jojo black (4 months ago)
Im surprise dbz dokkan battle isnt on the list
Negan (4 months ago)
Pay to wEAn
Kage Watashi (4 months ago)
While Clash of Clans is technically pay to win I don’t think it deserved a spot on the list. Supercell doesn’t really push their micro transactions on you even telling you how to shut them off if you want. And unlike other games where it becomes impossible to progress without paying Clash isn’t anything like that. Yea upgrades can take over a week once you reach the higher levels but that just takes patience. Also people who buy their way to the top are looked down on by most
Co Co (4 months ago)
is pixel gun made by EA?
Theunopenchest Gaming (4 months ago)
Fortnite is pay to win!
casual crisis (4 months ago)
0:58 start of the video
Scarz (5 months ago)
You forgot Fortnite
+SmashMarioBros FAN it's addicted kid you probably spend your mom's credit card on it
Mimikyu 996 (4 months ago)
just for skin, skin dosn't have any buff so it isn't a pay to win.
SmashMarioBros FAN (4 months ago)
Scarz the game isn't pay to win kid
Aaya Dasher (5 months ago)
Why Star Wars battlefront 2 it should be fortnite
Albert Steel (5 months ago)
I’m pretty sure that COC is not a pay to win. I got to a pretty nice level in the game without paying a buck. You can pay to go faster,but it’s never obligatory.
Tim Hacker (5 months ago)
Everyone needs to just boycott all EA products for the sake of saving gaming.
VictoriumStudios 78 (5 months ago)
All games are made or produced by EA in someway in this VIDEO...
Ady gamerul (5 months ago)
Zula i don't need to say anymore
EreyBarbcue 767 (5 months ago)
EA WANNA SHOOT YOUR GUN ONCE! you will need to pay $10000000000000000000
Annomoose (5 months ago)
Fortnite cough cough
David Ward (5 months ago)
I was surprised that pixel gun 3D wasn’t on the list. Same with clash royale.
Mimikyu 996 (4 months ago)
clash royal isn't a pay to win. is just pay to skip farm chest.
Spider Lego (5 months ago)
Fuckin bowmasters
michael bryan lanzona (5 months ago)
Idle heroes $99.99 per hero 😁
Chris Ozorio (5 months ago)
warface is on ps4 early access
Entice (5 months ago)
Clash of clans really isn’t Pay to win
Samuel Lin (5 months ago)
Paladin Strike
Levi Bezzant (5 months ago)
Nba moble from ea
The Bink Brigade (5 months ago)
Battlefront was fixed
Toby Knecht (5 months ago)
Bayonetta smash 4
Nimestro (5 months ago)
EA all the way!
Connor Fulkerson (5 months ago)
Future Fight from netmarble. The PvP is completely rigged
The MasterDragonn (5 months ago)
Was their pixel gun I’m at 2%
Recent Call of Duty games.
Marcus8958 (5 months ago)
You forgot Star Citizen
ollie 1012 (5 months ago)
Guys just to spare you watching this entire list, I'll sum it up in 2 letters.... *EA*
Reed Austin (5 months ago)
War Robots by Pixonic used to be a great game, but it was bought by an advertising company who just wanted to monetize the game. They haven't stopped even though the game's most popular youtuber spoke against it.
Albert Steel (5 months ago)
Reed Austin Oh I know,Meet Arnold?
Gábor Hornyák (5 months ago)
Jason Parker (5 months ago)
Where's Pixel Gun 3d?
yusuf mirza aktaş (5 months ago)
coc is not p2w when you good at game bro
frosty on the radio (5 months ago)
F2p game no meney needed to play the game and you cant buy anything in it so it is just skill
fortnite craig (5 months ago)
Some of these games u dont need to pay to win
Sebastian Duque Murcia (5 months ago)
Fortnite 8 Year olds bring it on
Akhilesh Patel (5 months ago)
Why the hell is 'lords mobile' not in this list. Some of the newer heroes in that game cost $11000 apiece to get to gold grade and so many players have them at gold. There is micro transaction every where in that game right from training army to finishing research (some researches take 250+ days to complete with research gear on). Biggest moneygrab I have ever seen (disclaimer: some of it is rant because I also sunk thousands of dollars in this game and still was not even competitive :) )
BurgerFace -21 (5 months ago)
What about fortnite
Radosław Bulanda (5 months ago)
Pixel gun 3d 😑
elijahpepe (5 months ago)
EA jokes hue hue.
CUZ IM HAPPY 17 (5 months ago)
What about pixel gun 3D
Justice Clark (5 months ago)
Surprised I didn’t see need for speed on here
lukas1975 76 (5 months ago)
I like star wars battlefront 2 why everyone hates it
danning jiang (5 months ago)
Fortnite and Roblox are both free-to play games, but they're decent
Sebastian S. Reinfeld (5 months ago)
Battlefront 2 isn’t p2w anymore
Cyrotix (5 months ago)
ROBLOX is pay to be cool and not be called noob.
GhostSan64 (4 months ago)
dom giudice (5 months ago)
why isnt black ops 3 on here
MLG (5 months ago)
Mariano Ocampo (5 months ago)
Batle Cats

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