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God of War Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?"

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Karak reviews God of War for PS4. God of War is available April 20th Review Code for God of War 4 supplied by publisher My Amazon Affiliate link. Buying anything with this link helps ACG http://amzn.to/2igWHDV https://www.patreon.com/AngryCentaurGaming 👉 More PC Game Reviews https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL62tz83FJJjlEpRdOT63lruxsTA6m1t9s 👈 👉 More Console Game Reviews https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL62tz83FJJjlP-rz4qKNts3Kwf3iwhbpG 👈 Integrity Statement* Any game code supplied by PR/Dev is purchased again upon its release and given away to Patrons. No game is reviewed for free and no sponsorships for game reviews taken. My money is on the line just like everyone's. Patron - Merch 👉 https://teespring.com/stores/acg?page=1 👈 👉 https://www.patreon.com/AngryCentaurGaming 👈 👉 paypal.me/ACGsponsor 👈 👉 http://store.steampowered.com/curator/6233509-Angry-Centaur-Gaming/ 👈 Social Stuff & Reddit 👉 Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ACGVids/ 👉 My Twitter: https://twitter.com/JeremyPenter 👉 Podcasts on Googleplay https://goo.gl/ad34zw 👉 My Itunes: https://goo.gl/SEj1bW I am not one of those bigger gaming website no 2 minute reviews here only details. Videogame reviews all the time. So if you are tired of short reviews, ones that don't discuss all the game, this is the right place. No big website 2 minute stuff here. Coverage includes ps4, xbox one, pc, xbox 360, Wii, Wiiu, Switch, and digital storefronts like Steam, as well as companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo Buy, wait for a sale, rent, or never touch it. The Patented Karak review system to see if a game is worth a buy.
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Last Name Tay (3 days ago)
I just bought a ps4 pro to try this and unfortunately i think i just might quit my job this game made me realize real life dosent even have graphics this good 😒
Arbentis (5 days ago)
When he was saying ... "Gameplay is Exploration mixed with Combat" I instantly thought: "Thanks, another destroyed Hack&Slay franchise" ... Fuck this world.
Skyler B (5 days ago)
Pretty much the only two studios who aren't looking at finding ways to screw gamers are Sony (very ironic), Ubisoft (far cry 5 has micro transactions but they are far from required). 2k and EA (Activision looks to do the same with BO4) they are only interested in pushing bare bone 60 dollar games with micro transactions and loot crates. I am hoping we will continue to have a few publishers and developers that still care about quality over how much they can screw their customers.
Witcher Bruce B (6 days ago)
Since this game has been out for about a month I feel like I can talk about my diss appointment don't get me wrong this was a good game just minor gripe. Throughout the whole story and most side content you see firsthand the pain and wrath of a certain god of thunder I just wish we would have fought him I felt like it was implied during the game and it was a let down when he didn't even make an appearance
tom dai (11 hours ago)
ehh try going back to your house after u beat baldur
The Driver (6 days ago)
These are by far the best game reviews. When I watch IGN and GameSpot reviews I feel like they are afraid of giving big game publishers bad reviews. But more to the point, they give games number scores. This tells me nothing about the game. I like the premise of Buy/Sale/Rent/Never Touch. I hope your channel propers. Thanks for the quality writing and long-form reviews.
TitanTCG - Cards (7 days ago)
LET ME END THE DEBATE Which is better? PS4 or the XBOX One. PS4 and XBOX are good in their own ways, XBOX has bad exclusives, but PS4 have Life of Black Tiger. So I say to be a true gamer, we get both...(and add a PC while you're at it)
Liu Chan (7 days ago)
That game is trash like ninja gaiden
Liu Chan (7 days ago)
That game is trash like ninja gaiden
Santosh Reddy Bommana (10 days ago)
Best game reviewer!
Eiad Tarabulsi (10 days ago)
A great review that's detailed, enjoyable and honest as always. Thanks Karak. I really appreciate it!
Doğukan TEK (12 days ago)
Do you think it is the best ps4 exc. right now?
Bryan Dedon (13 days ago)
How can you put under cons, impossible to review without spoiling? You do realize you did a 17 minute review without spoiling it right?I'm not bitching about the review, it was a good one, I just thought that was odd to put under cons. Mentioning it is one thing, but to say it's a con? That's weird.
ACG (13 days ago)
its also a joke. thus the joke
cardiacade (14 days ago)
Have to say, after spending quite a bit of time with the game, I'm starting to get a tad weary fighting the same enemies over and over again.
TitanTCG - Cards (7 days ago)
Yup, Baldur is the defining attribute to the bosses.
Tabris (14 days ago)
A "Walking the walk" for God of War would be so, so good.
Daniel J (17 days ago)
You do as you wish, but putting hard to review as a con doesn't really concern us viewers. Worth saying though, just not as a con in the end without clarifying anything. It is impossible to do a fair review without spoilers for this game. Not a con in the normal way though.
ACG (16 days ago)
correct thus the joke
Ryan Kassoy (18 days ago)
I haven't played any god of war games but this one looks really good. If i wanted to play this, would you think it is necessary for me to play all the other games?
daniel Shah (16 days ago)
Ryan Kassoy no this game is a soft reboot to the series.
mark keenan (18 days ago)
You should copyrighted your beard dude, Kratos is clearly based on the mighty Karak!
Jeff Weiz (18 days ago)
You're the first review to not gush over the game being "one long scene with no interruptions" or however they phrase it, almost every open world game streams in data now where there are no noticeable load times. and the game absolutely loads when you fast travel, you basically walk into a waiting room while your new zone loads. Reviewers are sucking this game's dick so hard that they're looking through rose colored glasses, this is the only honest review I've seen. That said, I love the game and am on my 2nd playthrough, my one complaint is basically "it's not enough", meaning once you've fully explored and got the best fully upgraded gear, the party's basically over. There's not much of an end game. I was surprised by how much this game hooked me.
Hank Slaght (18 days ago)
Just grabbed a copy today. Will be playing all night tonight !
Romina Talpos (18 days ago)
Thank you for this video! :*
Kermit 5 (19 days ago)
JCity 17 (19 days ago)
I normally hate variable uncapped frame rates, but for some reason this game was way better for me on performance mode. Great review!
Dash Rendar (20 days ago)
I have to say that I didn’t like this game. The combat is slow, repetitive and gets boring quick. The camera is too close and I often would get attacked from behind before I realized an enemy was there. I also got really tired of the backtracking that just seemed to lengthen the game to double what it should have been. My biggest complaint is with game developers, especially Sony. They have started the last 4 or 5 years to make their games more movie than game. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good story, but I don’t want to watch a movie when I should be playing a game. This game had way too many cutscenes all the time that kill the flow of the game and the boss fights. What really bothers me Is that the developers of this game changed the gameplay to appeal more to the masses. They don’t care about the fans. They knew they would make way more $$$$$ changing the gameplay from a brutal gory as hell hack and slash that really made you feel powerful to a story heavy narrative with a helpless child who needs a father storyline.
happy man (20 days ago)
If you complain cause it's not like the old ones your dumb hands down the best god of war it's a reboot of the series this game wouldn't of done as good if they kept the same formula ascension didn't do as good cause everyone was getting tired of the same game
ACG (20 days ago)
CRAB JAB (20 days ago)
ONE ISSUE with the game and it’s really screwed me off. NEW GAME PLUS don’t exist ..... YET!!! I done it on the level just below hardest as I do with them all. Campaign then restart on GOD MODE and 100% the game with everything. Bit pissed off cos I just finished it and you literally lose everything. Real pain in the ass It will he updated but I’m angry cos I have absolutely loved this game. It’s outstanding. It’s debatable if it’s the best game this Gen. As far as Exclusives go? God Of War Horizon Zero Dawn Nier Automata BloodBorne Nioh I mean there’s loads but God Of War really has nailed something special. This will be a game people look back on in years to come.
GtheMVP (20 days ago)
I just don't think I can get past this FOV. I've heard no good reason for it, other than speculation that it was implemented to improve fidelity/framerates. Any other 90+ (85 as a min) FOV whores play this and still like it?
A Random Russell (21 days ago)
Being playing this and I think it's a competent and well made game but not justifying the hyperbole accompanying it's release. It's generic and cliched especially the design or the enemies, environments and characters. The money lavished on this shows but money cannot provide character and flavour which this is lacking.
IKKIsama (21 days ago)
Quick turn is 90 degree?! Lolwut you know it's 180 degree, right?
Sung Min Tamayo (22 days ago)
Been PC gaming forever now (+ Switch as of last year)... Is this the tipping point for a PS4? I feel like if I get a PS4 then I will be sunk in an endless stream of exclusives
Caesar C. (22 days ago)
Great review! What difficulty did you beat it on ? I’ve been playing on Give me a Challenge for about 5-6 hours but man it’s tough, and in a weird way, not a dark souls/bloodborne way which I enjoy. Is the game still enjoyable/challenging on normal?
atelierx naru (24 days ago)
babysitting kids, and no mini sex game? thanks but no thanks...
THANE MITHRA (24 days ago)
Derek Henderson (25 days ago)
Hey Karak, have you thought about adding time-stamps for each of the separate review sections? I love to come back to your videos specifically for your sound/music/voice section, which is overlooked by all other reviewers.
The Amazing Lucas (26 days ago)
Mario Odyssey has better boss fights than this game
Daniel Lim (26 days ago)
I thought there were 4 difficulties?. Let me turn my game on.
BengeJ Uknowit (28 days ago)
I've never played any GoW game before playing this!
I HATE CABBAGE (28 days ago)
I bought it, play it. I never forget this phenomenal experience.
Decathlete10 (28 days ago)
Dang I could've been playing the game with classic controls 😂
sodaJ3RK (28 days ago)
Really great game but if I have to hear boy one more damn time I'm going to lose my shit
Juliett A (28 days ago)
maxi soulcaliber (28 days ago)
So god of war 1 and 2 run at 60fps and they are on ps2. Then i look at god of war 4 on ps4 and it can't even maintain 30fps from looking at the gameplay.
snojbar1 (28 days ago)
ACG, I want to thank you! I was curious as to whether or not i would enjoy this. 3 was one of the best game i'd ever played.. and this looked like a real departure from the style. Upon seeing this review I bought it, just finished it.. fucking incredible. Love the video, love your content and your trusted reviews!
maxi soulcaliber (28 days ago)
30 fps? LOLOL Assassins creed origins still murders this game in looks. Rise of the tomb raider murders this game in graphics.
TitanTCG - Cards (7 days ago)
But God Of War murders them in story...fuck off
Alexander Xiong (28 days ago)
Story 10 out of 10 No titties though (Unlike other GoW games). So 1 out of 10 for me, wanted to see Freya’s boobies.
Phoenix3573 (28 days ago)
Mac Elliott (28 days ago)
Got this game 3 days ago and haven’t put it down since, very outstanding game from a visual and storytelling standpoint. Although there’s some things that make me think dlc will be coming
Admonisher80 (29 days ago)
Am I the only person who noticed that this game while good extremely good looks a lot like hell-blade
Azralynn (29 days ago)
Really loved this game <3
MarkXV (29 days ago)
God of War looks pretty but is rather boring, its Horizon Zero Yawn all over again. Expect no awards for this one either.
Kevin Jones (29 days ago)
There’s not enough content. That’s the only downfall, a single player game like this needs to offer a lot more than just a 20 hour campaign. That’s unacceptable.
CEEPMDEE (29 days ago)
Sacred Geometry (29 days ago)
I would love to have sex with your voice
Jesus MLG (29 days ago)
The game looks and runs like crap on PS4 Slim. It's more optimized for PS4 PRO.
T Wik (29 days ago)
For $60 I could buy myself an axe and throw it around
TitanTCG - Cards (7 days ago)
Does it glow?
PSPrinny (28 days ago)
But would it boomerang back to you? :P
Bakr m (29 days ago)
I wish the release on Xbox one...
Ga Me (29 days ago)
I can't understand why major review outlets are giving it a 10/10... Does performance not matter at all anymore? 30fps in 2018 is not a masterpiece.... Not even the PS4 PRO can reach 1080P 60fps? That is a straight up joke. I don't care how perfect the "game" is. If i'm being told a game is a masterpiece, it better not run at 30FPS with no way to get any better performance. This is the same reason I think the ratings for Zelda are BS. The performance in that game was absolute trash. It's laughable that Sony has a more expensive PS4 out there called "PRO" and it still can't deliver a stadard 60fps on a 1080p screen. You can run virtually any game on a PC at 1080P with a GPU that costs 1/3rd of a PS4 PRO. I'd have bought a PRO if it actually delivered 60FPS as standard. But nope. It can checkerboard 4k and lock 30FPS at 1080p. Anwyays. Game is NOT a 10/10. Especially for those of you who want a smooth experience with your premium hardware. It's 2018 for God sakes. Everyone was complaining about the performance at PS4 and Xbone launch. And here were are more than 5 years later and STILL in the same performance boat.
W Radford (1 month ago)
I just finished it a few hours ago. I'd say it was a solid game with a billion dollars to spend on graphics alone that took most of the foundation from Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice and ideas (the talking head) from lollipop chainsaw and obviously The Last of Us. The story is far more the selling point for me than the gameplay. I found myself playing just to get more of the story (like I did with previous Gow games). There are a TON of plot-holes that I may have missed, like how did he come back after killing himself in 3? Was there repercussions from killing all those gods in the previous games? If so, what happened to his original realm?
Impaler.idk? (1 month ago)
Imagine Darksiders if it was done this way. The path has been paved 😂 this looks awesome cant wait to play it
Stephen Miller (1 month ago)
Incredible review. I personally don’t have a problem with the pacing, but that’s simply a matter of personal taste, and appropriately, you don’t place a lot of emphasis on that in your review. I have never seen such a thorough, unbiased review before. Already subscribed and can’t wait to hear more from you!
Iwo (1 month ago)
Hey man can you do Swords Of Ditto? And keep up the awesome work :)
David's2Cents (1 month ago)
cory said he wants kratos to travel. time travel is possible in this mythology so pay attention to every thing the head says . you will know what i am talking about when it happens
sparda9060 (1 month ago)
This is one of the few games that used lighting and bloom only when needed and not just set the entire fucking scene in a ray of light just to say " look here our game has HDR BLOOM!". I love how it balances out the colors with the environment without making either one too prominent over the other. I love the particle effects, it really gives you the feeling of impact for the combat. You can also feel how strongly Kratos is holding back his anger too and let loose in the Rage of the Sparta activation.
kingdomkeyksa2011 (1 month ago)
I finished 95% of the game today.... I was skeptical of the changes they made with the gameplay but I ended up loving the new one. it's by far the best game I played since the witcher 3
T Wik (1 month ago)
Can you buy different outfits for Kratos?
Aryan Garg (1 month ago)
T Wik Kinda, armours and stuff which boosts stats.
Evel monkey Dean (1 month ago)
Been watching lets play on G O W it is a lot slower pace then the other ones but dose look great I miss his chains and the hit counter
Ronald Savoy (1 month ago)
Great review!
Solar Vortex (1 month ago)
Can you have fun playing this game without ever playing the other ones? This game looks really fun but I’ve haven’t played the other God of War games
Aryan Garg (1 month ago)
Solar Vortex Yes
Oscar LD (1 month ago)
Am i the only one who can’t see the diffrence in fov in games?
The_Future_2049 (1 month ago)
Great review ACG! :)
Karan (1 month ago)
This weak ass pansy ain't the kratos I grew with. No gore, no blood no sex, no rage. Just TLOU in GOW world.
Aryan Garg (1 month ago)
Karan You clearly have not played the game.
LiangHuBBB (1 month ago)
can anyone tell me how I attach or use magic / use health potions in GoW? Im getting magic spells or stuff like that, but I can't seem to find the option to use or attach them to a weapon
Jatt710 (1 month ago)
heard this game is 8 hours of cut scene true or not
RogueGhost GamerFTW (1 month ago)
Buy it now. Great game. Great story. Great graphics. Best game you will buy in first half of 2018.
Dan (1 month ago)
spoilers?? can I see it if there is spoilers?
Luka K. (1 month ago)
Kratos can't jump? fuck that...
ACG (1 month ago)
he can not
karl young (1 month ago)
love the god but it does feel like they ripped of tomb raider a little
ACG (1 month ago)
Which ripped of thousands of games before it lol. Thats sort of how it goes really.
Zeorymer300 (1 month ago)
No free jumping. TRASH.
TitanTCG - Cards (7 days ago)
ACG (1 month ago)
Minority Nomad (1 month ago)
Man you've saved me sooooo much money over time. I'm definitely grabbing it. thanks.
ACG (1 month ago)
thanks man maybe check out the patron or stop by if you can
XBOXRULES (1 month ago)
god of bore, never touch.
GrineerKiller (1 month ago)
"Seriously look at this hill" was the funniest part of this video in my opinion
ACG (1 month ago)
and so damned true
cheesebringer12345 (1 month ago)
Even the achievements for God Of War have spoilers
TheYgeth (1 month ago)
Overall, most game mechanics is from Darksiders 2. Good, fun gameplay, but nothing that we haven't seen before. It's commercial, competent, big budget product, just like Horizon Zero Dawn. Nothing more, nothing less.
grace calis (17 hours ago)
TheYgeth Really? I think the whole "One cut" take is an incredibly impressive feat and one of the best new features I've seen in a game. Its spoiled me. Everytime the screen goes black when a game transitions from one scene to another or from cutscene to gameplay, I get taken out of it. I've been spoiled by this game.
TitanTCG - Cards (7 days ago)
Well, I mean. It's called a masterpiece right now. Cory Barlog poured his heart and soul for the production of the game. It meant more to Cory than money, he loved the series and he didn't want to see it go to waste, he didn't want Santa Monica to fail. There is things we haven't seen before, have you ever heard someone say Boy in a span of 25 more than you do in your entire life? We've seen things like this before, yes. Because the other God Of War games had them. Darksiders 2 was just made for commercial reasons. Not for "Saving the company" or "Saving the series".
TheYgeth (1 month ago)
As I sad ASG, game is (for me of course) very good blockbuster game. Mechacics are solid, narrative is interesting, graphics and sounds is doing their job,etc. But it isn't represent nothing new in gaming overall. Nothing that we haven't seen and/or played before. Nothing that should be called "Masterpiece"
ACG (1 month ago)
unless it is
Jaybee Laze (1 month ago)
ACG (1 month ago)
is 1200 a month
Trope (1 month ago)
How lost will I be if I haven't played any other God of War games? Also, yet another great review by ACG. Keep it up! Only reviewer I trust nowadays.
ACG (1 month ago)
not that much and thanks!
Local Weeb slayer (1 month ago)
Trope you won’t be completely lost. There’s references here and there. Just watch a video covering the other games and you should be good.
Meckah (1 month ago)
Man, your reviews NEVER disappoint! You are one of my favorite reviewers and content creator. I always recommend you to anyone looking for a review they can trust. Keep up the excellent work, dude!
ACG (1 month ago)
Creepy Old Man (1 month ago)
I remember reading a comment where someone complained that God of war 4 took place in a different setting. Like nigga Kratos pretty much killed the entire Greek pantheon, like who else is there to fight in Greece smh.
Kevin Kane (1 month ago)
Great vid, thanks for the no spoilers :)
ACG (1 month ago)
Schnaken Wurst (1 month ago)
Lara Kratos lol wtf
Ben Rajan (1 month ago)
Anyone know if there's going to be a GOTY/Complete edition at the end of the year, like Horizon Zero Dawn? If there is I'd rather wait to get that.
TheVindictusFive (1 month ago)
I did not know that you bought a game for patreon supporters if you receive a review copy. That's a classy move to say the least. Subscribed
ACG (1 month ago)
thanks for the sub Vindinictus
Kratos isFunny (1 month ago)
What a review!
Steven Baylor (1 month ago)
So now people finally want to give God of War the credit that it has always deserved ever since its debut. God of War has always been an amazing game with a compelling story. I hate when people only want to give a good game any type of credit only when the reviews say to do so. This praise is long overdue and only a true God of War fan will understand.
ACG (1 month ago)
or they just like this one better. Which can happen with these changes
The Young Gamer (1 month ago)
Definitely worth a purchase... it’s a beautiful game.
Daniel Bernard (1 month ago)
This looks like a huge pile of crap for a god of war game. Looks like the newest Tomb Raider game which was also a pile of shit. Looks way to slow for a god of war game.
Aryan Garg (1 month ago)
I have played chains of olympus and ghost of sparta, and let me tell you, this is much more satisfying to play.
TheEcrus (1 month ago)
This game is Amazing, SM are sure going to have a challenge to top this entry in the the series imo. Though I'm hoping that their next game is a new IP, plz note I'm not including the ip's that were created by other studios that SM assisted on.
aquaticpimp (1 month ago)
You have the best reviews out of anyone.
ACG (1 month ago)
my thanks
[Insert Username] (1 month ago)
436 XB1 owners disliked this.
Brian Snow (1 month ago)
I'm sorry but like Mass Effect Andromeda, I pretend this game doesn't exist. Give me the budget and it woulda been as good as Horizon Zero Dawn. What a waste of money and opportunity. Think people, this money could have made #skate4 Shameful Display
THE SLOW DEATH HOOKS (1 month ago)
JorEl (1 month ago)
Title should be: God of War Review “Buy, buy 2 copies, buy 3 copies?”

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