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How to Lose Weight Fast and Detoxify with this Medicinal Herbal Tea

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Join Genna, owner of Kauai Farmacy and Dan, the liferegenerator in the Kauai Farmacy herbal Kitchen and learn how these powerful Kauai Farmacy-grown herbs can significantly change your life, promote weight-loss, create mental clarity, cleanse the body of harmful toxins and enhance your overall health and well-being. Kauai Farmacy's delicious, balanced PURITEA Herbal Cleanse powder can be brewed as a tea or sprinkled onto foods or into smoothies: for optimal performance, integrate this herbal blend into your lifestyle regularly. PURITEA Herbal Cleanse powder can be found at https://www.kauaifarmacy.com/product/puritea-herbal-cleanse/ SUBSCRIBE to the Kauai Farmacy NEWSLETTER for more herbal info, informative literature, discount codes, and exclusive promotional gifts: https://www.kauaifarmacy.com/subscribe/ FACEBOOK: facebook.com/kauaifarmacydakine/ INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/kauaifarmacytea/ YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAYmRGmk0LQGouJ7IcII2bA WEBSITE: https://www.kauaifarmacy.com/ DISCLAIMER: The information presented on this video is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any illness. The views expressed are personal. The FDA has not approved any of the information shared in this video. If you are concerned about your health, please consult with a professional before working with herbs; stay hydrated; eat nutritional foods; and get appropriate rest.
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Anointed Stilettos (7 months ago)
Will you make the puritea blend powder again? It's no longer on the website.
Anointed Stilettos (7 months ago)
Kauai Farmacy thank you. I absolutely love the puritea tea. I'll grind some of it into a powder.
Kauai Farmacy (7 months ago)
The blend is available in a gentle detox tea now. You can go onto our website under herbal teas and find it. It is still called Puritea.
thewoodruffs04 (8 months ago)
Thanks Dan!! putting in my order today
Kevin Rubink (1 year ago)
what kind of metal are those bowls made of? do metals effect the herbs?
Seymour Butts (1 year ago)
Bowls are an alloy of lead and mercury. This was filmed in a vacuum to prevent oxidization. please stop smoking the herb...
Naz Khan (2 years ago)
Do you guys ship to the UK?
klaanderson3 (2 years ago)
Thank you! This is a great video. Please do one on the endurance blend! I am addicted. Can you eat too much of it? :)
Seymour Butts (1 year ago)
if you drink too much water you can die...
sherry1674w (2 years ago)
Genna, Love you top...it is so pretty! All this sounds so wonderful...might get some the next time I order...say hi to both Doug and Dan. Sherry :)
sherry1674w (2 years ago)
you are welcome...have a great weekend...
Kauai Farmacy (2 years ago)
Mahalos Sherry for the sweet compliment. I will assume that both Dan and Doug will see your comment here. Much Aloha! Genna
Steve Offer (2 years ago)
i can feel the love enegy with all of you on your farm. this very high levels of pure beautiful enegy is what i want to drink or springle on my salad. thanks guys and i hope and wish you get hundreds of thousands of subscribers. i for one will buy the love potion next month on payday. ❤
Jersey Girl (2 years ago)
Hi. I'm very excited about trying this tea. How would you recommend taking for weight loss like the video title mentions?
Kauai Farmacy (2 years ago)
Drink as a tea both hot and iced. Start slow with quarter teaspoons per cup. One cup a day for first week. You can also take days off when feeling like you just need to rest and drink water. The key is to stay with it. It might even make sense to try another tea like wellness or love potion, or cacao Olena if you find yourself needing a different or lighter experience. The Puritea maybe our most potent. All of our herbal teas and powders are awesome for weight loss as they cleanse the toxins out. Just have to integrate the herbs into your lifestyle. In other words, using the herbs for a long period of time. You will love it! Just have to stay with it. May also want to order s tea strainer. Aloha, Doug
sicilline (2 years ago)
Kauai Farmacy (2 years ago)
Lynda Hogan (2 years ago)
Watching this as I'm drinking Love Potion! Love it! Thank y'all!
Seymour Butts (1 year ago)
bull semen?
Kauai Farmacy (2 years ago)

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