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Top 15 NEW Open World Games of 2017

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Open world games are taking the industry by storm, and this year promises to be epic in both scale and quantity. Here's what to look out for in 2017 for the PC, PS4, Xbox One & Switch. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv #15 Sea of Thieves Sea of Thieves Platform: PC Xbox One Release Date: TBA 2017 #14 Dual Universe Platform: PC Release Date: early 2017 #13 Rime Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: 1 MAy 2017 #12 Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: 4 April 2017 #11 Subnautica Platform: PC Xbox One Release Date: TBA 2017 #10 Tom Clancyís Ghost Recon: Wildlands Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: 7 March 2017 #9 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Platform: Nintendo Switch Release Date: TBA 2017 #8 Gravity Rush 2 Platform: PS4 Release Date: 20 January 2017 #7 Agents of Mayhem Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: TBA 2017 #6 State of Decay 2 Platform: PC Xbox One Release Date: TBA 2017 #5 Crackdown 3 Platform: PC Xbox One Release Date: Q4 2017 #4 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Platform: Nintendo Switch, Wii U Release Date: 3 March 2017 #3 Mass Effect Andromeda Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: 21 MArch 2017 #2 Horizon Zero Dawn Platform: PS4 Release Date: 28 February 2017 #1 Red Dead Redemption 2 Platform: PS4 Xbox One Release Date: Q3/Q4 2017
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Text Comments (3234)
Martin Powell (2 months ago)
Where is the best open world game assassins creed
frank (3 months ago)
Sea of joke
Nezka ID (4 months ago)
Hm, where's NieR:Automata?
render1967 (4 months ago)
4 me its just a stupid choice of games. Sorry!
WaffleStomp (5 months ago)
This is just funny now.
slim bobs (5 months ago)
Hearing him talk about Andromeda is hilarious after what happened
SawManga (6 months ago)
it's .4.2018 and RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 was released last year??? wait wait.. farcry 5 is out but not in the list??? sigh... oh there was that random ubisoft game too cannot really put it in my head again...
Aslan T (6 months ago)
"It's difficult for me to imagine a scenario where Mass Effect Andromeda is not great".... I did too bud and got shafted for it.Thanks EA! worst 69.99 I've ever spent
Xnox_xobX Gaming (6 months ago)
how to download?
k0te1 (7 months ago)
subnautica :) i like
Brutus Destructor (8 months ago)
it is sort of insulting to put subnautica in the build/craft/survive category. That game was so much more. it had goals, a story line and an ending.
MarkoTribe (8 months ago)
Botw is the best one
MonstaKid J (8 months ago)
Rime was the most beautiful game that i played recently.The graphic,the story impressed me so much that i almost cried at the end of the game.! This game is so wonderfull i fully recomand it !
FlippantFilms (8 months ago)
I want to know will subnautica come to the nintendo switch
Ryan Beeton (8 months ago)
They were so wrong about Mass Effect Shitdromeda. Too much sjw influence in it.
Kevin Junior (9 months ago)
whose here in 2018
Dylan Blaido (9 months ago)
Where’s the one for 2018!!!!!
BeasrXproTechnical Tuber (9 months ago)
How to download 'Sea of thieves' in android.....
Just Arnav :) (9 months ago)
This video was made on my birrthdayy
Borja Barbadillo (9 months ago)
Who would have thought that mass effect would be such a failure
Ravix of (9 months ago)
Ghost Warrior 3 devs didn't do their research into how guns work...
Rosko Bermondsey (9 months ago)
It's so amusing to watch this after the games have been released
Fedor Brockmann (9 months ago)
Fail RDR2
Dagan D. (9 months ago)
description of rime at 2:20 say no more, i'm buying...
Tom Crusader (9 months ago)
"It's difficult for me to imagine a scenario where Andromeda is *not* great..." Shoulda tried harder.
PapaHanku (9 months ago)
When they put mass effect Andromeda on here but it completely sucked
Wunderpuma-X (9 months ago)
Mass effect how boi were they wrong
*cough* subnautica was out before 2017
Precious Tracks (9 months ago)
I Support Red Dead Redemption 2, Nice concept and awesome world :)
Carlos Loff (9 months ago)
Microtransactions destroied GTA Online and RDR is destined to the same faith, at least the online part of it
Lord potato999 (10 months ago)
I have a felling hoooo that these games are going to be good
Not On Mars (10 months ago)
Ghost Warrior 3 the bullet shot from the rifle includes the casing with primer intact? I guess the graphic artist has never shot a gun before. The shell casing doesn't fly with the bullet...
Dragon Emperor (10 months ago)
I want State of Decay 2 so bad!!BTW i loved the first one..
MrSuperJeffrey (10 months ago)
10:30 boy were you wrong 😂😂
bassko21 (10 months ago)
Yeah, there is no chance that andromeda is going to be bad...
Tony Stone (10 months ago)
huh? Red dead redemption 2 isn't out till 2018..
Ty Infinite (10 months ago)
I think a perfect game would be in an open world if there was ever a perfect game
eric peterson (10 months ago)
oh Andromeda... "cant image how it can be not great." that line hurt so bad haha
Alan B (10 months ago)
Ricardo D Acevedo (10 months ago)
What the fuck where is assassins creed origins
Gottablast (10 months ago)
You literally forgot shadow of war
Definitely Not The FBI (10 months ago)
I've always found Ghost Recon: Wildlands as my favorite Open-World game.
MagicBanana of Magic (10 months ago)
Rip mass effect andromeda
Theo Hennings (10 months ago)
Andromeda :D
Definitely Not The FBI (10 months ago)
Theo Hennings RIP MA: Andromeda...
WPUrchezem (11 months ago)
Lol Ark Survival evolved isn't here either wtf? I mean I get that it's been in beta for three years but it was officially released this year! So it kinda makes no sense why it isn't on this list.
justBinia (11 months ago)
10:30 sad hindsight is sad
Evangle Amastacia (11 months ago)
Now that it's November. can you release a video stating how disappointing some of the games missed the mark. i know we are still waiting on a couple but some of these games are DOA. i think that would make an interesting video.
Slurpentine (11 months ago)
Most of these flopped
Slurpentine (11 months ago)
1:25 star citizen is like this with 4k
buckdich1 (11 months ago)
Why do you only recommend games with "fun", cartoonish graphics and cute characters? Adult men who play games like that have low testosterone and that's why women aren't attracted to them.
FREEZER (11 months ago)
I would like to put Middle-earth: Shadows of war into this list, though its probably more a sandbox game then open world. Damn good game nonetheless. Huge recommendation from my side =)
How Big is the Map? (11 months ago)
I don't have time for all these fucking games 😑
GameBot Studios (11 months ago)
Where is Ark: Survival Evolved?
Dariel77 (11 months ago)
"Difficult to imagine a scenario where Andromeda is not great".... Oh Falcon..
mello JELLO (11 months ago)
10:22 so sad they were wrong:(((
Maniac BehindYou (11 months ago)
No man sky became a meme XD
Prince Uchiha (1 year ago)
Buying haft the line up..like a dumb ass
Ramalho Urtigão (1 year ago)
You reallyh should diferenciate between multiplayer and single player. Multiplayer are mostly a circus (albeit fun) kind of absurd reality beacause of stupid and childish and fun player actions. single player is more focused.
How Big is the Map? (1 year ago)
I love open world games so much, because nothing else in this life can give me that feeling of freedom!
kyle king (1 year ago)
is state of decay two a continuation of the first? just wondering if i should buy the first before this one.
Mazewalker (1 year ago)
When are we going to here about The Elder Scrolls 6
Who_am_i (1 year ago)
Where’s ac origins
Corpulent Allgod (1 year ago)
3:25 OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joe Smoe (1 year ago)
RDR 2 isnt out til June 2018 you clickbait clown (;
M'n'M Taylor (1 year ago)
What about Assassins Creed Origins? That looks amazing!
All mighty Denzel (1 year ago)
I think you use far too much the word "neat".
AquaDronix (1 year ago)
Mass Effect Andromeda XD))
buddrfingrs (1 year ago)
DUAL UNIVERSE LOOKS FUKIN GREAT! Unfortunately, I have like 30 bucks and that won't build me a PC.
Abhi Kausthub (1 year ago)
what about POE from warframe, warframe has lost so much hype, its an amazing game
Red Ned (1 year ago)
Duel Universe? That sounds like Two Worlds
andrew o (1 year ago)
im so bummed that mass effect bombed
Aska2468 (1 year ago)
That moment when gameranx put Andromeda above Breath of the Wild back in January. Oh how wrong we all were.
ThisIsJimmy (1 year ago)
"if so, how did Link get there?" I'm not heaps well versed on the lore but aren't there chosen people throughout time who become Link? It's not the same guy.
BIO_ CYBERNETIC48 (1 year ago)
for me dual universe kind of looks like astroneer
Maniac BehindYou (1 year ago)
Who's watching these video because they are bored and don't know what to play ?
Trygve Dalen (1 year ago)
Why the fuck does the big team working on sniper: ghost warrior 3 think that the shell is soppused to be fired together with the bullet?
fomtorey (1 year ago)
Watch dogs 2?
Blue Fox (1 year ago)
Sniper ghost assassin gunslinger hitman soldier marine camo stealth warrior 3 looks decent.
TheWolffGamez (1 year ago)
Hmm... I think shadow of war should be on this list
Sipan Omar (1 year ago)
Rip crackdown...
daniel lambshead (1 year ago)
and what a disappointment wildlands turned out to be ..... stopped playing after 4 days !!!
Jack Noble (1 year ago)
When he says new games he really means games you can't get
Dara Buckley (1 year ago)
Yay it's on pc crackdown bitches
LukeOfTroy (1 year ago)
Really hope red dead gets a pc port
Azhar Patel (1 year ago)
so AC Origins isn't open world? xD
Green Guy (1 year ago)
WannabeG00D (1 year ago)
10:30 Oh well... xD
zhenyao tan (1 year ago)
All of is shitty game omg
Definitely Not The FBI (10 months ago)
Yep shitty because they have come out. L O G I C
Abdul Moez Khan (11 months ago)
zhenyao tan You are messed up
Andrew SSGSS (1 year ago)
Saints Row is fucking gay
will edits (1 year ago)
fallout 5?
Psycho Joe (1 year ago)
The second one is too good to be true its just going to be a another no man's sky.
Rickyfyied (1 year ago)
Caynen Brown (1 year ago)
Lol, at 3:26 the gun shot out the casing as well
Alessia Aikley (1 year ago)
Most of these games were shit lol. His predictions did not hold up well.
Geert Dhondt (1 year ago)
take a look at kingdoms,that is getting so much better with every update
MUSIC PLAYER (1 year ago)
I think that GTA 6 will be just good on this list.What do you think?
Zélina Preschia (1 year ago)
Best open world ? ZELDA WII U / SWITCH .
saphire addams (1 year ago)
I do not think No Mans Sky claimed to be anything. I think people hoped and assumed it would be better than it was, but really they delivered what they said that they would.
Nick Didntdoit (1 year ago)
Queen ffriday (1 year ago)
What does open world mean

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