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Stimulus Package?... BULL! By Dan Gonzales

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The truth about the un-stimulus package and the real intent of the blue blood politicians.
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josh g (6 years ago)
i cant take anyhing this guys says seriously since those stupid walmart videos. he just seems like a douche.
votefraudnet (9 years ago)
Gorbachev was and is a Communist and since he was the leader of an oppressive communist regime, he was the Dictator. Debt is never good because those who borrow are the servants from those who loan. You have been brain washed into believing debt is necessary to live or build business', not true if you know how to manage your money properly. The United States was created out of a need for the States to try and build a confederation of like minded neighbors who might benefit from a contract.
BJ gamache (9 years ago)
the rebels need a leader , this is the only way to do it we need a leader. for us to win this fight . does not need to be anone special, just someone who is smart and can help us organize
votefraudnet (9 years ago)
FEAR...rules most. There is nothing I can do for a man who will not take a stand. I do have deep sorrow for the families of these men as they will suffer terrible things. You think you have fear now? Wait until they drag your wife and daughter off to violate them!
newsman1290 (9 years ago)
I would like not to pay my taxes. But if I do that I will get thrown into the slammer or fined by these frauds. Also I would like to leave the U.S. But am short on cash how you do that.
CPAsheldon (9 years ago)
Keep waking more people up to the truth of what is happening!
rdmj1968 (9 years ago)
Right on dude! WAKE UP SHEEPLE no will help you except YOU! He is telling the truth.. God will not help you. NWO is REAL and it is happening. LOOK AT THE FACTS. THANKS for this, I hope it wakes people up!

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