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Luigi's Surprise: Short Christmas Lego Stop Motion

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To celebrate Christmas, I used the best of my talent and created this small Lego stop-motion video about Mario receiving a present from Luigi. Hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas to all!
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Text Comments (24)
Creepsington (7 days ago)
Nintendo 3DS.
Jose Marin (5 months ago)
more like mario's surprise
MIRSO MESINOVIC (6 months ago)
What the fox this video so cool
MIRSO MESINOVIC (6 months ago)
Ghzf. C das Emaksfsrqevbwwhtghaf g. Fcvq fjrqjdbq. VqrgnhwShrwncc vccs
Kager DCG (8 months ago)
I found this years ago. I still watch it today, it’s such a good video to watch when you’re feeling down.
MigueGamer LolXqxdd (10 months ago)
aqui ya solo faltan 4 dias para navidad
THE TOAST (11 months ago)
Epeelinen (1 year ago)
This video is great!
Jean Buis (1 year ago)
Nice video,i like this video good job
Carmelita Souza (1 year ago)
mario 3d
Gereld Russo (1 year ago)
Awsome vid
Tess McGrath (2 years ago)
Very sweet!
Mama M & GaBe (2 years ago)
MiloMarioPixelBrother (2 years ago)
Hilarious that I also got my 3ds that day ^3^
Long-Haired Luigi (3 years ago)
As a professional animator, I must say I enjoyed this a lot and found it very clever and imaginative. ;)
DFDvids (3 years ago)
Merry X-Mas!
Bushra Triebener (4 years ago)
Hallo. ich. bin. Mr. Bushra
UncommonComedy (4 years ago)
what's the song at the end?
Ty Hill Broussard (1 month ago)
Mario's sleigh ride
Markus Yap (4 years ago)
Go wegee :D merry Xmas :)
TobuscusEEdward (5 years ago)
Awesome but no prezzie for luigi
Ruthvik Battula (5 years ago)
cool animation!
Tony Lira (6 years ago)
I fucking love this bro! :D
nintendude1229 (6 years ago)
So awesome! Merry Christmas!

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