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Hands On with iOS 12's Shortcuts App

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Shortcuts is based on the Workflow app that Apple purchased in 2017, allowing users to create multi-step shortcuts using third-party apps, which can then be activated using a Siri voice command. The app is currently in beta but in this video we wanted to give you a general overview of the application and some of the cool shortcuts that you can use alongside Siri and how to create a custom shortcut. Read More - https://www.macrumors.com/2018/07/09/hands-on-with-ios-12-shortcuts-app/
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Text Comments (72)
Tone Ross (1 month ago)
Random Question: what mail app is that on your home screen?
Steve Goldfield (2 months ago)
I don't want to use Siri. I want to create button shortcuts to do oft-repeated tasks such as turning wifi on and off or updating all apps which has pending updates. I'm not having much luck finding documentation on how to create scripts.
apexxy (2 months ago)
Siri shortcuts sounds awesome, can't wait to try it.
Marilyn Weinhouse (2 months ago)
Add captions to your video so it is accessible by all!
John Stenborg (2 months ago)
...your’e bad at what you do in this lecture...are you a robot....when do breath...you sir...you are a very bad explainer...please do something else than whatever you think you do in this mechanical....hysterical...unpedagocical...robotic...bla bla bla...
Swampthing4REAL (2 months ago)
MY JUNK (2 months ago)
can the shortcut app import or share shortcuts with others and is it compatible with previous workflow scripts.
Nathaniel Vargas (3 months ago)
Do the shortcuts upload to iCloud? Are the commands shared on all your devices?
Darci Hanning (3 months ago)
My question, is how well do Shortcuts work with CarPlay — especially any Shortcut that uses any action that might invoke the corresponding CarPlay app (say a Shortcut that incorporates a “send text” action). Workflow’s “Home ETA” fails miserably if invoked while using CarPlay.
SleptOn (4 months ago)
My settings app makes me type out the phrase
Alexander Tambovsky (4 months ago)
I don't see people using this feature. Maybe geeks, but not normal people.
Casper S? (4 months ago)
So this is basically like Automator on iOS? That's great! - Not on my iPad on iOS 12 though. How do you get it? Is the beta only on iPhone right now? I don't have a testing iPhone - only iPad on betas for dev.
Drache Mitch (4 months ago)
Just think, it only took Apple a decade to bring Automator to iOS, imagine what will arrive after another decade!!! Terminal!
Eman M (4 months ago)
Apple is so behind, Android users have had these since 1972
Sameer Niaz Mohammad (2 months ago)
Did Android even exist in 1972 😜
Shamar Coke (5 months ago)
Who has time to even make shortcuts
Plus The Truth (5 months ago)
Its like a shitty jailbreak
Sohail Wahab (5 months ago)
I wish she could work offline for some stuff.
Andy Beyer-Bowden (5 months ago)
Wow. That is a really full-featured app. Very impressive.
Roberta Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Does anyone know the name of the messaging app on the springboard at the beginning of the video? The one with the paper plane in space?
Amateur Baker (5 months ago)
will Spotify work on the shortcuts app?
Andres Resendiz (5 months ago)
Who else thought they had a hair on their phone at around 0:29 seconds
CchyDee (3 months ago)
Walter White haha you’re not alone
Andres Resendiz (5 months ago)
Walter White alright, next time I’ll remember to not use my ass like you did to write your comment
Walter White (5 months ago)
Use your eyes next time fucktard
Bjorn Fleuren (5 months ago)
Come on AI, it should be able to do all of what your telling it to do just asking Siri, I'm not a programmer...
Chris Jones (5 months ago)
I will absolutely spend the time to make shortcuts!
Alex Buga (5 months ago)
Everybody thinks of this as a Siri enhancement. But the only thing Siri can do with it is RUN A SHORTCUT, and DISPLAY (READ) THE RESULT. But Shortcuts is much more than that. It's Automator from Mac OS on steroids. You can get all sorts of device status and create a stats with it, or you can run a SSH Command on a server and get the result. Or you can fetch a JSON from a website and parse the result. I know Workflow did this before. But having this as a first class citizen in iOS is nice. And I hope they'll update it with new functionality also.
A Husky Bear (5 months ago)
So it’s like google home but advertised as a “shortcut”
iDeniz (5 months ago)
Getting close to Jarvis in Iron Man, executes multiple action with single voice command
jimjam2050 (5 months ago)
Does the phone have to be unlocked to run the automation?
Bennett R. (5 months ago)
Soooo...Automator for iOS?
JCube (5 months ago)
If it’s made by Apple why does it have to open the app to run the shortcut? This is literally a rebranded Workflow app with no new features
Drache Mitch (4 months ago)
Not sure what "our data" has to do with implementing features that have been on macOS for literally over a decade.
Tech_ LoVeR 77 (5 months ago)
JCube it’s in beta right now! Later on it will open up the Siri ui for your shortcuts!
Douglas Ceretta Hamerski (5 months ago)
Walter White no, I think it’s because Apple doesn’t want to use our data like some other companies
Walter White (5 months ago)
Apple is really getting lazy
Douglas Ceretta Hamerski (5 months ago)
You can add to Siri, that’s the difference
Mathias Løkke Madsen (5 months ago)
I think it's what Siri should have had from the start.
adam music (5 months ago)
Siri is atrocious though. Fix Siri before this nonsense.
Ben O'Keefe (2 months ago)
Shortcuts is a hack to hide the fact that Siri can’t adequately perform sequential actions.
Drache Mitch (4 months ago)
Siri is in no way better than Google Assistant (or Alexa for that matter). Siri cannot do half of the things Assistant can do, and compared to GA and Alexa, there's basically no Smart Home support.
adam music (5 months ago)
Shamar Coke iPhones need better mics so Siri can hear me and not mess up everything i say. Capabilities are getting better. But theyre useless if it can’t hear or understand me.
Shamar Coke (5 months ago)
adam music it is getting better
adam music (5 months ago)
Douglas Ceretta Hamerski no its not. In any way.
Jerry Grey (5 months ago)
1:56, looks like Face ID activated when the shortcut was used.
Joseph Stunzi (5 months ago)
Really difficult to see your screen with that c stand in the phones reflection. Normally these are much better.
andrearusky (5 months ago)
Mhh you didn't show much... shortcuts to play a specific playlist? can't you do that already? How about some shortcuts for something like set up a timer to turn off the homekit lights? For example, I have the light panels (nanoleaf aurora) I can use siri to turn on and off these lights, but I'd like to set up a timer to turn off the lights automatically, like I can do it for the music..
Adam Cancel (5 months ago)
I see it as a Workflow V2 that Siri can call. really dont see it like an upgrade to Siri, Siri should still be a proactive assistant without me teaching it all
Julian Robinson (5 months ago)
Should I update to the beta?
EndMySuffering (5 months ago)
So far...It’s not like the demo of WWDC Extra steps need you to press “sent” and “ok” And it’s very slow. I hope will get better
John Warlow (2 months ago)
I've found this limits the usefulness of shortcuts. I wanted to create one to get directions home, text my wife my ETA and start a playlist. You can create a shortcut to get directions, but it won't start navigating until you hit OK. That means I have to ask "Siri Drive home", then have a separate shortcut to text my ETA and start the playlist. I shouldn't need this work around. Hopefully thinks like this will get fixed in a future update.
Gee Money (5 months ago)
Smh. Apple is the new Bixby. Collect all your data in the next two years..... and BAM. Now you have Apple assistance. Lol
Drache Mitch (4 months ago)
You have nothing to fear, huh? Okay, then post all your social media information and your home address. It will make your life easier. Oh, you won't share that with strangers on the internet? How is Apple different?
Douglas Ceretta Hamerski (5 months ago)
Apple doesn’t need to do this, google needs to collect lot of data because it’s a company based on internet services.
Gee Money (5 months ago)
Douglas Ceretta Hamerski I’m a Apple fan. But if you think Apple won’t be using your voice data and getting use to your habits. Probably you not looking at it the way I am.
Gee Money (5 months ago)
Paul Taylor that’s the whole thing about this beta. It’s not collecting your personal data. It’s going to learn what you want this new app to do by command. Taking that info and make it better years to come. Same as bixby.
Douglas Ceretta Hamerski (5 months ago)
Apple is not like Google 🙄
Jonathan Opsomer (5 months ago)
So instead of using AI or neural net integration that Siri would be able to learn for ex from options within apps and thus be able to make links itself, no we have to create a shortcut for every nifty thing we want it to be able to do. What a complete waste of time. We’re 2018 AI is everywhere yet for some reason Siri is still the dumbest assistant of them all and mostly just brings up web results.. pretty poor..
Adam Cancel (5 months ago)
yup! same thought!
Master piece (5 months ago)
How to download this shit?
The Flip artist (5 months ago)
Jeff Kingston (5 months ago)
The shortcuts created in this video were too basic to show what the app can really do. Siri can already run a playlist, or send a text. It would be a better video if you were able to show how string multiple actions together for some beneficial result. Go through what is included for shortcuts out of the box etc.
Alan Hughes (5 months ago)
I think you can now make a direct link from the home page to start playing a playlist.
Matthew Reynolds (5 months ago)
Is the ring on your table shone at 34 seconds from your HomePod?
Matthew Reynolds (5 months ago)
Sorry, shown... very cool to have the charger in the table. Thanks for making these videos.
Push #usepush (5 months ago)
Matthew Reynolds no. This is a table with a wireless Qi charger in it.
Michael Barber Jr (5 months ago)
Can't wait to use this!

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