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3 Black Ballerinas (Besides Misty Copeland) Turning the Dance World Around

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Ingrid Silva, Alison Stroming, & Courtney Lavine are all blazing new trails in the predominantly white ballet world — and their artistry will take your breath away. The hottest celebrity gossip, entertainment news, and pop culture video! Our POPSUGAR hosts bring you the latest celebrity updates, exclusive celebrity interviews, fun TV recaps and movie reviews, and pop culture mashups. We are huge fans of everyone from Beyonce and Angelina Jolie to Harry Styles and Jennifer Lawrence (and, of course, Ryan Gosling). Subscribe to POPSUGAR! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=popsugartv Check out the rest of the channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/PopSugarTV
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Text Comments (92)
Biracial Awareness. (14 days ago)
Misty Copeland is not black she is biracial. 2 of the ballerinas in this video are also mixed.
Clematis RGVideos (1 month ago)
Michaela Deprince of course and also Letizia Galloni (Paris Opera)
fdoctor (5 months ago)
Yes, the more the merrier! So excited to see these succeed!
Duuude WHAAT???!!!? (6 months ago)
They are all so beautiful. One day I hope to be like them and be an inspiration! Now I feel less discouraged, since I rarely see black dancers that can be graceful.
Biracial Awareness. (14 days ago)
If mixed people are so called 'black' then it would mean that all 'black' men worldwide could 'PROCREATE' with white women and claim to be 'PRESERVING' the black race. And their 'BIRACIAL' kids could do the same, and so could their 'QUADROON' grand kids and 'OCTOROON' great grand kids. It makes no 'BIOLOGICAL' sense.
Maimoona Tamanna (6 months ago)
I Just love your content so can I share it on my page https://www.instagram.com/marketmelanin/ ?
Z S (7 months ago)
why is it a white girl wearing a kimono is screamed at for 'cultural appropriation' but negroes dancing ballet (the caucasians artform) aren't told this? But instead cheered on? Seems racist to me.
Ester Willis (8 months ago)
Kiara Habity (8 months ago)
It’s nice to watch throw because I’m like the ONLY person in the studio who has dark skin. No one is ever mean about it and I love everyone there but I just feel like I stand out so much on stage and in a group dance
Peace and LOVE (8 months ago)
Michaela de prince , get your story right
Justin W (9 months ago)
Kitty phelta is #1
Bizeediva (9 months ago)
And let's not forget MICHAELA DEPRINCE.
Joy Gill (9 months ago)
Michaela DePrince?????????????????????????????????????????
Saphhire Gem (10 months ago)
Biracial Awareness. (14 days ago)
If mixed people are so called 'black' then it would mean that all 'black' men worldwide could 'PROCREATE' with white women and claim to be 'PRESERVING' the black race. And their 'BIRACIAL' kids could do the same, and so could their 'QUADROON' grand kids and 'OCTOROON' great grand kids. It makes no 'BIOLOGICAL' sense.
Jeni San San (10 months ago)
Michaela DePrince is hands down better than all of them, including Misty, just saying; a true artist brings tears to the eyes.
Laura Streeter (2 months ago)
ElvisRocket88 It's the reality of Misty Copeland's situation. She simply started too late, though no fault of her own. She was put on pointe 4 month after she started, long before she got control of her hyperextended legs and core center. She's never had great stability because of this.
ElvisRocket88 (8 months ago)
Wow, the lack of early training shows. That's harsh
Laura Streeter (9 months ago)
Jeni San San Yes! Last I heard Michaela was dancing for the Dutch National Ballet. I wish there were more videos of her dancing. Her turns and jumps are amazing and she's so much more polished than Copeland. I donno, I just don't get Misty Copeland. She's rather shaky and thuds around when she dances. The lack of early training shows. Precious Adams is another woooonderful African American dancer. She did an intensive with the Bolshoi Academy few years ago and she's with the English National Ballet now. Here's Precious Adams when she was ( I think) 17 years old. She was the winner in the 2014 Prix de Lausanne Finals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YT95D6leFNI
Jeni San San (9 months ago)
Laura Streeter She is still young though with a vivacious career ahead, and one that many people will be following. I can't wait to see how well she acts! Go Michaela!
Laura Streeter (9 months ago)
Jeni San San Yes, Michaela is wonderful! Misty's technique is not polished and a bit shaky. Michaela should have been promoted as the first black principal instead of Misty.
belinda hawkins (10 months ago)
I’m so glad that there r more ballerinas of beauty and color As a child I would stand toe pointed down until my pointed toe Collapsed backwards Without shoes Thought I could hold my toes straight and didn’t need the shoes I didn’t have
Angelo Adriatico (10 months ago)
Rosie Wilson (10 months ago)
Michaela DePrince should be part of this
Icarrus Legrand (10 months ago)
You didn’t even need to put nor say “besides Misty Copeland.” And DTH doesn’t prioritize Black dancers.
Ms Marks (10 months ago)
Devon Beard (10 months ago)
... My 6 yr old daughter was kicked out of the CPS after school ballet class hosted by Joffery by a school/ teacher assistant ( i won’t name any names). This incident traumatized my little daughter and it hurt to see her ignore her pain. She even pulled the joffery ballet instructor aside and privately asked to rejoin one day all on her own. I plan to get her back into dance when we move back to Atlanta. I won’t let her turn her backon her dreams especially behind a nasty discouraging scarcist woman. I had to explain to my daughter that she’s going to run it to plenty of those and Rule #1 is Dignity! and to always hold your head high. We’ll go somewhere else
H F (3 days ago)
What an awful thing to happen to a kid unless your kid did something awful. But the teacher sounds like a dragon. Maybe your daughter is just better off without that teacher. Hope she finds a nice one.
anthony barlow (10 months ago)
I think its so funny reading these comments especially from the unhappy Redboic it can't be we just enjoy the video and for the record just cause your skin is light does not mean your not black DID ANYONE LISTEN TO JAY Z'S SINGLE OJAY
Belinda Scott (10 months ago)
Go ladies black girl magic.
Biracial Awareness. (14 days ago)
If mixed people are so called 'black' then it would mean that all 'black' men worldwide could 'PROCREATE' with white women and claim to be 'PRESERVING' the black race. And their 'BIRACIAL' kids could do the same, and so could their 'QUADROON' grand kids and 'OCTOROON' great grand kids. It makes no 'BIOLOGICAL' sense.
Enlightened (10 months ago)
Beautiful talented dancers ... black people still breaking barriers in 2017 Sometimes I wish I could just discover a land that we black people could call our own (HOME). Where our little sons and daughters could feel love and acceptance and not have to keep reinventing the wheel in every walk of life... Having to prove yourself over and over again.... it would be fine where it based on your skill and talent but we all know it’s not.. IT’S THE DISCRIMINATION ELEPHANT IN EVERY ROOM YOU WALK IN WHERE YOU NEED TO BE VALIDATED BY WHITE AMERICA WHO HAS NEVER, PROBABLY WILL NEVER ACCEPT YOU BLACK FOLK... and I’m ok with that ... but we are in their house, even though they stole it ... And being in their house is the equivalent to being on the plantation... We help whom we will and if you been a good N***a ... Which may require you to sell out your brother/sister while you lie to their face. BLESSED IS THE CHILD THAT’S GOT HIS OWN WHEN YOU IN SOMEONE ELSE’S HOUSE YOU ARE AT THEIR MERCY....GOTTA FOLLOW THEIR RULES RIGHT OR WRONG, FAIR OR UNFAIR AND IF YOU JUST TRY TO LEAVE THIS MODERN DAY PLANTATION... there are all kind of barriers out there on purpose to run you right back to be a Servant /second class citizen ... I commend you ladies.. You are beautiful gracious elegant and so so talented and no one can take that away from you Them refusing to acknowledge you is simply jealousy, and HATRED, and they mostly want to keep you out of a predominantly white art...This rabbit hole runs so deep I would have to write a book to elaborate more... Love you my sisters❤️ YOU ARE CHAMPIONS!!!
Mr. Sonny Truth (10 months ago)
But you know the white girls are going to be on their racial bull shit cause they're weaker and they just about lose their minds when they see those sisters dancing and realize fuck they are really great and that beautiful black skin looks even better doing it... Lol
Randi Kirwan (10 months ago)
Why hinder someone that have such awesome talent. Why should the color of their matter? enough is enough.
bizzyfit (10 months ago)
wow, never heard of these ladies!
Laitalafraise (10 months ago)
Michaela DePrince??
Obdulia Fuller (10 months ago)
Yes a. Long. Road. Because. They. Make. To. Be. Long. Road. For. Black. People. )).
RCB (10 months ago)
Thank you and God bless you for sharing, PopSugar!
mslewis191 (11 months ago)
Go Girls!!!!!
Yvette Jones (11 months ago)
Mavina I (11 months ago)
Yass. Love a black woman who is driven, mission oriented and hopeful. God bless their beautiful talents. Amazing dancers❤❤🙌
Biracial Awareness. (14 days ago)
If mixed people are so called 'black' then it would mean that all 'black' men worldwide could 'PROCREATE' with white women and claim to be 'PRESERVING' the black race. And their 'BIRACIAL' kids could do the same, and so could their 'QUADROON' grand kids and 'OCTOROON' great grand kids. It makes no 'BIOLOGICAL' sense.
Itz Me Myrdell (11 months ago)
You forgot Michaela DePrince!?
A Beautiful Journey (11 months ago)
I'm happy for these women and that their determination and success is being recognized. As for some of the comments, it reminded me of when I was in elementary school. A box of crayons would be put on the table for us to share, and people would start fighting and arguing over certain colors! It was ignorant back then, but we were little so it's understandable. As adults, it's pure ignorance!
A Beautiful Journey (10 months ago)
Ms Marks Thanks!🌹
Ms Marks (10 months ago)
A Beautiful Journey very well said
Shirley Siphoo (11 months ago)
I think diversity is great, everyone has something to contribute😄
Mrssewhardtoplease (11 months ago)
Michaela DePrince
Rosie Blue (4 months ago)
+Bad and Bouhgi Lily mine too I'd love to see her work with Misty Copeland
2dasimmons (5 months ago)
2dasimmons (5 months ago)
Right! What happened to fabulous Michaela?
Just Sayori (7 months ago)
My fav African ballet dancer is Michaela Deprince
ElvisRocket88 (8 months ago)
Michaela DePrince soars above the others with her strength, courage and style. She is so dynamic but also an artist to the coure
Denise Eugene (11 months ago)
When given a chance we excel everywhere ....
Elisa Griffith (10 months ago)
Denise Eugene everyone anyone can excell. These moms need to their children involved arts.
Dangeruss Curvs (10 months ago)
Meet up Speak up (11 months ago)
Man, growing up I did not know people of color wasn't wanted as ballet and modern dancers, just imagination if a 13 teen years would've ran away from home to join the NYC board way company, she would've been stuck on the street of New York. ..... Everything happens for a reason
Fayanna Rena (11 months ago)
Michaela deprince?
Ashley Grice (11 months ago)
This video is so ignorant, it's disgusting.
Lily marsie (10 months ago)
Ashley Grice how so?
sonyapeach (11 months ago)
All Black ballerinas are dope. One doesn't have to be overrated then the other. They all have their own technique. There needs to be more Black Ballet dancers. Also it was very rude of popsugar to title this video 3 black ballerinas "besides" Misty Copland. How about you just highlight the success of these 4 women for there hard work, focus, and determination instead of putting one down. I don't see you doing this to white ballet dancers.
Lily marsie (10 months ago)
sonyapeach I don't think they were trying to put anyone down. People know about Misty and saying besides Misty means as if there are more. Plus they do it to white people too it is just a human marketing scheme they aren't saying anything bad about Misty either. Apparently you don't look at enough things with white people or other people of different races because this is common it isn't only a black thing.
RedboiC (11 months ago)
Y'all so stupid when did any of you become the authority on who is truly black?? Sounds just like some ignorant ass American and I'm black and American, but yeah I said it
deborahmoses (1 year ago)
miss m deprince........excellent
deborahmoses (1 year ago)
misty .....overated
Laura Streeter (2 months ago)
deborahmoses Very much so. I agree.
Chelsea Dungan (1 year ago)
I’m not a fan of Misty Copeland’s technique, but these girls look better. Much better. And miss DePrince is amazing too.
Lily marsie (10 months ago)
Nile Jay yes she did start late but that really doesn't matter! I love Misty's dancing while in company! But when she toured with prince it was a little immodest!! But she is still an excellent dancer.
Nile Jay (10 months ago)
But didn't Misty start later than most aspiring ballet dancers?
Lily marsie (10 months ago)
Chelsea Dungan same but I do think Misty is good as well. I totally see what you are saying.
Sylvia Herrera (1 year ago)
poetry in motion.... so happy for their success!
BeautifulDiva1913 (1 year ago)
The shade is real.
ImportanceOfWhatever (1 year ago)
What about michaela de prince?? She's amazing!
Laura Huynh (2 months ago)
She went through the most hardships. She deserves to be noticed.
2dasimmons (5 months ago)
Asteri ETERNAL (11 months ago)
I was surprised that Michaela was not included!
Chelsea Dungan (1 year ago)
ImportanceOfWhatever yes I agree!
Kory Kent (1 year ago)
Ingrid Silva is the only black one though
Cee Gabe (10 months ago)
Kory Kent Why is is for centuries, whites and darker blacks have forced mixed-race women and men to be "ONE DROP BLACK ONLY" but if they achieve anything of significance they are relegated to the back of the BLACK/WHITE bus. And woe be it If anyone dares to call them pretty first. No can do. Only whites and darker blacks can have that privilege. Yet some darker people want to be lighter and some white people prefer tan-darkened skin to feel beautiful. Go figure. MAJOR HEADLINE: WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL IN THE SIGHT OF GOD. And how we treat others and our positive characteristics can add the cherry on top.💝💝 ALL OF US R BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.💝💝💝
Zigzag Professional (1 year ago)
Michaela Deprince? What about her
porchia4 (9 months ago)
Lol she's too black! All these girls none are of African decent. And Michaela is really full blown African American. That's why. They are trying to act like black ballerinas get credit when due. But we'll all know that's a lie
petrice dobson (11 months ago)
Zigzag Professional Exactly!
Ziegler (1 year ago)
AngelBaby Lo (1 year ago)
Zigzag Professional THATS WHAT I CAME DOWN TO COMMENT!!!!!!!!
islandgirl2111 (1 year ago)
Good info. However, please note that these ladies are ballet dancers. The term "ballerina" is technically only used to refer to principal dancers.
Flora Greystone (9 months ago)
antigua26 No, ballet dancers. Unless you live in Italy, only principal dancers are ballerinas. Primas are the #1 within a company, but there are usually several ballerinas within a company. Really, google it.
antigua26 (10 months ago)
islandgirl2111 no they are ballerinas. a prima ballerina is the principal. Where did you obtain this info?
belinda hawkins (10 months ago)
islandgirl2111 So there r no black ballerinas at all!!!!! Just ballet dancer?!??!? Or maybe a temporary basis in 2015 for Ms Lavine
k d (1 year ago)
where's Michaela DePrince??
Volition Spark (1 year ago)
I am so pleased and proud of these ladies.  Fly!

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