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Thanks To This My Husband Is Now a Bull!

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Rajeevan Pillai (8 months ago)
Used one kg ginseng root, no use. I don't want to be a bull.That can't bear my wife. But want to be like a human being with normal sexual life.
Jedia Allawi (9 months ago)
ProlargentSize has helped my husband’s penis size !! He's 37 years old. Now, everything is ready for action. He seems to have more energy and stamina during the act and can go longer. It's gave him a boost of confidence in the bedroom that was desperately needed. With the amazing difference it's made in him;)
Best Tongkat Ali (9 months ago)
This is interesting info. I have an equally important info on my channel regarding to enhance sexual performance 😀
ima piledriver (10 months ago)
more bs
Rod Morrison (7 months ago)
ima piledriver .
kimfa makkonen (11 months ago)
Damiana,gensing combined with sarsaprilla and drank as tea three times a day has been giving my wife and i alot of joy since 1997 to this day.thank you mother nature
Douglas Wigg (1 month ago)
kimfa makkonen 9
OmarLi Li (6 months ago)
Mr Kima,could please let me know how long to take it, is it for only one day or need t drink it everyday?for how many days also if i cant find damiana hebs in my area can i use the one as pills from pharmacy?? also sarsapilla, i dont think it is available in uk,most things u wouldnt find in uk as sarsapilla ginseng damiana, even the celery root its almost none heard of it, i tried to get celery root for my grand dad he have an issue only celery root helps and nothing and nowhere to find the celery root in uk. except shops they have celeriac which is not same.. any advice on these items? regards
andreas dragon (11 months ago)
Hey, where did you get this tea. Only capsules are available on market. :( Would love to try this tea. Thanks :)
Jayne Chege (11 months ago)
Thnkz....info so important and educative health wise
Victor Taylor (10 months ago)
Jayne Chege
probby Chiwoko (11 months ago)
This imfor awesome
Edutainment (1 year ago)
thanks... great info... i will try these
Stephen Ramias (10 months ago)
T1j ‘
StormyStars (1 year ago)
Ginger root grows naturally near places where mint and Seneca root grows as well. It is smaller but the same.

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