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Murda tv & crew's run in with Black0ut81, echoics, kdwolf & Jam Jar

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Jam Jar blames Murda, then only Murda's teammates for stream sniping. Why not claim cheating when you're losing a pvp battle, right?
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thedisciple25 (2 years ago)
Battle of the overinflated ego's...
Sheldon Dinkleberg (2 years ago)
Or maybe it was miscommunication that Jam wasnt in the TS most of the time and didnt know what was going on so he assumed there were not 3-4 guys instead of just 2?
Andrew Pomeroy (2 years ago)
+Optimus Gamer lol yea,
AmazingAndy101 (2 years ago)
I agree, really made himself look stupid imo
Ranger8 (3 years ago)
Who ultimately won
Tombstone416 (2 years ago)
+Ranger8 nobody, most streamers are pretty average players when by themselves and not protected by other people lol.

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