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Stimulus package, what a joke. FED keeps rates low, inflation to follow

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The Stench of Truth (16) A stimulus package for the flagging economy is like putting a band-aid on your severed arm. No one wants to talk about what really needs to be done. The FED will continue to keep rates low for now to prevent a recession (that we're already in). The "stimulus" is a joke. Only one more year of this administration barring another 9/11, or martial law and canceled elections. Ron Paul number two in Nevada! He'll still be ignored, sadly. I hope that at least his policies will have some impact on a future administration.
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cuddlebuttons (10 years ago)
VERY VERY VERY well said. congratulations, you care!
deadizle (10 years ago)
damn! you keep little girls down there? :)
Ted Torbich (10 years ago)
My Stench of Truth no. 27 here on Youtube.
audiogarden21 (10 years ago)
no. 27 you say? I am not entirely sure what that is, could you please elaborate. Thanks.
Ted Torbich (10 years ago)
I hope that we do, someday. See no. 27 for some not so good news about why we might not ever have the chance.
Ted Torbich (10 years ago)
Thanks, but it's just my basement wall.
Ryan L (10 years ago)
Nice background!
audiogarden21 (10 years ago)
It's almost enough to make ya want to vomit isn't it guys? Even of Dr. Paul doesn't get elected, the American people will see that who ever DOES become president, will not do what they promised as most presidents do, and then they will wonder what in the hell they were thinking(which obviously if they elect anyone else, they weren't thinking for themselves, instead the media was). The truth of the matter is, we the people outnumber these elitists probably a million to one. They'll get theirs.
Ted Torbich (10 years ago)
Thanks I'll keep on keeping on.
Troy Megill (10 years ago)
Keep the truth going brother. Its the time of transparency.
Ted Torbich (10 years ago)
All comments are true as hell.
manvoltaire (10 years ago)
What's a $145 billion stimulus package going to achieve that an almost $1trillion stimulus package in Iraq couldn't?

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