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If You Ever See This Tree, Run Fast And Yell For Help!

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Which trees are dangerous to humans? There are over 3 trillion trees on our planet that clean our air, help prevent water pollution and soil erosion, and provide us with oxygen and shade on a hot day. Some plants and trees, however, aren’t exactly that good since they’re super dangerous and can seriously hurt you or even kill. If you ever see any of them, don’t touch them and ask for help to remove them. When the fruit of the sandbox tree matures, it becomes dark brown and explodes, shooting seeds a whopping 150 miles per hour in all directions. You can imagine what a serious injury that could cause if you get in the way of these organic bullets. If a child or dog eats just one or two of cherry trees’ leaves, they’ll suffer from a horrible stomachache. And if they eat more than that, they’ll most likely end up with cyanide poisoning. If children or dogs eat or chew on Buckeyes, they’ll most likely suffer from vomiting and diarrhea. Pets may have troubles breathing or start to stagger and shake. If you have an Ohio buckeye tree near your house, your best and safest bet is to pick up all the nuts and twigs and keep them out of your kids' and pets' reach. You’re unlikely to swallow two hundred seeds or munch on twenty apple cores, which is the fatal dosage for people. But if pets and other animals eat too many apples, it can easily kill them. Some of the cerbera odollam’s components are used to make deodorants and pesticides, but in its pure form, the cerbera odollam can be deadly. Manchineel tree is covered in poisonous sap, and if it comes in contact with your skin, it can cause blindness. Do not burn manchineel wood even if you have nothing else at hand to start a fire. The smoke from this fire will definitely lead to eye inflammation and even temporary blindness. Music: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music TIMESTAMPS The sandbox tree 1:06 The cherry tree and its relatives 2:07 The Ohio buckeye 3:16 The apple and crabapple tree 4:15 The cerbera odollam 5:12 The manchineel tree 5:57 SUMMARY -If you get the sap of sandbox tree in your eyes, blindness can become a frighteningly real possibility. If you accidentally eat the fruit, your body will have an almost instant reaction with cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea. -The cherry and its relatives release particular chemicals that later metabolize into cyanide, poisoning with which can easily and quickly become fatal. -All parts of the Ohio buckeye tree contain saponins, which are chemicals that depress the central nervous system. -The leaves, stems, and seeds of apple trees contain that very same chemical as in cherry trees that’s metabolized into cyanide during digestion. -The cerbera odollam grows in South Asia and India, where some desperate people are willing to end their lives just by eating the extremely toxic fruit of this tree. -Highly toxic milky sap oozes out of the tree’s leaves, bark, and fruit. It contains all kinds of toxins, but the most lethal is phorbol. Even if you haven't swallowed the fruit but just bitten into it, its juice will lead to painful boils that will cover your throat and the insides of your mouth. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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BRIGHT SIDE (29 days ago)
Do you remember this guy? 2:13 I love him! 😄 And these super dangerous plants might grow in your backyard! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RWnkFaj5_s&
Jaden Hernandez (2 days ago)
Lol Friends
Holly Murrell (8 days ago)
I luv that guy 2 #luvJoey #friends
tamia noel (9 days ago)
pronounced Tobago wrong 😪
Wolf King (11 days ago)
I have experienced the spiked trees well what could have looked like them
Lena G (14 days ago)
BRIGHT SIDE Bright Side where do you get your facts? Because most of your videos can be debunked and are extremely misleading.
Ellie Trost (12 hours ago)
Each like I add an emoji starting with mine 😋
Ellie Trost (12 hours ago)
:sees tree :me calls police :police what’s your emergency! :me THERES A TREE :Police sorry... we have to many tree cases
ArseniiG (1 day ago)
i gave you a dislike because you scared me!
Super Bloxer (1 day ago)
Stop clickbaiting now
Eve Williams (1 day ago)
*walking down road* *sees cherry tree* *screams and runs*
Unkown Anonymous (3 days ago)
I am gonna run but not shout because there is nobody their to kidnap me or try to shoot me
Meg Symonds (3 days ago)
Mackay Cedar Trees in Central Queensland, Australia. When cutting them down their dust enters people’s lungs and causes severe pain
Sophie Ullmer (3 days ago)
oh ma gawsh i love world records books :D
Peanut Bubbles (3 days ago)
I have a question I have a cherry tree in my front yard except it doesn’t bloom any more so is it still dangerous???
David Jones (4 days ago)
Hhhmmmm let's see I live in Northeast Ohio and you can roast and eat the buckeye had a cherry tree in the back yard as kid and the people behind us had Apple trees in theirs and you want to know what I've lived to be 52 years old so far
A normal Otaku (4 days ago)
Imma touch it
nariah Faith (4 days ago)
Me:HELP 911 I SAW A TREE 911:what tree Me:I do not know 911:are you a kid your voice sound like it Me:ya can you fill my bottle 911: hangs up
Corey Sapp (4 days ago)
Advise never go outside
Eleanor Jun (4 days ago)
This is why. I don't go outside~ ε≡≡ヘ( ´Д`)ノ
Mateo Delgado (4 days ago)
Why r trees dangerous😭😭😭😭
bella mcbride (5 days ago)
imm okayyy iv never been close to ANY of these trees :)
pu san do (5 days ago)
I have seen the sand box tree but nothing happend.-.
레이니 (5 days ago)
Their called buckeye nuts? My family calls them monkey balls, we used to throw them at eachother when we were kids.
beef boss (5 days ago)
Extremely dangerous trees *causes stomache aches*
tinotenda kuchivirika (5 days ago)
I am spooked
DEEJAYA2C (5 days ago)
Then how do we get apples if apple trees are dangerous
DEEJAYA2C (5 days ago)
Then how do we get cherry’s if cherry trees are dangerous
Angel The Pau'an (6 days ago)
Well the guy was right I will never see trees awesome as I have again.
Felicity Seal (6 days ago)
I'm really sorry but pls don't play the music it scared my sister btw good video
If you see this channel run away and ask for help
Gary Labiano (6 days ago)
if you see a tree run and call 911
Chanlli Botha (6 days ago)
I love thissss
Yashovardhan Biswas (7 days ago)
i ate a cherry tree leave once but none happened
Michelle Kasouf (7 days ago)
i am never going apple picking again
josip jamuljak (8 days ago)
I don't even take a bite of any froot in my life
Luke Drummond (8 days ago)
I mean I have eaten apples...
Ha08 M27 (8 days ago)
Cyborg Herobrine (9 days ago)
why are apple and cherry trees on the list they are not so bad and they are kinda good
jr2280 (9 days ago)
1:10 if you see this girl in the forest, do her.
UltiAaronSlayer X (9 days ago)
Apple seeds are bad right?! What about the apples them self
Prakhar MLBB (10 days ago)
If you see me.. Run fast and ask for autograph
Theresa Lynn (10 days ago)
If you see a flower with a smiley face, run and call for help!
Brian Meeks (10 days ago)
And I thought the only danger a Buckeye posed was sending Quarterbacks to the NFL that end up becoming Wide Receivers...
Maricela Bahena (10 days ago)
I never seen these trees
12 Free (10 days ago)
Oooh you really shouldn't have put this video up. what it sounds like to me is all someone has to do is mix the tree sap of some of these trees with water and put it in a water gun. also you've taught 5,062,716 people (including me) how to make Cyanide. as if the fact that Water Hemlocks grow pretty much every place there's water wasn't bad enough now apple trees and cherry trees are poison factories too.
shey le_queen (10 days ago)
The way he pronounced Tobago😂😂😂😂Im from Tobago😁
stilltlrforlife (10 days ago)
You did not mention the sumac tree
Carbide The superhero (11 days ago)
Ha I already don’t ever go outside
Lady Raven (11 days ago)
Tobago is pronounced To Bay Go
bazingidae (11 days ago)
The background...music? Makes me want to run and scream for help
X Dash Dash (11 days ago)
Bruh fake
Ginette Small (11 days ago)
Well...I’m allergic to carrots so?
Gralor Gardens (11 days ago)
I nearly ate a little positionenes apple
Nie powiem kto (11 days ago)
Why? It won't start to chase you with a knife
KELLY WU (11 days ago)
They make it sound less scarier then it is This channel has made me so scared I don’t visit beaches, forests, lakes, etc
Jon Jones (11 days ago)
Wish there was another dislike button
Intelligirl Master (12 days ago)
For every like I will put a random emoji 🥳
Newton forgot to subscribe. He was busy playing with apples
Kumboy Ace (12 days ago)
Actually you havr to yell when you lost at all tree and briken tree
Alvin Madelo (12 days ago)
Hey others are healthy right
Gary Flack (12 days ago)
They should chop them up so nobody has to worrie about it
Crystal Herman (12 days ago)
Why did nature do this to us???
Mythical Fluorite (12 days ago)
I once ate to many apples and had a terrible gas pocket
Tom Calom (13 days ago)
Good video
Silver bullet Pro (13 days ago)
Adam and Eve ate the fruit and look at the world now
Silver bullet Pro (13 days ago)
Punching a tree in minecraft
Lydia Belle Jenson (13 days ago)
Not the *Cherry* trees!
paul ojelede (13 days ago)
Wonderful info thanks
Nissi Vlogs (12 hours ago)
For every like I will put a random emoji! 😀😃😄😁
Undagan Knuckles (4 days ago)
Nissi Vlogs waaaaaaaàws
Lo Fi Cat (14 days ago)
Ok... this channel is annoying, over using animation and cringy cartoon
Matthew Schadle (14 days ago)
Wait I ate a crab apple before
Thresiamma George (14 days ago)
I love bright side 🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐂🐖
Trecia Gracie (14 days ago)
It's to bay go
jade goodman (12 days ago)
You should say (Toe-bay-go) I watched this whole video and that's the one thing that annoyed me the most. How is it you make a video like this and don't do any research on how to properly pronounce the island's name?
I seen the 2nd 3rd and 4th if you mean every apple tree 🍎
Shayna Jansen (15 days ago)
My mom's friend who recently passed had a cherrie tree. My old school had a Ohio buckeye and apple tree.
johan klassen (15 days ago)
Do you have to run why not call for help let people think how nuts you are 😂😂😂😭😭😭
Zyra (15 days ago)
It's pronounced as Tow-BAY-Go. Take it from someone from there 🙄
Daijah Reyes (16 days ago)
The pretty white tree yea I took a picture with my sister next to it and my sisters stomach started hurting next day she was a fine
helios the sun king (16 days ago)
my tree is dangerous. it can cause child support
Dylanblue 56 (17 days ago)
Jason Vermette (17 days ago)
so if i see an apple tree i should run and call for help? What are you going to say to people, "there was an apple tree over there i almost died!!"
MrFrancinnio (17 days ago)
Bruh, the tree isn't gonna grow some huge legs and Chase you down wearing a hockey mask and wielding a machete
Nelson Quinto (17 days ago)
If you see everything run fast and yell for help.
Patricia Rodriguez (17 days ago)
my question is isint there a manzanilla tea out there how do they get it if the tree is so dangerous?
Christopher benavidez (17 days ago)
i saw that tree and no wonder i got injured
solar flare (18 days ago)
Wow, you shouldn't let your kids eat leaves off the ground. Go figure.
hon da (18 days ago)
If you ever see a brightside video of if you see this run away and call help click it
Joshua Garrawy (18 days ago)
Erich Erich (18 days ago)
10:20 is so creepy
KovendhanVenugopal (18 days ago)
Tamil. Thalattu
K Boys (18 days ago)
000:helo how can I help me: I the shops have fruit
K Boys (18 days ago)
I delt with all of these im steeve irwin il be you hostt today crickey crickey crickey
Glitter Grl Power (18 days ago)
Wow are you really sure because I been right next to a cherry tree
Scott Collins (18 days ago)
SJacksack (18 days ago)
I Love you’re videos
Itz_Kat Heart (18 days ago)
*911 has left the chat*
kagouras4life (18 days ago)
Isn't the first tree figs tree?
Crumb (19 days ago)
Yes I ate a Apple off a Apple tree but nothing happened to me But I also ate a leave off of a choke cherry tree and I had cramps for 3 hours😖💩💩💩💩💩
Diss Track (19 days ago)
*Tree has joined the chat* **Tree has left the chat**
Rachel Sterns (19 days ago)
A Name (19 days ago)
Toxic Gummy (19 days ago)
My mamaw had 1 of those trees in her yard I don't know what kind it was though.🤔😐
Jaahnavi Sivani (19 days ago)
Wow😶😱😱. Never thought that trees could be this dangerous. From now on I'll probably think 10 times before touching an unknown tree. Well thanks for the video though. It's gonna be really helpful in forest trips.
dawei wang (19 days ago)
I never had to deal with any of them because I never go outside and I never had any of the trees

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