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TOP 10 MINECRAFT MINIGAMES FOR 1.10 (1.9 & 1.10)

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Top 10 Minecraft Minigames for Version 1.9 2016 Today we go over the 10 best minigames that are all available in Minecraft version 1.9. #10 - Splegg (play.hivemc.com) #09 - Egg Wars (play.Cubecraftgames.net) #08 - Dragon Escape (us.mineplex.com) #07 - Block Hunt (us.mineplex.com) #06 - Warlords (mc.hypixel.net) #05 - Smash Heroes (mc.hypixel.net) #04 - Block Party (play.hivemc.com) #03 - The Lab (play.hivemc.com) #02 - Survival Games (mcgamer.net) #01 - Skywars (mc.hypixel.net) ►Consider Subscribing ? https://www.youtube.com/TheMCYShow ►My Twitter : https://twitter.com/MatrixPlaysYT ►Royalty Free Music And Sounds : http://www.audiomicro.com/ ►Thumbnail Artists https://www.youtube.com/user/xToxicHDTVx https://www.youtube.com/user/KirbyGra... ►Animator https://www.youtube.com/user/blueanim... TAGS: Best Minecraft Minigames 1.9 Top Minigames for Minecraft All minigames in minecraft Best Minigame Server for Minecraft Minecraft 1.9 Minigames Review Best Minigames for Minecraft Minecraft 1.9 Server Minecraft 1.9 Minigames Review Top 10 Minecraft Minigames of all time Minecraft Server Review
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Text Comments (88)
Tobias Van den Eynde (2 months ago)
shoot your eggs? this sounds wrong in so many ways
Captain Kawaii Cactus (2 months ago)
Eggwars is just bedwars
mr Rey (3 months ago)
Why Login No ?
ForeverPlayGAMES (6 months ago)
Ehmmmm gravity? bedwars???
KIDCALI & YOUNG CALI (9 months ago)
Bomber lobbers
Me Stesso (10 months ago)
Nice Top
Noob Leks (10 months ago)
But buildbattle?
Altzy (10 months ago)
Omg I saw doni bones in your dragons game omg he’s a huge youtuber
completely cara (11 months ago)
eggwars is pretty much a copy of bedwars :/
Fliqpy the killer (1 year ago)
Where is annihilation and bedwars?
rottenbro FILMS (1 year ago)
Build battle 😕
Liquad NL (1 year ago)
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Dekstar (1 year ago)
but way 1.9 ?
Killua Zoldyck (1 year ago)
18 seconds and already in to the lidt nice, some people have 15 second intros(btw yours is fast and cool) and talk about fake gift card giveaways for 2 minutes, great job!!
Carmen Garcia (1 year ago)
Number 10 is basically tumble
iMathuew (1 year ago)
Who saw doni bobes from dragon escape
Altzy (10 months ago)
The Penguin Craft I did
Geraldine (1 year ago)
3:05 Was that Doni Bobes playing with you or a fake?
Geraldine (1 year ago)
"Splegg came out on Mineplex." Seriously mate?
Plank Power (1 year ago)
Um there is a repeat of skyward at the end
Viper HugZ (1 year ago)
it's like that so we can see him win
DuckBrine4 Channel (1 year ago)
Speed hax too much! xD
ok (1 year ago)
Editing ..
LegendGaming__YT X (1 year ago)
Great... Since I'm banned from hypixel
Crystal Comet (1 year ago)
DaSheepy (1 year ago)
wait doni bobes played dragon escape when this was filmed, doni bobes owns a server called the performium server and uploads hacker vs owner and troolling vids for people who didnt know
ItsAsum (1 year ago)
My list: 10. Blocking Dead 9. Bawk Bawk Battles 8. Hyperdrive 7. Micro Battles 6. Dragon Escape 5. X-Run 4. Death Run 3. Survival Games 2. Build Battles 1. Skywars Insane (Teams mode also includes)
probably because you play on hackplex
ItsAsum (1 year ago)
I can get that, my friend BawkChicken (*whisper* : who you should totally go check oooouuuuuut) who's really good at pvp, just to prove it, he was the 72nd best skywars player, said he doesn't really like it as much as solo because he likes rushing islands, and he does it like instantly, he always try's to rush the next island, but he always forgets about the team mate and dies lol. I respect your choice, and I wasn't really saying both of them are #1, I was just saying "Insane Skywars is without a doubt the best mini game, but Teams mode is also ok"
PIT MGN (1 year ago)
ItsAsum I don't like so much team skywars cause you probably know, in team usually there's more noobs and hackers, and hackers are always in the others teams ;)
Siphon (1 year ago)
Nexus for Survival Games
Herox Archive (1 year ago)
JC/Lucky (1 year ago)
Herox Archive kinda
ItsAsum (1 year ago)
Herox75 egg wars came out LONG before bed Wars did.
PMB (1 year ago)
ur kinda dumb cuz some of these games are in 1.8
Suniq (1 year ago)
HIve :D
Alsend Drake (1 year ago)
microgames. I'm making a world with a bunch of minigames with my bro.
Ivan Bilić (1 year ago)
Nice video! Subscribed
Ivan Bilić (1 year ago)
Egg wars and survival games are my favorite minigames :D
GamerGall (1 year ago)
U repeated in the end
Mαŕ ouane (6 months ago)
lmao lol
TheBlackCreeper2027 (1 year ago)
Vermilion (1 year ago)
Apexio (1 year ago)
YoMamaLlama (5 months ago)
but eggwars is better
Psycho Person (8 months ago)
bedwars its not eggwars , bedwars is a copy of eggwars , but it has other features. It isnt the same as eggwars
Ivan Bilić (1 year ago)
JaylenBrownHighlights (1 year ago)
bedwars is a copy of eggwars
XDgamingz (2 years ago)
lol im banned in all of those
AustinAndGaming (2 years ago)
did anyone else see that he was playing with donibobes on dragon escape?
Vajexus Plays (1 year ago)
AustinAndGaming yup
Nameless Stewbox (1 year ago)
lol was just about to comment that
DupeTuber (1 year ago)
AustinAndGaming yeah
Perplexed (2 years ago)
U were playin with youtuber popularmmos
Perplexed (2 years ago)
I love egg wars, or is it warlords, OR MONEY WARS
XxSNIPERSQUIDxX (2 years ago)
they have wizards on mineplex witch is kinda like warlords
NiroNicks (2 years ago)
Awesome Video! I Subscribed!
KimTheCoconut (2 years ago)
KimTheCoconut (2 years ago)
+MatrixPlays - Minecraft & More ikr >.<
ItsMatrix (2 years ago)
Dang! That's a weird coincidence! :P
Ashton Walters (2 years ago)
You explained each games so well, very good video, subbed😊
Liv (2 years ago)
Hive had it first not mineplex
Bernardo Lopez (2 years ago)
Fuck you boy (Egg wars) is the best mini game
ScaryKitten (2 years ago)
has boy avatar but has girl voice, whats its gender!
Dochi YT (2 years ago)
Doges ForDays He has a male voice, what are you talking about??
Clorox Bleach (2 years ago)
Doges ForDays IKRRRR
ItsMatrix (2 years ago)
Blaze Iron (2 years ago)
The bridges is in top 5 dude..
lil savage plazz (2 years ago)
pls sub to me pls
Doge (2 years ago)
At 3:00 You will see DoniBobes lol look in the scoreboard at 3:00
HD gamer (2 years ago)
For cracked minecraft?
ItsAsum (1 year ago)
Oh, here's a top 5! 5. Go 4. Buy 3. The 2. Real 1. Game
Henry Wagner (2 years ago)
you can pvp a lot better with your FOV at Quake Pro. Of course I don't really play minecraft anymore and I sometimes put hate comments especially if the video is stupid but I like your choices for minigames in this video ;P
Henry Wagner (2 years ago)
Yes and no lmao
Your Royal Erick (2 years ago)
Matthew Riggins (2 years ago)
Ok, i have to point it out.... That dragon escape clip? lol xD Good vid though, i dropped a like and a sub :D But i have to ask, you really like sky wars over egg wars?
Danir (2 years ago)
Background music : TheFatRat - Unity.
sike mola (2 years ago)
There's a game on mineplex where it cycles through a list of unique "mini mini games."
Lex Vasher (2 years ago)
no in a world
Justin Kim (2 years ago)
splegg was on hive first it was a hive exclusive because it was spleef with eggs... hence the name splegg
Nathan Seegers (2 years ago)
Thank you, it showed me tons of cool games especially egg wars
Lestrq (2 years ago)
Robert (2 years ago)
sorry senpai ily
Robert (2 years ago)
Click bait
Robert (2 years ago)
ItsMatrix (2 years ago)
+Emperial uh
Ruben Velasquez Jr (2 years ago)
matrix can you make mine games videos

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