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3 THINGS Video Games get wrong about silencers

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Sombrero Cactus YT (6 months ago)
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Salty Genji (1 day ago)
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Andrew Chudley (4 days ago)
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Andrew Chudley (4 days ago)
Froggy 111 (4 days ago)
iiHyperGamer54 (4 days ago)
Sombrero Cactus YT I made u 5k likes
A Warman (4 hours ago)
How about PUBG??
zach reitz (7 hours ago)
Like how when he starts talking about damage he switches from a m1911 to a desert eagle lol
Finlay Poole (22 hours ago)
00:28 you literraly titled the fucking video with the word silencer
Ahmed Samer (1 day ago)
in games they cant make the suppusior realistic becuse it will be op and any one will but it becuse it doesnt do any thing to make the gun worse
Failed Vote (1 day ago)
LilSauce (1 day ago)
When describing how the added mass if a suppressor decreases recoil, your use for technical and correct terms was flawless, rather than saying it decreased the force on the gun you correctly used momentum! Of course if you had said force like many people it’s no fault to you, but just know it doesn’t go unnoticed when you get things like physics right!
The Pain (1 day ago)
Silenced rounds are subsonic. They travel much slower than your average FMJ. Slower speed + physics means a subsonic round will slow to a stop faster than a regular round. Hence the faster drop. Unless of course you're running regular rounds through your silencer, in which case you're going to cut that suppressor's life by 95%
BedTime (8 hours ago)
What are you talking about. The entire point of a silencer or suppressor is not sound. There's like 50 benefits a suppressor can bring that aren't even sound related, and if you had experience with a suppressor you'd know. No, firing standard loads will not reduce the lifetime of a suppressor. Suppressors are designed with high end materials designed to handle high pressures and extreme heats. The biggest killer of suppressors is the same as barrels and other components, and that's too much rapid fire in too short a time. Yes militaries are issuing standard loads with suppressors. US spec ops for example run Mk262, Mk318, and M855A1 rounds through their 5.56mm cans. All of those are supersonic loads. Running subsonic rifle rounds can result in as much as a 90% reduction of muzzle energy, basically making your gun as powerful as a peashooter. Not only that, subsonics drastically reduce the reliability of your weapon. You don't know what true stealth is. Subsonics fired out of a suppressor still register at around 120-130db. That's about twice as loud as a police car's siren, clearly audible for hundreds of meters. Not good when your effective range is basically nothing. This is true stealth, and what riflemen and snipers use with a suppressor. They use standard supersonic loads, with the suppressor reducing their muzzle report to around 135db. They put rounds downrange, which emits a supersonic crack that is tangential from the path of the bullet. This basically means the air will start cracking around the people downrange making it sound like they're getting engaged 90 degrees or even sometimes 180 degrees from where the shooter actually is. This crack is now louder than the report of the gun itself, masking the position of the shooter. Do you ever wonder why when there's an assassination or a military group comes under ambush, they have such difficulty figuring out where the gunfire is coming from? With crowds of hundreds sometimes pointing in every direction? That's why.
The Pain (8 hours ago)
You're defeating the entire purpose of a silencer / suppressor if you're using supersonic rounds. You don't want a loud crack of the bullet breaking the soundbarrier. That's... you know a loud bang noise.If you're running a silencer, you should be running subsonic rounds with it. That's what videogames are modeling. Subsonic rounds traveling slower, thus dropping earlier. Also a round traveling slower so less kinetic energy when it hits the target (I mean.. still being shot, but it is less energy). And yes firing standard loads through a suppressor will greatly reduce the lifetime of a suppressor. These are established facts, and no that's not what militaries issue when supplying silencers. They're not absolute morons. They're not going to run loud ass supersonic traveling bullets when they're trying to be stealthy. Hell, maybe you know a guy in the army that got his hands on a silencer somehow, and his dumbass put standard rounds through it when he was overseas, but that's absolutely not the standard way they go about things in either the US Army or Marines.
BedTime (9 hours ago)
No you're not. Suppressors are designed to run standard loads and that's the only thing almost all miltiaries issue with suppressors. Suppressors can last tens of thousands, some even hundreds of thousands of standard rounds without issue.
Kyle Orate (1 day ago)
I was expecting a guy with a suit in 1:35
Gabriel Smith (1 day ago)
Its called a suppresser
Yin Yang iOS (1 day ago)
Your forgetting phantom forces
Kolbe Viator (1 day ago)
This should be called top infinity thingsgames get wrong
xXC.T.BXx (1 day ago)
Your physics assumptions are completely false.
Jason Kim (1 day ago)
We call it a silencer because if you shoot it next to an enemy they can’t hear it so it’s virtually a silencer.
Los Pollos (1 day ago)
Dude... you have clearly no clue why Games handle supressors like they do ^^ Its just a way to make sure that supressors/silencers are not too op if you put them on your Gun. Nothing more. Of course the dont make less damage and all that stuff. But as a Game Creator, you need to find a way to balance the Guns and the use of a Silencer.
Mark Bradshaw (1 day ago)
There aee so many factual contradictions in this video I dont even know where to start. Total crock..
IQUE BOUX (1 day ago)
Hey it's not a silencer it's a suppressor, it's impossible to silence a weapon
Chaotic Six (2 days ago)
Sadly the suppressor decreases damage in phantom forces. And apparently a compressor increases it
Slovakian Americankid (2 days ago)
Why the title say silencer its a suppresor
Victor Stiles (2 days ago)
3:04 the voice crack tho
abhishek das (2 days ago)
But pubg got it right
george cool (2 days ago)
CS GO and Middle ages kind of gamer doesn't give a f*ck
JameOne (3 days ago)
Agree completely, but I mean in videogames they habe to add some good things and bad things to make it not op...
JameOne (3 days ago)
Short: They have to balance it fairly.
Olopaxx (3 days ago)
electronics zack (3 days ago)
He is smart
Flexa_CZ (3 days ago)
*Category:* *Cars* *and* *vehicles*
Smuby (3 days ago)
His first statement is retarded because he uses the word silencer in his title
Diletez 5141 (3 days ago)
WeLl IN RobLoX.....................
Hammarkids (3 days ago)
Kevin Huynh (3 days ago)
Fortnite too? But Fortnite calls them “suppressers” not “silencer” and the drop rate is not lower.
dominic kim (3 days ago)
I thought the m9 can only be available for a silencer
Phantom Knight (3 days ago)
What about a loudencer
John Adams (3 days ago)
Category: Vehicles and Autos.
Jon H (3 days ago)
1. Suppressors add ~ 50 fps by themselves 2. Mass of the suppressor is not the idea, the baffles effectively act like a muzzle brake. The Nelson device is for barrel tilting firearms, namely Browning action pistols... not applicable to rifles. 3. Correct velocity is increased, speed kills
AloneExotic (3 days ago)
It’s not a silencer it’s a suppressor
Spiff Kid (2 days ago)
AloneExotic same thing
jhetd dtjndtgj (3 days ago)
Simone Franchi (3 days ago)
so... suppressor don't reduce range?
BedTime (3 days ago)
nope, at least not modern suppressors.
Barthez Bartholomew (3 days ago)
Very good explanations
Black Rose (3 days ago)
Man i hate when games reduce the range of my supressed riot sheild
Actual Catz (3 days ago)
You may have gotten it wrong too.. it he name of the video it says silencer
Gaming Station (4 days ago)
Dude it’s a video game
Harold Burgess (4 days ago)
No one cares. If you care so much don't play the games.
DolpenS (4 days ago)
this guy just literally said people get it wrong in calling it a silencer but his title is 3 THINGS Video Games get wrong about silencers
??? ??? (4 days ago)
Category: *C a r s & V e h i c l e s*
Exorillius (4 days ago)
Well in PUBG...
bowserjr kid (4 days ago)
Well in csi Miami the game
JAB B (4 days ago)
Category: autos and vehicles
StarK rustysaladboi (4 days ago)
at the start he says its called a suppressor and gets all antsy about people calling them silencers... video title: 3 THINGS Video Games get wrong about *silencers* ummmm whattt
LifeNite (4 days ago)
*Gets an ad about Fortnite before the video*
UnlawfulSpoon65 (4 days ago)
I’m going to start using the suppressor on an rpg now bye
Guisen Zou (4 days ago)
What about Csgo
Aiden Lee (4 days ago)
Not hating on anyway I actually really liked this video but mass times velocity would give you the momentum of the bullet to find the energy (I’m assuming you meant kinetic) you would multiply the mass by the velocity squared and divide it by two.
Spectre Clan Falcon (4 days ago)
The only reason the video games are inaccurate is because they need the game to be balanced
xanner999 (4 days ago)
Title: ''3 THINGS Video Games get wrong about silencers'' Can you spot what's wrong with this?
xanner999 (3 days ago)
jery hatzarfati exactly
jery hatzarfati (4 days ago)
Darciukas (4 days ago)
Well in minecraft hunger games...
Chad, The Jelly Bean (4 days ago)
U realize they're just not trying to make supressors op right?
Abdelaziz Akraymi (4 days ago)
So let's see we have a muzzle brake that decreases recoil on semi-auto weapons, we have a compensator that decreases recoil on auto weapons, we have an extended barrel that increases the range of my weapon, we have a flash hider that makes harder to know were i'm shooting from, and finally, we have a supressor that makes the sound of the weapon harder to detect, increases the range, increses the damage and decreases the recoil of bullet small bursts shooting, I wonder which one I'm going to choose...
BedTime (4 days ago)
Yes, this is why you'll see a lot of snipers and spec ops running suppressors all the time for pretty much all situations.
Almonds4Lyfe _ (4 days ago)
In Counter-Strike......
Wolf Clan Nation (5 days ago)
FTFgamer (5 days ago)
18k people knows physics better i guess...
Itz JIGZ (5 days ago)
phantom forces is better eveerything you said is on phantom forces everything is buffed for the surpressor except the damage in close range
Arpeet Chandane (5 days ago)
That's the reason I love those games
Memes & Trash (5 days ago)
When 85% of the comments consist of dildo jokes.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdBcsdk8pEY
Snewzee2 (5 days ago)
Dude it's a video game it's not always gonna be right like bruh
Ng wei ming (5 days ago)
video games just want to make the suppressor balanced with pros and cons to not make it too "overpowered"
Izz Akid Fazril (5 days ago)
TheGhost Sorcerer (5 days ago)
suppresser in video silencers in title
Logan Jahr (5 days ago)
He corrects people that say silencer and says it supposed to be called a suppresser, I read the title and it says silencer.
the one (5 days ago)
Reyn the Insane (5 days ago)
Well in Tetris...
TGB61 (5 days ago)
Ur wrong on a suppressors barrel gas gets trapped inside making the bullet travel slower to take away the sonic boom that makes the gun loud so technically it doesn’t reduce the damage but slows down the bullet
TGB61 (4 days ago)
Sure buddy
BedTime (4 days ago)
Trapping the gas doesn't slow the bullet down. The bullet has still accelerated down the full length of the barrel, thus enters the suppressor at regular bullet speed. The gas is trapped and circulated as the bullet passes through the suppressor, but there's still positive gas pressure behind the bullet as it travels through. The suppressor doesn't create a vacuum or any negative force that would pull on the bullet to slow it down. If you look at chronograph readings, you'll see that just attaching a suppressor will result in around a 10-30/ft/s increase in velocity.
Brother Skrill (5 days ago)
Well in Fortnite ...
Cheese Man (5 days ago)
Suppressor not silencer cunt
//Royal_ Riot// (5 days ago)
What was the intro music name?
Ruuban Baananaa (5 days ago)
fortnite sucks
Lucas Aksbro Eirfeldt (5 days ago)
It is (kilo divided by 2)x(m/sxm/s)
DSVerified (5 days ago)
I think the developers of those games have never used a damn suppressor nor researched it before. They thought they could trick ME?!
DaWest (5 days ago)
So.... why don't all guns have suppressors all the time?
BedTime (3 days ago)
Because they're expensive. Like 3x the price of the actual gun expensive. They add length, weight, and additional maintenance. They alter the balance of the gun. Sometimes they can throw gas back into your face, and if run the gun too hard depending on its construction, the suppressor can melt. If the suppressor starts walking off the threads, it may fall off or induce baffle strikes.
DaWest (4 days ago)
From what I can tell based on this video, they're 100% upside, so why aren't guns just built that way?
BedTime (4 days ago)
They're expensive.
muhammad faydhan kala (5 days ago)
Well in MGS ...
Tlonigamer167 (6 days ago)
category: *cars and vehicles*
Aurelia Wayne (6 days ago)
In case u didnt notice, thats why its called game.
Levan Polkan (6 days ago)
Sooo silencer is op?
GoldHunter ZERO (6 days ago)
actually in video games, they made the suppressed guns have less recoil.
Chris Jessett (6 days ago)
(Talks about SUPPRESSORS says its a SUPPRESSOR not silencer). Calls it a silencer in the title
Simon 1 (6 days ago)
Its not silencer... Its supressor... Jk
Vid Sagadin (6 days ago)
what idiot got an idea that bullets drop dawn that fast
KG5Gaming (6 days ago)
Joseph Seed (6 days ago)
*puts on a suppresor* 25 - 10 *no suppresor* 35- 20 dmg What ? How dose it do less damage ??
Sixclickz (6 days ago)
I think the idea with more bullet drop when using a suppressor is due to using subsonic rounds to maximize the effect of the suppressor. Subsonic bullets will have more drop than supersonic bullets. Same with damage - less energy with a subsonic round.
country academy (6 days ago)
Something wrong with the guy shooting in the beginning of the video😂
they add bullet drop for balance fuckhead
Marqqq (6 days ago)
Omg they made the silencer from the suppressed smg in fortnite into a real thing no way!
PGG Pasatsif (6 days ago)
Lynx At0Mic (6 days ago)
The points made in the video were correct however the reason why video games got them wrong is that the games that were covered are not focused on being realistic but a fun and balanced game. The developers add in unrealistic pros and cons to the weapon attachments to ensure that all the attachments are balanced.
Rick 127 (6 days ago)
2serveand2protect (6 days ago)
That was one thing I was surprised about, too, when I was on the range - still back when I was in the AF. One of the instructors was showing us his new Berretta and we took a couple of shots. Then we were given a (..hhm-hmm!) "SILENCER" and I expected it to be like in all those "mob-movies", where you hear almost nothing, and you just see the bullets hitting the target. The fucking thing made no difference at all if you ask me! :D :D ...and it was FUCKIN' HEAVY, too! Goddamit! I had to grab my wrist with my left hand just to be able to aim steadily...
Diana Qouta (7 days ago)
00:9 that gun looks like the crosskill form pd2
Collab Co (7 days ago)
Video title: 3 wrong things about silencers Video:funny thing people call it a silencer while its not silent

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