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3 THINGS Video Games get wrong about silencers

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Sombrero Cactus YT (10 months ago)
Well in porn hub...
Eliud Villarreal how’d you get into the government system
Eliud Villarreal we already busted him
Lil-Idress (8 days ago)
Weird flex but ok
Jake Johnson (9 days ago)
Eliud Villarreal (19 days ago)
terminal22 terminal22 so your the dumb kid here look dude this comment was 10 months ago dumbass The fbi actually track you down if you watch child porn. Like fuck off kid I’m the funniest person in my school look What’s your problem? I’m joking around and you half to be so triggered Because your not funny? Sad.
Marc Broderick (51 minutes ago)
Nice miata shirt
Tornadic Cicatrix (2 hours ago)
Well this explains how the Vault 81 security was alerted when I put a comfy pillow over Dr. Forsythe's head before I capped him.
Wündenland (3 hours ago)
Suppressor in games: ᵖᵉʷ Suppressor in games: *CHING*
FumaXVII (3 hours ago)
There’s a reason he only has half a mil in subs. Fuck this guy.
MOST TALKS (4 hours ago)
You should name this video benefits due to suppressor
TheGamer legend (5 hours ago)
Well pubg gets all right lol
DatAsienBoi (5 hours ago)
I mean like they call a gun the saw but it aint a saw
Natan Bucko (5 hours ago)
When u go to Wendy's and say can I get a Pic mic 2 00:05
Official_mehdi_10 (6 hours ago)
its video games..!!
kevin aung (6 hours ago)
PUBG is not one of them😂
《REÐJIVE》 (9 hours ago)
JackLePino (9 hours ago)
How can you make a vvideo about silencers without including the sound of an actual silencer? Shame :D
John O'Masters (12 hours ago)
the original patient by maximum calls it a silencer, not a suppresser
Mike Davis (13 hours ago)
Nobody mentioned the aspect of running subsonic ammo which would change velocity and would change your scope setting.
Nebiyu Esayas (14 hours ago)
So what you're saying is, suppressors are like a good upgrade to the weapon. Someone will probably give me a reason as to why every soldier just doesn't have a suppressor on his or her weapons, but still.
Alan Crook (15 hours ago)
Benyamin E (21 hours ago)
Kinetic Energy is equal to 0.5*m*v^2, not m*v
DOPEGAME J (1 day ago)
Calling a SILENCER a “Suppressor” is equivalent to calling a WHEELIE a “manual” 😂
josef ait (1 day ago)
You say that it's not silencer and that's an issue but yet you call them silencers in your title xD
Joel (1 day ago)
ThorDeBjørn (1 day ago)
wtf is the point of this video
Starplane 698 (1 day ago)
Well in Fortnite...
AirsoftSlo (1 day ago)
4th thing-they are easily aquired and legal. 🤨 yeah Im from EU😞
Aaromal K.J (1 day ago)
45% of comments comments starts with well in.......
Mr. Jebben (1 day ago)
the silencer does´nt make the bullet fall slower it just makes the bullet go further but the drop is just as fast without a silecer. But i agree with this video.
CAMLORT (1 day ago)
lol Dragonfru (2 days ago)
Ya fools use silencers but I use loudencers
Al L (2 days ago)
A bullet drops at the same rate, regardless of speed. Always (on earth). The speed will make it go farther or shorter distance, but never drops sooner or later, (at the same angle).
Powerfran (2 days ago)
If suppressor will be real in games, it will be op. This mistake are to made it balanced
Liguehunterss (2 days ago)
Im sorry but Kinetic Energy is 1/2 m*v^2 (:
Caleb Silvers (2 days ago)
Why does he even care
Keyb0ard eSp0rt (2 days ago)
When people could not keep reality apart from video games and do a video about it... AND btw the Game developers just use additional weapon parts to give you the chance to power up your gun ingame...
12345 Snacks (2 days ago)
Ever attach a supressor on a minigun try it :P
Phantom Ninjazz (3 days ago)
The people who play fortnite think it makes the gun worse.
I’m not jack Pig (3 days ago)
Well in roblox...
TheRealSwagMaster (3 days ago)
Kinetic energy isn’t just mass x velocity. It’s mass times velocity squared divided by two.
ladenpizza66 (3 days ago)
0:28 says its not called silencers, the name of the video uses silencers not suppreser
Border Play5 (4 days ago)
Well in PUBG, suppressors are silencers
Mountain Biker 256 (4 days ago)
Suppressors, not silencers
GreatGhostbuster (4 days ago)
Thank god. Fortnite is not.
Leart Jahjagaj (4 days ago)
Well in mafia city...
Nicolai Feldthaus (4 days ago)
Well in Roblox...
Shreshth Nagpal (4 days ago)
mass × velocity = momentum you dumb ass
something's weird with life...... why is there no cursor???? 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
Jameson Kalis (5 days ago)
MathewStriker (5 days ago)
Its different in video games because it has to be balanced otherwise it will be over powered
scott GAMING (5 days ago)
the company only do this just to make the game balance so that's why is not real they just want to make it balance game you know
Murad Babaniyazov (5 days ago)
Stop the nonsense. The reduction in velocity is due to the use of subsonic ammunition. What you described applies only to supersonic ammunition, which defeats the purpose of using a suppressor (unless you're just using it to protect your hearing). If you want to effectively suppress the shots, you must use subsonic ammo (bullets going slower than the speed of sound). Hence the reduced velocity, causing lower damage and increased drop.
Celadano (5 days ago)
How to make ur gun not making any sound in game *MUTE UR VOLUME*
TreX Bainy (6 days ago)
But Fortnite didn’t get it wrong (according to the start)
SparePlayz (6 days ago)
Well in Brick Planet. . .
Title - 3 things video games get wrong about suppresser Category - Cats and vehicles Great...
Amitoj Singh (6 days ago)
In 2019 after playing pubg .......
jacob marr (6 days ago)
Fortnite suppressors a shit the only good one is sniper and pistol
Jacob Atkinson (7 days ago)
If you WANT TO see A GOOD supressed gun YOU need to play Hitman games
Solviet Union (7 days ago)
Don’t forget PUBG And Fortnite
Douglas Zirk (7 days ago)
This may have already been hacked to death by someone way down in the comments that actually has lots of experience with suppressors but irl if you suppress any rifle or handgun and if you want the suppression of the weapon to be most effective, you need to shoot subsonic ammunition so you won't still get a "crack" from the bullet once it breaks the sound barrier. In most handgun and rifle ammo this is quite a reduction in velocity (trajectory, recoil, & damage) from their full powered loads,.. the only exception that comes to mind is .45 acp which with most full powered loads is naturally subsonic already which in this case you won't lose anything because there is no need to shoot reduced loads (they are already below 1100 fps). This is one weapon in COD that they get wrong in that it shouldn't suffer from any loss in anything (suppressed) but I get that they need to balance the gun somehow. So in other words with another example - If I shoot a properly supposed .308 rifle irl that normally shoots at 2600 fps and use a subsonic load that now shoots at around 1000 fps, yes my drop is going to be much greater and my damage will be much less and the recoil will be substantially less because of the reduced load and the extra weight of the suppressor at the end of the barrel. I have noticed that in call of duty though that most weapons that are suppressed still retain the supersonic crack of the bullet which tells me they are full powered loads and yet they do make you live by the physics rules of a suppressed weapon shooting subsonic ammo so the games audio depiction of their suppressed weapons are incorrect but not there drop, damage, and recoil (I only have experience with call of duty on this ones though). I guess i'm not arguing, they seem to get it wrong but technically it's really only their sound depiction of the weapon from my point of view. Who am I though,.. I'm not even that good at COD 👎🏻
ッKsuan (7 days ago)
Долбаеб, есть такое понятие, как игровая механика и тут реальная жизнь никак непричастна.
Youtube Boy (7 days ago)
The drop is with a surpressor higher because the bullet mustnt be faster then the sound or it isnt quiet ->Not so much powder
Lothi (7 days ago)
Well that's how Mafia works.
Ashutosh Singh (7 days ago)
mass * velocity=MOMENTUM;not energy.......
Lily Furley (7 days ago)
the word suppressor is names because it makes the bullet fly faster and true making it more of a suppression weapon when used in combat
TheMemeGenerator (7 days ago)
Well in dark souls...
IT WAS THE GOPRO !!!! (7 days ago)
*G U N S*
mislav dumandzic (7 days ago)
yeah but i installed mods in my life so its exactly like video games😎😎😎
i dont like guns because of video games
Well lemme just save you 5 minutes and 17 seconds..... Don’t worry it’s just a game Thank me by subscribing
XtremeMAX Gaming (7 days ago)
Well in Minecraft....
XtremeMAX Gaming (7 days ago)
The thing you got wrong in the title *IT'S CALLED A SUPPRESSOR*
Th3 C0d Guy (8 days ago)
Yes you are right about real life.But in games if you put suppressor no one can see you on the minimap so they need to balance it
Mansour (8 days ago)
The reason games make the suppressor increase bullet drop and stuff is so people have to choose between stealth or higher damage
Toby gaming (8 days ago)
3 THINGS Video Games get wrong about silencers. It is called a supressor smart ass
Fredministrator (8 days ago)
Higher velocity does not automaticly result in more damage.
Aldo Zulfikar (8 days ago)
They doesn't use a silencer on naughty america. They're so fuckin loud at moaning
Sons of samedi -_- (8 days ago)
U get killstreaks?
Ivor Baranovsky (8 days ago)
I believe in video games they prefer gameplay than realism
UÇK ・ ɴicky (8 days ago)
Well that would make suppresors OP in game, that’s why they have to nerf it.
Incognito Sapiens (8 days ago)
xupPer223 (9 days ago)
Wait what was wrong with point 2 then? Every game I've played that allows suppressors also make the gun kick less. Sorry I fell asleep.
Dylan Magno (9 days ago)
Well in PUBG...
JohnThe Bomb (9 days ago)
When I first found out about suppressors I thought it is a sharpener so it can travel through the air better or something.
mislav dumandzic (7 days ago)
IM FUROS (9 days ago)
in the title you wrote silencer
First Crusade (9 days ago)
So that's why the Barrett E95F2 has a supressed barel already build in the gun Wich leaves space for a muzzle brake. Good to know
Timothy Lee Wietzke (9 days ago)
Video games dont get anything wrong, the world just hasnt been updated to physx-god edition v.2.0 yet which includes silencer fix
Laurenz Hartmann (9 days ago)
1. bullet drop increase because of sub sonic amunition. The velocity of the bullet should be under the speed of sound for a "silenced shot" that´s about 300m/s. A normal bullet has 700-1000m/s(rifle) 2. correct 3. Damage is how much kinetik energy goes into the body. Of course that depends on the geometry of the projectile.If the bullet stuckes in the body the wole energy "turns into damage". The more power avalible the more Damage is possible. And because Energy is not only m*v rather it is (m*v^2)/2. So speed effects the energy much more than the mass. A normal kal.30 bullet has 4000J wile a sub sonic bullet for the same rifle has 700J. (J=joule=energy)
NenjimiKunX3 (9 days ago)
Well In Memes.....
supresor is op nerf
Nahla Hammoud (9 days ago)
Silencers... they silence the sound Suppressors..... they suppress the sound Still don’t see how we are wrong by calling it a silencer
BedTime (8 days ago)
Silencers and suppressors are the same thing.
Distorted (10 days ago)
4:05 ??? cod for real??? u need to play some counter strike pro!.
Kuddlesom Kraken (10 days ago)
Funny thing is, Suppressors work the best with subsonic ammo. Meaning ammunition going below the speed of sound. When you break the sound barrier you make a sonic boom. Its rather loud and the boom happens as your bullet leaves the barrel into the open air. Most modern ammunition is super sonic, Even many smaller pistol loads including .22lr, 9mm parabellum, and .45 acp. A gun which firing super sonic ammunition creates three sounds. The mechanical action of firing and cycling the ammo. The explosion created from the powder burning. The Sonic boom. This means the suppressor only mitigates one of three sounds. The explosive force of the burning powder. And while the mechanical action can't really be effected, The sonic boom is also still rather loud by comparison. Battlefield increases bullet drop because less powder = less velocity. But less powder also removes the sonic boom. Subsonic ammunition also explains the reduction in "Damage" As far as recoil, Negative. Yes the suppressor adds mass, Which reduces some of the velocity, but it's also harder to stop that movement. So being technical, the recoil isn't less, it comes in a different form. But it does provide a mild benifit, in that, if it were to make a large enough difference, the muzzle flip, would be reduced slightly, reducing the need of fine motor skills to present the gun on target for the next successive shot. But really, recoil control is only one dynamic here. Shake in your hands, muscle tension, adrenaline, etc. All play a part in that mechanic, and recoil/strength plays probably one of the smallest. Between that, muscle fatigue, and other issues from sustained firefights. Really, Battlefield and COD are being more accurate then most video games. But at the end of the day accuracy comes second. Your looking at the physics of the object, Not the whole situation.
PandaBoy Lazy (10 days ago)
I actually thought that it look kinda soft or like the candy circus peanuts if you ever squashed one
trey 1182 (10 days ago)
0:45 dude you just said they were called suppresors and you call them silencers in the video name lol
Nexos 23 (10 days ago)
Its because of balancing reasons
JackTheSniper (11 days ago)
what adout the combustion of air in to barrel there will be more sending the gun more recoil i its a light wait barrel t
Crystalizer Boy (11 days ago)
it was actually patented as a "silencer"
João Victor Sant'Anna (11 days ago)
Well in real life...
john vaclik (11 days ago)
Energy is not mass times velocity. It actually is HALF the mass times velocity times velocity. I can not believe you are this ignorant and even make videos about it.
john vaclik (11 days ago)
Ammunition used with SILENCERS is made heavier and slower to be even quieter, yet still pack a punch. So the DROP IS REAL DUDE. THE DROP IS REAL.
BedTime (10 days ago)
Realistically you would not be using subsonics for combat, and subsonics are what causes greater drop, not the suppressor itself.
Aaron Cox (12 days ago)
I didn’t even watch the video I just wanted to say your video is tittled with the word silencers but the correct terminology is suppresser
Loren Husky (9 days ago)
You would be incorrect.

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