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3 THINGS Video Games get wrong about silencers

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Sombrero Cactus YT (8 months ago)
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Malachi Washington (10 days ago)
Mr. Shades (12 days ago)
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Waka Ole (27 days ago)
Giorgos Koulouris (4 hours ago)
change your stance and hold your left hand slightly higher and harder
Sung Hong (4 hours ago)
It's called silencer if you're using HK guns.
Nova Sketch (6 hours ago)
The whole way a suppressor works is by removing gas from the bullet to keep it from going supersonic. Is this guy a fucking tard?
Vefek (13 hours ago)
well they gotta have some negative effects for a suppressor or else it’d be OP and everyone would be using it (in video games)
James Rallison (17 hours ago)
1 thing you got wrong in this video ITS NOT A SILENCER ITS A SUPRESSOR
Utkarsh Galande (18 hours ago)
PUBG has all of them already in pubg a suppressor reduced recoil but one thing I've noticed that the speed of the bullet reduces and mostly when you us M416 it feels that the rate of fire reduces when you use a suppressor..... That is what I feel.... You can tell me if I'm wrong........ If u agree like the comment
Chopsticks (18 hours ago)
Ash the Snowman (20 hours ago)
Wow, I always thought that bullets do drop faster. Thanks for letting us know!
Aidan Hayes (20 hours ago)
To explain the bullet drop, they need to add a negative to it or else everyone will be using suppressers
pubg pelailua (21 hours ago)
In pubg supressors work it doenst do this sound so low sound you cant hear it no it does still the sound but not loud what is in without supressor
cedrick duron (22 hours ago)
Kingvagos Triantafillou (22 hours ago)
Well in my stepsisters room ...
Joe Vatts (1 day ago)
So why does it say silencer in the title... dipshit.
Zach Espolong (1 day ago)
But you called supressor silencer on title
james jose (1 day ago)
In Cs no bullet drop so that's out of the picture... Silenced weapon has an easier recoil to control.... Damage is the same but then... The silenced m4 has lesser rpm... Which according to your explanation would be incorrect this is done... To keep things balanced
Pytorite (1 day ago)
Well in ROBLOX...
Phillip Cronjr (1 day ago)
A suppresor does increase the bullet droo dumbass
Billerina (1 day ago)
Its called a scilencer.
Jed Green (1 day ago)
Kinetic energy is calculated by 1/2massXvelocity^2
Its Mayhem (1 day ago)
Everyone shut up they didnt get it wrong they have to balance the game somehow. Since you gain less sound you lose something like damange or bullet drop.
Mystic Panda (1 day ago)
It's just a game stfu
Castiel Winchester (1 day ago)
It's a matter of balance, at least on COD. A suppressor does more damage, and invisible on the radar? That would be OP and everybody would be running with suppressors.
MrQbee87 (1 day ago)
The speed of the bullets does NOT matter. Every bullet will drop the same because the gravity pulls down on the bullet no matter how fast it is going.
MrQbee87 (1 day ago)
+a c THX
a c (1 day ago)
Except it takes less time to get to the target, meaning gravity acts on it for less time, meaning it drops less. Get it?
ALOIXIA (1 day ago)
No one talk about how flexible no silencer guns is. that they use subsonic low speed for more purpose to use them as quiet in game have.
XxYOUTHxX (1 day ago)
Suppressed on shotgun
Charlie Chaman (1 day ago)
Psst, videogames are not real life.
Dr.Harrison Wells (1 day ago)
So if I was to shoot a very loud person in the head; at that point would my gun itself be a silencer?
Ste Gough (2 days ago)
So many things about this video that are plain wrong. Not all suppressors have springs, of all the suppressors I own and have seen, yours is the exception, rather than the rule. SUBSONIC AMMO - Suppressors will not Suppress the supersonic crack of high velocity ammunition - it's fair to say that the game developers know this, and in order to make the guns extra quiet in game, compensate by using subsonic ammo - this perfectly logical approach would then reduce damage over high velocity ammo and also make the bullets drop much quicker, which is what we see in game. You talk about physics, but I don't think you quite understand it yourself. Down Vote.
Isaac (2 days ago)
silencer was the name on the original patent by Hiram Maxim, so really they are both right
Hawk RC (2 days ago)
It's a suppressor not silencer
DR.lemon Pie (2 days ago)
WADU SINGH (2 days ago)
In pubg when we put suppressor in a gun its recoil get harshly high
diablo X9 (2 days ago)
Thank you sir
KingGameing forEver (3 days ago)
Well i knew some thing in my life 😂😂
TheJuicyGiraffe (3 days ago)
The reason suppressors have lowered range is a balance thing in video games. If it had no downside every one would use it.
SpiralFox FX (3 days ago)
Still waiting on things that video games get wrong about Rotaries
Rob Dahm (3 days ago)
ooo thats not a bad idea
Colin Suey (3 days ago)
What is your bf3 user name
Ryan V.J. (3 days ago)
jasonboi 69 (3 days ago)
You called it a silencer in the title
Jeb Bush (3 days ago)
complains about calling them silencers, puts silencer in the title
BedTime (3 days ago)
He's saying he's not going to complain about them being called silencers because they're actually named silencers even though they may not silence.
John Fitzgerald (3 days ago)
Compare it to the oil filter theory, i ran across these videos through youtube advertising on the home page. And it is indeed intresting that companies charge 2-3 thousand for suppressors when an inexpensive 20$ oil filter dampens the sound much greater. Its the equation of going to school to get a college degree that puts you in the income range of 2-3 thousand a month compared to a high school grad novice working at the steel mill and making 4-5 thousand a month. Something isnt right.
Tai Davis (4 days ago)
whats it sound like tho ??
Zuriel Anthony (4 days ago)
Pubg won
8demention gaming (4 days ago)
If your here from pubg subscribe to my channel and leave like on comment
Brandon diesel (4 days ago)
Movies got it wrong first games copied them, still doin it today lol
Grant Easter (4 days ago)
No maxim named it in his patent it says silencer not suppresser
Manas Protim Gogoi (4 days ago)
mass time velocity is momentum, not energy.
MAXIMILIAN Bergt (4 days ago)
If a suppressor only had benefits, no one would play without one and it would be overpowered. Those game mechanics balance the suppressor.
Shmoo (4 days ago)
If suppressors are that good why don't all guns come with one ? There has to be something disadvantageous about them
BedTime (3 days ago)
They've very expensive. Like the price of your gun to many times the price of your gun expensive. They make your gun longer, require more maintenance, they can melt, they throw off the balance of your gun, they make your gun heavier, they can throw gas back in your face, a lot of things. Generally though if you can afford a quality suppressor then it'll be a massive advantage over a standard muzzle device.
The Official Tencent (4 days ago)
Bro your talking shit
TeamFunTheFirst (4 days ago)
Roblox phantom forces is pretty accurate actually
vishad vishwakarma (4 days ago)
Pubg is against all these issues.
DriftKing - GT86 (4 days ago)
Well in Roblox...
Kukku Atts (5 days ago)
It's actually called a silencer... The patented name for this device is silencer
I Dont eat ass (5 days ago)
One thing this video got wrong ITS A SUPPRESSOR
everythingWith Kiran (5 days ago)
compensator for recoil and flash hider dor muzzle flash
everythingWith Kiran (5 days ago)
pubg has supressors
Jon Snow (5 days ago)
Well in FIFA 18...
Bill Strachan (5 days ago)
good stuff man, big facts
ThePintoBandit (5 days ago)
Hitman lol every can hear him now
Robidydjej12 CZ (5 days ago)
This video is awesome!
Cheer up man it’s just a game
Matthew Borell (5 days ago)
I wish you would have shot it a few times with the sound on.
Continued Wisdom (6 days ago)
I think they just give suppressed weapons severe bullet drop and damage reduction in games so they aren't overpowered or else everybody would just use suppressors.
mobs uddin (6 days ago)
PUBG has got all that best realistic battle royale
TparXx (6 days ago)
I've got a few issues with this as they are more technicalities. I would assume the loss in range in a game like battlefield/cod could be attributed to why it is also super quiet, subsonic ammo will have massive changes in range and more bullet drop because of it, in reality subsonic ammo being fired through certain suppressors can also be as quiet as 80-90 Db, for example, the Energetic Armament VOX. With this fact we'll just assume that in the games you are shooting subsonic ammo through a suppressed gun so that you can get the super quiet shots, which would also attribute to damage on the other end of the muzzle because of the energy change. Also, originally the inventor of the silencer, did indeed call them silencers in his patent, therefore it is technically a silencer. But suppressor is acceptable too. :)
usp gun whatever its called is just like a normal gun with just a suppressor
Chris s (6 days ago)
This video does not mention that suppressors are commonly paired with sub sonic ammunition. In order to have the fullest sound benefit on a suppressor, ammunition that is fired slower than the speed of sound is often used because it does not create a sonic boom. If slower ammunition is used then it would cause bullets to drop more noticeably over distance, as bullet drop is always the same over time, 9.8m/s squared, if it takes longer to get to the target it will have more time to drop. Slower ammunition also has less kinetic energy than a bullet of the same mass, which can be good or bad, as what makes a bullet lethal is not always just the overall energy, but how effectively it transfers that energy into the target. Faster bullets pierce better, slower heavier bullets can still do quite a bit of damage. Lastly the spring that comes in some suppressors is mainly only for handguns, as it would not be necessary in a fixed barrel weapon such as most rifles. It is not there to reduce recoil, in fact it is there to boost recoil, as its called a booster piston, booster spring, or recoil booster. It's there because on tilt barrel handguns such as a glock the barrel needs to recoil back after the bullet exits and that action unlocks the slide. If the barrel becomes heavier with the addition of a suppressor, a booster spring is needed so that the barrel can recoil and unlock, although most guns can work without one. It is not there to reduce the feel of recoil in the shooters hand, although it might do that to some degree. The video is correct about adding mass and how that effects the felt recoil. Just some more things to consider, good video overall.
Peterraawwrr (6 days ago)
Go back to cars dude.
Nathan Lavocat (6 days ago)
Says silencers is not how it's pronounced Puts silencer in title
Michael Sanft (7 days ago)
1. Threaded barrels aren't necessarily longer than normal barrels, especially on rifles. 2. Recoil suppression is more to do with the baffling. Put a suppressor with no spring on a big heavy rifle and it will still significantly reduce recoil. 3. Suppressors don't increase the velocity, a longer barrel increases the velocity. Refer to point 1. Three better gripes with the way games handle silencers: 1. Actual noise reduction, subsonic and super sonic ammo. The biggest silencer myth propagated by fiction is that throwing a can on the end of any gun will make it dead silent. Most guns, rifles in particular, fire supersonic ammunition by default, which creates a sonic boom for the duration of it's flight, and therefore cannot be suppressed past a certain point. To make a gun really silent, you need to use subsonic ammo, which obviously has a lot more drop and does a lot less damage. 2. Size. Another myth is about the size of suppressors. The size most often seen in movies and games, and even worse on high power rifles, is generally about the size you'd need to silence a subsonic 22. With a round big and fast enough to do any real damage, you'd need a bigger can to even suppress it, and for rifles you're talking much bigger. 3. Suppressors are really useful, just not for the reasons they are in games. In real life, suppressors are really good for reducing sound and recoil to manageable levels. They help you stay on target, and on rifles reduce shoulder pain, and they reduce the noise to the point where you no longer get tinnitus. Many guns that're unpleasant to shoot without a suppressor become fun and manageable with one. It's a shame the myths are so deeply ingrained in pop culture, games and movies could have much more depth if suppressors were handled realistically. Imagine a game that let's you choose between sub and super sonic ammo and has a selection of suppressors, with heavier ones giving increased sound and recoil reduction at the cost of worse gun balance and therefore higher scope sway, as well as obviously making the gun heavier and bulkier. Left out points like muzzle flash hiding, as I wouldn't know the first thing about military applications.
Mannix (7 days ago)
So many flaws in this video... it's sad really.
matt daley (7 days ago)
You can explain the increased bullet drop and the less damage by the game switching to a subsonic round to benefit the suppressor.
J. H. (7 days ago)
if you want that your silencer really works the rifle will have a big bullet drop. not with every handgun but rifles do. this is due to the fact that the speed of sound is at 343 m/ sec (+/- 1100km/h). if the bullet is slower everything is fine, if not.. well the silencer is useless anyway... you know that ''BOOOM'' when a jet enters supersonic speed? its the same with bullets, it makes a loud bang if it gets faster than 343 m/ sec. your example is a 9mm handgun, in my opinion a bad choice for explaining a supressor. the bullet are most likely slower than 343 m/ sec, there are fast 9x19mm ones on the market but the majority is below supersonic speed. so bulletdrop is not a point you are correct on that one. but lets talk about 5.56x45 for example. 1100 m/ sec versus less than 343 m/ sec. this is a HUGE difference. the normal supersonic bullet is at least 3x faster than the subsonic bullet.
Silencers or supperesor
Strength AndHonor (7 days ago)
"a modern silencer does not change the velocity of the ammunition in any meaningful way." https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2012/05/foghorn/ask-foghorn-does-a-silencer-effect-the-velocity-of-the-bullet/
Jesper jmr (7 days ago)
question tho about the recoil, If you have it further out and the barrel is above the grip. Wouldnt it be a stronger force due to leverage? Just quick thinking no maths involved, simple question.
Carl pj (7 days ago)
can a bullet make a turn?
Spectre Gaming (8 days ago)
Is the supressor and silencer different from each other
BedTime (8 days ago)
No they both refer to the same thing
Samuele Loccori (8 days ago)
That's not a silencer but it's a suppressor
reda chiban (8 days ago)
Very nice video
MrZcotty (8 days ago)
where do i get the miata shirt?
merickful (8 days ago)
Opinions are irrelevant when the title of the video is self defeating.
BedTime (8 days ago)
Not really, he clearly says in the video he doesn't take issue with the name because they're just NAMED silencers even though they don't silence. Silencer is still a correct term to use in reference to the device.
Nathan (8 days ago)
True but video games to have to create downsides for using silencers. otherwise everyone would use them.
Dennis Reynolds (1 day ago)
Freezorizer (8 days ago)
Nice video! And nice Mazda evolution shirt.
Cycrostic Gayms (8 days ago)
in this one game, phantom forces, if you use a silencer, the damage is decreased and the drop is increased by a smidge
DaigunSaga (9 days ago)
Well, in My Hero Academia...
Isaac spohn (9 days ago)
Well in... Um... Fuck...
matt smith (9 days ago)
Silencer is the name on the patent and is also a legal term as it is the name used in the National Firearms Act of 1934. Suppressor is the more common name in gun circles as it is a more accurate description of what the device actually does (they reduce or “suppress” the sound but they don't “silence” anything).
ColorxBriink (9 days ago)
This is pretty cringy. All three of these points are wrong. When you use a suppressor, the only way to give it that “silencer” sound is to shoot SUB SONIC rounds. Normally, when shooting a regular firearm, the round is going SUPER SONIC. This is due to the grain, or amount of gunpowder in the particular round. So; if you shoot a round with less gunpowder (which you would when using a suppressor), the range will decrease as well as the damage and recoil.
BedTime (8 days ago)
They're really not wrong. They are correct in a realistic setting. Subsonics are almost never issued, and not recommended for combat purposes, as you can reduce your muzzle energy by 90% and drastically reduce the reliability of your weapon. Just about any soldier that is issued a suppressor will be issued standard supersonic rounds.
LightMango (9 days ago)
Suppressor are not the same as cilecers
NZR 07 (9 days ago)
Pubg is real because damage are same with suppress or without supress
Blitz FromBehind (9 days ago)
4th thing would be that suppressor don't work in full auto. After a short while the gas build up inside the baffle chambers fills them thus any new gasses will shoot straight out the muzzle and thus there is no silencing effect.
Jason Brodie HACKED (9 days ago)
It’s a silence are you big fat dummy if you put it onto silent to anything with the scope on to silent done the most 😡😡
SKY KAT (10 days ago)
His shirt had every Miata. Miata Is Always The Answer I want your shirt
Malachi Washington (10 days ago)
its a game dude dont judge
mudcrutched1 (10 days ago)
Slower bullets used, will let gravity work as the game shows Original name is silencer.
ChickenToga (10 days ago)
Well in Club Penguin...
Klairz (10 days ago)
He says suppressor but names the title silencer
BedTime (8 days ago)
He says they're still NAMED silencers even though everyone is aware it doesn't silence. So it he doesn't make it one of the 3 things wrong since silencer is still technically a correct term. Just like how a firefly is named that way even though it is neither on fire nor a fly.

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