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Hard To Get Pain Meds From Doctors These Days

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I don't know what they can do to fix the system, I just wish everyone could get pain relief when they need it
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Dominique Cardinal (2 days ago)
Hello june 18 2018! sorry i never came across your video before,i have 3back hernias and in feb 2028 i had a surgery for my ankle! 12 screws she had to put in the bones! Believe it or not they gave me a rashi its like an epidural but without the little tube to add medecine! the way it was suppose to go you poke once thats it!but the hoar pock me between 7 to 10 times she tols me wellyou have athritis in your back thats why its hard when she was stcking the needle twice i told her i fell electric shock in my right leg TWICE!!!! ITS LIKE SHE NEVER HEARD WHAT I SAID THEN SHE CALLED ANOTHER DOCTOR WHO GOT IT THE FIRST TIME ALL THAT TO SAY I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE ABUSED EVERYONE IS PAYING FOR THEIR SHITI JUST TURN 50 IN MAY AND I FELL IKE 95YRS OLD!!!!THE DOCTOR IM SEING FOR PAIN MANAGEMENT TOLD ME THAT HE WILL PUT ME ON A METHADONE PROGRAM NOT THE LIQUID YOU HAVE TO GO EVERYDAY TO THE DRUGSTORE TO GET YOUR DOSE I KNOW ITS GONNA BE PILLS! MY APPOINTMENT IS AUGUST 28TH! IF YOUR INTERESTED ILL GIVE YOU SOME NEWS!
Alluring Bettas (2 days ago)
My pain management doctor gives me all I need after injections and physical therapy (slipped disc). And when the pain comes back, I get pain pills. It doesn’t really suck for me because my doctor doesn’t hesitate to give me enough I need (usually 40-60 pills), depending on the situation.
David Mcclanahan (3 days ago)
You sound like a junkie
Zoes Dada (3 days ago)
The cia is importing massive amounts of heroin from Afghanistan. That's why they have cut off pain meds. I joined a methadone clinic after my doctor stopped treating pain. It's really the best option. Methadone is the best painkiller there is.
Mary Lamb (3 days ago)
DLPA worked for my husband's severe pain on his knee. It's not for people with anxiety disorders. He took Vitamin Research Products brand. Ironically, you'll need less as time goes by. You take it 1/2 hour before a meal. He tried hydrocodone but it made him loopy and din't help with pain.
Iam ThePoliticalHack (5 days ago)
If you have legitimate issues that can be verified by MRI. CT and other scans You don't go thru this. I have never had a problem even with this crackdown. How to get pills. Have a real problem. See a real Pain Management Dr. Use the same pharmacy forever. Follow those steps and you'll have no problem. Pill head Dr shop, go to the ER for pain, Denitsts for pain etc. Muscle diseases are not fixed by Hydro/oxycodone, Fentanyl etc. Too many Fibro patients get addicted to the wrong medication which is part of the problem. Bottom line, If you are seriously injured, had surgeries, can be seen on scans you will not have any problem.
Mary Lamb (3 days ago)
I had severe back pains after I ate sunflower seeds a couple of years ago. X-rays showed some mild arthritis, but not much. Then I dusted off my delayed food allergy test results. Sure enough, sunflower seeds are an allergen. Then I developed depression, which is the usual response to ingesting allergens. It took three full days to recover. The back pains were gone.
meowmeow (8 days ago)
US system on pain medsare the most animals for not letting people get their pain medication. This is the reason why every minute someone dies in US from fake counterfeit medication because fucking cruel US evil government not letting doctors to prescribe patients with real pain medication and what the poor people who really in pain and can't get medication legally and what they do is order online or buy street drugs and street drugs counterfeited with heroin and when they take those fake counterfeit pills kills them everyday. Its fucking the USA government fault for not letting people get real people prescription from doctors and make them buy fake garbage online pills
Mary Lamb (3 days ago)
Have you tried DLPA? It knocked my husband's arthritic pain and his brother's tooth abscess pain. I can't take it as it makes me hyper. It's not pain med at all.
carmen greenwood (8 days ago)
Muscle relaxers and nsaids and steroids are not touching this pain I have. They give enough for one or two weeks. The other two or three weeks total agony. I an a nurse and I’ve got to work when I’ve got the meds add I work when I don’t have any meds. I am reduced to home care, one patient only. Been an L. P. N. for 34 years. I’ve worked in nursing homes, the veterans hospital, private duty, taken care of many total care patients. I’ve been given two diagnosis arthritis and polymyalgia rheumatica. I’m hurting most of the time. You go to the doctor and I’m treated like a criminal and talked down to. What can we do? We need to march on Washington maybe then they will revise this law. Innocent people are suffering needlessly.
carmen greenwood (2 days ago)
What is that?
Mary Lamb (3 days ago)
Have you tried DLPA?
santana jackson (10 days ago)
the DEA is a joke . they the ones who put all the dope out in the streets and then turn around and bust you for it and make even more money than they did when they put it on the streets . they got judgement coming to them !
Daves Reality (11 days ago)
Lol pain pills for a tooth extraction in the UK they give you nothing and you don't need anything to be honest Americans are such pussies. If your pain is that bad go buy so heroin or order some Fent from China . But again your bitching about dentist pain ! 😂😂😂😂😂
Shari Lara (13 days ago)
Mary Lamb (3 days ago)
DLPA is almost as good as morphine if the person has a good response. Plus, you take less and less of it as time goes by.
Nicole Jessica (15 days ago)
I am a chronic pain patient and I have been cut off completely. Contemplating heroin or suicide...
Mary Lamb (3 days ago)
Have you tied DLPA? It's not for people wit PKU or anxiety disorders. It worked for my husband bone-on-bone pain and his brother's tooth abscess pain (until the latter got to a dentist weeks later). Both share a similar genetic makeup. DLPA just makes me hyper because I have anxiety disorders.
the one (15 days ago)
How about not passing fit for duty because you're on prescription medications. So you get laid off
cindy shaw (19 days ago)
here we are 4 years later from when you made this video and you hit the nail on the head with this one buddy. The druggies messed it all up for EVERYONE, And I mean everyone, Even terminal cancer patients are having a very hard time getting pain meds now as well. I have terminal cancer and I'm on home hospice and I have a hard time getting enough pain relief, I actually need a PCA pain pump but they cant give it to me because of some kind of national shortage or some BS, And so now I have to made due on the oral and topical pain meds. I am currently on liquid morphine at 80mgs every 2 hours and fentyal patches 175 mics and also diluid pills 8 mgs every 4 hours and a steroid of some kind that sucks made me gain weight within like 2 weeks of taking it, I blew up like a balloon, Went from 163 up to 183 in 2 weeks so I'm refusing them things. I am on a feeding tube to so its not like I'm being some kind of junk food junkie piggy. LOL But you really nailed this back 4 yrs ago. cause now it is 100 times harder to obtain pain meds when you need them, but then these druggies out there they have no problems getting their high but here us cancer patients that's dying are in pain and cant get the right meds, cause if they could give me the PCA pump I could do away with all those other pain meds, cause they were gonna put IV dilliuid in it for me. but oh well I guess that's life no pain no game. I guess if I'm in pain I know I'm alive right? sad way to have to look at this in a day and age where we know and have great pain relief tools but they do not want to use them. God Bless you sir and I really pray you never need pain meds again and if you do I pray you will get them and get the right ones and amount so you are not suffering like me.
Robin Sattahip (24 days ago)
If America had not become such a horrible place, there would not be so many people misusing pain medications.
Joe Robbins (24 days ago)
it is like hens teeth getting pain meds that's for Shure and another thing for anyone that reads this you piss off a dr. and get red flag you won't ever get any and that's 50 states nation wide.
Mars Horses (25 days ago)
Illegal drug dealers are loving this because legitimate pain patients now need to go that route to treat pain. Another failed gov program that is only making things worse for everyone. I can guarantee that addicts are still getting all the drugs they can buy
The Dummy (28 days ago)
Clearly if the dentist gave your wife pain meds an not you, then you likely been Red Flagged by a doctor bc that don’t sound right especially if they had to use a chisel bc they know you were going to be In pain so it’s very very highly likely your on the list of doctor shopping or filled to many pain pills over amount of time or something like that.. what state do you live in?? You need to see a pain specialist they are allowed to write pain meds
UGotMalk (27 days ago)
I'm not on no list because I only got pills one time only. That was for my back going out and muscle ripped. the dentist I believe just loved woman more and thinks man can take the pain. Never asked for pills except for that one time at the dentist and didn't get any
Ali Omran (1 month ago)
tell me about it is like the United Kingdom the Government are redistricting on Painkillers and it is not good for thous who suffer this Man is right in what he elucidates in the video.
Corin Adam Saleh Saleh (1 month ago)
U and I think the same!
Carmen Garcia (1 month ago)
I have vicodin tramadol and another, Tylenol 3 one but I don't like them, I feel itch and get constipation
Carmen Garcia (1 month ago)
Is tru.. what you said ...
Erik Louis Buckman (1 month ago)
It's rotten that normal people in pain have to suffer because addicts have ruined it for everyone
Carolyn Heitmiller (1 month ago)
I wonder how these intelligent know it alls. are handle it when this upcoming trouble getting the pharmacies stocked without shortages over limits allowed in stock. So people will be without their meds. There will be .more heroin junlies, oh and there is gonna be a lot of carrying on u watch stocked n the patients their meds
Carl Johnson (2 months ago)
The crackdown is due to people abusing and selling the Pills. Nice Video
dogleg 1957 (2 months ago)
And along with cracking down on the opiate problem the overdoses have skyrocketed since then
Gary Smith (2 months ago)
No it doesant make sense there's no justification for leaving someone in pain
Gary Smith (2 months ago)
Go on the deepweb. Doctors are hpyercrits because I no people that get painkillers no problem. Then I ask and he will say no. If you need them you need them how can they leave anyone in pain wen they can give you some pain relief. Like you say it's very frustrating. Iv left a link at the top for you.
tbone (2 months ago)
I'm so sick of all the B.S. I have had 3 back surgeries and have chronic back pain and terrible neuropathy pain in my feet due to my back injury. I used to be on 240 mg of Oxy's a day and now am on 40-50 mg a day. I get 5-10 mg pills a day but sometimes can get by with 4 pills. I take as few as possible which shows I take them responsibly. I will also add that I have tried EVERYTHING else to lessen my pain. I've had my nerves burnt, trigger point injections, epidurals, multiple physical therapies, etc..         Cut my meds down 80% and the cost of my script has gone from $1,800 to $100 and Workman's Comp is still trying to say I don't need any pain meds now. I've joined a gym and paid for a trainer for a year so I'm actually doing physical therapy year round to help me get by on the low dose. I wouldn't be able to walk without my pain meds or be able to do ANY exercise. I've never once asked for my pills early or tested positive for anything else in my random drug tests in 17 years. I'll also add that muscle relaxers and anti inflammatory pills don't help.  I also quit drinking years ago since I was on pain meds. People that have tried everything else like myself and that have shown they take their meds responsibly need to be left alone. I don't get high on my meds even when I was on the higher dose. NEVER had anyone tell me I look high. I don't like taking pills but have no choice. The pain is unbearable without them. EVERYONE needs to feel chronic pain for a day and then see what their opinion is of pain meds. If my meds are cut off it's either put a bullet in my head or do something like heroin. I don't think my pain management dr will cut me off no matter what Comp says but you never know. I'm hoping at the worst I will have to pay for my own meds and dr visits which will still suck. I do have a lawyer but I doubt he is really trying to do anything but talk with Comp about me taking a buyout. See a Comp lawyer will take your case for free regarding the meds but you have to agree to let them discuss a buyout amount. The only way he makes money is if you take the buyout. I'll get a decent sum in a buyout but it's only 6 years pay. After those 6 years I'm losing 25,000 a year. I don't want to take a buyout. Comp and insurance companies are using the opiod epidemic to stop paying for pain meds for people that really need them. They have closed down the quack doctors and have it pretty regulated now. Leave the people alone that are really suffering.
Julie Klimko (2 months ago)
I think for people like me who have chronic pain, legitimate pain!! Should be able to get their meds. I’ve been on the same dose for ten years, I never ask for more. Now suddenly they are trying to wean me off. I wonder how many suicides will happen, and when it happens, will they FINALLY see that pain is real. Because of mine are taken away I will not tolerate constant pain. It’s tolerable now but just barely. I think they are over doing it in the opposite direction, now. Why couldn’t they just fix the problem instead of taking much needed medical treatment away from EVERY ONE?!?!
cindy shaw (2 months ago)
sorry this happened to you. cancer patients are now targeted a lot of cancer patients go through hell just to get the pain meds they need. its a humanity crime it really is. How I know cancer patients go though hell to get the pain control they need is because I'm a cancer patient now I'm terminal and now have hospice which was god sent. I get any meds I need to control my pain and they bring me all my meds to my door. hospice is not on that limit to how much they can give patients so I'm all good. I have 2 yrs left so I'm glad I did hospice so early other wise I would still be in the same boat as my friends are in. 1 of my friends is now terminal now to, and she is starting hospice to, because I let her know that she will get all the pain meds she needs to be pain free and have a great last few yrs or months of life. they help with everything. so if you find yourselfinmy situation and end up being terminal go with hospice and theres way to many people that do not understand what hospices all about. take care bud. and the next time you need pain meds get really firm with them. its always worked for me post cancer
Titra Stringfield (2 months ago)
that's terrible. I have lupus and fibromyalgia so I am in pain constantly. I have a pain management doctor and I get 2 rx's for pain. God bless my doctor he is a angel. Good luck my friend! Maybe you should try that route!😉
I thought you knew (2 months ago)
Sorry this is so long. Great job on your video! Your absolutely correct with this issue. Such a big stigma when going to a pain management or doctors. The doctors make an assumption everyone who comes across there table is a drug seeker. Doctors in most cases can tell the difference in a drug seeker Vs. Not. Its not just doctors. Pharmacists assume drug seekers, and sometimes cause delays. Bad people ruined it for good people. I think stereo typing is one of the biggest issues. By the way you look is a big indicator or medical history. If a past doctor or pharm put a ding in your med record...its a stain for life. When getting new doc, A trust needs to be built between doctor and patent. Anyone who has been to PM knows you do not get pain meds the first appt. Most doctors will try and treat pain without Opiates and elect for other drugs and PT. If your serious about reclaiming a functional life. The patient will follow doctors treatment. If you walk into a PM and refuse there treatment and try and do there job by saying opiates are the only thing that work. The doctor will think your a drug seeker. Dont do there job, thats a reason a stigma exists. If a doctor follows protocols for each patient with routine drug test and a pill count each month. It will help fix the problem. By forcing a pill count monthly, the drug seekers will be weeded out quickly. Doctors also need to treat each patient individually. I am a PM patient and I have been overly medicated with being prescribed 6 norcos and 2 oxys a day. Rotating that with fentanyl patches. As well as a no opiate treatment. My goal in PM is to lead a healthy functional life. The doctor is there to teach and aid in managing that. I fortunately have found a doctor that is helping to manage my issues without the norcos or Oxys or patches. Yes, those meds fixed my problems for a while. However, for me its a bandaid and never actually treats the issues and overtime a tolerance builds up which poisons the body. Building a tolerance means more to get rid of the problem while creating more and different issues to treat. Not to mention always feeling high as a kite and missing life. Thats not a goal of mine to be checked out of life. It is for some though. Sometimes there are people in pain who cannot be treated any other way but strong meds. Most of those people would give anything to stop meds and pain forever. Each person is different. A true PM non drug seeker will trust there doctor and be patient with treatment. PM people come to the conclusion there always going to be dealing with the pain so trying new things is not a problem. With trust, over time that stigma does not apply to you. However, you need to be your own advocate. If you dont feel your getting proper treatment with managing. Go find a new doctor and know your going to have to start over with trust building. Its a slippery sloap though. Do not doctor shop or give that impression. That helps create a stigma. Also people need to be super honest with themselve. You know if your truly seeking meds. STOP your not fooling anyone but ruining it for the ones who can benifits from the treatment and lead functional lives. You were talking about the dentist...dentist are restricted on what and how much they can prescribe. If one needed to have work done and pain meds have been given. It will be for a few days. People bounce back quickly from dental work. It should only take 3-5 days to be back to normal. 5 days is really stretching the time. In your case with your wife getting meds. You already being treated with novacain. Also what is this other med he gave you that risk a heart attack? Never heard of that in a dentist office. Also straight up asking for pain meds will get you no where. Or over acting like your at a 10 on the pain scale when the novacain hasnt even worn off. That is a Red flag. If there is a med given and someone is asking for more then 3 days worth or something stronger. You will be luckly to get anything. Restrictions apply differently per state. Also some dentist can only write scripts for same day patients. So calling and asking cause a tooth ache your not going to get anything but told to go get over the counter. Another thing to consider with any doctor is they follow a standard practice of care. When there is an issue, doctor's have a list. It has protocols to best treat the issue. Like doctors for example prescribing tramadol is best for an ear infection rather a norco 10. This issue as your talking about with getting meds, will not go away. Also I think if people stopped calling the opiates drugs would help the stigma. Most cases when you say drugs. It has a dirty vibe to it. When you add a hippy look and say the word drugs it makes other things come to mind. You not getting the same treatment as your spouse and your constantly getting road blocked with pain meds. You most likely have a mark in your med history saying drug seeker. That mark could come from a pharm as well. But the way you look also puts you in that stigma category. Another thing is. The dentist probably gave your wife meds cause shes a woman. Where the dentist takes a look at you and says to him self hes a man so man up and deal with the pain. The way you are talking in your video and the scenarios your claiming does seem like your a drug seeker. Asking for opiates at a dentist office is sometimes not justified. Those meds also thin your blood maybe doc thought you bled to much? I have been through lots of dental surgery and procedures. I only needed pain meds once after 4 wisdom teeth. So maybe your dentist seen a person like me that deals with pain after oral surgery (awake) and says well if this 100lb girl can take it. So can you.
bruce lee (2 months ago)
Alot of people will be switching to heroin sad and it sucks
Thank you for standing up 4 us🤝
magicmitch1 (2 months ago)
That's bad because now if you need pain medicine you got to get it in the street the street dealers like that, doctors not allow to give you none any more
Jesse Brito (2 months ago)
there already is a device like that it is a pca pump it controls how much it gives you if you do it too much it locks out and can’t get anymore only after a few hours
Dawn Campbell (2 months ago)
WTF, I'm dyeing due to severe spinal stinoses, bulging disc s in my neck , BLOOD clots in my lungs , I need pain meds I get nothing
Don Wan (2 months ago)
Unwashed poppy seed tea I live with chronic sever pain in lower spine since 2015 this shit work like oxycodne 10/325s did before my pain management doctor pulled some bullshit on me if it wasn’t for me finding these life saving seeds I’d be 6 foot under or I’d be buying dope off the streets to take away my lower back pain and yes doctors are all lying assholes good luck guys hope this helps someone out that’s in desperate need of pain relief unwashed poppy seed tea hope this saves someone’s life before they jump off a bridge or do something else to end there pain and yes 24/7 pain is a horrible horrible thing my pain journey started 2015 and it’s getting worse little by little good luck again to those that try this tea there r plenty of YouTube vids on how to make it 🙏🏻👍🏻
behindblueyes83sm (3 months ago)
"When you go into the doctors and want pain pills" you said it right there. You might have a problem
Guaranteed Meds (3 months ago)
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deborah morani (3 months ago)
your presentation didn't match the goal listed. you got high for it don't look like you're in pain etc. you hurt chronic pain pts. acute pain you can get meds  for two wks and should be fine. if not find out why may find something else wrong like left part of a tooth in there causing pain longer. maybe you took too many or needed more or thought needed this happen how you look then you ask for more. looks like a seeker now. don't know bro get it together   everyone does desserve pain relief when they need it.the right help.for the right prob . chronic and acute pain are dif as are addicts and seekers who hurt the whole mess.they have probs too and suffer. there is help for them. a methadone clinic gives more than a pain clinic. like that one. try real long pain and see how you like it. but a pain pt gets less than an addict for tx.  they could both be on it for the same amnt of time. don't have an answer. tried to get right help for my prob, cancer pain. that's a life sentence sometimes. has been yrs fighting now, but we'll see. help for now. not if get worse I'm told.
Travis Bull (3 months ago)
Why do you think we invaded Afghanistan... Control of the opium trade... Why do you think that there is smack flooding the smaller towns. The answer is the U.S.government. Why were my friends guardians of poppie fields when they were deployed to Helmand provenance Afghanistan??? Gee I wander why... Enjoy the New World Order! And all opiate overdoses are classed the same whether it's street grade or prescription drugs from a legit prescription. I'm so pissed at my government it's not a game anymore...
Craig Burks (3 months ago)
I know people who have went to the streets to get relief for their pain now. It's a damn shame.
John Irby (3 months ago)
I broke my ankle and leg and had metal plate and a bunch of screws put in and they gave me like 90 percocet a month for like 7 months. After a while the pain gets better. Now I just go to this special pain doc once a year and get 90 just in case I twist it real bad. (Lol my foot was fucking backwards man..it was insane!)
John Irby (3 months ago)
deborah morani That's in the eye of the storm of the opioid crisis! Lol move to Houston, it never snows and has the Texas Medical Center...the largest medical complex in the world and the most doctors concentrated in one area in the world.
deborah morani (3 months ago)
I live in mass., why?
John Irby (3 months ago)
deborah morani Where do you live?
deborah morani (3 months ago)
I think I want to move there. wish I could. thank you. I am not sleeping due to pain now, doc gave a non control sleep help. going to try it , scared. hate waking up. it's painful and morning meds take a long hour to help. at least feels so long.
John Irby (3 months ago)
deborah morani No, no you are misinterpreting I am not trying to be disagreeable. All of the money goes to stopping illegal drugs. They get huge busts by the border. Millions worth! Texas feels like they're winning..why go after legal drugs in tiny quantities? Texas also has a lower than average opioid death rate. Combine the two and we feel like don't have an opioid epidemic. Like that is happening in Middle America and the Northeast so we don't think about it. Our governor is in a wheelchair! People that have cancer get all the medicine they want! Each State in the United States has to decide what's best for them!
martin duffy (3 months ago)
I recently had a tooth extracted l felt my jaw crack as they pulled back and forth on it after 4 minutes done was,nt that bad dude sound of my jaw cracking was iffy went home without pain meds. Well dentists don,t give pain meds in england anyway
Psycho Unicorn (3 days ago)
Email happycamper8765 at g m a i l . Com great discrete packaging For opioids and bezos etc..
Shane Haws (19 days ago)
deborah morani Are you on drugs? It sure sounds like you are.
deborah morani (3 months ago)
dentists give pain meds in us. if proven needed and lisc to do. that's crazy. don't you have heroin  park out in England. you could visit for  pain but don't stay. like a doc med you for a few days. no longer than three or big prob.
Jeremy Burleson (3 months ago)
Get a tens unit
deborah morani (3 months ago)
yeah think i'll stick a shock in my spine for cancer there. that gate way theory don't work on all pain. my man says i'll hit you on the head or foot w/ a hammer and u won't feel the back jokingly. yeah the head and foot will get better the back will still hurt when the xtra pain given me goes away.
deborah morani (3 months ago)
it works to shock yourself when your in pain. heard works for some. sounds sadistic to me. some people get off on that stuff. don't know about tens
Brian Sanderson (3 months ago)
People in pain will end up buying off dealers so mexico needs to send more opieits were as good as druggies
deborah morani (3 months ago)
sadly see it happen to some. and some are dead. rip. if you don't have a good pain clinic that helps you better get rich, careful and pray. don't know
mike andrews (3 months ago)
Fuck seeing that quack, come see me down on d-street and i'll hook you up with some grade A heroin
anbergquist (4 months ago)
My Dr is cool I get 100 norco 10 mg
deborah morani (3 months ago)
glad you think that's cool hope you don't need to hang around cause when you ger a dependence to that the hardcore comes in mr d. may not be so cool. take it easy if ucan. good luck and god bless.
Susan (4 months ago)
if you live in alabama u can forget it..so i started food grade diatomaous earth..collegen by perfect and colostrum 6 by immune tree
Carrol Moore (4 months ago)
Since I have had fibromyalgia for the last 8 years I have never been so mistreated with judgement and Prejudice I have no history of any mental illness or any history of addiction recently I developed a new pain problem called parathetic neuralgia. That's pain like shingles but you don't break out with blisters. The pain woke me up at night 3 nights in a row I hesitated to go to ER and try to handle it myself by the fourth night I was flared up for my fibromyalgia plus this pain I went to ER and a doctor gave me something called ketamine that is a date rape drug and she gave me 300 mg the average dose according to the FDA is 15 to 25 mg I went into full hallucinations for 2 hours it was absolutely terrifying when I wrote a letter to the hospital they just said sorry you had to go through that but that's what we do stand early for people who have a lot of pain. I go to a pain doctor regularly she does give me opiates as one of my medications I made an appointment with him to take care of this problem after it happened the third time it's really hard to get an appointment with him he cancelled the appointment and said this is considered acute pain and I only handle chronic pain so I had to wait another three days to get in to see my GP by the time I got in to see her my pain level was so high I could hardly talk it just kills me the way Drs look you right in the eye they see. Yr in pain but they have no mercy. My go gave me 6 Percocet for a level 9 pain. The problem is once I get flared up and my pain gets that high it takes almost a week to get my pain level down it took me 2 weeks to get my pain level down to 5. Thank God I had a dentist who has a wife who has fibromyalgia and because I was also having jaw pain he gave me a 24-hour Supply which was 20 pills listen folks most people don't know the FDA law the next time I had this shingles pain I went to two different ER the first doctor almost laughed at me he said he thought it was sciatica & I should know I could see my Dr in a few hrs. He didn't mind at all if I suffered excruciating pain. Also my pain Dr couldn't get me in 4 two days. I told the ER DR I know my body & asked for a long acting cortisone shot and maybe some antiviral pills that would arrested pain and a shot of an opiate so that I could sleep I had not slept for 5 days my pain level was too high he said he could not give me anything & he didn't do cortisone shots. The FDA says that it is up to the doctors discretion to give someone who is in excruciating pain at least a 24-hour Supply but most Drs so if you go to ER and you're in a lot of pain say if you have a pain doctor they can't give you anything and that is not true. The next ER I went to the Dr there was more sympathetic. He put a lidocaine patch on the left hip lip where the pain was and I had to ask him to give me a long-term acting cortisone shot most of these doctors don't even know what postherpetic neuralgia is but anyone who's had it knows how painful it is. I had to do some research and I found some solutions from the Mayo Clinic which I than instructed my Dr. one of the solutions was to give the patient strong opiates, an antiviral capsicum cream an antibacterial and something like Gabapentin. Oh and by the way folks if doctors say opiates don't work on fibromyalgia because it's nerve pain that is absolute bologna.. opiates work on any kind of pain and that is a fact from the neurological Association Institute the worst thing about this disorder it says specifically in the Mayo clinic studies if you don't arrest it fast and get your pain level down you're going to probably be stuck with this pain the rest of your life so because doctors didn't believe me and didn't take care to investigate what was going on with me,now I'm stuck with this pain it could have been arrested if someone had given me an antiviral medication right away. There is an organization where you can get help if yr not being treated fairly. it's called ombuds go online and look up their number or write to them also you can call the health department if you are not getting your pain managed you are being unethically tortured it isn't your fault if others abused these drugs. We all need to get. Together and file some kind of petition I'm going to start a blog about chronic pain and the misguided abuse of people from doctors who don't understand as I said most doctors don't even know the FDA laws so I would start with finding out the laws and writing a letter to every hospital and every ER about any doctor that abuses you Unfortunately they usually minimize it but just don't give up send a copy of that letter to ombuds organization or get a lawyer we do have to fight this you know they don't talk about how many people die every year from taking Tylenol and over the counter pain meds there are no studies on it and I'm sure there's a reason why. blessings to all of you
delio delio (4 months ago)
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deborah morani (3 months ago)
not even close to what a cancer patient needs. no customer here ever even if u had stronger. n what r good  prices? i'll try herbals
Casandra Bullock (4 months ago)
I have chronic kidney disease. My Dr is very understanding and will give me a script that is not the problem. Filling it is! Pharmacies won't fill prescriptions for pain meds like they used to..it used to be the doctors decision, now it's up to the pharmacy.
Dennis R (5 months ago)
Its amazing how drug dealer's and doctor's get any kind of pain MED's... LOL ya think
Dennis R (5 months ago)
The gov.health care. Doctors don't give 2 fu##s about you or me!!!!!!!!!! BARNONE
susan hamann (5 months ago)
And that was in 2014, now it's worse. It's the government doing this ,not the doctors. And I agree make it work but not get you high. Can we grow our own poppies? NO, that's against the law. Buy meds on the street NO, that's just stupid to put yourself in danger. What can we do?
deborah morani (3 months ago)
my god I read your reply on a pain site and thought it was me, I use the same icon, not address had to check.
deborah morani (3 months ago)
maybe move to where the poppies grow? orientals have opium dens. I don't know. don't know if it's a good idea probably not. I'm looking into herbals that are legal and people swear they work.
Yeah it's pathetic tgere is no real opiate crisis it's pussy doctors afraid to stand up to the DEA and the death of the Hippocratic oath
Teri Schall (5 months ago)
The DEA has a GP dictating amounts of meds etc...A GP!! Good info in my pain group.....It's Intractable Pain Self Help Group....An awesome lady started grp after going to 15 doctors & not getting relief so she was in bed for 2 yrs. The DEA is causing Underdosing.....They are arresting "good" doctors along w/the money hungry DRs......It's Bad & pain clinic tld me it's getting worse.Theres a petition in my pain group if anyone wants to sign....All we are asking is the DEA replace their GP with a knowledgeable person.
Teri Schall (3 months ago)
deborah morani It's Intractable Pain Self Help Group 😍
deborah morani (3 months ago)
seriously we need pain groups. u r lucky to find one. i'll look online if any in my area if I have time to go bt docs working and the pain. must make the time.
deborah morani (3 months ago)
where is this pain group. it's rare to find resources.
Brandon Kaercher (5 months ago)
The drs are going by the severity of the problem and if the Dr is being regulated then the DEA suspects him or her of breaking the law and I've never had any problems getting my pain meds
deborah morani (3 months ago)
if you get a worse problem you will. a lot of people do. I'm ok now, if I get worse again I'm told I won't be.
DudeeBalls (5 months ago)
Pain treatment went through a quite and deadly overhaul around the time of this video. The FDA had a secretish meeting about the future of pain treatment in america and they never bothered to consult those affected most the patients. It was all part of a methadone bashing and suboxone promoting PR campaign. Untold many were forced to make the change and we'll never know how many died after basically being forced through something they couldn't handle at gun point. BTW in case it's not obvious to some the change over from methadone (which a large portion of patients were on and not by choice) to suboxone requires a fair bit of withdrawal which is more than many frail pain patients can handle.
Tyler Risner (5 months ago)
I had a impacted canine pulled while I was awake, never took a single pain pill. Heroine is a opioid. Opioids are very addictive. I literally grew up with two parents and my dads father taking prescription opioids for their "severe" pain. My father died when I was 10 from abusing them. I'm 22 and I have never seen my grandfather work because of his "severe" pain. Once you get addicted you think you're in more pain then you really are. Then your life goes down the toilet and for all intents and purposes you are just like any other drug addict. The doctor can't just prescribe you some little pill to make everything better. Lets bed honest, unless you're a idiot you know this fact. People just want their drugs. Have been eating healthy and exercising? Have you been doing all you can to help your pain? The thing I see time and time again are literally a bunch of cry babies. I'm sorry but it is sickening to watch this stuff. I don't consider you to be a man with this type of behavior. You're just another drug addict. Without doubt there are going to be some of the drug addicts reading this thinking to themselves you don't know what my pain is like. To you I say, be a man.
Tyler Risner (3 months ago)
P.S I see a lot of replies about doctors giving patients hard times. Most of the time they’re just trying to help you. Pain management doctors deal with a lot of people who are in pain and a lot of time addicted to drugs. If they didn’t care they wouldn’t give you a hard time or try to push you to be your best. My grandfather told me similar stories of pain management doctors yelling at him for smoking two packs of day and living a very unhealthy lifestyle. He was very upset by this. People take it as offensive. Think about it for a second. Why would someone other than “you” care that “you” smoke cigarettes or eat very unhealthy and never exercise. You should look at it as this person actually cares about me, my quality of life, etc.. I was a biology major planning to go to med school. I worked a year and a half as a state tested nursing aid to gain clinical experience. I would give my patients a hard time too if I thought there might be any benefit to it. What does everybody think? They have the one doctor that likes torturing people? Sometimes people do need a reality check. if you think smoking two pack of cigarettes a day and eating nothing but processed sugar and bacon is going to help your condition you need a reality check. If you think the doctor can just prescribe a little pill that is instantly going to make you feel like you’re better, you might need a reality check. People who think the bulk of doctors went into medicine for the money need a reality check. The amount of school is actually insane. The courses you take are by far absolutely up their with the hardest courses any institution offers. 4 years of undergraduate school while maintaining a at least a 3.5 GPA (majority A’s and a very very view B’s and this is just the minimum)In addition, you have to work or do community service, you have to get clinical experience in the medical field. Finally, you have to shadow doctors. Then 4 years of medical school. At least a 1 year internships and then a 4 to 10+ year residency in your speciality before you even begin to make any “real” money. After that an optional 2-4 year fellowship in a sub-specialty of your speciality.By contrast, you can go get a 4 year degree in computer engineering, which would be “far” more easy, and make 80,000 right out of the gate and most of the time you’ll be making more than the doctor when he finally makes its out of his residency. Not to mention all of the continued education because of how rapidly medicine advances. Then you have student debt. Tuition is at least 10,000 a year for your undergraduate degree. Add another 10,000 to that if you live on campus. That’s 80,000 dollars just for the undergraduate degree. Med school on average cost around 200,000. That’s 280,000 dollars. If you’ve learned anything about compound interest the though of taking on any fraction of this debt on most doctors salaries is daunting. Especially when you’ll be 30 or older before you make enough money to begin pay any of it off. Then you have kids and a mortgage and after working that hard your whole life you might want to take a vacation. Maybe you want to put your kids through school without taking on all of that debt. The higher paying speciality’s, like the number one spot, cardio thoracic surgeons who make about 500,000 a year. Hahahaha. Those people are a different breed. Waking up at 4am to read emails not getting home till late every nite. You’re on YouTube right now. Go watch a day in the life video of these people. There are only like 21 or 23 specialties. Trust me the top paying ones work extremely hard and have for all of their working career. And if you ask me, they have earned every cent and more. If these people were motivated by money, they would have a whole lot more of it.
Tyler Risner (3 months ago)
deborah morani yes, I spent my childhood doing high impact sports like skateboarding. From the age of 11 I was jumping down sets of 6 stairs on a regular basis. I’ve done a decent amount of hard manual labor and am still doing manual labor. Everybody has aches and pains. My analogy was to the fact everybody wants something for pain for just about anything. The people who need these meds are people with real chronic pain that is truly debilitating.The problem with this is everybody thinks their pain is debilitating. My analogy was to the fact that everybody wants something for pain. In additions, these opioid narcotics do not work long term. You build up a tolerance and an addiction relatively quickly. Before long, you’re taking high doses of this stuff effectively killing your body and life. When the addiction takes hold. your pain becomes amplified because you’re addicted. Then it’s never ending disability, poor quality of life, etc. if this guy cares so much about his pain he’s needs to lose weight, change his diet, and do physical therapy. Things I’ll bet he’ll never do. Really the only people who should have these drugs are people with diagnosis that are objectively known to have high amounts of extreme pain I.e, genetic disorders, cancers, etc. People should not be prescribed narcotics for their “pinched nerve” which they rate at 10/10 unbearable pain or any other one of the subjectively rated things that cause pain. We’ve had 20 plus years to see the effect’s of doctors prescribing opioids and narcotics to everyone who thinks they have unbearable pain. The things I’m stating are facts supported by the medical community at large. It would be nice if people who do have aches a pains could have some of this medicine for times when they have lots of inflammation, etc.. Unfortunately due to the addictive nature they just can’t be prescribed to everybody because “mass” amounts of people will abuse them as we have seen the past 25 plus years. Lastly, I would like to say if you’re one of these drug addicts try to seek help. If you fail in seeking help, ostracize yourself from your family and go buy a trailer somewhere to spend the rest of your days being high and receiving disability. Do not ruin peoples life’s because of your selfishness. You people know who you are in your heart of hearts. If you believe in god what do you think he’s thinking.wish you all the best of luck.
deborah morani (3 months ago)
this man is a bad example. he's no real pain pt. he's part of the problem. have you had chronic pain from a serious condition. no.acute pain that ends maybe for sure. women have babies w/ no meds and that's painful but it ends.and they med them for a short time after for pain.
Your right brother they are doing us wrong because of drug abusers👍🏿it's sad we need to stand up
Travis Krause (6 months ago)
Sometimes yes but what pisses me off is i hate taking those pills for one reason sooner or later you have to deal with withdrawal and that is a situation i wouldnt wish on my worst enemy its that bad! I dont take any now but i dont see a way around it! The pain is to much!!!
chuckanders81 (6 months ago)
The doctors in Norway are quite relaxed about prescribing pain medicine its not quite on their radar benzodiazepines are the big bad wolf here , i got fentanyl patches and oxycontin to last just asking , some valium ..forget about it
deborah morani (3 months ago)
good to know . if gets worse pain pts can move there. but the addicts might see this get there first and destroy Norway like they did America. I know they are sick too, but legit pain pts suffer for it. what do we do?
chuckanders81 (6 months ago)
In Norway there are not a marked for oxycontin if you wanted to sell them you wont Get mutch for them , i got a hundred pack of 20 mg for a opreration in my shoulder , i think the Black marked price for 20 mg is about 2 dollar PR pill
deborah morani (3 months ago)
well sell them in America you'll get rich. but it'll be on your conscience cause that's a cruel thing to do if you hook people on them.
steven maxim (6 months ago)
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Camshaft Shaft (6 months ago)
Bud get off that shit I used to sound just like you 15 years ago after about 3 years the pills don't work anymore all they do is stop you from being sick ! My life revolves around Oxys I was on 350mg a day 2 years ago and I've got myself down to 100mgs a day but the sickness is just to much I can't get passed that point ! Yes the pills help at first but after a few years they don't no matter how many you get ! Stay off it if you can it's not worth it I would give anything to be a normal person again
Mike Long (6 months ago)
yes. I have four herniated disc in my low back and can hardly work and they stopped giving them to me after 10 yrs. The doctor knew I was in pain. it was a cvs pharmacy that made the complaint that got me cut off. it was not early or anything. And not just am I suffering but my family is now suffering cause I can barely work.
Emanuel Vazquez (6 months ago)
This is a worthless, pointless video
cin bro (7 months ago)
lydia (7 months ago)
you're welcome, what does exactly doctor saying to you? i'm trying to understand the main problem here.
cin bro (7 months ago)
lydia (7 months ago)
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Nola Serv (7 months ago)
Here's another link..please visit http://www.invisibleproject.org/
Nola Serv (7 months ago)
I wanted to add this also so please bare with me. This was a reply to someone that was going to start a petition on Facebook so I decided to add this link below too. Nola Serv 1 second ago Please give us the link when you get it..Start a petition ANY WHERE YOU CAN..Also everyone google US PAIN FOUNDATION. or write Paul Gileno/US PAIN FOUNDATION, 8 Mill Plain Rd., Danbury, CT 06811. You can sign their petition and they will send you T-shirts that say PAIN IS REAL/PEOPLE WITH PAIN MATTER...They will also send you brochures and other paraphernalia on what you can do, how to spread the word. In fact I have the link for you all..Please visit. https://www.uspainfoundation.org/ If you know how to copy and paste it would be easier than typing it in your address book because it does not look active.. If your browser is Google Chrome, right click on the red line and a pop down menu will come down. Look for go to US PAIN FOUNDATION. Select by left clicking on it and it will take you to the site.
deborah morani (3 months ago)
do you think they are gonna tolerate that w/ attitudes today. hope you'renot a pain pt yourself cause they might hurt you over this. docs are scared to advocate and they aren't the ones in pain that could lose what lil helpthey have
Nola Serv (7 months ago)
What I hope is all these people that started this crap about no pain pills get into big accident and get their share of suffering and won't be able to get anything for their pain. Just because they aren't suffering, they think nobody else is. Just wait, you'll have your turn. I am 62 yrs. old and I have been diagnosed with Cervical Spondylosis since 1985 and was able to keep my jobs because of pain killers. Then a few years later, after falling on my tailbone, it would not heal properly when then was diagnosed with Lumbar Spondylitis. There is no cure or medical procedures that can help me are what the doctors and neurosurgeons say..They give me these injections that are suppose to help and the doctors have convinced themselves that it does work when it does not. They also would have to stick me in area's all over my body because that is where my pain is. I had abdominal hernia surgery 20 years ago and now the mesh is deteriorating causing me pain. Now my Cervical problem is causing my hands to cramp into a painful spasm where I cannot hold on to anything. I break glasses, plates etc. because I cannot hold on to them. It also causes constant numbness of half my hand. I've even had surgery on my elbow to try to compensate for it to protect the nerves by putting them behind the muscles. I have arthritis in all of my joints. Especially my knees and just had a total knee replacement because it kept giving out when I would walk. I am constantly dropping my walking cane because of the Cervical problem. There is are about 2 pain clinics in my area that managed to stay open but how do you afford $225 a visit when you are on a fixed income of disability and do not sell my drugs. None of the Medicare doctors who I am covered with will prescribe narcotics. if any do, how do I find them? Spend $50 a visit until maybe I will get lucky? Most think you are just drug seeking. Also the last time I was at the pain clinic I had to go monthly. So my quality of life has been diminished. I cannot stay on my feet longer than 20 minutes so all I do all day is lie in my bed. Now, just because someone on the street got some bad drugs and OD'd, people who are in real pain are suffering. Why is Big Brother coming after us. i guess because it is easier than going after the big time dealers who are passing the REALLY dangerous drugs like synthetics. A drug that you will be hearing about soon that was circulating in Russia called Alligator. It's supposed to be 3 times stronger than Morphine but a fraction of it's cost and will eat your flesh from the inside out. They say it usually manifests in about a couple years it will look like alligator skin on you. It has started to hit the US. But just go after the legitimate pain patients. It's much easier.
deborah morani (3 months ago)
huh. what if ya get em good and hooked first then cut them off when they're gonna be in pain from the accident injuries  hope for life like some people
drugs guru (7 months ago)
Pain meds coming soon but they're very expensive. https://drugsguru.wixsite.com/website-1
Day Man (7 months ago)
Tylenol 3 is for children and pets.
amanda Patrick (7 months ago)
We need to reinstate the constitution of the USA and have the freedom to go and get what ever we want or what ever works yes I am talking about every drug ever made from A to Z from 1 to 100 mg or pure We should have the freedom to self medicate the dr are felling as dr they ack like they know every thing but don't know a damn thing.
lydia (7 months ago)
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Harry Inkpot (7 months ago)
Unfair when in pain and not got help they got power give it.my body got ravaged by cancer I feel like going to drug dealer get help
Bernard Jonnes (7 months ago)
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Bugsy Freebury (7 months ago)
Also being on methadone is more dangerous than opiates because methadone causes fog like symptoms in the brain, like you just Feel weird, or out of it. Sometimes I forget things or takes a minute to remember something I was thinking 2 minutes earlier. The constipation it causes sucks. Had a bowel obstruction caused by it as well. What had happened was I was constipated for so long that when I finally went the stool was so big it caused damage I think because of the methadone. So I also have to take stool softners and this powder stuff to make my stools soft. And also, when you start to relax you have the jerks where your body jerks suddenly. So some might be okay on it while others like me get weird symptoms. I also have gut issues too, like stomach cramps. The brain fog you get from it is no joke.
Bugsy Freebury (7 months ago)
I can say this, I'm black listed from hospitals because yea, I did once get addicted, but hey I really do have back problems due to cartlidge going away between two disks so they scrape together. I have Degenerate disk problems. How ever you spell it. I'm on methadone now. Doctors suck and so does the drug monitering program. D.E.A can go fuck themselves.
mikey1974 hetfield (7 months ago)
opoid painkillers work for chronic acute pain., But if you sit on the couch and take what some people call their " happy Pills" your are on a downward spiral. My story is just like all people in pain. It can dictate our lives if we let it. Get your ass to a gym and ride the bike, too low impact weight training, strengthen your core and pain will lessen. Its going to hurt like hell in the first month, that means your are tearing muscle fiber and its rebuilding and growing. Take you painkillers to work out. If no gym walk. Take 30 minutes of your life and walk. I see too many people at the pain clinic way overweight and look strung out. Low dose opoid treatment with PT everyday. Just fuckin get off your ass use and kane, I do and walk and not only are you helping yourself but it will keep you out of a wheelchair. I have a broken body head to toe, I am disabled with widespread neuropathy and 6 disc that no longer exist. If I can do it, we all can. I would also consider if legal in your state to try medical cannibas. CBD oil, no thc in it will help inflammation, they precursor to pain.
deborah morani (3 months ago)
when I am able to do it excersize made a dif for me. I waa prescribed it along w/hydrotherapy=just getting in pool at gym stretch and exersize. at some point I wasn't able. espec. when on the chemo. it was hard to just live on that I refuse it ever again and made it clear to doc I'd rather die, my oncologist actually understood, not the first one who gave such aggressive chemo he almost killed me  three mos in hosp told not going home call family, i did go home.
John Sluder (7 months ago)
It started under Obama by way of the DEA. Pmp We never had state narcotic monitoring but we do now. And you won't get your meds now. Years ago it was easy!
Stacy Russell (7 months ago)
Alot of people ruined it for us who need it
chris micheals (7 months ago)
this is not fair for people that are truly in pain//
jennie thompson (7 months ago)
U know, if you research it...the doctors has gone way overboard with their friends and can't treat you because of their numbers.
Chicago Gyrl (8 months ago)
O.k. I don't understand why he did not give you pills after extraction! You need to find a new dentist!
Matt Dane (8 months ago)
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Carla Burke (8 months ago)
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James Meier (8 months ago)
What do I think, well you asked, I think the government should stay out of the equation they have made things worse for everyone period, it's the same old story, the criminals in Washington DC, DC stands for district of criminals by the way, have no clue how to solve the problem,if history has taught us anything it's that governments do not have your best interest at heart, all they want is more money for themselves, I'm not buying in to anymore of their bullshit, good luck bro
Michael Mixon (8 months ago)
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Kenneth Nicklowicz (8 months ago)
So true. People who legitimately need them cant because people sell them. They did 3 sergeries on me and I never abused mine but have seen a change in the quantity or was taken off good stuff because the next guy died. Even getting Narcan as part of contract they still are reluctant to give me the pain relief I once had
service station (8 months ago)
My wife has suffered from EDS most of her life. I just wanted to share something that seems to be giving her some decent relief. http://amzn.to/2fBdgwN . It's a new device that provides some sort of feed back to help mask the pain from your body. I haven't seen it mention anywhere and wanted to know if anyone else has had any luck using it? Or has any tips on how they have theirs set up.
Sara Saenz (8 months ago)
Go to a pain management clinic from what I've seen they give them out like crazy regular doctors have a limit on how many narcotics they're allowed to prescribe
deborah morani (3 months ago)
pain clinics have a legal limit no matter if you have an injury or cancer or bad painful other illness. they actually cut meds a lot.  and they love the opiate vacation if ya know about that one. for someone that never did anything wrong and followed the contract.
Julie Bond (9 months ago)
Yeah I'm dealing with the same thing it's stupid always in pain but what do you do I wish pot was legal everywhere
Tabitha Charanza (9 months ago)
I have pain but can't get pain meds
Austin Powers (9 months ago)
Tramadol work wonders. Do you know a place to order them in TX?
Blf1955 Blfdwb (9 months ago)
You're lucky to have gotten 15 pills?? I can't get one pill for a torn rotator cuff & 5 disc herniations. I asked my Dr for 2 pills & he flatly refused. But I bet if HE had the kind of pain I'm experiencing he would be getting & taking a narcotic!
Dave Watts (9 months ago)
Asking for "2 pills" is worse than asking for a monthly supply. Legitimate pain sufferers seek a long-term solution to their pain. That solution often involves various treatments, with the last resort being high-dose opioid pain medication. Asking for 2 pills is saying "let me get a quick high". What is this you claim you have, a "torn rotator cuff & 5 disc herniations"? Of course, you do! It's always a rotator cuff and some back sliped disk issue with drug seekers. And you just want a few pills right, just one more hit? It's idiots like you that make it so difficult for patients who need treatment to get it.
Danny Irish Greene (9 months ago)
I my Pain Dr was giving me 120 Oxys a month..at the beginning then down to 80 and 60 and 40 then she gives me a piss test LOL.😂 AND BOOM Monitored everything from then on.
Jessie Lynn (9 months ago)
Just had the same situation happen to me and my hubby at our dentist. Did you ask him why that happened? I haven't yet but it's coming. Everything you said is true and as a CPP I am going to fight back, encouraging others to do the same. This is bullshit.

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