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Terraria Season 2 #117 - We Fight Storm Weaver

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Terraria gameplay! Okay this guy does a lot of damage Series Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cciq2fLLiIU&index=1&list=PLtZHIFR5osfD9NiL8gFQWTS0DMtlwJJ-D DISCORD: https://discord.gg/sjin BIRB PLUSHIE: https://store.yogscast.com/collections/sjin/products/birb-plush Thanks for watching! Here are some other videos you might like: The Farm with me and Duncan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZbe-cr5fbE&index=1&list=PLtZHIFR5osfAd3bYn1rBn2KTW6KBgF2Od Terraria with Duncan, Lewis and Tom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cciq2fLLiIU&list=PLtZHIFR5osfD9NiL8gFQWTS0DMtlwJJ-D&index=1 ARK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhdbchmSDHs&index=1&list=PLtZHIFR5osfALQMyDXImGFD99s4KYDLcO I stream sometimes at twitch.tv/sjin Also, I have a store! http://smarturl.it/yogsSjin And if you want to subcribe: http://yogsca.st/SjinSub ♥ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yogsjin Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/yogscast Twitter: @YogscastSjin Powered by Doghouse Systems in the US: http://www.doghousesystems.com/v/yogscast.asp Use the code YOGSCAST to get a free 240GB SSD and a groovy Honeydew graphic applied to any case! Powered by Chillblast in the UK: http://www.chillblast.com/yogscast.html Mailbox: Sjin - The Yogscast 4th Floor - King William House 13 Queen Square Bristol BS1 4NT Business enquiries: contact@yogscast.com
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Text Comments (151)
Elvis Vežuks (9 days ago)
Richard Jones (9 days ago)
It’s literally just a copy of calamity weapon with bigger numbers. Sad thing about it.
Elvis Vežuks (9 days ago)
Yea right forgot about delay from content - editing it and publishing one. Well I suggest editor making one of these series in two different ways. With and without force of Duncan. :D
Forrest sos (9 days ago)
They have likely already beat all the bosses using it.
Unstable Code Scarlet (9 days ago)
Pretty sure it’s a tremor sword
Zatarra's Tavern (8 days ago)
I feel like I would hate playing with duncan sometimes.. he loves going with the OP weapons, strat, etc even at the cost of other peoples fun...
Tom Moozack (8 days ago)
Sjin's Editor is underappreciated.
Nokle (8 days ago)
Duncan is hands down the WORST member of the yogs. Whiny little “i dont have to listen to you! Hmmf!!” punk.
kevin sargent (8 days ago)
it would be nice once you guys finally finish this season you go play a game like Starbound. Same idea but different in its own right.
the H.U.G.E Overlord (9 days ago)
While I support the deletion of tremor stuff, there will be major issues without it as they aren't the best players.
Domskie (9 days ago)
Bard Duncan: Annoys people with the sound of his instruments. Melee Duncan: Annoys people with the intense lag of his weapon particles ╮(╯▽╰)╭
Oliver Jelinek (9 days ago)
Draegoth (9 days ago)
Stop crying about Duncan's sword.
Ben Blond (9 days ago)
Stijn Weijters (9 days ago)
Delete Duncan.
PETER NELSON (9 days ago)
speaking of starbound Sjin could you all do a starbound series next :)
ᛖᚱᚺᚨᚱᛞ (9 days ago)
Squirrel with a tophat. 13:30
Oliver Smiley (9 days ago)
Useing the projectiles from Duncan's sword does wayless damage
chris glenn (9 days ago)
I would loose my mind playing this with duncan using his lag inducing shit stain of a sword and he always seems to drag the boss away from everyone else when ever its focused on him so annoying
Dank Lorde (9 days ago)
how does duncan not realize you have to shoot the "crawler" (solar pillar worm enemy) in its weak ass
bmxdude1337 (9 days ago)
Press F to pay respects for editor
Umi Tiwi (9 days ago)
tom you should make a arid artifact to summon a sandstorm
Rauke (9 days ago)
Anyone remember when Lewis found a super op magic weapon from the cultists that was really good for him at the time, but Duncan bitched so much about lagging?
Richard Jones (9 days ago)
Losing to the mini boss to DoG looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
Gage Aasved (9 days ago)
Use shroomite bullets sjin, they may not do homing, but they do a lot of damage
HeliusSlayer (9 days ago)
I love Duncan but god damn please just stop using the lag weapon. Doesn't matter if you think the damage is gone because no one else can land damage thanks to your lag weapon.
DreamblitzX (9 days ago)
Tremor is like, actually killing your server at this point like a parasite Sidenote for all the complaints about the sword (which are very valid) - Sjins gun that he got from that boss (the pandemonium) would be just as much of a problem weapon if he actually used it a bunch
Blaine Greene (9 days ago)
Storm Dragoon.....beyblade?!
Brian Williams (9 days ago)
only thing to do is kick Duncan off the series. He refuses to stop using the weapon and this is getting unwatchable, might as well remove the problem at its source.
KingBobbito (9 days ago)
A good adjective for Duncan is unwatchable sooo....
Jordan Shak (9 days ago)
Ok the Yogscast let me put it in a term u can understand cuz u dumb Tremor = unbalanced mod if you guys think updating the mod is going to fix it you r wrong Vulcan blade = end game weapon with much less steps
Jordan Shak (9 days ago)
Hah they lost
Kweestor (9 days ago)
to use auto-trash open your inventory then shift click on the trash items. but if you open a chest and then shift click, the item will be stored.
Grennyyyyy1 (9 days ago)
Duncan as bard "Duncan does absolutely nothing to contribute to this series" Duncan as swordsman "Delete Duncan's sword"
doleph1 (7 days ago)
Bard class is garbage... Tremor weapons (and the mod all together) is garbage... these are valid complaints.
Aloeotter (9 days ago)
I never said you couldn't criticize them, just that people will never be happy. When Duncan was playing a bard, he was borderline worthless, both as DPS and support, but it was his choice and he was having fun with it. When he came to the realization that bard just didn't cut it anymore, he became a melee DPS. As for the sword, yes it's stupidly overpowered, but so are a lot of things in the mods they're using. The Soul of Terraria from Fargos' mod is ridiculously OP as well, making all but SC almost a joke, and they can make it for all of them if they just farmed for the pieces. Lets be honest, people just want to see them suffer. That's the reason people are complaining about the sword. Not because of the lag(you can look to the episode they beat Providence for proof of that), but because it's going to make the bosses easier for them.
KingBobbito (9 days ago)
They're both perfectly relevant complaints. When he was bard he was behind on progression and more importantly he was just bad at playing the game (couldn't hit anything to save his life). Now he has a stupidly powerful sword that isn't part of the standard progression, and it lags the server. Just because someone fucks up a dozen different ways doesn't mean you aren't allowed to criticize them for all of it.
Aloeotter (9 days ago)
People will just never be happy.
Lewis is just the plot misleading hint that he'd be the final boss who deletes the world but really Duncan with his lag-cannon is going to disintegrate the server from the inside cause it to ignite and burn down yog towers. Probably time for that weapon to go before it melts the server he can't be trusted with the power and won't put it away when asked, lewis got rid of his awesome lagfest weapon.
Joshua Wood (9 days ago)
please get rid of tremor, that sword is just not fun to watch. its op and it lags the game.
Fluxdragon1 (9 days ago)
how have they not made a cell phone yet. the info it gives is surprisingly useful.
DigitalHaunt (9 days ago)
I have tried to argue the case for tremor, but it is genuinely stupid right now, Duncan is causing a lot of lag for everyone however also just one shooting everything. I don’t blame Duncan for using it but I think you need to remove that sword and or the mod because progression has ended anyway
dirp william (9 days ago)
5:29 its a sword not a gun.
The fact that they can kill storm weaver that quickly while being airborne proves that duncans sword needs to be removed for this series to be remotely enjoyable
Travis Lemieux (9 days ago)
I think he was making more of a generalized statement about all of us yognaughts saying different things and complaining about something. In this case you say to easy, last week someone complained about how slow pace and frustrating the play through was to them. The point is the masses never know wtf they actually want
@bAptist forsenH Forsen subs
When did I say they're "so bad ant not killing anything" I think they're alright at the game, just that the sword completely removes all challenge from what is supposed to be a challenging boss
bAptist (9 days ago)
Forskin btw Yikes Cx
Draegoth (9 days ago)
forsenX forsenE forsenKnife "oh my god they are so bad and their not killing anything". "Oh my god they are so good and killing things too fast".
waffielz yolo (9 days ago)
4:55 starbound with mods confirmed?
7theluigimaster7 (9 days ago)
Duncan, keep that sword. Do not get rid of it.
doleph1 (7 days ago)
Delete the sword or delete Duncan.
7theluigimaster7 (8 days ago)
I want to see them beat the bosses in revengance mode. Restarting would also make them able to start without Tremor, thus removing the sword that a lot of people seem to hate.
KingBobbito (8 days ago)
7theluigimaster7 You're tired of seeing them fight new bosses, you would rather watch them reset everything and fight the bosses we've already seen them beat?
7theluigimaster7 (8 days ago)
Well, this series, even though I like it, is starting to be quite long. They're almost done, so why not just speed things up? Also, I don't think they'll be able to beat Supreme Calamitas with the help of the sword, imagine without it. Anyway, maybe there's going to be another season, with revengance mode on and no Tremor. I can't wait to see them restart eveything and have forgotten how to play the game, again.
Roan Nashoba (9 days ago)
Luigimaster, explain. Dan, KingBobbito, kind of rude, you didn't even ask why he said that.
Omicron Alpha (9 days ago)
It's true that both calamity and tremor have they're own progression different from the vanilla game. But right now duncan is using a tremor sword that trivializes any calamity boss he faces (for now) because tremor progression has stopped. The point of what I'm saying is that the tremor sword should be considered a cheat weapon, and it's best to trash it if you want any sort of challenge here on out.
Aloeotter (9 days ago)
Implying they really want a challenge here.
Omicron Alpha (9 days ago)
Also true
HMS-Captain Lurmey (9 days ago)
"it's best to trash it if you want any sort of challenge here on out." "it's best to trash it if you want any sort of framerate here on out." FTFY
Shanon Smith (9 days ago)
Still love editor notes halarious as hell XD
Maroš Beťko (9 days ago)
after finishing terraria modded playthrough could you do a starbound one? that would be really awesome
Ray Langham (9 days ago)
Why does everyone call Duncan's SWORD a gun an Duncan there's a teleport pad AT THE FUCKIN DUNGEON
D ban (9 days ago)
Where's ark?
Forrest sos (9 days ago)
If they steamroll over DoG ima be livid.
Aloeotter (9 days ago)
"Slowly looks to Yharon"
Max (9 days ago)
really just gotta go for his tail
Forrest sos (9 days ago)
"DoG is an easy boss" And what do you say is a hard boss then?
Steven King (9 days ago)
CATHULHU (9 days ago)
to be fair, dog is an easy boss even without overpowered tremor weapons
mikgus (9 days ago)
13:20 is that the lootbag it didnt drop?
Mitch C (9 days ago)
no that is a bag of potential
Spazzman299 (9 days ago)
This series isn't fun to watch anymore. It's gone on for too long.
Mizerable Git (9 days ago)
*"Enchanter man, Enchanter man, Takes your gold however he can......."*
faalkaa (9 days ago)
Tom,,,,PLEase upgrade your summons. You could have made an elemental axe ages ago.
CATHULHU (9 days ago)
desu owo
Jyquin (9 days ago)
Someone please destroy Duncan's weapon. Having high damage is not worth the complete destruction of the server. Just look at how it corrupted Filbert's game and the audio.
Raiquia (9 days ago)
duncan dies so quickly cause he aggros the boss and then runs away with them... worst front liner
Nomi, the Idiot (9 days ago)
Please remove Duncan's sword, it'll make the game less easy
Nomi, the Idiot (8 days ago)
Well that's good to hear, I do feel a bit sorry for Duncan though as it's his best weapon
Sjin (9 days ago)
Hopefully he'll change it soon!
Ninetales (9 days ago)
Tremor has ruined this entire series for me its not even fun to watch at this point. One they won't remove it and they won't get rid of there weapons
Aart Marsman (9 days ago)
Ninetales byeee
Mr Simpleton (9 days ago)
Legit Duncan weaopn lag > any boss
Cuphead Gaming (9 days ago)
Looks at the lorde and void wyvern
fat man (9 days ago)
make a pvp arena
YourAverageCommenter (9 days ago)
I'm surprised they managed to die to the storm weaver considering Duncan's weapon is good enough to shred the super final boss of Calamity.
YourAverageCommenter (9 days ago)
I'm aware, I've beaten the game in revengence mode so I know a fair bit about how each of the bosses work.
Cuphead Gaming (9 days ago)
The storm weaver only takes damage at the end, and the weapon doesn't home in
SSS_Antoos (9 days ago)
Hebbu10 (9 days ago)
Pls get rid of items you got from Andys as they are too OP
Bamith (9 days ago)
Telling them that will only make them keep them harder.
Michael Frice (9 days ago)
Sjin taking things out of the computer to craft the thing thats already in there...
jared irwin (9 days ago)
Mitch C (9 days ago)
do you think the sandstorm is not spawning because of the mud they put in it?
Soldin PG (9 days ago)
I support the deletion of Tremor gear, due to its tendency to unbalance everything else to a far greater degree than any other mod.
Max (9 days ago)
yeah when they beat the tremor boss lewis will get the lagiest spell
Unstable Code Scarlet (9 days ago)
Soldin PG Isn’t the Vulcan Sword tremor as well? That laggy POS
Draco (9 days ago)
Enchanter Man doesn't feel so good...
Mattsy (9 days ago)
Hello, how can I download your Terraria modpack?
Benjamin Hale (9 days ago)
Download Tmodloader, install it look on reddit for the mod list and use the built in mod browser to download the mods then go into the mods list and enable them, reload the mods create a char and world job done.
Moth breeder (9 days ago)
Duncan does like 20 times more damage than Sjin, Lewis and Tom put together. Jesus..
happyguy0105 (9 days ago)
But does it worth destroying fps and making poor editor(s) suffer!?!?!? yes I suppose?
DJ Dan (9 days ago)
Using a broken unfair bs weapon that unbalances everything and is the lagiest piece of shit you ever will see
PreciousGaming (9 days ago)
But destroys the server...
Nyghtking (9 days ago)
Still think they should play Starbound when they are finished with this.
Richard Jones (9 days ago)
Atleast then they couldn’t cheat - really only 1 mod tho. There’s not that many mods worth even worth mentioning besides frankin
waffielz yolo (9 days ago)
just stick a bunch of mods in, i'd watch the heck out of that
d2factotum (9 days ago)
Tom did a brief Starbound series on his channel with Sjin in tow, as I recall, but it didn't go past one recording session.
John Blue (9 days ago)
Editor was the mvp this episode
OriginalScuffler (9 days ago)
If you guys want more "inventory space", you can make remote access things for your computer. That way you can input/output wherever you are.
Unstable Code Scarlet (9 days ago)
OriginalScuffler They’ve been able to make that since Moonlord
Eman C. (9 days ago)
Even the mighty editor is affected by lag.
Night Raven (9 days ago)
Even the editors are suffering from Duncan's Vulcan Sword
Cam JongUn (9 days ago)
its been 2 weeks where is ark </3
belzedk (9 days ago)
Gone forever, Sjin got tired of people asking for it
Cain Henry (9 days ago)
Duncan ruins all of your Series Sjin. Stop doing shit with him lol. You will get so many more views with Sips, Ben, Tom, or Lewis.
William Weipert (9 days ago)
Cain Henry And Sjin ruins all of Duncan's Minecraft content. Your point? And Duncan is literally the top DPS now.
Travminer123 (9 days ago)
Im glad they love the themes, i thought they would just ignore the music. 2 left then DoG time
Finley Fennacs (9 days ago)
i love the series
Travminer123 (9 days ago)
The episodes are soo short............... Still good content tho
Dayhawk (9 days ago)
Yay Vulcan blade being overly to strong until Supreme Calamatis. I hope they fight The Lorde just because the gear won't matter for it.
Psychic Hedgehog (9 days ago)
sonofhades57 that’s unfortunate, although it was very clearly a joke anyway. Seriously... a random chance each tick for it to change AI to any particular one from a list of Vanilla AIs? One hit instantly disables all armour and accessories? That’s a joke boss if I ever saw it!
sonofhades57 (9 days ago)
The Lorde was removed because the mod maker is a little bitch.
Omicron Alpha (9 days ago)
Sadly the Lorde doesn't exist anymore
TwentyOneOstrich's (9 days ago)
Talking to yourself ay?

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