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MISSION for a New Coffee-Maker! Robinson’s Forum, Manila Philippines

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Text Comments (10)
Silver Warrior (4 months ago)
Coffee's for closers!!
Expat Unchained (4 months ago)
YYEEAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! Thank you for stopping by sir! It’s an honor to see you.
enrico contreras araneta (4 months ago)
very developed city & fairly clean
Expat Unchained (4 months ago)
Indeed my friend. 👍👍
T Warwick (4 months ago)
How’s the freshly ground local coffee?
Expat Unchained (4 months ago)
And by locally… I mean the coffee was from Cambodia Vietnam or Laos. So somewhat nearby, but it really doesn’t have to be totally fresh from the plants like the next town over. But that stuff I got was very good and very cheap. So I’m looking for a Philippines replacement for that. But that is one of the best advantages of Cambodia… They are directly in the center of all these great countries. Location.
T Warwick (4 months ago)
That wasn't me. I'm more of an expert on Indonesian coffee. Not much of a fan of luak coffee, though.
Expat Unchained (4 months ago)
I’ve asked a few people about it, and actually haven’t been able to find any yet. The only reason I found it in Phnom Penh was because of of your comment telling me where to go. So hopefully I can find a good place for locally grown coffee beans. 😉👍
Matthew David (4 months ago)
Tipped via Paypal. Thx for the great vids
Expat Unchained (4 months ago)
And thank You sir! Your support is greatly appreciated! Tomorrow's video is EPIC by the way. 😆👍

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