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Extreme Free Running, parkour, stunts, acrobatics

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Follow @ModernTarzan on instagram for more up to date sick shots! ~Civil Chaos Free Runners of Santa Barbara~ This is our third video featuring Nicholas Coolridge and Michael Turner. Most of our best tricks and stunts are on this video. We have been FreeRunning for a little over three years now and we still can't get enough of it! This video has taken some time to film and edit so ENJOY! Tell us what you think! Also check out SBchaos.com for more photos and Info about us. Contact info- (805) 252 - 4939 NicholasCoolridge@yahoo.com
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Text Comments (3142)
Dom' Valhalla (10 months ago)
Saw this in 2OO9. Glad to finally watch it again, thanks facebook memories
Jalles Alles (1 year ago)
Eva Warren (1 year ago)
Jalles Alles same
Kolma (1 year ago)
Jalles Alles Braun whooy what
Tupaja (3 years ago)
Spidermen. :D
OG Moses Tha Great (3 years ago)
0:18 wtf is that place looks like you backflip in hell
Run Free Parkour (3 years ago)
Nice job Guys!!! Amazing Stunts!!!
NBCptSpark (3 years ago)
something like pein on naruto
NBCptSpark (3 years ago)
not good enough..... run really fast (but not like a dork) don't studer....go with the flow.... hard reflexes and fast stunt thoughts while free running through a large place non stop.
vv Zack (4 years ago)
Noo pos guau
Dragan Boskovic (4 years ago)
So fucking cool
Dragan Boskovic (4 years ago)
So fucking cool
Britney Rowe (4 years ago)
These people are AWSOME!!!!!!!!👍
Sincere Apologies (4 years ago)
Cactus Guru (5 years ago)
I treid this at home and no have two brokens legss :D
Tupaja (3 years ago)
Oh I'm sorry for you. :( Next time you know, that this is very dangerous and you have to be really careful while practising.
Vector T (5 years ago)
Luis Ramirez (5 years ago)
If your stuck at home and want to learn some moves go to ParkourTrainingAtHome(dot)com
1221mikew (5 years ago)
Hold my beer!
Braden Colley (5 years ago)
patrick457 (5 years ago)
Rose Macmorgan (5 years ago)
Well, we all know who's gonna be surviving the zombie out break
Raxalis (5 years ago)
It was brilliant. These men are awesome.
whyguitarguy1 (5 years ago)
Dat Hobo part
Joey Sinko (5 years ago)
The new face of Pro Parkour, Nick Merman. On my channel.
Fox In Bush (5 years ago)
"I appreciate"the homeless guy says
Brock Verburg (5 years ago)
Has to b the best way to escape a police chase lol
Eric Johnson (5 years ago)
That was pretty amazing
Teo Cipric (5 years ago)
guys your great but find some time to check vids of David Belle
D0nRidah (5 years ago)
Anon (5 years ago)
And that's when you know you're a hypocrite, you suddenly decide to contradict your own fault of not using punctuation by suddenly over-using punctuation. By the way, my reply to you was 5 months ago. Did it really take you that long to think of a response?
lacy patrick (5 years ago)
I don't refuse it I just don't do it ;3
NerdfighterJn (5 years ago)
The hobo is what made the video. Oh, the parkour was awesome too.
ImTheFunnyBunny (5 years ago)
This is fucking awesome
Rachel Damerell (5 years ago)
Eden (5 years ago)
I like how that guy claps at the end
Ady Dragusanu (5 years ago)
can you make a video how do a backflip?
N D (5 years ago)
Damien Walters is the best
Vanessa .Yeboah (5 years ago)
humans evolved from apes . you can see it clearly in this video :/
s1cr0s1s (5 years ago)
Parkour has existed long before the idea of Assassin's Creed was ever thought.
Obi-Wan Kenobi (5 years ago)
That is like prince of Persia
jake furbeck (5 years ago)
the cops would probably give up after a few minutes
LUVQX (5 years ago)
So guys eat your vegies to be like that!
This is so sad bro (5 years ago)
Jeff Hardy, is that you? 0:50.
basketballrocks39 (5 years ago)
That old guy is awesome
fak3stuff (5 years ago)
i bet u its easy for pro parkourist to jump the border
Austin Drozdiel (5 years ago)
I can do that
Chris Borer (5 years ago)
0:35 lol i can do that
Bloodiezerx (5 years ago)
Hello we have made a video parkour parody its hard to get views :( so if anyone want to see it here is the link watch?v=128GeK_kn6U thank you ..
XxMGOKillerxX (5 years ago)
awww that guy clappibg was so cool
99ThatGuy (5 years ago)
the cops would have a hell of a time chasin these guys.
Mortem (5 years ago)
No ^^
Ghost87 (5 years ago)
there are no such things as flips, spins, wallruns or any air acrobatics in Assasins creed...
Shawn Lee (5 years ago)
Michael Carson (5 years ago)
I meant to say the police
Michael Carson (5 years ago)
If this guys committed a crime they police would never catch them
Rager123 (5 years ago)
Wow imagine police trying to chase these guys
MatissPlayz (5 years ago)
I seen better extreme parkour this is crap
Suzan Lama (5 years ago)
By:-$uZ@^ I love free running too and i'm just learning basics i want to get tutorials on every trick so i can be good free runner too.You Guys ROCK. Hope in future we get to see more videos like this NICE JOB
Guillermo (5 years ago)
claeo k si campeon todos t creemos
Hex SoulRae (5 years ago)
Lo del 0:29 es parkour yo lo hago en todas partes
Lukas Taylor (5 years ago)
Search Zachary does a back wall flip
turtle1361 (5 years ago)
The song is called Fortress Europe by Asian Dub Foundation.
EastByrd (5 years ago)
The power rangers could learn a thing or two from this video.
Pranzal Neupane (5 years ago)
Fuck gravity ;)
Levancho Rcxiladze (5 years ago)
/watch?v=VOaFeKErhcA thank me later
Hitikus VD (5 years ago)
Where are you guys from?They are so fantastic i would like to know all that stuff but im not good as you guys.Good luck and be more good!!:)
Cristobal Aguilar (5 years ago)
or gave him money
Cristobal Aguilar (5 years ago)
did you at least said thanks to the man who was clapping at the end
NonFatPrawn (5 years ago)
2:27 "Im soooo bored." 2:28 "wtf!"
TheDslide (5 years ago)
If you liked that kind of acrobatic take a look at "TRICKING"
Slyvesterz (5 years ago)
I can do that. Hold my beer
Aww el señor del final (: qe bonito
Joar F. (5 years ago)
Great! :D
Anon (5 years ago)
And that's when you know you're "special", you use swear words, your username is "Mad Pad" and your profile picture is of a grimace.
Erik Carter (5 years ago)
OMG!!!! that is the awsomest F$%#ING thing Ever!!!!!!!
R R (5 years ago)
If every one was pro at parkour then cops and robbers would seem fair then huh.
teh piggeh (5 years ago)
i pissed meh pants wean i saw him XD LOL
Alenisdone (5 years ago)
Watch out, we got an assassin here.
xxfrost99 (5 years ago)
fuck the gravity!!!
maryanlove1 (5 years ago)
Love the end!!!!
Pepe (5 years ago)
I'm in hospital. xD
Anon (5 years ago)
And that's when you know you're a teen, you use abbreviations that don't make much sense.
Crash Bandicoott (5 years ago)
DEAR GOOGLEY you guys are amazing but think about it we need heroes in our world and you guys have what it takes to escape from bad guys to fight bad guys to stop bad guys imagine all parkour people gather up in a group and learn the ways of the heroes with bullet proof vests and weapons and trained by martial arts masters and a good looking suit you all can investigate together and help stop crime ...think about it theres no need to have fear...cuz our lord jesus god needs good and brave people
killah man (5 years ago)
why do u give a fuck if shes a mom or not wierdo
Grant Shinka (5 years ago)
Stephen Hopkins (5 years ago)
2:30 - tourists are like "wtf"
Miguel Perez (5 years ago)
Too much Assassin's Creed.
Suan Liu (5 years ago)
WOW. what a ride!
Suan Liu (5 years ago)
You sir, may be mean, but you are hell-aaaaa funny! :D
Suan Liu (5 years ago)
lol. hold my beer?
Suan Liu (5 years ago)
IKR! and he's funny!
Suan Liu (5 years ago)
lol IKR
Suan Liu (5 years ago)
lol she that bad?
Cindy Kulic (5 years ago)
Like 4.000.000 views in 5years
Hozda DJ (5 years ago)
Big Like for this...you are the best
ItsMeRapiidzZlol (5 years ago)
show us on your channel (person thinking he's desmond
ItsMeRapiidzZlol (5 years ago)
are you that retarded?
ByTrizzz (5 years ago)
This is pretty usefull against police
claw3252 (5 years ago)
Guy jumps boarder at 1:50. ;-)
deathanime2 (5 years ago)
Yay for the applause from the old guy at the end :-P
Anon (5 years ago)
And that's when you know you stink at English, you refuse to use punctuation.
Desmond Miles (5 years ago)
Bitch please, I can do this 10 times better blindfolded.

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