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Getting Rid Of Fat - Part 8 - The Key Missing Mineral

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http://bellyfatscience.com/getting-rid-of-fat-part-8-the-key-missing-mineral/ Getting rid of fat, part 8. My free belly fat book talks about the research behind the most important missing mineral in your diet for fat loss. Hi, Dr. Dennis Clark, research scientist, here again talking to you about belly fat science and what I've found by digging into the medical literature, research literature on how to get rid of belly fat naturally. There is one element, or one mineral, that is missing from your diet more than anything else. You're never going to get it in your food unless you go out of your way to find it, and it's the most important missing ingredient for your metabolism in every cell in your body that I can possibly emphasize. This element is iodine, and there are only certain kinds of supplements that will help you get the iodine back into your body that you're deficient in and therefore get your metabolism going in the right direction. It's not just for your thyroid. I want to emphasize this. It's for every cell in your body. If you're going to metabolize correctly, get your food going into building muscle and structure instead of fat, get that fat mobilized so that you burn the calories out of it and shrink down that belly, you're going to have to supplement with iodine. How much and the form of iodine I talk about in my book, "5 Steps to a Slimmer and Healthier You." You've got to read that book to find out what to do about iodine. This is the most crucial missing ingredient, the mineral that you don't get in your diet that you must have for proper metabolism. There is so much more surprising information about the importance of iodine and where to get it, since you don't get it in your diet. Find out more about the details in my free belly fat book at BellyFatScience.com. You can go there and download it now.
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Malin Saxegård Olsen (2 years ago)
Just wanted to say thank you for your hard work and sharing it. Where do I get Iodine? This is one of the best videos on youtube ever! God bless you.

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