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Shocking Before and After Fitness Transformation in 5 Hours EXPOSED! | Furious Pete

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Text Comments (10601)
Peter's Arts (2 days ago)
why is ur body fucking bent
I Love It (2 days ago)
I am 12, 160 pounds and I’m 5 feet 9
The Oppai Devourer (6 days ago)
MERICA (7 days ago)
I'm I weight 205 I'm 5,8 but my mom won't let me play football :(
FroosGamer KSA1 (8 days ago)
Fight ksi
High On Crack (9 days ago)
Before:When Pete is eating chips and doing food competition After:When he’s on tour or In gym
Jack Bro (9 days ago)
This trick is patched or still working?
pain gaming (10 days ago)
Loreta Gabalunos (10 days ago)
Wow 24 million views
Mitch Blackmore (11 days ago)
Holy shit!!! Never would have thought you could have a six pack and also bloat out your gut like that at the same time.
LinkGaming (14 days ago)
Poor thumbnail oof
Michael (19 days ago)
Umm.... wow
Andrew T (21 days ago)
do you think that these challenges resulted in cancer? ur consuming large amounts of nasty chemicals all the time eating that garbage conventional foods
brate (21 days ago)
0:09 was actually fat since u could see that he wasnt putting out his belly
MyNamesCody (26 days ago)
i think its patched beacuse i tried it on cheat engine and it didnt work
Pat Carrillo (26 days ago)
This just shows how easy it is to get really fat really fast
sarah abdel (28 days ago)
i love the hint of sarcasm in this! :)
Avenus112 (28 days ago)
Sort of a strong reminder that the internet is where people go to be awful to one another.
Dominicthomaskayaking (28 days ago)
Omg I saw the front cover and the photo shop
Łódź (29 days ago)
Why you not cooking the can thing
jason Mcd (30 days ago)
was the change all natural or was there any help from good old decca.
Hussein Rizk (1 month ago)
Possible possible possible
Tristan - Fortnite (1 month ago)
does it work 6 years later
David Esquivel (1 month ago)
I, am 9 4.9 145 lb
BiggestNerd3ver (1 month ago)
For some reason u remind me of Chris Pratt
Your Fitness Heroes (1 month ago)
The only way to become a real fitness athlete is to have a perfect plan on meal, training and mindset like https://youtu.be/jXU_S3wojRo or https://youtu.be/GRJpdZjNVzc
Elie Saba (1 month ago)
Rtv1. com (1 month ago)
U took my pic dude u oh me 50k
CHANGE YOUR LIFE (1 month ago)
Justmettheninja (1 month ago)
I think he meant to say 5 months...
Jimmy Bazen (1 month ago)
*Proceeds to sell his own supplements and workout plans with before an after pictures*
JoshuaFire Hd (1 month ago)
I’m 12 and I weigh 135lb
Fuckwit (1 month ago)
From fatass to furious
Jada and Jayla Ramsey (1 month ago)
Transcendence (1 month ago)
Fat eater to.... Fat muscular eater.
Ninja 2526 (1 month ago)
trench 444 (1 month ago)
connor murphy copied before picture
Komoto_Kane (1 month ago)
It's not "pop" it's "soda" this is 2018 and America.
Dyllan Donze (1 month ago)
How you have a hairy chest in one pic, but not the other if they are 5 hours apart?
hannes125 GT (1 month ago)
and thats what your body can do in a 5 hour of this thing and a little bit of photoshop
Music (2 months ago)
What bullshit is this 5 hours lmao
Kostas Perivolis (2 months ago)
Even in the good picture your body sucks 55% fat.
Imrie (2 months ago)
How to i get from the 'after' picture to the 'before' picture in 5 hour
Adam Kohn (2 months ago)
This is a joke i think
Cat Daddy (2 months ago)
theone1501 (2 months ago)
Scot Dodsworth (2 months ago)
this is why I love this channel he is so sarcastic in this vid😂😂😂😂
XxChronos 17xX (2 months ago)
Does this still work in 2018? Was it patched?
Dezznuts (2 months ago)
hahahahahahaha nice one
Dale C (2 months ago)
This is update 3.21 and people have phones on people these days so it won't work and you'll be exposed
Kookie Crumb (2 months ago)
this is funny xD
Osamah Al-mandalawi (2 months ago)
George Twine (2 months ago)
is this patched?
نوال صباح (2 months ago)
سوي ترجمة عربي 😭
Gram Gamer (2 months ago)
A-L-K-A (2 months ago)
Watching after 6 years after 2012 ?
Tashame Ali (2 months ago)
zack jerred (2 months ago)
When Pete was small
IcedTails (2 months ago)
Just shows that a lot of these so called 1 year transformations are just edited or misleading the viewer. All those skinny guys transforming into a physique comparable to men physique pros and people congratulating them saying that it can legitimately be done within a year...
shivansh dhaker (2 months ago)
Why am I watching it , 6 years later LOL😂😂😂
Sabah Peera (3 months ago)
drink bleach (3 months ago)
Thumbnail was photoshopped asf
patrick bertoletti (3 months ago)
next time you do a video similar to this can I be your oil up boi? Just dont tell mel diva. After we can go for a rip eh?
FORTBITE DUDE 360 MODE (3 months ago)
Sounds like a commercial
What're Water (3 months ago)
Endo meso
steve natsume (3 months ago)
or you can just take Steve Rogers' serum
The question is will u get sewed
Project Autism (3 months ago)
Ur getting urself diabetes
Torsten Kircher (3 months ago)
I thought after this video its all about bones and blood what you can realy made :D
SunnyDreams 23423 (3 months ago)
Okay it is -90 degrees lets go get a tan. 🤣🤣🤪🤪
Johnny Dueler (3 months ago)
M M (3 months ago)
Call me dumb but i didn't know those tricks..Thanks for making me a little smarter. <3
Hussein Rizk (3 months ago)
“Possible, possible, possible”
G4ming Fev3r (4 months ago)
Lol take before picture after the after picture how come u got chest hair lol
mhmad abomuch (4 months ago)
Pringles Pee (4 months ago)
Valkryius L (4 months ago)
He pushed his stomach out and then after he made his body normal how it is and made it look like sweat but he put oil on him lol.
Dario Petrić (4 months ago)
Wow this really changed my life. How can I be the same after this?
Heki Kahni (4 months ago)
That is cute, he was trying to be funny.
Austin Vallejos (4 months ago)
What a savage
Willy ._. (4 months ago)
It's called *Photoshop*
Domik the Gopnik (4 months ago)
*Mortal combat music plays* RUSSIAN GOPNIK vs Furious Pete! Round 1! FIGHT *Slaps him* *Furious punched me hard as hell* *Knocked out* FINISH HIM! *He ripped my body open and said: HERES Furious Pete!* FATALITY
Ryan Mueller (4 months ago)
I am not typically amazed, but i am FUCKING MINDBLOWN
DragoChronicSmoker42 (4 months ago)
1:03 MY EYES
Heather Yonemoto (4 months ago)
LIl Kaste (4 months ago)
Nice Transformation
Clorax Bleach (4 months ago)
I’m 11 almost 12 and weigh 84lb, is that too low?
Roberto Ramirez (4 months ago)
Clorax Bleach i weigh 90 and im 12 too
Ingrid Christensen (4 months ago)
Rush consistently original reveal mm-hmm trigger clinical bridge.
snehangshu das (4 months ago)
Fuck really
Tripo (5 months ago)
Not a huge difference, but really noticeable!
Milik Pertin (5 months ago)
Mathieu Hubert (5 months ago)
Substance ski demonstration appearance mechanical trace fifth mode stock sacred request.
Let Go (5 months ago)
Legend 👍
MiniGinge (5 months ago)
Anesongib copies you
Sajjad Anwer (5 months ago)
Well I'm confused it's motivational video or what?
round eye (5 months ago)
So it is easier to bloat and swell than to make muscle gains? mmmm... who woulda thunk
Capitão Cavernaa (5 months ago)
no t
Erik Kantor (5 months ago)
hahaha. nice one!
Bassin Class (5 months ago)
Pointless video. So stupid
Why did not the Arabic Gha with the names of employment

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