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Bartenders Guess Who's Underage #2 | Lineup | Cut

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Text Comments (4510)
Amandeep Singh (50 minutes ago)
Kai 🔥❤
your friend (56 minutes ago)
Can people stop talking about Kai because that's what I call my sister and it feel really weird that you're calling her handsome.
Farah Malhas (1 hour ago)
DBZTRUNKSCION (4 hours ago)
The lady with the piercings is.... is one of the Six Paths Of Pain
TheOfficialRoyalz (6 hours ago)
If she’s 15 I’m 15 , Chill Guys it’s a joke if I’m 22 she’s 22
HarmonicDX (7 hours ago)
The 15 year old was EAAAAASILY in Highschool. Reading CHarlotte's Web & shit 😂🤣
Luis Banuelos (8 hours ago)
"Do you vape marijuana?"🤣🤣🤣🤣
Martin Miller (8 hours ago)
IF SHES 15 IM 15 all good though im 14
Chad Wilson (8 hours ago)
4:11 That girl looks beyond creeped out by the way the dude said 22
Daniel Casas (8 hours ago)
We going to jail😂15
PossessedPablo (9 hours ago)
jons (10 hours ago)
4:14 FBI
SloMoe Official (11 hours ago)
Did she pronounce Charlotte with the ch sound instead of sh?
SloMoe Official (11 hours ago)
Im sorry, but that bartender in the shorts is disturbing as shit Edit : i just fucking realised he has no eyebrows... wtf
PnDa_Gravity (12 hours ago)
PnDa_Gravity (12 hours ago)
ruben maldonado (12 hours ago)
Wtf how is she 15
Gera Torres (12 hours ago)
that first girl with the piercings is sickkkkkk
Takeme Rightnow (12 hours ago)
I got them all correct (with perhaps being 1 or 2 years off, but correct in all my underage/overage guesses). And I work sometimes in a bottleshop, so.... EDIT - I got Kai wrong, I thought he was about 26.
Ak. MoV (13 hours ago)
She a year younger than me 😬😬😬
marko (14 hours ago)
It hurts to watch this little cringy gay midget talk
Joshua Carter (16 hours ago)
Before I even saw the 15 year old face I could tell she was dumb young. Deff under 17
Alex Z (17 hours ago)
“You have such a baby face, but then you have hella holes in it”😭😂
hunterd 5523 (17 hours ago)
if she’s 15 i’m 15
What (18 hours ago)
do americans really dress like that in public?
Revertible (1 day ago)
https://youtu.be/MBjGuLwMwlY?t=451 The 15yo blinked once lmao
Willow Yingling (1 day ago)
Sponsored by Clorox (1 day ago)
I wanna lick my thumb to make the 15 year olds eyebrows less close together 😂 quick question, is she trans???
victoria (1 day ago)
2:34 WHATS HIS @
Isabel (1 day ago)
Kai....can like............. get it.
Sarah Dorgan (1 day ago)
Only missed one! #serverlife
Max Duvall (1 day ago)
7:35 the 20 year old dude totally blinked for yes lol
patty b (1 day ago)
wtf i got them all right 😭 where the bars @ ya girl needs a job!!!
Sleeky Fox (1 day ago)
last person got fired
Sleeky Fox (1 day ago)
u can vape marijuana???? df
ixmking (1 day ago)
She’s fucking 15 bruhhhh I’m 16 what’s her @😂😂💀💀💀
Jessie Shomo (1 day ago)
If they are unsure u gotta card them
decent human (1 day ago)
C ha r l o t t e s w e b
Terrie-san Roxx (1 day ago)
Damn Kai you fineee
3icepwn (1 day ago)
The younger ones try dress mature and the older ones wore very hip clothes.
Zaray A (1 day ago)
kai can get these japanties
Elizabeth Roy (1 day ago)
Kai is so damn cute but he’s like 4 years older than me so..
Ivan TheAwesome (1 day ago)
6:55 was legendary
Schwinn D. (1 day ago)
I got everyone right and within 2 years of their actual age.
TheHunter Seeker (1 day ago)
Philip Meyers (1 day ago)
Guessed the oldest, guessed the youngest, these bartenders smh
oudskii (1 day ago)
The black guy should feature more. Hella funny
Meh H (1 day ago)
She ain't 15 that's a lie
Bidhi Lamsal (1 day ago)
1:10 You've such a baby face... But then you've got holes in it Lmaooo
aiana zhanaladin (1 day ago)
How do I find Kai’s Instagram
aiana zhanaladin (1 day ago)
Found it
TommyFTW (2 days ago)
The fuck she looked 19? I would've have said early 30s
Amir Deng (2 days ago)
i can tell she's 15 by the way she dresses lmfao
Adriana Popea (2 days ago)
I thought ppl would get the teen right like especially these days so much teens dress like that
Adriana Popea (2 days ago)
2:40 he's hot 😍
TheMegaBobBob99 (2 days ago)
What kinda parent let's their 17 year olds face look like it just got peppered with buckshot
Maxwell Morton (2 days ago)
They sucked, this was so easy!
Yur Mum Gay (2 days ago)
You aren’t a creep if you find that 15 year old hot. She looks like a fucking 25 year old if model
marina (2 days ago)
Abalam de Paimon (2 days ago)
when i was 16 i applied for a summer job as rescue swimmer at a local business (i was 6'6'' then), the lady at the front desk called her boss and went like "yeah hey steve, i got an applicant here for our open position, yeah, uh huh, mhm, oh yeah i think he's like 23" i giggled like the silly teen i was, and after she hung up, told her uhm, i'm 16, is that a problem ? she flustered so hard "omg what ? yeah sorry for legal reasons you need to be at least 18 for the job" In hindsight i think she was dissapointed to not get to see me in speedos lol. and now i'm 39 and people keep putting me in the mid to late 20's range. Tall and not being overly overweight seems to influence it a lot. If you know someone who does job interviews, i'm sure they will confirm this. Just like below average hight and chubby people are guessed at an older age then they actually are.
PuppyPerso n (2 days ago)
Sooo... The oldest looks the youngest, and the youngest looks the oldest? ACT YOU AGE, PLEASE!!!!
tezla (2 days ago)
7:01 - 7:06 Best fucking moment
Starry Night (2 days ago)
I know that the girl with the piercings was underage bcz she’s still in that rebellious teen mood like the “i don’t give a fuck about what you think”. Also the 15 y/o acts so young, she’s dressing up like someone who watches makeup tutorials and is a fan of the Kardashians.
selima sh (2 days ago)
Kai is so hot omg
Lowkey Kidda (2 days ago)
Most of dem didn’t get there ages correct but they but their hand up
Lowkey Kidda (2 days ago)
Jordan didn’t get most of dem Correct I went back 😂😂😂😂🤭
Precious xoxo (2 days ago)
Omg I knew that 15 year old was 15... I was like "Daniel Bragoli" XD
Adhya Chaturvedi (3 days ago)
Damn, the girl’s 15? I’m 17 and I look 12. Holy shit.
Emily Hughes (3 days ago)
I would have guessed the 15 year old was maybe 16/17 but she looks quite young to me
Tess van (3 days ago)
How did they guess so many wrong, I'm 17 and I guessed everyone but one right
SAUCE G0D (3 days ago)
That 15 year old most definitely has guys locked up
shrna (3 days ago)
Kai is so damn cute i need that ig real quick xx
lachlan campbell (3 days ago)
why do they all look fucking gay
Ty Williams (3 days ago)
Ok 4:14 ... like how tf
CaptainMikayla (3 days ago)
I’d NEVER let my 15 y/o wear makeup like that. the actual fuckkkkk
Hayden Booker Small (3 days ago)
ladymondegreen (3 days ago)
But really tho, what’s wrong with kid’s movies and cider?
Wait Wat (3 days ago)
i knew the 15 one bc she drew her eyebrows way too close together and thats a 15-16 "im a fab make up star love me" mistake. hell yeah for her rocking what makes her happy thoo also i got the 17 yr old one right on
Num7CJHS (3 days ago)
6:57 FUCK
forbidden pollo (3 days ago)
Japanese kids instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BpiMDcghdAI/
Claire Nicholls (3 days ago)
I think I would be a good candidate for this. I'm 26, and look 19. Not even kidding. Bartenders are always shocked to see my id that I am over 21. HAHA.
LittleLeo (3 days ago)
Omg can you guys do one of these with trans people like trans guy. Cause we always look like 5 years younger than we acctually are
sade sade (3 days ago)
The bartender with the glasses is dope and obviously good at his job.. he guessed the guy's age by singing😂😂😂
Nicy Jo (3 days ago)
Yo drop Kai and Marchell's @ please
Nicy Jo (3 days ago)
Marchell's @marcprice_fit Kai's @kai.har
Totorocks 490 (3 days ago)
4:15 bitch is 15
Roy (3 days ago)
4:15 shes a hoe, thats all
D-Eclipse (3 days ago)
She 15?!!!!!! Wooooooaaaaa.... Woaaaa, wait a minute.
Everdeen10 (4 days ago)
What’s Jordan’s Insta tho
a p (4 days ago)
"You look like you eat a nice piece of salmon or some shit" THAT LINE GOT ME DEAD AF
David Hernandez (4 days ago)
glad I wasn't the only one to react a certain way when finding out she was 15.
Jasmine Kenzie (4 days ago)
15 year olds need to stop dressing like that
AiM Shadow (4 days ago)
ik she was 15 bc she looks like malu and she is like 15
Merylou Hernandez (4 days ago)
In case anyone wants Kai Instagram it's @kai.har
OoDeucexoO (4 days ago)
lmao the bigger black dude was hilarious
GKS303 (4 days ago)
I choked on my water when 15 popped up
nohi (4 days ago)
Being Asian and living in Asia means that it's really easy to tell how old someone is unless it's an extreme case. Most of my guesses were spot on lol
Tori Gibson (4 days ago)
These bartenders all need to be fired lmao
Brooke Schermerhorn (4 days ago)
Sukh is so prettyy
Flash HarelKrash (4 days ago)
I could NEVER have guessed that 15yo was 15. Because I'm almost 17 and that girl looks older than me
Tayli Morgan (4 days ago)
Kia is freaking beautiful
jenifer cortez (4 days ago)
“You got such a baby face, but then you got hella holes in it” Oh nooo😂💀💀

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