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How To Attract Girls Without Saying ANYTHING

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Find out how to attract girls without saying anything. Every girl, from birth, is designed with the same basic blueprint. Guys also have a blueprint. Once you understand this blueprint, you can easily make a few changes to your BEHAVIOR to become more attractive and confident almost instantly. Two lessons here: 1. You only have to APPEAR to be confident to win in many situations in life, including attraction. 2. The easiest, universal way to increase your confidence and go from 10/99 to 99/99 fast. 3-Bonus- An understanding of how attraction really works, and you always wondered what they meant when they said 'thirsty' Interested in making money/business/success? Then check out my second channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP0Q3AOfhGE8HuKOfPTEQkg
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Devastator Eats (21 minutes ago)
Thumbnail is such a tease
Plywood Queen (40 minutes ago)
hey! scooters are a serious form of transportation, and they are damn fun(mine maxes out at 95mph). plus they are so incognito you can get away with shit(like riding on bike paths or parking on the side walk) that you could not do on a full sized bagger
Wh0isTh3D0ct0r (1 hour ago)
5:09 Sorry, man. There's no data to support the idea that women typically look up when taking a selfie. A quick internet search will show you that the number of angles that women choose is as diverse as the women themselves. And those who do look up probably do it to stretch out the neck more so it doesn't look like she has a double-chin. And news flash: men take selfies from the same angles.
Wh0isTh3D0ct0r (1 hour ago)
00:43 Step 1 of attracting women: Learn how to pronounce "escaping."
Abdul Salam (2 hours ago)
Aik baat bhi phaley Nahi parhey. . .
P S K D N (3 hours ago)
CosmaticPlayz (3 hours ago)
How to be pussy magnet?
Mr Konsti (4 hours ago)
Why should you get a girl? Realtalk xD
LC Newkirk (4 hours ago)
"Whatever happens, your toes are still tappin' When you have that...you have the attitude." lol
xX JDM 4 LIFE Xx (5 hours ago)
You wanna get a girl? Talk to her ask for her number if she says no don’t worry go to someone else that’s all you have to do that’s the easy part the hard part it is you you will never understand girls anyways get up have some confidence and have fun good luck 👌
Thinblue Line (7 hours ago)
Who needs these tips and information when you have a full semiautomatic alpha presence.
anonymous (8 hours ago)
its a myth.. that you actually have to appear confident.. it may make you attractive from outside but inside you are programming yourself to look like that to impress the world outside.. it stops your internal growth as the society never thinks for you it always looks forward to exploit every other person even the ones they get attracted to.. they don't gets drawn towards you to make you feel good they get drwan towards you for their own pleasure and selfish reasons. (and that is no bad as nature has programmed us as animals to be that way.) So why to impress society for their selfish reasons? but being under confident is much more dangerous than that... it makes you dumb.. So don't be confident or under confident about something you don't even understand.. just seek what you don't know.. for example when you talk to someone don't be under confident or confident in what you say.. just have this habit to discuss things with people and seek knowledge from everywhere.. (its very attractive than fake confidence). but if you really want to become confident about something(which would look even more attractive) then try it on yourself first and then tell it to others when you achieve something in it. Like if you say to people 'work hard!' you work hard for yourself first! and then tell them to make them realize what you have achieved.. this way confidence will itself come from your inside. Also, this way you will look super attractive as a leader and at the same time grow internally as well to become a great being.
J Bastidas (9 hours ago)
You are wrong about the selfie 'theory'.It is not to look submissive but to look thinner. Go to any dating site and you will see that this effect helps them hide their extra pounds.
goku oofer (10 hours ago)
i just talk to girls in a friendly way
MaRs (12 hours ago)
Great confident the one think I don't have
Rameka Hawkins (13 hours ago)
"get rid of the Prius" HECK YEAH
Hi Virgins.
KEG GAMES Keg (15 hours ago)
that was a wast of 8;53 min
Biggy Jayz (15 hours ago)
This isn't minecraft?
MobileDecay (17 hours ago)
Show her your fat wallet! Oh you don’t have one? Sucks for you! And me. 😢
Lul Red (17 hours ago)
If you like submissive girls, you are desperate. Simple
Fish On A Dish (17 hours ago)
Why do I feel guilty about watching this.
Silas Dunston (18 hours ago)
I just be myself. That's all.
UnknownFucktard (18 hours ago)
I've got a challenge for you. How about without doing and saying anything?
Siddarth Pandian (19 hours ago)
well.....time to sell my Prius.
Daniele Carmona (19 hours ago)
1CBRDUDE (20 hours ago)
Open your wallet show money say nothing . They will come .
DankOverloadTV (21 hours ago)
Just start smoking weed it worked for me
Paul B. (21 hours ago)
Bros... the answer is simple. All you have to do is conversation. Being able to talk without flirting. Just conversation while looking at them and Slightly smiling ... Then you start flirting
freak777power (22 hours ago)
Fat wallet
unboxing theboxx (22 hours ago)
Thank you😊
Dpb ! (22 hours ago)
I get so many girls, I’ve had enough
Hater10 (23 hours ago)
How to attract girls without saying anything ? Be good looking.....
a lizard (23 hours ago)
nah, pornhub is enough for me!!
RadAloui (23 hours ago)
8k feminists watched this video
Patrick Thibault (23 hours ago)
I show my 10 inches cock and they come
Delyan Hristov (23 hours ago)
I prefer the prius over the ferrari
Sooo fake it untill you make it? That's not how it works. If sb is to like you it should be for your real self not for sth you pretend to be
Pong Lenis (1 day ago)
Hey virgins
Unrickz (1 day ago)
Showing your wallet just after your payday? xD
JONEY Blog (1 day ago)
I don't understand just go on the point!! You are like my teacher give us some many shit bla bla but we want only THE POINT
Brandon Mills (1 day ago)
So basically change your personality
LouSaydus (21 hours ago)
Yes. No you cannot just "be yourself" because yourself isn't cutting it, so change yourself by fixing all the broken shit and THEN be yourself, which isn't who you were.
Adam Playz (1 day ago)
Dat thumbnail
David Ibarra (1 day ago)
I seem to attract more women now that I don't give a shit if I attract them or not
mrsexxc1 (1 day ago)
I agree with the main point and theory just found the examples kinda corny
Super Nova (1 day ago)
Finger them
Rick Renegade (1 day ago)
No girlfriend for 10 years out of choice. I'm happy.
Jason Pena (1 day ago)
i told this girl at work how big my dick was and tht seemed to work
Dragnmastralex (1 day ago)
I bet the guy that made this video is single.
Arnab Biswas (1 day ago)
Facial hair does the job these days lol
ThεMini (1 day ago)
Im feminine and submissive and still attrack girls, your guide is a bit broken
Wayne Filkins (1 day ago)
True story. I went from beta, to alpha, back to beta...all because of my opinion of what I had/have. In school I came from a poor family, so I was lacking severely in confidence, then at 18 I joined the Marines and become a player...figured women out completely and was amazed I never got it before. Then my life went to shit and now i'm broke and a complete loser, and I can't talk to women anymore, even after a 6 year relationship. I'm constantly working on projects to get rich and every time I imagine myself finally "making it" I imagine how easy it will be to talk to people, knowing that i'm rich asf and won't care what they think. Yet while i'm not yet rich, no matter how hard I try to not care what people think, I just can't seem to do it. It's crazy how much of an impact our mindset can have on our actions.
Acat Gaming (1 day ago)
Just say, Can i slide into those dm's baby
TheStrangely Oddest (1 day ago)
Why is he talking about animals when I was just wanted to know how girls like you Read More
Ronald Treitner (1 day ago)
simple, step one, pull out a large wad of cash, step two, wink.
Regden Bhutia (1 day ago)
This was true 6 year ago time has changed.. This doesn't happen now
FriedMexican (1 day ago)
Hello fellow virgins
Jason Kirk (1 day ago)
Thanks Captain Obvious. This is all common sense.
Samsar media (1 day ago)
XzanderClark Vlogs (1 day ago)
the first part sounds like a cult
icnike (1 day ago)
Actually there are two-three real things, that implies attractiveness to women: 1. Money 2. Money 3. more Money
Jeet Sonwani (1 day ago)
Oh My God. 7:30 Thank you so much for explaining that <3
Xo-1 (1 day ago)
The attitude thing doesn’t work in high school. Smh
BFarmy (1 day ago)
You totally had me with the comparison of the car :)
I was hoping for a good video with actual insight but this just ended up sounding like a post in r/IncelTears
Be 6'2, have good hair, hit the gym for a year, act like you've been there before when a girl checks you out. Didn't need to watch this video to figure that out. Just go out to the bars and clubs and you'll see it first hand in about 20 minutes. That's the only way to attract women without saying anything. You have to be a fucking specimen lol.
Milen Kac (1 day ago)
This will work only in your fantasy world !!! Only need is to be a rich !!! And you have all the girls in the world !!!!
Nirob Chitkar (1 day ago)
That thumbnail is working like charm as a click bait. Nice job.
Matthew Clifford (1 day ago)
Just whip out your wallet and hope u left a couple of hundreds in there and everything will be ok 😏
Steampunk Sentry (2 days ago)
This shows simply how men are being feminized these days. The 'confident' guy is becoming more rare, and men are becoming more expressive and more like women. If this was, say, ancient Greece, many more men would be confident since men weren't being constantly feminized.
Aditya Gupta (2 days ago)
a big joke
PercivalFromWales (2 days ago)
"How to attract girls without saying anything"... I can do the opposite, without saying anything! :-D
GD DragonGZ (2 days ago)
im *gay*
Martse Pali (2 days ago)
How to make bread without flour
c j (2 days ago)
Simple. Don’t trust this they just want money
c j (2 days ago)
Look up how to be blunt
tom (2 days ago)
women are attracted to money, social status. Looks matter but money beats looks to the 95% of hypergamous women. women compete with each other. who has the best shoes, house, car, husband (resource mine). work on yourself for yourself. Dont make girls your goal. women will always be available. Become the best version f yourself. Women will be attracted to you by the things you can do for them, money. Dont ever look for validation or approval from a woman, you build that yourself from within.
c j (2 days ago)
Don’t trust this I’ll tell you
Schutzstaffel Agent (2 days ago)
In my place girls only go for handsome(in worldy standards) and rich dudes and are literally crazy for them Thank God im a broke ugly guy in worldy standards
Zyco (2 days ago)
Well I guess that's bad that I'm a gentleman? Or is it actually a good thing?
CCPHS Contracting (2 days ago)
all this is nice but ,I would really want a girl who will love me for whom Im and not for what I got , so this is just a big misconception, and it may work but it doesn't promise a better life, just problems because they will never love you, only the money or your body, once thats gone your done to. If you really want to be successful read the Bible follow the guidance of the wise "KING SALOMON "... I did and I'm very successful, and i didn't had to lie or cheat or pretend , i was just wise to know if the person that i was dating really loved me or not.
xlSneak-_ (2 days ago)
As an antisocial fuck like myself, I needed this.
Arlo Cordell (2 days ago)
really cool graphics!!! i like how u put ur own personal touch in it...
Arlo Cordell (2 days ago)
i like playing basketball... not so much for the physical joy but for the socializing... i.e. pretending to be a Laker... hey i saw u take an instagram pic with my fiance!!! hey ur drunk...respect the uniform!!! mannnnn i know u still have feelings for Boston... sigh...basketball is just a basketball... its ok if u lost...
Arlo Cordell (2 days ago)
i hate when everything is quantified for utility value...makes me feel like a tool and like the only meaning of life is to make money... ok sure...putting health bar above NFL players might help a team's success by knowing when they are hurt and need of medical aide but it could also objectify them...to a degree even more so then they already are... i know u enjoy gambling Jongwoo...i dont approve but i understand the history...gangdam...hot women...i get breh...also trying to be super cool coding friend too...love u!!!
Arlo Cordell (2 days ago)
0:32 please protect me!!!
Sam Barroso (2 days ago)
This was like, telling you how to win the lottery, without actually telling you what to do
Sethro Ozgood (2 days ago)
Girls are attracted to guys who know the difference between loose, and lose...
MRZsiir (2 days ago)
So basically if you want to get a girl you need to lie.. Because if you show how desperate you are to fuck her, she wont sleep with you. But so many times if you dont show anything and remain unavailable (which is obviously not the truth as you want to get into her bed/ the same girl feel that she is being ignored and she will try to get your attention because she is insecure about her look. So you need to lie to get most of the girls...
Mihael Laurentiu (2 days ago)
Nicolae Guță
John Commando (2 days ago)
Advice on how to attract females from a male instead of a female? no thanks, bye
Ignas Vesoir (2 days ago)
+John Commando How is it flawed?
John Commando (2 days ago)
+Ignas Vesoir that's a flawed analogy
Ignas Vesoir (2 days ago)
You ask the fisherman how to get the fish
Mark Murillo (2 days ago)
Ducks are chasing me now because if this video😒
thomthum2000 (2 days ago)
Ted Bundy was a master at this. He also had a necklace, but he put it around other girls' necks.
Dell Jr (2 days ago)
Always looking clean helps, of course it takes money.. You always have fresh clothes like new shoes at the gym, never stink at the gym and always have a new above average car. Those things speak for you.
Annieya_Couble (2 days ago)
Dominant no thanks I get the confidence thing but someone trying to be dominant is a huge turn off cos I will argue my point for ever I have grown up with brothers I need to be heard
Man O'Neal (2 days ago)
sun shine (2 days ago)
Life going to end one day .
Jeff Keith (2 days ago)
Judging by the thumbnail you know what your talking about
Slytherin Whovian (2 days ago)
Dominance isn't attractive to girls, people. And submission isn't feminine. And we take selfies from above because it's the perfect angle. I don't find dominance or false confidence attractive. I clicked on this video hoping for some tips that actually would help me with girls, but instead, I got these lies. If you want some real advice, take this. Girls like it when you show sensitivity and human emotion. If you act like nothing affects your feelings, girls will avoid you. We like it when you express a lack of confidence and ask for help. If you act like you've always got it figured out, no one likes that and may even call you out on narcissistic behavior. We like someone with a tough shell yet cowers at things that truly terrify them. We love someone who will say what they believe, but will take criticism. We adore honest modesty. I don't know a single girl who likes dominance. We all prefer at least some degree of a say, and I would argue that most would rather have a 100/100 rather than a 50/50 relationship. Everyone has their own preferences, but no one actually likes the things in this video. I would like it if you asked girls about themselves rather than making a video without being properly educated.

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