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Does Steve Cronin Have Any Idea About What He's Talking About?

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You may watch his videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Igr70HKJjiY
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Rya N (7 months ago)
He is just trying to get free samples like most reviewers
Sons of Apollo (7 months ago)
Huge shill.
Greg Herring (7 months ago)
What stack do you take? j/k I've seen approximately 1.5 videos of Steve Cronin - snake oil salesman. His marketing tactics suck as well....just sayin'
exxx247 (7 months ago)
You discredit yourself in your first real assertion. It's designed to counteract EXCESSIVE sleepiness. Is going to bed after a long day excessive sleepiness? Your lack of attention to detail and silly little schoolboy bravado are an embarrassment. You made an attack video for views first, and considered the facts second and therefore are no kind of authority that people should care about. Also you look like you would be insufferable to hang out with.
The walking Dad (7 months ago)
But it is kind of hard to buy supplements that are regulated to standards we would all prefer. It just isn’t feasible
The walking Dad (7 months ago)
Cronin loves modafinil so he may just not want people to make it banned
dominik sukala (1 year ago)
You look so arrogant. Steve says in every video that he is not a professional and talking only about personal experience. So instead of 10 minutes flaming, you could tell us something smart about smart drugs.
dominik sukala (1 year ago)
You look so arrogant. Steve says in every video that he is not a professional and talking only about personal experience. So instead of 10 minutes flaming, you could tell us something smart about smart drugs.
dominik sukala (1 year ago)
You look so arrogant. Steve says in every video that he is not a professional and talking only about personal experience. So instead of 10 minutes flaming, you could tell us something smart about smart drugs.
dominik sukala (1 year ago)
You look so arrogant. Steve says in every video that he is not a professional and talking only about personal experience. So instead of 10 minutes flaming, you could tell us something smart about smart drugs.
Ev Ken (1 year ago)
Lmao this guy is an angry ginger, probs has no soul... stupid argument, guy obviously has too much time on his hands. We all know a guy like this always trying to bring sombody down and nobody gives a fuck lmao
Matthew ferrari (1 year ago)
review the infowars supplements and you'll get tons of veiws. nice vid
Anthony Marshall (1 year ago)
Go fuck your self 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
REBEL (1 year ago)
Hey Napolian, nice backdrop. I bet yall ain't got the ladies chasing ya.
antonio perez (1 year ago)
I can't wait to invite this guy to a party.
James Prival (1 year ago)
I feel jealous energy bro. FDA is GOD right?
My Path To Self (1 year ago)
This video made me speechless. You COMPLETELY nailed it! You were trying to embody what it is to be a pretentious little douchebag with a bad streak of envy, right? Steve is upfront in his videos. Subjective experience is always subjective experience. For someone that throws big words around a lot (a shoddy attempt at appearing well-read and respectable), you seem to miss the point of Steve's content entirely. When Steve compared adrafinil, modafinil, and armodafinil, I seem to recall him being crystal clear that it was an oversimplification on his part to help explain the subjective experience. While you were correct about the science (adrafinil is the pro-drug of modafinil, etc), you effectively demonstrate that you have no subjective experience with the drugs in question. I don't have the time or energy to point out all of the flaws in this video, so I'm gonna end this comment here. Get off your undeserved high horse, please and thank you. PS: You look like Ron Weasley and Harry Potter had a baby. :)
ILOVETHETELE (1 year ago)
@sons of Apollo, I can't believe how you're trying to skew what Steve Cronin is actually saying, even in YOUR video. It's pretty clear that he is saying use it under the supervision of a medical professional and not pushing anyone to do anything illegal. I watched his entire video and he said the reason he made the video to help people be safe.
TheSunlightExperiment (1 year ago)
This was not productive, and highly misguided.
Brian Kulakowski (1 year ago)
you have to look at it in the way that steve c or the people that watch him are look at these thing and that is is it going to make my mind speed thats the long and short of it that why i watch him now if i want to really understand the drug i will go to this guys page
leonakita (1 year ago)
Thank you, sir. Your remarks are spot on and sobering. You have made me rethink my purchasing of supplements online, especially those that are psychoactive.
leonakita (1 year ago)
I am now a subscriber to your channel!
Tino Rivera (1 year ago)
Too much cherry-picking and too many grand swipes with your painbrush of generalization. I see where you are coming from with regard to regulation and testing, however, your follow-up analysis of the products in question is quite poor. They're not FDA approved due to them being derivatives of FDA approved substances, true; but, it doesn't mean they do not work at all. The intensity of the effects of nootropics is lower due to them being derivatives, which is why people take stacks (so they supplement one another in order to create an all-around effect one would get from a FDA approved substance). Hell, psychologists and psychiatrists sometimes prescribe nootropics. Also, just for fun, you know caffeine is a nootropic (smart-drug), right? Caffeine, the substance, is not FDA approved. I'm not trying to shit on your video, don't get me wrong. But spreading half-truths is intellectually disingenuous, my friend.
levi222 (2 years ago)
Steve Cronin has NEVER "grossly" misled anyone! he has always stated he is NOT an expert much less a doctor!! he has "only" shared his experience and his own personal results that has worked for him personally. he has always made that clear. if you happen to be a expert then state it and give your advice. other than that move on with your life instead of attacking someone with claims he has Never made. God bless
Michael Bourgeois (2 years ago)
bombs dropped you sir are a boss and nothing less
Tanner Lingerfelt (2 years ago)
you both have good point .i have a serious problem with memory and i started looking into nootropics .i found Mr Cronin first and though skeptical i kept waking and soon decided to watch more technical scientific videos as well . i ordered some ciltep phenabut and adrafinal.i have had a lot of benefit and people that know me noticed a change . so dont throw the baby out with the bathwater.BTW my memory was stolen buy a pharmaceutical prescribed to me buy a doctor it is still a bit of a struggle but it was so bad for so long that i could not work . now im back to work putting my life together and living a much happier life. thank you both
William Sellers (2 years ago)
Idk what about the opioid epidemic influenced by doctors and online vigilantes. Ps love modafinil
washamane420 (2 years ago)
Thanks so much for making this and speaking out on the truth! Steve Cronin is a bastard for duping people into ordering dangerous unregulated substances which not only don't do what they're supposed to but can make you sick and cause a lot of harm to your mind and body. I was fooled once but I'm never ordering that crap again!
Amanda Mate (2 years ago)
you made some good points but you doesnt offer a solution!
Amanda Mate (2 years ago)
a lot of medical professionals die in cancer.... "experts"
stankwho (2 years ago)
Sperm drained fresh off the balls of a male goat is the best nootropic
Jorge Vasquez (2 years ago)
If Ron Weasley and Harry Potter had a baby this would be it!! Wait... Harry does marry Ginny so maybe he could be their son. Omg! Have you considered casting for a HP Role?? Lmao
iranjackheelson (2 years ago)
If you are a chemist, would you be able to just order some from Catmodafinil (or their new website if you will) and test the purity of the drug? so we can clear up the doubt once and for all... instead of just doing all this guesswork. The fact is that they are not regulated by the US government, but it doesn't seem that you know well enough to say (and neither do I) that they are fairly well regulated in India -- where the drug is made. In addition to that, given that modafinil is not controlled and is fairly cheap enough to make in India so that vendors lack the reason to mess with it at the risk of losing out on their business, it doesn't seem so crazy that they would just use what they purport to be using... If you could just buy the samples and test them out, you would do so many people so much favor !!!
Jaime Sanchez (2 years ago)
came across Steve Cronin when researching nootropics, he always seemed suspect to me...glad i came across this as well. Great vid man!
Jim Neely (2 years ago)
Harry Potter????
My Path To Self (1 year ago)
Harry Potter and Ron Weasley's love child ;)
lee adama (2 years ago)
R-modafinil is an enantiomer of Modafinil, and drug pharma isolated this enantiomer b/c it was studied to cause more wakefulness effect than the S-enantiomer. It is understandable that R-modafinil would give a sense of increased wakefulness/side effects than Modafnil b/c R-modanfinil is more - w/out the S-enantiomer. Identifying the dose tells you this, there is a 50MG armodafinil dose compared to a 100MG modafinil - this is the lowest dose I think.So Steve's claims about the hierarchy of the FINILS makes sense. The headaches caused by Modafnil could've been caused by increasing histamine and lowering the GABA neurotransmitter. Increased histamine has been associated with inflammation. Pharmaceutics/supplements efficacy does not always give you desired effects that is why Steve Cronin/Dave Asprey encourages lifestyle change, e.g. ketogenic diet, increasing mitochondrial function, meditation. Steve was mentioning dosing about the guy on the BBC video b/c he may have taken a higher dose of the drug w/c what may have caused the undesired effects. He mentioned that talking to the doctor of maybe lowering the dose could counteract the side effects - its similar to caffiene when taken in higher doses vs lower. I know every human beings biology is different w/c also affects these drugs effects - e.g. genetics, pharmacogenetics. Steve Cronin inspires his viewers to better themselves either by lifestyle change - diet, altering your biochemistry, has your channel promoted in improving people's well being? Biohacking isn't just about supplements/Rx, it is about changing the enviroment around you to improve your biochemistry for the better - this also accounts to habits and strategies. This can also be viewed as identifying the triggers that make you perform at less than optimal level.
An3my (2 years ago)
Being a student in the field of pharmaceutical sciences and watching all these living frauds à la Cronin, Asprey talk absolute non-sense, I enjoy watching your response even more. Great video, as usual
Larry N (2 years ago)
Dave Asprey is most def a fraud and a snake oil salesman who unfortunately has alot of brainwashed people following him.
Dave S (2 years ago)
yes, Steve is not a doctor or physician, but yes, he tells you that at the start of pretty much every video, as well as encouraging you to talk to your doctor. Yes he does use affilliate links to make some $, but there's no crime in that and you're obviously free to choose any brands you like. So essentially all Steve is doing is sharing his own personal experiences, which when compared to all the "here's what i read on wiki about it" videos is a refreshing change. Users of any substance know the onus is on them to do their own personal research. So in summary, your attack on him is off target.
Nice video. Cronin is like a psych graduate student or something, so you can't comprehend any of this on a molecular level. He needs to watch ALL of your chemistry videos!! xD BTW, the name, 'Sons of Apollo' is beautiful. Apollo has always been my favorite of the Gods. Have you ever read Nietzsche's 'Birth of Tragedy?'
Vic May (2 years ago)
This is so wrong on so many levels. Your outrage is misplaced. I won't even bother to explain because such things are not difficult to figure out if you care to look around with an open mind.
Ray West (1 year ago)
well i'd like to know your opinion because im more leaning towards your side
virgo4200 (2 years ago)
Here is the problem with your video steve cronin says in all of his video he is not a doctor with a long as rambling warning.so if people are stupid enough to take a youtubers advice then thats their faults not steven cronin.as for taking modfafinil from india ive been taking modafinil from the vendor modafinilcat since december and its all worked the same as always.
Larry N (2 years ago)
this guy is a little bit of a hater
joanne g. (2 years ago)
the fake Valium turned out to be haloperidol--an antipsychotic
Michael Murphy (2 years ago)
I personally recall him saying exactly that he has no idea about most of the stuff he says. He always says that he's simply telling us what has worked for him subjectively.
levi222 (2 years ago)
Michael Murphy yes...agree. Steve has never claimed to be an expert. he does Not mislead anyone on what he is taking-he has always been up front. thanks for your comment👍
Collin Tebo (2 years ago)
are you a doctor or medical professional?
Dee Lee (2 years ago)
I agree with some of your claims. I dont know anything about Steve Cronin but he does seem like sales man. Such as a Billy Mayz. One thing I must add is. I dont think a Doctor knows everything. He is just some guy. Im sure they are very knowledgeable but 1.) Everyones body chemistry and reactions are different. 2.) Doctors may not have used the medicines drugs them selves. For that reason. Personally I wouldnt be able to take advice from someone who hasnt personally had experience with a particular medication. He may know something but consider it with a grain of salt.
mike duda (2 years ago)
telling patients they can b approved for harvoni with a fibroscan under f-2 is false information , harvoni will not b approved for anyone in any insurance company with a fibroscan under f-2
James Holder (2 years ago)
What was YOUR experience on it? What studies have been performed on its off label use? And yes off label use is common with many drugs.
Manuel Gutierrez (2 years ago)
Well said and explained! This is as close to an intellectual K.O as one gets. It is strange however that the dude without the scientific knowledge or rigor behind him, the one selling only hope, in other words the snake oil proponent is the more popular one. Your scientific integrity is much appreciated even if you are not as popular YET... You have my subscription.
levi222 (2 years ago)
Sons of Apollo why are you interested in "ass kicking?" just give your own "expert" advice if you are a so called one(?) on products. this shouldn't have to be about ass kicking anyone..?!? Steve Cronin has ALWAYS stated in each and every single video that he is Not a doctor!!! he has NEVER stated different. have you actually watched any of his videos? if you had you would know this. he is just a person sharing his "own" personnel experience. I have never taken him for anything else. if you are a expert or a doctor in this field then just share your knowledge. anything that Steve cronin has shared should not be your topic. attacking someone else for claims that are untrue is just ridiculous much less tacky. just state who you are and give your advice to which you state you are and move on. No need for attacking anyone Especially for claims which he has Not made. just do your own work from your own personal merit with out having to be involved in "ass kicking" allegations that are untrue. your personal work should show for itself---not ass kicking others. tacky.
Ryan Staudacher (2 years ago)
+Sons of Apollo I totally agree with him. It is obvious that you not only know what you are doing and are speaking on, but also put time and effort into your videos. You make amazing content, especially as a smaller YouTuber who doesn't do this as a full time gig. Bravo!
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
+No One Thanks I appreciate it and don't worry there will be plenty more ass kickings to come.
Daniel Tjener (2 years ago)
Steve cronin really does not know shit. It is estimated that these copy drugs people buy online, is an industry making 100 of billions of dollars a year.
Daniel Tjener (2 years ago)
I really gotta ask, what is your proffession?
TheRasta25 (2 years ago)
So you trust FDA ? I have a mix feeling about fda because there is a lot of serious medications that are aproved by fda but destroying people life
Tenzing Khedup (1 year ago)
TheRasta25 Yeah, in this video he seems very pro pharma. I don't mind it, but seems very preachy. He seems to be and act like a total smart-ass, so smug. He acts like Pharmaceutical drugs are A Okay and that they don't cause any problems or hospitalization, this is from his near end speech. What we have here is a person who is in total bias with his beliefs arguing on the internet with another person who also has total bias, but actually says he does have a bias. Inb4 "Your comment also has bias, irony/hypocrisy" actually no, reread my first 2 sentences. I take both and research both. It's like fanboys fighting each other.
thoth81 (2 years ago)
Thanks for this making this video. I've withdrawn from participation in a few "biohacking" online forums as it seems very few understand the subjects you mention - biology, chemistry, pharmacology - and have a tenuous grasp of science at best, ie don't know how to evaluate studies published in journals. Your point about having ZERO clue what you're really ingesting cannot be reiterated enough IMO. It seems very few of these people have ever worked in a lab or have access to one. There are some who do not fall into these categories but in my experience they are rare and prefer to keep to themselves, synth their own nootropics for them and their friends, and of course don't broadcast it online ;)
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
+thoth81 Its too big to see the whole thing, but its an invasion. Spanish conquistadors riding out from the sea on horseback.
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
+thoth81 I know what you mean. There is so much misinformation out there that when you say something you get pounced on by a bunch of clueless people who accuse YOU of not knowing what you are talking about. Its such a joke and a chore explaining to them that THEY have no idea what they are talking about that I completely understand why someone would withdraw or abstain from commenting. Same thing has been happening to me with Toujeo recently, but I'm gong to put the smackdown on them shortly.
thoth81 (2 years ago)
+thoth81 The visible part of the painting/mural behind you intrigues me. What is it?
Matt G (2 years ago)
Agreed. I have an rx for modafinil from a doctor. I wish there was a lot more regulation of this online modafinil shipping business. It is getting crazy how easy it is to illegally have it shipped to your house.
Matt G (2 years ago)
I worked in manufacturing while going to school for chemistry.  After I graduated I worked in the PD lab for 2 years before getting involved in trading forex from home.  Can always go back to it, but just enjoy working from home much more ;) 
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
Really? What did you do there? I never worked for one, but I have done enough chemistry over my life to appreciate the difficulties encountered in creating compounds from scratch. Filtering out all of the solvents and other products of the reactions is a very time consuming and annoying process, but necessary as they are highly toxic.
Matt G (2 years ago)
Yep. Why I shall stick with my prescription for it lol. I used to work for a drug manufacturer and what I saw makes me slightly uncomfortable with that as well!
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
+biohacked trader That goes for most things, even illegal drugs like methylone are shipped to people's houses labeled magnesium or some other generic compound.
Matt G (2 years ago)
+Banned User lol gotta love people getting worked up posting comments on YouTube. I didn't say anything about the mailman. If the DEA wanted to they could start cracking down on these packages coming into the country, but it is simply too low on their priority list.
Prometheus720 (2 years ago)
Good god I wish you made more videos. Why is the video category "autos and vehicles," by the way?
Jim Neely (2 years ago)
I don't know what you know so what you don't know means I don't know... do you???
Jim Neely (2 years ago)
I know that you know so you don't know what he knows and not knowing means you don't know which means you don't know what I know and in doing so you actually don't know...
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
+Prometheus720 It's probably thesis material. Its hard to avoid, the more you know, the more you know you don't know. If you don't know that much, well you don't know what you don't know... so it may seem like you know a lot ...but you don't really and the only way to know that, is to know more, so you can know about not knowing even more things. The most knowledgeable person in world is the one who can name the most things he doesn't know... you know. Statistics are our only hope... for not looking stupid. Everyone looks stupid eventually though, 20 years form now our experts will look to have the most rigid brows and slopeish faces, the only difference is how long? For some it takes years, sometimes centuries, and others just a few minutes.
Prometheus720 (2 years ago)
Oooooh, nice burn. You know, this video made me think...what are the limits of a layperson's knowledge? Like, what can we reasonably expect to learn, and how far should we trust ourselves as laypeople to make decisions without a background? Basically, how do we know if we're acting like the dumbass you're talking about in this video, and how do we avoid doing that? Getting arrogant about our knowledge base because we read some paper we found? Is that video material?
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
+Prometheus720 Well, I wish you made more comments! I got a few coming up soon. Not sure why that is, maybe it thought this video was like a school bus? I changed it.

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