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https://www.twitch.tv/skylent https://www.patreon.com/skylent DISCORD: https://discord.gg/jx7cYPW DESTINY 2 LOCKS VANILLA CONTENT END GAME BEHIND NEW DLC CURSE OF OSIRIS ; DESTINY 2 IS A SCAM HARDWARE PC: Graphics = GTX 970, CPU = CORE i7 3.6ghz CONSOLE :PS4, Nintendo Switch, Nvidia Shield
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Skylent Games (10 months ago)
Zeusexy (10 months ago)
Destiny 2 is a soulless, generic, mediocre cash grab like the first one. We should not have trusted activision and bungie in the first place. This is EA scam level.
Patrick Humphreys (10 months ago)
I still enjoy the game, and play it almost every day, although it is fair to say that the new DLC is a little disappointing. However, I can see where those that dislike it are coming from.
Centrevez (10 months ago)
half of the clans are not even logging in and doing the clan rankings and only a smaller few clan members are active and still not doing the clan ranking activities so ranking for clan packages is at an altime low so yep the game is in trouble. centrevez vectra
Christopher Weeden (10 months ago)
Automatically subscribed because you speak the truth!
C. Walton (10 months ago)
Year one destiny player very disappointed in the direction of Destiny. with destiny 2 Bungie is going backwards.
DoubleDDeacon (10 months ago)
This game is trash and the remaining player base (which is a joke of a number) defends it to the death... which is coming very very soon. Mindless morons who are easily entertained.
Jerry Murphy (10 months ago)
Destiny 2 is just a straight up scam. Making people buy there shitty DLC to keep playing this garbage of a game.
AcesX (10 months ago)
Skylent Games, how were you gonna refund it? I just tried and Blizzard basically told me i had the game for too long, i bought it in june which was waaay too long ago, eventho that was a pre-order date and i couldnt play until release mid october. even just played 3 days and never touched it again. Pretty sure you cant refund it either then...
prinniesforeveryone (10 months ago)
hours spent does not equal enjoyment THANK YOU. fucking gamers now only evaluate a price of a game dependent upon how many hours they get out of it. This and multiplayer gaming in general have been not only bad for gaming but bad for society. I would gladly pay 50 or 60 dollars to play an 8 hour masterpiece classic like god of war or devil may cry. You do not need and should not be putting 100s of hours into games. you should be doing shit with your life not farming fucking dailies on games.
CrackResearchTeam CRT (10 months ago)
I believe the biggest problem to games like this is the fact they prey on those who dont know any better. The bank on the demographics that are not bright enough or just dont care enough to speak out on the poison they continue to get. The population buying into it must be large enough that these companies not only dont solve their problems screwing over its customer but crank it up, even more, to see just how far they can take it.
Chris G (10 months ago)
Wow do they want to kill their own franchise? Haha shieet
Julian Luigi Nocamasi (10 months ago)
U ARE JUST A CRY BABY we should no care about the game HE SAY xD, dude dont put US in u crying dramaaaa , just do a bad and good about games . btw i never buyed this ugly game . almost all blizzard games are boring for me, but i no wll be here doing a video trying to make people hate this game just cuz i dont like it.
Patrick Humphreys (10 months ago)
I think they said that because the game is accessed through Battlenet on PC.
DoubleDDeacon (10 months ago)
Please learn how to structure a sentence and an argument. You clearly have no idea whats going on. Blizzard? What a moron.
dudeonthasopha (10 months ago)
Julian Luigi Nocamasi the video is about them removing previous content and locking it behind a pay wall. Not telling people to hate a game because he does. If your English comprehension is as trash as your writing i doubt you even understood this video. Blizzard didn't even fucking make this game either.
Little Mattie (10 months ago)
Fantastic video, you are a great talker. Subbed!
silwerangel (10 months ago)
this is even worst then the No mans sky scam
silwerangel (10 months ago)
its about the scale of this scandal not the topic itself
stefano tedeschi (10 months ago)
No Man's Sky has a different story behind it and actually it's trying to recover from the initial failure
Nagicstic ____ (10 months ago)
You're late to the party. Bungie has been doing this since the beginning. They just kill off the noobs and leave the hardcore.
Nagicstic ____ (10 months ago)
Marky Leroux what I meant is that they did that in Destiny 1. 2 or 3 times
Marky (10 months ago)
Not true. When The Dark Below came out u could still do vanilla strike playlist, vanilla crucible playlist, the Vault of Glass. The Nightfall is not suprising, but the rest was still available. In this EVERYTHING, save the patrols, is locked behing curse of osiris (raid isn't but prestige is and vanilla achievement is also locked)
aswelike zz (10 months ago)
To be honest I fell in the trap and pre ordered the version which comes with the dlc because I loved d1 during the taken king and rise of iron dlc and was hyped because I thought it could only go better with d2 and yeah d2 happened and it’s a joke. P.S if you never played destiny and want to have a nice time get d1 on the ps4 or xbox and get a couple of friends and have fun,you can find the version with vanilla d1 and all the dlcs for 20$ or even less
Noxic (10 months ago)
well said my man, well said. agree with every single word. i wish i could get a refund so damn bad dont think blizzard is gonna have any of that tho
BeyondDaX (10 months ago)
Thing is though, not everyone is going to ask for refunds. Especially if they invested so much time into it. Sorry Skylent.
BeyondDaX (10 months ago)
Sorry but nothing you say is going to detract from my point. So let's just move on from this argument.
Huhu Lili (10 months ago)
BeyondDaX if it were an investment, why is there no return value? You invest more than you are getting in return, you speak as though there is business, but there is no profit to be had. If anyone would be stupid enough to continue playing this game and spend on this game for a diminishing return, I hope for the best for them to play this money grabbing thing.
BeyondDaX (10 months ago)
Huhu Lili Time is an investment not enjoyment. One would keep the work they invested rather than delete it on a whim.
Huhu Lili (10 months ago)
BeyondDaX "time does not equate to enjoyment" the time spent for them is not a good one
SamuraiMotoko (10 months ago)
Hearing so much about destiny betraying the player base so much got me to play warframe
business1713 (10 months ago)
SamuraiMotoko started playing warframe never looked back.
Dan Riley (10 months ago)
Good call.
lyry 19 (10 months ago)
It's the same, but different in every way That's why I hate destiny-warframe comparisons x)
BeyondDaX (10 months ago)
Warframe is kinda the same but it does not (Mostly) betray their playerbase
George Kifiani (10 months ago)
It's not even like in WoW (btw, WoW really have fun and interesting things to do, overpriced, yes, and you may like it or not, but still good behind it), WoW do not block you from content if you do not purchase new (just from new one) and system in WoW always was S2P, so, basically you know what you pay for, you may agree or disagree with that, but it's clear, in Destiny you pay for A, but did not get even 1/3 of that promised A, that's truly Scam, when I say that couple months ago, people (mostly Destiny Fun base) insulted me, now I hope people will understand, why that system is not good for MO/MMO games and why you should think twice before support companies like Bangie, Activision and Blizzard.
Huhu Lili (10 months ago)
George Kifiani sky said it was arguable, and he didn't said it was unreasonable, you should chill
Touch of Chaos (10 months ago)
DESTINY has been a scan since the beginning it's nothing new. So you people feel cheated? Good suffer!
Aaron Herdegen (10 months ago)
Thank you for making these videos. Genuine factual evidence, that people should/ need to know. While so many others buy into the hype of games and talk about how amazing they are or could be, you're seeing them for what they truly are and you inform others to help them save they're time and money. While I personally enjoy destiny 2, possibly because of a group of friends I play with. I'm not blind to what Activision/ Bungie is doing. It's so great to have a source to see things I've missed. So again, thank you for doing what you do. While it may not always be the popular opinion, it's very admirable seeing there's still some honest people on the internet that don't blindly follow every current trend.
GraakAttack (10 months ago)
I believe there was a breakdown between the artists/game designers and Activision. The scope for the game was likely much grander. If we look at grimoir cards as everything the creators would love to have included in game then we have a good idea on what the game might have looked like. However, I would guess Activision wanted COD in space which is what Destiny has predominantly become. All for the sake of the almighty dollar. Destiny went from a promising indie (referencing films here) to a summer blockbuster popcorn flick. Not even a better one at that, just eye candy fluff.
Jonas Bekke (10 months ago)
They did just that in destiny 1😂 for all dlcs!
Werder Lork (10 months ago)
I always knew that Destiny sucks and you should just play Warframe if you're looking for this kind of game. Looks like I was correct, kek.
Dan Riley (10 months ago)
Nah fam, there's still a HUGE market for Bungie fanboy retards with Stockholm syndrome that love to get exploited.
George Kifiani (10 months ago)
WF and Destiny really have similarities, but only as a Looter games, in every other aspect they are very different, Destiny is clearly Borderlands like game, but in different setting, Wf is more so called Diablo type game with many other mixed mechanics and genres. I mean, that mechanically and physically they are enough different games to mostly cover quite different audience, with quite different tastes and preferences.
BeyondDaX (10 months ago)
Well sort of. Still nothing to write home about.
vishal dutta (10 months ago)
Warframe is better
BeyondDaX (10 months ago)
Warframe is kinda the same as Destiny tbh. I think you are overcompensating.
Solkard (10 months ago)
Ironically, the scaling of the system is implemented so that the endgame content could probably be stat scaled so that new players could complete it just a easily. Destiny 2 now has a trial that lets you play to lvl 8. At lvl 8, I was completing heroic public events with "endgame" geared people dat the same efficiency, since the game scales them down to my level.
João (10 months ago)
That gameplay where he has to peek out of the shield to shoot is soo aggravating XD Why can't you fire through the shield?
SCMike (10 months ago)
cuz it would be overpowered af in multiplayer matches. remember, they don't really separate PvE and PvP.
BMGT (10 months ago)
I just thank the gods i almost bought the 100 euro bundle of destiny 2 for pc because i realy wanted it to be great and all. but something itched me to wait and see what was going to happen, and im so happy to have kept my cash, my friends and I all dodged a huge fucking bullet with this one. With that money got myself the legendary bundle for Path of fire for gw2 instead of standard version and im pretty happy and regret nothing, better to spend monney on companies who listen and try their best to please their players
George Kifiani (10 months ago)
Agree, but it's not just to please their players, it's about how Developers love their own creation, if they dislike their game so much to make decisions like this, then why the hell we should even support it ?
AznKILLER (10 months ago)
Bought the game and haven't done nightfall and raids or Strikes just campign because I just didnt find it enjoyable or fun , now by the sounds of it I have to pay $20 to finish the things I didn't play in the Vanilla?
im Ignant (10 months ago)
When I read on the news outlet Kotaku about what Bungie was doing with the DLC. I almost crap my pants. They wont see a penny from me or my gaming family.
AznKILLER (10 months ago)
Can see why people are emote pissed . I hated the way D1 gated play lists and this is worse.
Gamer Wits (10 months ago)
scummed again!
Bowman (10 months ago)
Okay.....but what about them puppies?
Huhu Lili (10 months ago)
Bowman play neopets
Ace D (10 months ago)
Gaystiny 2
Huhu Lili (10 months ago)
Dustmoney 2?
Lucio (10 months ago)
Skylent Games (10 months ago)
I prefer Dumpstiny

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