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Text Comments (2802)
Runiktv (2 months ago)
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Markel williams (4 days ago)
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Chazz John (4 days ago)
Runiktv io
e sports fix (6 days ago)
runiktv.com for sale
lil kyren ellis (12 days ago)
Runiktv love you
MegaTronXKing Kill (23 days ago)
I can’t wait to have a girl when I turn 18 or 16
Chinos Life (4 hours ago)
his pranks are fake but its MAD FUNNY
Ryan Bell (6 hours ago)
Real talk bruh!!
I couldn't say no to him
lailai TV (22 hours ago)
Nigga took one sip if he was ready 💀
Kaelynn Perry (1 day ago)
Fortnight is amazing
SesameSkeet (1 day ago)
Am tarrnt up!!!
jovel maru (2 days ago)
Dequetta LaShae (2 days ago)
Lord daqari and viagra??? A bad mix lmao 😂 😆
Deniyah Symphony (3 days ago)
He tripped at 7:23
hugo juarez (3 days ago)
Isn't this illegal?
Kemecia Shed (3 days ago)
Runic was wild
Kougar Writer (4 days ago)
Pause at 10:49 and look at the bottom left (no homo)😂😯
jevone Mcfarlane (4 days ago)
“Looking like Rihanna cousin “😂
Shacaari McDonald (4 days ago)
“Let me come in yoe storm right quick” 😭😭😭
BraxtonOnMarzz (4 days ago)
They fucked after this
Andrew Turner (4 days ago)
Wats yo ps4 name
okieexcaee (5 days ago)
sum turned me up bruh HAHHAAHAH 😂😂im dead
octavia Campbell (6 days ago)
we all know what they did when they got off camera
WolfieGamez5 (6 days ago)
Imagine somebody drunk AND with Viagra would that be bad??
Thomas Burnett (7 days ago)
When you know you been touched by Thor's hammer and you wanna go to work.
Jack Barracco (7 days ago)
Look at his little chicken in his legs he’s trying to get laid girl you did a good younger him shit he’s got a little ass dick he looks like a little chicken leg trying to hump you
Alex Montoya (7 days ago)
Babe lets just have a baby
Austin Cary (7 days ago)
Who saw that hicky on his neck?😂
Krystal Productions (7 days ago)
12:23 😂😂😂😂😂
Demarion Johnson (7 days ago)
Runik suck toes n he said I'm trying to Nick the dust off that cake
Dkeryunah Snyder (7 days ago)
He being round funny mike too much
ROB STAY LIT (8 days ago)
Where do you get the viagra at lmao
That Kydd rxse (9 days ago)
A fine cute lil reptile
Lex Holder (9 days ago)
alazabella rome (9 days ago)
Try to knock the dust off yo cake lmaoooo
Akirita ZF (10 days ago)
Yall should do no hands kissing
Aaron Joseph (11 days ago)
He can do me
sheila taylor (11 days ago)
Ok he looks average...I just seen the whole print....
sheila taylor (11 days ago)
He look small in those underwear...
R E G G I E T V (11 days ago)
This shit funny asf
TheMrsmarch10 (11 days ago)
Lmaoo idk when he said she was looking like Rihanna’ cousin bih I fell out
Bhad Ree (12 days ago)
Carlynn willis (12 days ago)
"You our here looking like a snack" 😂😂
SketchyFox (12 days ago)
7:23 look a Runik and his hand 😂😂😂
SKYE MARIE (13 days ago)
this nasty
BåbyGïrl (13 days ago)
*put ur clothes on* *MANE TAKE YO CLOTHES OFF*
Canaan (14 days ago)
Paused 7:23 nice dick. Shouldn't play with it lol
Queen Azalei’ (14 days ago)
We need to show the world we can fly 😭💀💀
Keonte Stubbs (14 days ago)
U fine reptile
dario radford (16 days ago)
this was funny asl
layla danee (17 days ago)
my maw maw so proud of you hali your dad and your uncle is too
Zack and Zar (17 days ago)
Peep the left corner at 10:49
Christine Munalula (17 days ago)
Looking like Rihanna cousin 😂
Nataly chacon (18 days ago)
The way he talks sounds like lil pump
dat_poptart (18 days ago)
Damn why am i missing runiks bald ass head??
Jesse Badillo (18 days ago)
He overreacted ..... Hes too much
BimBo :* (18 days ago)
What If his brother drunk the rest 💀💀💀💀
Lauryn Williams (19 days ago)
Wtf why did he just yell at 3:20 essitee 😂
Mela. Official (20 days ago)
Make a video with the chicken n the kool-aid
Insane NIGGA (20 days ago)
Her wig messed up
comment always (20 days ago)
Let me call my other girl. 😂😂
Taylor Jones (20 days ago)
Taylor Jones (20 days ago)
bit Dem lips of u
Taylor Jones (20 days ago)
my Manz tryna. hit gurllll 💛💛💛😂
Vikner (21 days ago)
ghetto ass people
cotwn254 (21 days ago)
Who call they girl Maine and bruh? 😂🤣
cotwn254 (21 days ago)
He trying to hard to sound hood!😂
Mia Jijon (21 days ago)
Chicken with koo-laid😭😭😭😭😭
luqman ahmed (21 days ago)
this guy really funny I swear to God.
Oneon1 Yrk (21 days ago)
Bzhsvsv Bzhshbwvz (22 days ago)
was that donna from black ink crew
Nieyah Ford (22 days ago)
Juss throw the whole runik away😂😂😂😂(no im jk)
Nieyah Ford (22 days ago)
U look like a fine reptile
Jaylen Eskridge (22 days ago)
mmm his dick is big tough fuck my tight hole
torrie stafford (23 days ago)
Team hailey
balse spearman hennix (23 days ago)
dat towel on the window tho lol
SERGEANT BLAKE (23 days ago)
Bouta make a hot dog wit deez bunz😂😂😂😂
Writingjob Positions (24 days ago)
Bro she is fine as fuck... And she ain't giving you no pussy...
Promise Reed (26 days ago)
Why im dead 1.imma bout turn him up real quick(0#_#0) omg my fucking god 2.give me some .so i cant have some bow 3.oh for real i can taste your strawberry 4.we need to go sky diving to show every body how fly we is (is he high like what reg person say dat) 5.put ya tung in ya mouth
Jayveon Russell (26 days ago)
Patricia gibbons (26 days ago)
The brother boutta get lit too😭😭
Jamarion Thornton (27 days ago)
he almost fell
BrownBaby Nunu (27 days ago)
Team Hali 💍
Kyanna Harney (28 days ago)
he hard
That Person (28 days ago)
You know what they did afterwards 😏
Nicole Lynch (29 days ago)
Are you okay
Nene B (1 month ago)
Boi got rock hard kmsl🍑
Jaja squaddd (1 month ago)
Im trying to kncock it down baby like the twintours
Arrian Cardona (1 month ago)
Real talk bruh
Sherry Carter (1 month ago)
Hali fine
Monae Ramirez (1 month ago)
Runik got that shhhlonnng 😂😂😂🤐
YUNG BART (1 month ago)
9.00 am bout to put ma hands in ur pants😂😂😂😂😂
Hyped Beast (1 month ago)
Victorian Green (1 month ago)
sweet_ vibezz_ (1 month ago)
who else peeped when he tripped over the rug at 7:24😂😂💀
Lizzie Mcmahon (1 month ago)
Anyone else notice he has a hickey 😂
GloBoyIverson (1 month ago)
10:49 His 🍖 Showing 😂
Famousboy Juju (1 month ago)
He say let me come in your storm 😂😂😂💀
solinette etienne (1 month ago)
I laughed when he said " im turnt up"!!.
Sylvia Brang (1 month ago)
Cute, fine reptile 😂😂😂
Donny Bucks (1 month ago)
I love how she talk
Its_Adonis (1 month ago)
aysha ASHFORD (1 month ago)
Team Haley
Abdul Abduljabbar (1 month ago)
He said baby I died and she said cool

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