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Quick Service Dining Tip at Walt Disney World

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Pixie Dusted Diva April 2015
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Cynthia Garcia (1 year ago)
What is we would like a bottle of water instead? Would that also be included in the price? or can you only get a Fountain drink on the Quick Service Plan? Thank you
Vix DIx (2 years ago)
Does a drink on quick service credit have to be a drink or can it subbed for a snack credit
Vix DIx (1 year ago)
Tipsfromthe Disneydiva thanx so much, and just in time, just started our magical adventure. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Yes! You sure can get a bottle of water as your drink on the Disney Dining Plan a fountain drink is NOT your only option. We've even gotten frozen drinks if they serve them, frozen lemonade comes to mind at Columbia Harbour House at MK or Ice Coffee.
Caz W (2 years ago)
Great tip :) video on quick service would b great.

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