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Top Ten IO Games 2016

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List of games in the video below! Agar.io Slither.io limax.io narwhale.io wings.io tankwars.io Sl4sh.io wilds.io terr.io Diep.io Thanks friends for watching my top ten favorite, and in my opinion best, .io games. I've been really happy making these videos and if you are having fun then so am I! Look forward to more streams, vlogs, list videos, and event coverage if I can get the money to do so. Bye for now see you next time!
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Text Comments (610)
nend.io is also Good 😊
Brian Troy (11 days ago)
These games are pretty cool. But not as cool as obsid.io which is pretty much smash bros but online with more people and a giant map. Try it out. It should be at the top of this list really.
Mandy's TOP 10 (18 days ago)
Slither.io is best io game.
9AUTO (25 days ago)
Slug (26 days ago)
gets a slither.io ad when he starts to talk about silther.io
peyton pierce (29 days ago)
mope.io is best
MY Gaming Channel (1 month ago)
what 8 io games
I Suck (1 month ago)
The Black Dragon (1 month ago)
My opinion 10: agair.io 🌕 9: slither.io 🐍 8: splix.io ⬛ 7: wormax.io 🐛 6: narwhale.io 'narwhal' 5: nend.io 👦 4: littlebigsnake.io 🐍🐞 3: diep.io 'tank' 2: deeeep.io 🐋🐬🐙🐧🐊🐍 1: mope.io 🐺🐱🐯🐃🐷🐘🐀🐰🐻🐧🐊🐢🐍🐋🐙🐌 🍉🍐🍄🍖🌋
first io game was slither.io wow i thought it was agar.io
it is beautiful starve.io
Alvaro Alvarez (1 month ago)
lana delrey (1 month ago)
You guys forgot about tagpro.io !! It has a huge reddit community, competitive scene, and the smoothest gameplay around. it's simple but requires intense skill, similar to like how Rocket League works 😎
Firestorm (1 month ago)
nice I geust
Ray (2 months ago)
"Ok so slithar.io is like pvp snake, the main difference between agar and slithar is that in slithar you are a snake." - skylent games Wow, really....?
acarriere30 (2 months ago)
so you start from best io game to worst io game (excluding diep io thats a pretty good game)
GoldenTronicc (2 months ago)
Orn.Io Is agar.io but it's in 3D. You need to try it out.
Avery Grandmaison (2 months ago)
I love diep.io
Avery Grandmaison (2 months ago)
0:58 thank me later..
Butty 7 (2 months ago)
you should of put foes.io and brutes.io
Roblox Trolling (2 months ago)
Every time i die in a .io game i rage
DontReadMyProfilePicture (2 months ago)
how is agar.io number 10 its the most popular game of io and the best of them agar.io is the best of io i ve never heard of diep io honestly this list is more shit than watchmojo s lists
jHans (2 months ago)
What an original video idea!
Kieran Zammarelli (2 months ago)
When he said mmos I thought of popularmmos
ZAKI TUBE (2 months ago)
Serbia Gaming Videos TV (2 months ago)
TRY Mope.io You will have best time EVER
Aluzky (2 months ago)
Skip to 2:00 for actual video.
3icepwn (2 months ago)
my favourites are starve.io moomoo.io and mope.io
Thomas W (2 months ago)
Me too. I prefer games that take a while to get strong
KrimzonFlame (3 months ago)
yay diep.io FTW its mah fav ioio game EVAH!
Aidan Mac (3 months ago)
KABAM WHAM (3 months ago)
Kabam.io Check out my game^^
Telelistic Ezduck (3 months ago)
What about bruh.io
21.5 savage (3 months ago)
Happy Patibanda (3 months ago)
U should play gats.io
http://dattank.com for tank lovers :)
Rain He (3 months ago)
what about raaaaft.io :(
Ali Babayev (3 months ago)
ne oynasakso
Blokerplays games (3 months ago)
I was hopeing hordes.io
Blokerplays games (3 months ago)
Skylent Games oops sorry can't wait for the vid tho :D
Skylent Games (3 months ago)
spoiler alert, its going highly on my top ten 3d io game list coming soon!
Xx_CRAZY_xX (3 months ago)
If this was 2018 mope.io would be here
emil goldfire (3 months ago)
Mope.io team here
PanCakeParty (3 months ago)
U don't like mope.io??
Owen Gardiner (3 months ago)
Logan you are my hero
Alejandro Morales-Pozos (3 months ago)
Starve.io best it is coollllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MonkeyBoy32904 (3 months ago)
I wanted to go to narwhal.io but it took me to amazon instead
GrimDeath 8 (3 months ago)
what about starve.io it has the basics by killing people to just survive not become stronger its a straight forward survival game but the bad thing people are complete cunts so the overpowered pros kill anyone for no reason
DIEP.IO IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
finian lee (3 months ago)
wheres foes.io?
KIDZ RULE GAMING (3 months ago)
In diep.io you are a tank not a blob. BOI you stoooopid
Gerti Dosku (3 months ago)
Gota.io is the best and you do not include it
Ahmad Saikhu (3 months ago)
gaver.io or alis.io
Xander Murdock (4 months ago)
No dablons, lordz, zombs, or moomoo. Oh well, people have opinions
richard kendall (4 months ago)
i khow 234323242 io ga,e
it's a winwin situation (4 months ago)
dude your thing is so HD
JOJI JOHN (4 months ago)
what about gota.io
Do Everything 899 (4 months ago)
You forgot diep.io zombs.io and splix.io
GirlyGaming64 Yt (5 months ago)
hexar.io is basically the new terr.io xD
緑POKER (5 months ago)
Lego Mimmu (5 months ago)
I play slither.io , agar.io , limax.io , narwhale.io , Sl4sh.io and terr.io
monkeyplays 405 (5 months ago)
I hate wings.io
monkeyplays 405 (5 months ago)
I love narwhal.io
monkeyplays 405 (5 months ago)
I hate limax.io
monkeyplays 405 (5 months ago)
I hate you all these games are 0% like agar.io
monkeyplays 405 (5 months ago)
I hate agar.io
Kirito (5 months ago)
diep.io should be on that list. NOTHING ELSE!
Th3RagingPotato (5 months ago)
Did anyone else have trouble concentrating since the back round music is Logan you are my hero.
APandaWithTalents (5 months ago)
Forgetting Powerline.io ;-;
HowTo's AndMore (5 months ago)
what about 5mintokill.io
Cringy Lets Plays (5 months ago)
what about zombs.io
Playgamer Three (5 months ago)
how about starblast.io
marko andersons (5 months ago)
my favourite game is moomoo.io i dont like diep.io
Federico Stella (6 months ago)
if you want to play the latest games, visit http://iogame.io
Cris Duarte (6 months ago)
and brutal.io
Cris Duarte (6 months ago)
try dis one wings.io oops u already copy it right now! how about Mope.io !!!
Sanita Murphy (6 months ago)
Sir Will Fire (2 months ago)
emil goldfire this video was made before mope was popular do your research first. And be diep is better xD
emil goldfire (3 months ago)
Sanita Murphy totaly agree boyyy
The XYZ (6 months ago)
What is the game's name? In 8:25
Jamir Moses (6 months ago)
The XYZ Wilds.io
Angry Studios (6 months ago)
bonk.io is my favorite
mundy_21 (6 months ago)
Sub to me
SirMrCreeper 007 (6 months ago)
I think doblons.io should have been in this list
Gaming Ed (6 months ago)
Foxy Games (6 months ago)
Zombs. Io) Agar. Io) Diep. Io)
煙ZAINX (6 months ago)
this are all rip offs from the real nbk.io dual agar wair.io alis.io gota.io gaver.io duex.io
Umbra Catalyst (6 months ago)
Diep.io Is Da Best
Spe rotina (6 months ago)
who noticed the logan u r my hero background sobg
copycat yt (6 months ago)
this is notright mope needs to be 10
Tierdrop (7 months ago)
I'm only watching this so I'll have something to do in class 😂
EpicLloyd234 (7 months ago)
the main agar.io website is: agarioplay.org
DT (7 months ago)
He missed starblast.io and deeeep.io
Morgan Jones Jones (7 months ago)
Skylent Games (7 months ago)
+Morgan Jones Jones Hey kid, look up how other cultures might pronounce things. https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/diep Say sorry and subscribe.
Phantom_RBX (7 months ago)
i love limax.io thanks for telling me about this game thank you :D subbed and like the video
GrandFelix Gamer (7 months ago)
terr.io is LITERALLY agar.io. Why???
yara_ the_one (7 months ago)
braains.io :D
froman gamer (7 months ago)
lol the music is logan u are my hero lol
Mdaldi (7 months ago)
Electogamer 9769 (7 months ago)
the first song sounds like " Logan you are my hero"
Sebastian Amark (7 months ago)
what about starve.io?
LoFi LeVi (7 months ago)
Any1 else notice the "Logan u are my hero" song in the background
Pierce Nostrand (7 months ago)
starblast.io is pretty great also
Riel de bonk (7 months ago)
Other good .io games Bonk.io Skribbl.io D
Levi Foote (7 months ago)
Like the music #loganpaul
kurdi (7 months ago)
Agario is the best io game

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