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Best free games for PC

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Pay no money now! Here are the 10 best free games to play on PC in 2018. When you want to push the boundaries of play, Play Advanced with Logitech G. http://www.LogitechG.com http://www.twitter.com/logitechg http://www.facebook.com/logitechg https://www.instagram.com/logitechg
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Text Comments (708)
Anas Gaming Center (1 day ago)
Spelunky not free
Hay Jak (2 days ago)
I don’t like hearthstone that much
Hay Jak (2 days ago)
As my brother is playing smite
some videos (2 days ago)
how old should i be to play doki doki im only 13 so i dont think i can.
BURN GAMING (2 days ago)
number 2 doki doki why...;-;
Joshua Gonzalez (4 days ago)
This Video Sucks
S.Albena (4 days ago)
TF2 ❤
Jonax (5 days ago)
can warfame be played online?
DEAD SC (5 days ago)
I am very bored.I am going to install assasins creed.I hope I will like it.guys,is it good game?I have heard of IT..
Logitech G (5 days ago)
The first one? Or the latest one? Assassin's Creed Origins is amazing and you'll love it :) - Louise
DEAD SC (5 days ago)
I play leauge of legends,half life 2 and free google online game cactus maccoy 2 - my childhood game.
Hasibul Khan (6 days ago)
6 9732919 693
Martyric (6 days ago)
:( i have a bad pc 😢😢😭😭
Logitech G (5 days ago)
That's actually a great idea - best games you can play on an old PC. We'll give you a shout out in the video ;) - Matt
Wuanchi (10 days ago)
i feel like starcraft 2 should've been included
Logitech G (9 days ago)
Stay tuned for our next free games list :) - Matt
Eyan Seminuk (10 days ago)
He says you can't stay mad at fortnite because of the pink teddy bear, that PINK TEDDY BEAR WILL BE THE END OF ME
Logitech G (10 days ago)
(To be clear: I am still mad at the pink teddy) - Matt
Bonolo Mametja (10 days ago)
Mlnecraft Josh Gamer (11 days ago)
Wow roblox is free
MrGamerHUN ツ (11 days ago)
No bests
MrGamerHUN ツ (11 days ago)
Very bad games
no mention of planetside 2, easily the best free game ever made lmao
NTG1243 Games (13 days ago)
Warframe ia pay to win..
Brandon Bandit (13 days ago)
i acctully have a logitech g keyboard and it is FREAKING AMAZING :O BUY IT LOGITECH KEYBOARD IT BEST I PROMISE :D
Michael Chambers (13 days ago)
Omae wa mō jagaimo (15 days ago)
Warframe is probably one of the best ftp game
Martin Cole (18 days ago)
That moment you see TF2 and decided this video is trash
The Lazy Editor 101 (18 days ago)
Wedus (18 days ago)
all of these are good accept the Fortnite cringe
ClickBait (18 days ago)
Wait so te last one was realm royal
GalaticGaleas (18 days ago)
the last game is the same thing as overwatch but free and different characters
hod ali (18 days ago)
where is black squad
Midnight Bounty (19 days ago)
Deceit Awesome game
rien smeets (19 days ago)
paladins is just like fortnite its just the worse and free version of another game (fortnite=freepubg paladins=freeoverwatch)
Ankit Bishnoi (20 days ago)
Dirty bomb?
Женя Шишко (20 days ago)
Missed out on things like... Eve Online
BLACKZERG (20 days ago)
that was very bad games i have ever seen
arief abdulrashed (20 days ago)
Paladins is way better than Smite. You forgot Dota 2.
Dva Life (21 days ago)
Fortnite is 2011 isn’t it?
boon xin kok (21 days ago)
Fortnite is good but too unblance qnd ALWAYS made people mad.. even ninja.
Ðrip (21 days ago)
Extremely well made.
Wjs5103 (21 days ago)
Idk maybe world of tanks or world of warships should be on here
rawbloc > fortnut
John Lamsdan (21 days ago)
Warning if you are trying to download Warframe do it by steam ,because I nearly got a virus by not doing so.
the bacon hub (22 days ago)
warframe has become one of my new favorite games thanks to this video, thanks
Disco Ball (23 days ago)
Where is dota2 ? It's much better and more played than smite and others...
Chromo 247 (23 days ago)
Fortnite Is popular only cuz Its free
the king of glitching (23 days ago)
Fortnite is the worse game ever it is full of spams
the king of glitching (9 days ago)
yeah ik
Kevino Garciads (9 days ago)
the king of glitching it really is
the king of glitching (9 days ago)
its already diying lol
Kevino Garciads (9 days ago)
the king of glitching sad you think that fortnite is the worst game ever thb
ReApEr (23 days ago)
league of legend is way worse than dota 2
insick (24 days ago)
is paladins only for 64 bit because i really want to play it but i think its only for 64 bit
user #06101999 (25 days ago)
HEARTHSTONE IS PAY2WIN! You have to HAVE ALL CARDS IN GAME, if you want play without “FTW IS CARD!?!?! HOW?!?!?!? BALANCE?!?!?!?!” And so on. What about Star Craft 2??? No one play because this game is too hard or people so laze and stupid??? Play not just pew pew “HEADSHOT” or “RAMPAGE or PENTA KILL” (P.S. take op hero or champion and that’s it)
Nevaeh Kurtinafer (25 days ago)
Neko Peter (26 days ago)
Definetly Definitely definitely definitely Doki Doki Literature Club
Pro the Gamer (27 days ago)
Daki Kavasaki (27 days ago)
i cant play fortnite coz of a NOOB PC...>:(
johnnie walker (27 days ago)
fornite it is for kids
Kyōka Suigetsu (28 days ago)
Fortnite is the worst thing that has happened to everything
Kyōka Suigetsu (9 days ago)
Kevino Garciads from battle royals around the world
Kevino Garciads (9 days ago)
Kyōka Suigetsu *from epic games
DJ75GOLD A (29 days ago)
who else is here because all games are trash rn
aQmohra (30 days ago)
Warframe is the best on the list
RykaxCZE (30 days ago)
Smite is offline ?
DermotC (30 days ago)
I never knew Team Fortress 2 was free to play
YoiBoi (30 days ago)
*D O C K Y D O C K Y*
하태욱 (30 days ago)
thx bro ur te best i didnt even know fortnite was even free lol
Zayn (1 month ago)
Another good game for pc and you dont need a gaming pc the name of it is combat arms classic try it out.
Alfredo s (1 month ago)
All of these games are trash
justin roberito (1 month ago)
Most of these are great games yes
John Seed (1 month ago)
fortnite? pffft what a joke?
Sykiter (1 month ago)
Kong Sombath (1 month ago)
I watch this video to know what should I download in the next 5 years. Lol
Gojko (1 month ago)
rules of survival is lit
OG Teneshi (1 month ago)
The moment you realize u need to stop play League of legends , and u come here
Danny Pham (1 month ago)
#2 is thee cause of the horrible meme “ niko niko nii “
نجيب سخنيني (1 month ago)
I paladins gamer
Amy Smith (1 month ago)
I play most of those games
Hanabi Nin (1 month ago)
Shiran Shwartz (1 month ago)
Black squad is a steam game that pretty good
OwO (1 month ago)
I only like Doki Doki literature club, fortnite, paladins and osu!
Alexis Satterfield (1 month ago)
I have a PC laptop by the brand Dell. I believe it’s called the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 It has a touch screen. My friend showed me a website that you can use to type in a name of a game and it will tell you if your computer is compatible for the game. And most game it said no. So my friend told me that means I Don’t have a gaming card in my computer. The only games I play on my laptop at Sims 4 and PVZ (Plants Vs. Zombies). I used to plays Slots and some other game. But I haven’t in a while.
Hunter balboa (1 month ago)
well some of them sucks LOL
Anime Otaku (1 month ago)
I tried to get back into League of Legends fairly recently and learned two things. First, it deleted the previous progress I had so I had to start all over. Second, and even worse, you no longer earn in game currency from actually playing the game as you used to and as every other MOBA does. No in game currency means no chance at unlocking heroes which means you're stuck with the starters and whoever happens to be on the free to play list at the time. Find a character you like, sucks to be you, pay up or you can't play them until the next time they're on the free to play list. I remember really enjoying LoL too, so when I found this out after trying to get back in, I couldn't believe it and immediately dropped the game again.
Jasper De Geest (1 month ago)
I hate fortnite
Pablo Petrozza (1 month ago)
Runescape, DOTA 2, TF2, Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Smite, Pugb, Realm Royale (Gotta try this one, for me... way better than Fortnite)
u missed a game its called Roblox play it
El Chiller (1 month ago)
Haha get wrecked PUBG
U said Doki wrong
Lol fact, pubg was made by the engine which was created by epic games which who created fortnite
Justin Tian (1 month ago)
Spelunky isnt free
Logitech G (1 month ago)
Bit of confusion about this! The video talks about Spelunky *Classic* being free, which you can get here: https://www.spelunkyworld.com/original.html
Retarded Garlic (1 month ago)
same games over and over and over......
The Daniel-Kun (1 month ago)
Aditya Makhayasa (1 month ago)
How about roblox :/
Pizza John (1 month ago)
Hearthstone looks like that one sky landers mini game
Homen Plays (1 month ago)
Roblox? :P
Samuel Scerri (1 month ago)
1st game on list: Fortnite 2nd game on list:doki doki ...seems like a legit list -_-
Durpy (1 month ago)
Zula is great and free too.
Durpy (1 month ago)
Zula is great and free too.
Fortnite Plays (1 month ago)
The only good game on this list was fortnite
Joshua Gonzalez (4 days ago)
Epic Lemon (1 month ago)
my pc can't run fortnite:(
Cobracomander diaz (1 month ago)
Fornite I don't like it
BloodCaliber0409 (1 month ago)
i'm sorry but i had to say this even tho i don't really play it anymore, WARFRAME IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO UNDERRATED, like i mean 5 years of work and the graphics are amazing you also have hundreds of weapon choices and you can get almost everything free in the game, i mean COME ON GUYS! And the best part is when you buy something in the store nothing feels better than that to help them even tho they didn't ask anything in these 5 year's while fortnite brings up hundreds of skins and each of them are ATLEAST 10 dollars. While they already made so much just by getting the players in game i mean i kinda feel like warframe is getting disrespected. So if u didn't try it than you should do it right away! (for the one's that think i'm a sponsored im not at all lol).
Sushi Roll Gaming (1 month ago)
Armored Warfare is a nice game, add that to your list. Free to play tank game similar to World of Tanks
Chris John Michael (1 month ago)
The last one is an overwatch rip off
Unpopular Edits (1 month ago)
Doki Doki is trash, it honestly shouldn't be on the list.
Keronikal (3 days ago)
SHHHHHHHHHH...That game is a diamond. We have our own opinions. Don't you dare try to brainwash us.

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