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Best free games for PC

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Pay no money now! Here are the 10 best free games to play on PC in 2018. When you want to push the boundaries of play, Play Advanced with Logitech G. http://www.LogitechG.com http://www.twitter.com/logitechg http://www.facebook.com/logitechg https://www.instagram.com/logitechg
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Text Comments (332)
fifi hussam (1 hour ago)
no thanks,for league of legends! its bad
Android GameZ (3 hours ago)
ROBLOX OOFER (19 hours ago)
Hey, your backround music on Warframe sounds like the stranger things theme song, but as a remix
cloe jones (1 day ago)
doki doki is not a free game
idob _ reva (2 days ago)
League of Legends IS THE FIRST!!!!!
Perhe Melakoski (2 days ago)
Fortnite is boring
king potato (2 days ago)
*sees fortnite in thumbnail* Fuck
Ibrahim Yusuf (2 days ago)
League of legends is the best
Haf Gaemer (2 days ago)
I stopped watching when you brought League of Losers up...
Evil Morty (2 days ago)
says fortnite shows pubg video for a sec why?
LenKawaii Kagamine (3 days ago)
bobo philippine server tangina niyo! QUIT KAYO SANA MAMATAY MGA BOBO SA LEAGUE
StarJaguar (3 days ago)
Where's Roblox?
its not a game its a engine for games
Vasilije Glusica (3 days ago)
PALADINS is better than overwatch!!!!
Gophersnake (3 days ago)
w h a t s f o r t n i t e?
abdullah hamadeh (4 days ago)
the purpose iam here to see any other game from Fortnite .. tbh the game is very hard and frustrating that its very boring to me .. and every video has that Fortnite thing ... any links to videos of games on 2018 ... WITH NOT FORTNITE CONTENT ?
GreeneGuy Gaming (4 days ago)
Smite is the best game
Sayonara (5 days ago)
Just sayori
ケネス (5 days ago)
dota 2, Dead game, Jk
One Angery Boye (5 days ago)
My Windows 7 Professional can't run fortnite :( But my PS4 can!
Hassan biltaji (7 days ago)
Spelunky is not free
Logitech G (7 days ago)
Spelunky Classic is free - it's the HD reboot that isn't - Matt
Juancarlos Gomez (7 days ago)
Dota 2 is more competitive than League Of Legends. It is also F2P with only cosmetics as micro transactions.
AndrewRBLX (7 days ago)
rules of survival?
AndrewRBLX (2 days ago)
GayAppleGate aldwinpayad oh really? how about pubg? its cool and it has a mobile version of it. pewdiepie is even addicted to it...
sorry but mobile to pc ports are trash
Toxic Taicon (7 days ago)
Warframe should be #1
Robert H. (8 days ago)
league suuucks, ruuun!
Ebeoji (9 days ago)
Where's Dota 2 ?
Anurag Senapaty (9 days ago)
Star Trek online isn't bad either and definitely deserves to be to this list
Anurag Senapaty (9 days ago)
Try to consider it for your next list as it has a very gripping story line and a long one too giving one hours and hours of enjoyment. The player base is also very active and it has constant expansions and updates making it very hard to resist Matt.
Logitech G (9 days ago)
We almost included that! Hard to only pick 10, sometimes - Matt
Josy Thumma (10 days ago)
I spotted two games that I play fortnite and world of tanks
L I R I X - E D I T S (11 days ago)
your horrible at fortnite
those are clips from other youtubers
Mixer World videos (12 days ago)
Can anyone tell me how to download fronite in pc
Zach V (6 days ago)
I’m sorry, idk what “fronite” is Good day
Blue Breeze (12 days ago)
the games that my big brother plays but not fortnite that's weird
its actually very addicted.....
Kurt Desagon (12 days ago)
Paranoid Raven (13 days ago)
Honorable Mention: Battlerite
Lachlan Weigel (13 days ago)
john shan (13 days ago)
Dota2 is best
Jared Mcwilliams (14 days ago)
People still still play tf2
Bronze Azir (14 days ago)
I played a lot of mobas dota,dota 2,hon,smite,hots,lol,strife and more and more and when i heard that u nead years to master lol it made me laugh so fucking hard.look at hon,dota or smite they are difficult u need some time to get decent in them in lol u can play whatever shit u want and ull be decent at it cause every champion has some jump or escape
Alarm Raiser 555 (14 days ago)
That is some cringy Fortnite gameplay...
CALL OF GAMER (15 days ago)
U NooB where is DotA ??????
creator of this vid : iN thE tRaSh BIn
Franco (15 days ago)
Zenay (16 days ago)
frist 3 games are really good, played all of them and enjoyed playing all of them
Deadly Sorcerer (16 days ago)
Team fortress 2 is my favourite games
darkrzane (18 days ago)
Nice video. You rock, cancel that.
erik lausund (18 days ago)
シFrancis (19 days ago)
Can't buy pubg? Try ring of esylum, its the closes thing you can play for pubg ;)
シFrancis (19 days ago)
Welcome to league of trashtalk.
Stupid YT (19 days ago)
1.Fortnite, 2.Team Fortress, 3.Paladins, 4.League of Legends and 5.Warframe.
1.terraria 2.fortnite 3.pubg 4.tf2 5.unturned My fav games :D
Hexen (17 days ago)
1. Smite 2. Paladins 3. Warframe 4. PUBG 5. Team Fortress
KennethBrave TV (20 days ago)
Is dota 2 dying?
serro csc (21 days ago)
who ever is reading this do not play any of those games...
game name on 0:33?
HAMZA A (18 days ago)
Snow Anims (22 days ago)
Man i sure love *Ducky Ducky Literature Club!*
Snow Anims (22 days ago)
Snow Anims (22 days ago)
*Just Monika*
Charles GREER (22 days ago)
i love fortnite
The Pixel Commander (23 days ago)
where is roblox
srry but games with full of pedophiles are not the best games
foxy boy fnaf (23 days ago)
Oh i thoug doki doki was not ftee
REAPER :P (24 days ago)
CS:GO Is the best
REAPER :P (2 days ago)
But cs go is free
he said free to play games
jan žnidarič (24 days ago)
wrong best game:fortnite
Dreamoen (24 days ago)
MIssing Starcraft 2
Thomas Schulz (21 days ago)
Indeed :D
Dreamoen (22 days ago)
Its free, and its one of the best ever.
Snow Anims (22 days ago)
medin 1221 (25 days ago)
I get oike 10 fps when I play fortnite
Siapa Saya? (25 days ago)
Warframe online or offline? Please reply my comment
I think both
GirlyTurtle Graal (25 days ago)
Out of all the games you enumerated, I chose to play League of Legends. I hope it'll be nice.
GergőGamer61 (25 days ago)
if you dont have money for overwatch then just buy paladins!
football.k (25 days ago)
dsl mais tes jeux sont tres null
Shredder DB (26 days ago)
Dirty bomb has a small community but its F2P without P2W and its awesome.
Temmis (26 days ago)
Fortnite? No, that’s Crap
Temmis (2 days ago)
GayAppleGate aldwinpayad I Hate it and I Only Sometimes play it for the Memes
my first time playing it I was saying fortnite is crap and I keep coming back to it lol
Corporal Bacon (26 days ago)
all of these games are garbage except for tf2
PMAG4 YT (26 days ago)
3:22 that looks like the monkey dude from fortnite
Hexen (17 days ago)
PMAG4 YT That's Sun Wukong. He is a mythological figure, and is from Smite. Smite is based around mythology, like for example Zeus, Hades, or Odin.
Hamko 1313 (27 days ago)
Is league of legends free
Miguel Borges (17 days ago)
TheTankFreak NL same, rip my life.
Order & Chaos (17 days ago)
It is...but prepare your skin and block your sanity.
TheTankFreak NL (20 days ago)
yes very good game i play it for 3 years now
Miguel Borges (26 days ago)
It is
Dennis van rijssen (27 days ago)
For the people who played need for speed world, you can download it! Search on google for "soapbox race world"
BornGamer101 (27 days ago)
and free fire is a great mobile game
sorry but mobile to pc ports are bad
BornGamer101 (27 days ago)
Wizard101 is a great game to play! if y'all wanna see that game play view my video on my channel :D
Leonard Teo (27 days ago)
Damm TF2 is the legend... Best game of all time, Period.
Snow Anims (22 days ago)
LRK007 (28 days ago)
"nothing predictable about doki doki" except for the name.
Sayonara (5 days ago)
LRK007 heart beat?
Adobemahr_ ks (28 days ago)
the best is #5
Daniel27D (28 days ago)
TF2? ah, of course, I love playing *T E A M D E A T H M A T C H* (aka 5cp)
Kinoky The Dark (28 days ago)
let's try these games , the trailer is really epic
ANGELINA HINTZ (29 days ago)
path of exile > all
Snow Anims (22 days ago)
path of exile < i dont like games where i need to click to move
vytautas pociusmnxh (1 month ago)
holy amazing i will dwonload team fortrees 2 freeeee
Zovr (1 month ago)
fortday is a trash game
FilSky (27 days ago)
didn't hear about this one ,but fortnight is veri gud
Cheesy Frog (1 month ago)
Mr.WolfLT (1 month ago)
Fortnite is kidish
JaceC (12 hours ago)
Mr.WolfLT *childish
kids are gotta love guns and mass murder
Lunatic's Aces (1 month ago)
Ecchi Bot (1 month ago)
Doki Doki Literature Club, the fun and friendly atmospheric game! Fun for the whole family!
Xuruu (2 days ago)
TheRobloxMinecrafter (22 days ago)
Richard z (22 days ago)
Ecchi Bot rly
Sh4fKid (1 month ago)
CorteZz II II (25 days ago)
noob game roblox kid game
Dominik Pajki (1 month ago)
LUNATIK (1 month ago)
You forgot about HaloOnline https://www.reddit.com/r/HaloOnline/
AnimeT0getherEU (1 month ago)
Overwatch is more like a paid paladins.
FilSky (27 days ago)
Welp overwatch is more like advanced version of competetive tf2
Pu55 Mark (1 month ago)
Well you forgot Warface but amazing video
Nickf 121306 (1 month ago)
Hxppy thxughts
RESPEKET WHAMEN (1 month ago)
WwT-Rex123wW Gaming (1 month ago)
EliteBadger (1 month ago)
Why is fortnite the cover are you good
Brian A (1 month ago)
oh god I'm getting Vietnam flashbacks from just looking at Monika.
noobster gt (1 month ago)
what about ironsight?
Isyraq Ummair (1 month ago)
for low spec? geforce 610m most of the game up there are playable but the fps drop
Isyraq Ummair (27 days ago)
play it already
FilSky (27 days ago)
Try unturned please ,very nice game.
Dean (1 month ago)
How is Planetside 2 not on this list? Its better than all these games combined lol
Aztracity (17 days ago)
That's a personal opinion. All these games have their own types of players. Saying planetside 2 is the best is just being ignorant.
JeyLast (1 month ago)
Dota2, Lol, Fortnite Battle royal AmericasArmy Proving Grounds Paladins Smite Crossfire Warface
Azfar Yazid (1 month ago)
dota is the highest price pool in history period
Eddie Moreno (1 month ago)
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Chelsea Franklin (1 month ago)
Wow At last worked
Cindy Morrow (1 month ago)
honestly worked.
GoofOne TV (1 month ago)
summertime saga ;)

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