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Minecraft Xbox - Lets Build a Mini Games World- 31 - DUCK HUNT

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Welcome to another LBMG!!! Hope you guys enjoyed and make sure to slap that like button and SUBSCRIBE!! FOLLOW ME ON THE TWITTERS - https://twitter.com/PoisonGamingYT INTRO MUSIC - Super Mario galaxy intro
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Text Comments (35)
IVAN LIM ZAN YEH - (11 months ago)
In pc version of minecraft you just need to shift click the ladder on to the dispenser
Bryan Pimenta (1 year ago)
Cringe BTW I no sub
Shades (3 years ago)
Yeah got a shout out thx :-)
rickytheman888 (3 years ago)
You deserve more credit then you get
NuKe Fluffy (3 years ago)
Can i be added please
Cam (3 years ago)
Been here since mini game 1 you channel is Awsome keep it up bro
Ryan Swann (3 years ago)
Can i get a shoutout? Thanks btw my birthday is Saturday
Dylan Berwick (3 years ago)
Your videos are getting better and better !! Keep it up still absalute FAVORITE CHANNEL :)))
Dylan Berwick (3 years ago)
Yay I've been waiting for another minigame please make some more :)))))
Foxy the Pirate (3 years ago)
May I have a shout out I asked a long time ago but good job on the channel keep it up
Overtime Productions (3 years ago)
i laughed so hard on the "more you know💫🌈" part like you dont even know😂 i love your channel keep it up
UniGamesNL (3 years ago)
Yeey a new minigame build :)
Nathaniel Hooks (3 years ago)
Did u get aw
Nikos Katsiris (3 years ago)
Can i have a shout out i was your 94 sub and i have built every minigame you made
LIAM GAMER (3 years ago)
Can I have a shout out
MC diamond17 (3 years ago)
I'm sad now
MC diamond17 (3 years ago)
I'm not a star!
Corey (3 years ago)
You inspired me to make my own mini game world and my friends say I come up with good idea for games but I say PoisonGamingYT came up with it and don't forget to sub
Corey (3 years ago)
Can I have a shout out plz
Adriana Crølla (3 years ago)
You make the best vids poison
Allison Mateo (3 years ago)
You have a good YouTube channel and you are awesome!
PoisonGamingYT (3 years ago)
Thanks :D
Gage Solano (3 years ago)
Can I plz have a shoutout for the first time I've been hear since day 1
Tarik Boukdir (3 years ago)
Not with that account. Its says you joined june 2014 and poison joined in 2013. Dont try to lie for a shoutout
Alki (3 years ago)
can I have a shout out please <3
Alki (3 years ago)
loved the video going to make Duck Hunt and play with my friends thanks
PoisonGamingYT (3 years ago)
Liam Connor (3 years ago)
My friends love this mini game I can't wait to make it and my friends can't wait to build it in there world. I told them to check out your channel we were watching a lot of ur vids for houers last night and my fav one was the Mario hunger games. Can u give me a shout out I want a couple of subs before I make my first
Now and Laters (3 years ago)
You get better and better with quick edits (the more you know), and they are each very entertaining.
PoisonGamingYT (3 years ago)
Thank you :) I've been practicing for a very special video...
Drazen Matijevic (3 years ago)
Pls give me a shout out
Adam Kilroy (3 years ago)
Can i have a shoutout
Battle 234 (3 years ago)
I'm sorry but FIRST!
Drazen Matijevic (3 years ago)

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