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Jennifer Lawrence Charms in the Golden Globes Press Room!

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"I need to catch up on my drinking," Jennifer Lawrence said last night, minutes after she won the Golden Globe for best supporting actress. In the press room, Jennifer demonstrated that special brand of charm we've come to love. When asked what it was like to get ready for the show, she talked playing tickle monster with Rachel Zoe's son Skyler. And in response to a question of whether it was daunting to be the toast of Hollywood, she said: "No it's not daunting. Until you guys get sick of me. But that's OK. I'll understand." Watch and fall in love with her all over again. Subscribe to POPSUGAR Entertainment! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=popsugartv Visit our website for more celebrity and entertainment news! http://www.popsugar.com Are we friends yet? Join us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/PopSugar Get the latest updates via Twitter! https://twitter.com/#!/popsugar
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Text Comments (762)
shamel singh (2 months ago)
Sigh Phi Guy (4 months ago)
just once.... could SOMEONE ask an intelligent question? all these inane questions that most 4 year olds are smart enough NOT to ask.
omer salam (4 months ago)
The interviewers acting like animals never give damn about what she is saying !!!
I hope success never changes her, she's real and I like real- wine? :)
Laer Carroll (6 months ago)
They didn't laugh because they're there to get a quote they can take back to their newspaper or magazine or TV show. They're not an audience like us, they are working.
Laksh Priya (7 months ago)
shud teach the audience to laugh firstly
def kabo (7 months ago)
She's just too real
i love tay (8 months ago)
miss elena (8 months ago)
love her!
Kristoff Morgan (8 months ago)
More cowbell, lol
Isu Upadya GT (9 months ago)
Mark Huller (9 months ago)
I am the dog of the neighborhood; I will love to smell her asshole after she produce a nice fart !!!...
Nazli Uder Ozturk (11 months ago)
the questions lack wit
Tomasz Ondycz (11 months ago)
Gwyneth Raczkowski (1 year ago)
WHAT?! They didn’t laugh at barely anything she said
Karina Stepss (1 year ago)
they always ask the same questions, so boring!
Melanie Shuler (1 year ago)
She tries too hard to be "cool " .
Ritu Raj (1 year ago)
She is most real and funny hollywood star. I just love her.
R grant (1 year ago)
Once again, the Press totally sucked at the Q&A...what a bunch of idiots
Vicky Medrano (1 year ago)
What idiotic questions!!
Diana D (1 year ago)
WHAT'S HAPPENING IS HAPPENING the most legendary interview ever hahahahahaahahahahhahahha
2Bdiscovered (1 year ago)
Olivia Cooper (1 year ago)
I feel bad for Jen because she is so funny and she just gets awkward because no one has any emotion or reaction to her responses
Mdbaby (1 year ago)
omg these interviewers are pretty dumb , sorry america for you
Ellie C. (2 years ago)
The questions and the audience are so dull. I laugh so much when she has interviews but they are not even laughing
HanneyBD (2 years ago)
Interviewer: What keeps you grounded? She should have said answered with: "My parents."
Alexandermovies (2 years ago)
her down and forward like this looks better.
mighty baman38 (2 years ago)
she's hot as fuck
Damian D. (2 years ago)
What is happening... :))))) is that Jennifer is extraordinary... She is so talented and sooooo funny :)))))))))
Peter Clowes (2 years ago)
Those are some of the dumbest questions ever..
Neal H. Hurwitz (2 years ago)
she is great!!!
Robert Price (2 years ago)
It seems Jennifer got the dullest interviewers in the world. Wow they had so little emotion in their questions and why should Jennifer be thanking the press, should be the other way around!!
Rix xy (2 years ago)
Worst... press room ... ever...
stickstr8up1 (2 years ago)
The press are moronic. Don't they prep beforehand, or do they just spew dumb questions at celebrities?
Amenadiel Jagger (2 years ago)
It's always been the case for celebrities get bombarded with overwhelming questions by the press. What makes JLaw exceptional which obviously shows the press, for the 1st time, were intimidated by her charms & candid personality.
Les Brown (2 years ago)
Can just imagine her in 20 years.
Les Brown (2 years ago)
More brains than the rest of them put together.
Lisa Lemaire (2 years ago)
Can i get 100 likes for Donald Trumps hate ?
Sindi (2 years ago)
Fake and talentless
Sindi (2 years ago)
+Nattawat Sorathavorn Is ridiculous how much time you spend hating me. HATER
V THE PRECIOUS (2 years ago)
+Sindi stop hating please no one wants to hear hate speech here
Sindi (2 years ago)
you can go away
alan Tan (2 years ago)
go away hater.
Kolos (2 years ago)
Fucking useless bunch of journalists, asking questions about screw-ups, not genuine, not fun. Fuck them. Fuuck them.
Julia berger (2 years ago)
Interviewer:Well it's happening... Jennifer:...What...? Interviewer:It's happening for you Jennifer: What is happening? Interviewer:What is happening is happening Jennifer looks confused : Do you guys get that? Interviewer: Yes. lmfaoxD
Cecelia M (2 years ago)
I'm so glad you transcripted that! I was as confused as she was 😂
cph2004 (2 years ago)
Oh no, scratching the nose at 4:51...you know what that means... A sign of getting annoyed.
Winston Smith (2 years ago)
She'd look better with dark brown skin.
Ahmed Baha'a (2 years ago)
i wish everyone in the world is her :D
Isaac Weatherington (2 years ago)
She's in a trance being hypnotized by MK ultra. That's why she acts so strange..
Karen Lopez (2 years ago)
Congrats Jen in 2016
80s Guy (2 years ago)
Just love her!
David Fahey (2 years ago)
She is soooo fucking hot.
LilyOfLife (2 years ago)
Is it me or are the interviewers bland, unexciting and robotic. Jennifer is the only person in the room with personality
Indorian You speak as if all of the world's interviewers are in Argentina lol. Maybe all the interviewers in your country suck, but dont generalize interviewers into just your country. Closeminded.
VicioMental (2 years ago)
+HanneyBD Come to Argentina and you'll understand what I say. ;)
HanneyBD (2 years ago)
+Indorian I wouldn't generalize that!
VicioMental (2 years ago)
All the interviewers (cinema, tv, sports) of this era are like that. A bunch of idiots without brain to formulate a good question.
cupfcoffee (2 years ago)
raya went first lol
alexis11233 (2 years ago)
She is very simple and full of humanity... a very nice and gorgeous girl.. the perfect woman haha
Sydney M. (2 years ago)
The questions sounded so repetitive..
Zaxy Peña (2 years ago)
she's awesome💖💖
Lostintheflames12 (2 years ago)
"what is happening is happening" IM DYING! love you jlaw!
Jessie K (2 years ago)
The questions were so pathetic! No wonder she kept asking them to interrupt!
Zinan glencer (2 years ago)
jennifer is like shia leboufe but a girl
GoFeri (2 years ago)
Well, this lot ain't the White House Press Corps. As a fellow journalist... No as a journalist, I have to say this room is full of morons.
Jack Rabbit (2 years ago)
gosh! i love how she is trying to found who is asking to her. LOL!
Jeanette Nielsen (2 years ago)
Wow all the no laughing made this pretty awkward, i don't get it i thought she was funny :) I def understand why she kinda rushed out of there in the end, those people were total party poopers lol
ConGloriaMejia (2 years ago)
most of their questions are stupid... she is so funny and she tried to make the interview better.
LizBen@ (2 years ago)
I just love her :D Made me laugh soooooooo hard!!!! I'm getting awkward looks... cuz I'm at uni right now :'D
emotionally dead people filled the room or ... it's just me that finds her funny .. ?
Henrik Nykvist (3 years ago)
She's so authentic and humorous.
She's acting.
Samantha Lyons (3 years ago)
She is funny.  It doesn't matter that her audience didn't think she was as funny as me.  And you
_moonlightbae_93 (3 years ago)
sunshinedylan (3 years ago)
Why is no one laughing??!! She is so funny, people should slow down on their seriousness and laugh for once.
Houda Amaly (2 years ago)
+Ryley3492 yeah i noticed it too, i feel bad for her :(
sunshinedylan (3 years ago)
If that made any sense at all
Abdelrahman Alsardi (3 years ago)
Scoop with raya! She was the first one
95annis (3 years ago)
why is nobody laughing??!
Spencer James (3 years ago)
5:42 Jessica Lange from American Horror Story on the TV
Mike Melandri (3 years ago)
Coked up no doubt!
Ashley jacotin (3 years ago)
She is so funny
R. Huggins (3 years ago)
She's just too cute and funny!
JaguarStar (3 years ago)
For the first time, watching Jennifer is not funny awkward, but simply awkward....like she's trying so hard to be funny and relatable on purpose.... but she's so nervous and she's forcing it so much that she comes across as not really funny.
radder4 (3 years ago)
She did not get wine but, mabey some shots before the interview. She is a great actress and human;D.
tall32guy (3 years ago)
some of the questions are so shallow and just dumb. Some of them are questions that take a while to formulate an answer. I hate it when interviewers ask famous people that. It makes me glad I am not famous and would never WANT to be.
Akshata Shenvi (3 years ago)
She's soooo genuine!!! Love her! :)
dude (3 years ago)
So whats with the name Jennifer? Jen Aniston, Jen Lawrence...
Dewanga W. (3 years ago)
She so adorably awkward....:)
M (3 years ago)
She is so adorable & nervous :) I love her!
Ramya Ranganath (3 years ago)
miss congeniality in a good way
Olivia Elliot (3 years ago)
She's so real, I love it!!
Sparkling Peach (3 years ago)
i love her
Hanane Atifi (3 years ago)
lavish erica (3 years ago)
Poor guy probably exposed to mercury himself
Angel Rayos (3 years ago)
HAlf of the people interviewing her sucks.
Jennifer Johnson (3 years ago)
poor sweetheart. 
Nataliaha Lawrence (3 years ago)
Her hair so cute she makes short hair look amazing on her wow
Tina Vitrano (3 years ago)
She's the best ever !!! I love her !
Daniela Popova (3 years ago)
I love how awkward she is - that's kind of how I would behave. She is such a human <3
dlweiss (3 years ago)
2:05 Is it just me, or is that the same jerk who asked her if she was worried about "peaking too soon" right after she won her Oscar?
Damian D. (2 years ago)
That IS the same guy... unless someone else is asking this incredible "interesting" and "important" question too, which would be very sad..
Letta Ly (3 years ago)
+dlweiss I think this is the guy that asked about the process though... I'm not too sure, but if he is, i was about to mention he improved this year LOL at least asking if theres anything interesting tidbits that happened is interesting
dude (3 years ago)
Some people can't see success.
realdivabitch (3 years ago)
The question at 4:10... oh my God... if only she could see the future...
Julia berger (3 years ago)
What is happening is happening...😂😂😂😂😂😂
SurevesAdnilXXX (3 years ago)
She is so incredibly beautiful! - i Think she is one of the Most amazing actresse of the industry! She is soooo Great! -
Sophie M (3 years ago)
Sophie M (3 years ago)
atomcrush (3 years ago)
There are always mind-numbingly stupid questions asked by complete morons in these press room pit stops.  
Charlotte BUR (3 years ago)
She seems so nervous... Thats awkward to watch. She is like out of breath :)
abigail yap (3 years ago)
carstarphen74 (3 years ago)
She always looks like she panicking but can fight it

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