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HERE’S HOW TO STARVE CANCER TO DEATH BY REMOVING ONE THING FROM YOUR DIET Yes, the experts say that you can starve the cancer cells to death by removing this simple ingredient from your diet – and it’s very simple! Just take a look at the article below and find out more about this! To be honest with you, I really think that you’ll be shocked when we tell you that more than 12.5 million people had some form of cancer in 2009. This is really shocking, right? And, another 25.8 million have diabetes! And, unfortunately, these two preventable diseases are responsible for millions of deaths worldwide each year.
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Technosaber (11 days ago)
Today even bread has sugar...
Fjerid (1 month ago)
Wrong info. Cancer cells feed on ALL carbohydrates(glucose) and glutamine. Cutting sugar will benefit and perhaps even stunt the growth of tumors, but it won't cure it. You need to combine ketogenic diet with water fasting for that.
Henriette Weeber (2 months ago)
J hope it will work for me
KellyBtech (11 months ago)
Instead of removing sugar all together, I like the theory that natural forms of sugar such as locally harvested Raw Honey or "Grade B" Maple Syrup can be used in conjunction with cancer killers (see cancertutor. com) to form a type of Trojan Horse which (theoretically) is taken in by the cancer cell, which requires at least 15x the sugar as a normal cell, and the cancer killer goes to work doing what it does best... Best thing a cancer patient can do is find an alternative cancer clinic with a high success rate in their type of cancer, IF they can find one, get to one, and actually afford it. Next best thing I can suggest if the best is not an option is to find a treatment you like best at cancertutor. com and jump on it with all you've got! Time is of the essence. If you're diagnosed with stage 3 or 4 (God forbid!) you probably have a year or less to resolve it before it resolves you. My Mom had just shy of a year from the time she found the lump in her abdomen and we were using several natural therapies that may have extended her life. She was diagnosed accurately about 6 mo. before she passed away just 5 days past her 85th birthday, but (colon) cancer is still no way for anyone to go. She was deemed "too frail for surgery" by the surgeon. Part of the battle is finding a therapy you can believe in and I believe that is important because you're fighting an unseen enemy and you can't see if you are winning or losing when you're too close to the "trees." Besides that, if all you've got is DIY alternative treatments you are most likely not experienced or proficient in such work and you can be overwhelmed. Cancer rates are going through the roof. Do yourself a big favor and avoid it by diet and lifestyle change. Prevention, prevention, prevention! Yes, sugar feeds cancer and we should avoid it like the plague, but "it" can be used against the cancer as well if done properly.
Mitch Moses (6 days ago)
KellyBtech b
A Passer (10 days ago)
Agave syrup is completely plant based
Freepalestine One (2 months ago)
KellyBtech thanks for sharing your story and I’m sorry your mum didn’t make it😞 I’ve heard that unpasteurised honey and bicarbonate of soda helps kills cancer as well.
Terri Mitchell (11 months ago)
Haha, I have been doing this for about 1 year now. The brain tumor is growing. No sugar, no dairy, no meat, only organic veggies. I never eat out. But I have lost a lot of weight, too much!
Fjerid (1 month ago)
Go ketogenic and do regular 5-10 day water fasts. Make sure you include some essential minerals in your water when you water fast to keep the electrolyte balance in check. Check the snake diet on YouTube. He has a few testimonials curing brain tumors. Cancer doesn't just feed on sugar. It also feeds on glucose which comes from ALL forms of carbohydrates and from glutamine which is pretty much in every food. But it can't feed on ketone bodies which is in short: fat metabolism. Once you fast, you burn ketones for fuel. Cancer cells are too primitive and 'stupid' to burn ketones.
Sandra Valenzuela (2 months ago)
Have you added prayer to the recipe?
ci rob (29 days ago)
Your doing something wrong, no way cancer can survive in a healthy alkalised body, herbs are the answer
Jefferson Santos (3 months ago)
hounddog8900 (1 year ago)
great drink water no soda pops.
hounddog8900 (1 year ago)
yes you can eggs bacon hamburger broccoli spinach no fruits no sugars of any kind no carbohydrates and you got it
ci rob (29 days ago)
No spinach, its acidic and there's better alternatives
T w (1 year ago)
"diabetes is a pancreas disorder nothing to do with sugar." Too much sugar or too frequent sugar intake can wear out and diminish the capacity of the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas to produce insulin. Hence, the need for Type II diabetics to take either an oral or subcutaneous insulin supplement. Type I diabetes is a congenital disorder, but Type II is usually lifestyle induced, especially the eating of too much carbohydrate (sugar).
debbiek1able (1 year ago)
diabetes is a pancreas disorder nothing to do with sugar.
Ian Romolor (3 months ago)
So if I slap your sister are you gonna react or it has nothing to do with u?
Immanuel Sule (7 months ago)
Diabetes means your body does not handle sugars properly and results backfires
KellyBtech (11 months ago)
debbiek1able : I've heard that if we consume too much sugar (may be vastly different from one to another) our pancreas will eventually fatigue and fail which will leave the body without enough or any insulin at all.
joan baczek (2 years ago)
im sorry but cutting sugar is harder done than said, christ you cant even buy yogart that isn't loaded with sugar, and even eating an apple is eating sugar
Lupita Vera (2 years ago)

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