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MINI GAMES GALORE! | Overwatch Junkertown Games

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Welcome to the Junkertown Games! It's Mario Party meets Overwatch... kind of. We're back with more mini games galore! Become Awesome: http://bit.ly/SubscribeMrFruit ★ WATCH MORE ★ Junkertown Games #1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZ9E-JakwPE ★ CONNECT WITH ME ★ 2nd Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/MoreMrFruit Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrFruitYT Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/MyMisterFruit Instagram: https://instagram.com/mrfruitgaming/ ★ PEOPLE IN THIS VIDEO ★ Rhabby: http://www.twitch.tv/Rhabby_V Dork: http://www.youtube.com/Dorkshadow BlueWestlo: http://www.youtube.com/BlueWestlo Sharkk: http://www.twitch.tv/Sharkk_Tooth Versus: http://www.youtube.com/VersustheInternet ★ SEND ME SOMETHING ★ Mr. Fruit PO Box 1163 Castle Rock CO 80104 =============== MINI GAMES GALORE! | Overwatch Junkertown Games
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Text Comments (510)
DJ Danger (1 month ago)
Mr. fruit used a health pack
galacticmarleyplayz (1 month ago)
Play a game where sombra has no cool down but tries to hack everyone like hide and seek and the enemies can’t fight back
Tyler Layman (1 month ago)
bitchin boopers- ashe, lucio, and pharah (only booping)are on one team against a team of orisas with extended fortify cooldown
Scrub Daddy (2 months ago)
KishkanPlayz (2 months ago)
do more junkertown games
Eric Sledge (3 months ago)
Mr. Fruit! I got a challenge for ya! Go check out dillongoo
PhantomBlazeScythe 19454 (3 months ago)
And... Hes... DIPSTICK. Couldn't stop laughing for ten minutes.
Gabriel Llorente (4 months ago)
Why wasn't it called D.va Dog fight!
Mr. Lønley (5 months ago)
Should be DVA Dogfight
Mortem Gaming (5 months ago)
Fruit you seemed to damage yourself the most in d.va derby
Y no mor
Ruby Agustin (6 months ago)
Dva derby is the rare footage of the future Korean gamer war
Josh Cha (6 months ago)
1. "D.Va Dogfight" as a name would have been awesome 2. Versus touches the ground @5:51 3. Yes, I watch your videos almost 1 year later.
Short Blade (6 months ago)
Paul Rogan (7 months ago)
Whoever zombieproof is fruit actually has/d depression
Jaeden H (7 months ago)
It should be called diva dogfight :3 <3
Oliver Lin (8 months ago)
Dva derby is best one so far
Jayden Smith (8 months ago)
Lucio soccer were torbiorn is the ball
VanyaIvanovichBraginsky (9 months ago)
wtf dork's laugh is so good
Kien Nguyen (9 months ago)
Dodge the ana grenades
Codsic (10 months ago)
for the long jump game why didnt u put sprays to mark where u landed
Coltrc07 (10 months ago)
you could make it so if you are a phara you are a spectator then a deva is a player
Ethan Blanched (10 months ago)
are you related to Meuselk
Rafa Giostri (11 months ago)
more please
Adam Donaldson (11 months ago)
Should’ve called the D.va one kawaii kombat
Petharpe (11 months ago)
When will you make more
George Muehlfeld (11 months ago)
Fruit cheated
Jason Wolfmaster Kohn (1 year ago)
First look footage of Star Wars: Episode 9
They call me stevie (1 year ago)
I would've called the D.VA game D.VA Dogdight
Chase XDgamer (1 year ago)
Wow :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) Ha ha ha
Gore Gaming Central (1 year ago)
Wow 150fps
Sayian man (1 year ago)
wow you said kawaii and senpai which is Japanese not korean
Kody Price (1 year ago)
A mccree show down we’re you go to rout 66 and have a cowboy 🤠 showdown with his spam attack
Kody Price (1 year ago)
Genji reflecter it’s we’re there is a Genji and multiple other heroes those hero shoot at Genji and try to kill him while he tries to reflect it
Smoothie Face (1 year ago)
I have an idea, you could do D.va obstacle course races
Smoothie Face (1 year ago)
You could also do Rienhardt bumper cars
Joshua Colditz (1 year ago)
Korean Jet Fighters in the future
Dr hedorah Gaming (1 year ago)
Do the boss mini games
Bugaboo Pollon (1 year ago)
5:51 versus definitely touched the ground
Philip Hawe (1 year ago)
Do anther one plz
blumasroom (1 year ago)
Yo fruit great idea Its called 3 doors 3 synetras set up their portals in different places On the firts round the player must co inside one of the symetras portals in hope there isn't an enemy on the other side. Needs Ones shot reinhardts Any hero against the reinhards work and they can fight back (even thoug they wont survive since thety have 20 Heath)
- Hunterkiller_95 (1 year ago)
warum muss in fast jedem video in dem es um Overwatch geht D.Va sterben. ist es den man so schwer ein video zu produzieren ohne das jemand sie Tötet :( (Ein Herz für D.Va)
Gamzee Marker (1 year ago)
More plz
Owen M (1 year ago)
Called total chaos
Owen M (1 year ago)
Do a mini game with 6v6 tracer with full health and speed with infinite blinks
gabe pharr (1 year ago)
a dual with 4 people at a time two vs two the last two left will dual each other
Marquin Ancheta (1 year ago)
28:26 "Fire In The Hole!"
Haviper 3764 (1 year ago)
Remake junket won games
TCSnakes (1 year ago)
How about this, everyone is a doomfist with health increased, damage stays the same, and the only ability the can use is rocket punch, last one standing wins.
Xcel Vortex (1 year ago)
Whoever said Oh geez sounds like Morty from Rick and Morty lol
Andrew Evans (1 year ago)
Welcome to the Junkerpark! The new most desired park! Only an outro and Pokken components can make it better!
Vincent Allen (1 year ago)
You shud play ark
aDAMN (1 year ago)
Majin Moose (1 year ago)
Mini game idea(Death Machine): 3 or 4 people on the payload at all times trying to push it as far as they can but can only be bastion, torb or symetra while fighting the other team who can be whatever character they want.
DabberMcSwagger (1 year ago)
molten core potato the lucio has 0 cooldown on booping the potato is torb the main goal is to not drop the torb and whoever was the last person who didn't boop him loses torb has 500% health
theancient frogmoon (1 year ago)
Blue screaming during the sombra tag was hilarious
Jakrin Pattnirun (1 year ago)
Finding a place to hide minigame (D.va have quick ult she will self distruck in a open place with a few hiding place other have low speed and try to hide the self distruck)
Snezana Jablan (1 year ago)
Orionv45 gaming (1 year ago)
eye spy: all sombras and you are invisible, but you have to call out when you see one and their out. last one their is the winner.
Jacob Johnson (1 year ago)
Tire race: 6 junkrats on one team pop their tire all at once and race it to a single enemy in their spawn (that will die in one shot from the tire), and the one to get the kill feed wins
Freakshow116 (1 year ago)
Mini game idea: Reaper Riot 5 Reapers 1 Roadhog Unlimited Reaper Mode (whatever the shade ability is called) Unlimited Hooks Similar to infection, but RH is the antidote. Reaper is a ghost, and Roadhog doesn't much care for ghosts. Reaper is a one shot kill, but highly illusive. Last Ghost standing wins the road.
GriZ Muffin (1 year ago)
That d.va game mode would have been mario cart
kevin beerthuizen (1 year ago)
bastion kart u all heve to go bastion and use ult to move u can shoot 1 time and than u need to wait for your next ult ending can be : last man standing ore go over the finish .. the finish is 5 rounds in the middel of oasis and 4 times is the one that is a bit bigger
Felipe Godoy (1 year ago)
Idea for a minigame: you guys go to hanamura, one of you is a symmetra and the rest of you are any other dps you guys want. The idea is that symmetra hides her turrets throughout all the map and the dps take turns on looking for the turrets. Each of you will go searching for them under a timer, and the one who takes the least amount of time finding all of them wins.
Felipe Godoy (1 year ago)
Other two ideas: Genji pong: you go to Nepal to the stage where the capture point is inside a little shack. Two player from different teams pick genji and another player picks symmetra. Both genjis will have infinite cool down on their deflect and they simply play pong with symmetra's energy ball inside the little shack (or anywhere really, but inside the shack is better because the field is already set in there.)  D.va golf: This game consists of two or three teams where one member is a D.va and the other member is a Junkrat (they have to be from opposite teams for the game to work and it is recommended to play on a stage where you have to push a payload). The idea is that junkrat boosts his D.va with his concussion mine up in the air and then D.va, in the air, tries to gain the most distance with her boosters. The teams take turns in moving the D.va from the spawn point up until the payload delivery. The team that takes the least amount of "strokes" wins.  Both ideas were taken by AchievementHunter videos, I just thought it would be fun for you guys to play these mini games.
Leland Johnson (1 year ago)
R.I.P tire races!
Javier Lopez (1 year ago)
A soldier will try to shoot invisible sombras in an unfolded space the sombras cannot have any other abilities except invisibility and that ability does not have any cooldoens
EMoney012 (1 year ago)
Mr Fruit!!! I have a mini-game for you!!! "Tracer Tackle" One person goes Reinhardt and everybody else goes tracer. Tracers just blink around in the middle of a map and the Rein charges and attempts to pin/kill a Tracer against the wall. Most pins/kills in a given amount of time or set number of attempts wins!!!
Shawn Alexander (1 year ago)
how bout D.Va Dogfight? it fits the game better
Evan McAuley (1 year ago)
is this battlefront 2's starfighter assault?
4jaws (1 year ago)
I don't know who you are but I also have custom challenge for you: long live the king. Team #1 Misson is to protec the king before the time runs out. King: Reinhard with 1000 hp and -50% speed. He can only use shield and normal attack. 3 guard : soldier 76 who can only use normal attack and running and rocket. No healing or ultimate. 1 black Smith : torbjon who can only use hammer and he's turret. You can give armor to guards and king. Ult is alow but only with hammer. 1 battle medic : ana. Can't use sleeping darts or ultimate. Team #2 Misson is to kill the king before time runs out. 3 raiders: mcreee. 30% faster but 25% less hp. Can use all abilities exept ultimate. 1 tank: rood hog. 400 hp. Can't use ultimate or hook 1 assasin: sombra. Can use everything 1 bomb: junkrat. 25% slower firing speed and 25% slower ultimate recharge. Posible best way to take care of King. Enjoy and tell me your thoughts.
Wolf King (1 year ago)
MR.FRUIT. I GOT A CHALLENGE FOR YA! OH GOD. rules of the wolf challenge, both teams are hanzo, one team has wolf skins (like Lonewolf) and they can use sonic arrow (as their nose) and can only meele (as bite). And other team can use ONLY their arrow. Hope you'll do it :).
Ikyrus (1 year ago)
"Gong xi fa cai, gong xi fa cai, gong xi fa cai, gong xi fa cai, gong xi fa cai. Dipstick."
Varles (1 year ago)
Torbjorn Turret Hide n Seek Turret is one shot. Players are one shot. Kill turret before you get shot, whoever kills it first wins! Torbjorn wins if all players die. And finally, decide who the players are. Not sure who would be best.
oofer boiz (1 year ago)
Play spy party. That was litty af. ;) *casually licks ice cream*
cschock 807 (1 year ago)
Mr. Fruit! I have a challenge for ya! (Oh God) It's Down the Line similar to what you've already done. But it's with the new characters. It's a FFA. You start as Doomfist and everytime you die you move on to the next character. When you die as Zenyatta you're out! Last one standing wins. (you can also start as Zenyatta and go in reverse order too. It's just as fun)
Where's slime rancher?
SweetHoneyPiez HD (1 year ago)
i was actually eating popcorn while watching
Kxrma (1 year ago)
Hiya Fruit! I got a challenge for you!!! "Keep The Zen Out The Pit" On the map Ilios 6 roadhog's with unlimited hook try to keep and Zenyatta (or any character) with infinite health out the pit.All roadhogs must keep the character from falling into the pit for 2 minutes
Ben Roberson (1 year ago)
"Where the games are made up and the points don't matter!" Did Fruit just reference whose line is it anyway? I knew I loved him for a reason.
Rogan C (1 year ago)
Here’s a game symetra dodgeball tournament symetras wit only right clicks on the first point on volscai ind. and deceased health have fun
Biped River7309 (1 year ago)
You've heart of sonic run? well this is lucio Run! - there is one dva as Dr Eggman and the rest are lucios! the idea is that dva has no cool down and the lucios have to survive the dva trying to eliminate them by running back and forth between spawns until there's one left then that lucio battles the dva to see who wins, sonic (lucio) or Eggman (dva)! plz credit if you use, thanks! <3
Jason Veresko (1 year ago)
A no cooldown gamemode, one team is 6 tracers with the lowest hp, the other team is a doomfist with 400 percent hp and can only use his rocket punch ability, and he has to try to punch the tracers as they dodge and try to kill him.
Chemikazy (1 year ago)
Mr fruit I have a challenge for ya, it's called Roadhog fishing. Everyone is roadhog in ilios well and hooks have a 2 second and you have 2500 heath each but you can't shoot can only hook in the well or anywhere out of the map
10112570 (1 year ago)
5:52 he touches the ground
Blakearious Gaming (1 year ago)
Anti Air Fights 6 Baby D.vas on the ground with 150% damage and 250% hp 6 Mechs with unlimited flight and rockets The mechs have to strafe the Baby D.vas until they kill them all or all get De-Meched by the "Anti Air" on the ground. Positioning , map, and strategy is up to you :) Have fun
Demented Fantom22 (1 year ago)
The first game is exclusive footage from the dogfight mode of Battlefront 2
Sebas (1 year ago)
Jackson Paré (1 year ago)
You could do some kind of junkrat racing with his ult
Pumpking (1 year ago)
torb hammer battles idk if you can but make your scrap metal generate as fast as possible to be able to make armour really quickly
Jackson Paré (1 year ago)
Whoever thought of dva derby. Congrats bc that one was very cool.
DapperDan63 (1 year ago)
17:40 flash backs to a prop hunt episode where rhabby did the same thing to fruit. XD hilarious
puinn (1 year ago)
Dva dogfight
Tempestwave17 (1 year ago)
Junkertown game: Tumbleweed: no flashbang, 0% roll colldown, no ults, health at minimum, melee at max, last mccree rolling wins
Nathaniel McClaflin (1 year ago)
Mr Fruit! I have a challenge for you! Overwatch Titanfall. So all theteam players are Dvas and you all have to start as baby Dvas with the bunny blaster. Then you have to charge up yr ultimate and calll down your "Titan" It works best on a private server where eveyone is a baby Dva, but it works in a lot of situations. (If you actually made this into a video I would cry with happiness....Just saying).
Big Kitten (1 year ago)
im surprised you didn't just spray for where you guys landed as junkrat
SpirallyXD (1 year ago)
Mr fruit I have a challenge for ya...oh god. REVENGE Play normal quick play and u can use any character u want. However, u have to use the character that kills u. Look in the kill feed. U stay the same character if u suicide.
Matthew Knox (1 year ago)
In junkrat long jump everyone should have a unique spray and put that down instead
Evan King (1 year ago)
Doomfist deer hunt! Like the old hunting games have 2 doomfist sitting in front of a large doorway like honamora first capture point or kings row first capture point. Have the "deer" be worth a certain amount of points (tracer 10 points, because she would be hard to hit, Reinhardt 10 cause he is big and hard to kill, so on) then the deer have to walk, run, blink across the entry and the 2 doomfist have to use their rocket munch to land a hit and you got till the the "deer" have been hunted.
Zachary Wilson (1 year ago)
Maybe genji swift strike one in the chamber as a mini game
Percipal (1 year ago)
beyblade beyblade let it rip (one v one's with ults only)
TheMyztery789 (9 months ago)
80screep (1 year ago)
d.va derby was so aesthetically pleasing

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